Sponsored post: The Nissan Move of the Week

It’s time for your weekly bonus PFT Daily, the Nissan Move of the Week.

Florio lets you know what he thinks was the smartest move made in the NFL since Sunday.

This time, it wasn’t made by any player or coach.


4 responses to “Sponsored post: The Nissan Move of the Week

  1. The league has, once again, made it easier to control games. They have catch rules that can go either way and still be called correct no matter what. They have celebration penalties and taunting penalties that apply whenever they feel like it. Now they have holding, pass interference, defensive holding and, the very new and convoluted, hit rules that make no sense and are impossible to call in normal motion.
    There will beillegal hits that don’t look bad not called and legal hits that are just hard hits called illegal every week now to go along with the improper calls in all the other plays.
    If you want to protect the players, take away all these protective measures. They’re the problem. In the old days, players protected themselves from collisions because they had to. They wouldn’t recklessly come across the middle. Now, they play without any regard for having to take a big hit and when they do take one, they can’t handle it.
    I wish the NFL would stop hiding under the guise of pretending they’re actually trying to stop collisions. They know and we know it’s one of the things people want to see. Otherwise we’d be watching Arena football….. Doesn’t mean anybody wants to see injuries. It’s just terribly misguided protection.
    The only way to protect players is to let them protect themselves and get rid of thosse that take liberties and legitimately try to launch at players with their helmets. A helmet simply hitting as you try to make a tackle is going to happen becauseyour head is attached to your shoulders. It happens. Doesn’t mean the player did anything wrong.
    I’ll tell you one thing. You’re about to see a whole bunch more season and careeer ending knee injuries.

  2. This one time when I was a kid my parents told me we were going to Disney World but when we got there, it was the dentist.
    That was the biggest let down right up until I saw the Nissan Move of the Week.
    “Way to go NFL”?
    I guess covering your own hind end is an advisable move but Nissan Move of the Week worthy?

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