Your Week Seven fines roundup

The NFL handed down 15 fines this week after breaking down the Week Six game tape.  You already know about Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison ($75,000), Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather ($50,000), and Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson ($50,000).

The other dozen were issued on Friday.

Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards was hit hardest.  The contract-year defender was docked $20,000 for spearing Cowboys running back Marion Barber during Minnesota’s win.  The NFL classified Edwards as a repeat offender, as he was also fined for roughing the passer on August 28 and unnecessary roughness on September 26.
Perhaps most surprisingly, Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian owes the league $5,000 for a late hit and unnecessary roughness.  Berrian is not considered a physical player.
Quipped Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “Did he slap his designer?
Other fines: 
Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins was docked $10,000 for hitting Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman in the head area and making another hit out of bounds.
Chargers linebacker Antwan Barnes must pay $5,000 for unnecessarily striking Rams quarterback Sam Bradford in the neck and chest areas.
Lions guard Stephen Peterman will cut a $7,500 check for a late hit.
Titans defensive ends William Hayes and Dave Ball owe a combined $15,000 for Hayes’ late hit and Ball’s roughing the passer with a hit to the head or neck area.
49ers safety Dashon Goldson was fined $5,000 for a late hit on Raiders wide receiver Louis Murphy.
Texans guard Wade Smith (leg whip), defensive end Adewale Ogunleye (late hit), and safety Bernard Pollard (out-of-bounds hit) were penalized $5,000 apiece.
Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb owes $5,000 for a horse-collar tackle on Falcons safety William Moore following an interception.

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  1. yet nothing for justin tuck for hitting shaun hill’s knees. or jason pierre-paul for spearing zach follet in the earhole.

  2. Someone needs to slap the dogcrap out of the NFL. Everytime I read this stuff I throw up in my mouth a little. Fines for this, penalties for that. I enjoyed the little endzone celebrations as long as it was just one guy and not 20. Wave a college hand sign and get flagged? Are you kidding me?
    Maybe they should just suit them all up like the Michelin man and have them get after it.
    What a joke……

  3. The Kolb thing is COMPLETE crap. It wasn’t even really a horse collar. He dragged him down by the jersey, but it’s questionable as to whether he went inside.

  4. where is the fine for the “brady rule” hit on shaun hill in the giants game?
    I know its the lions, but dang.

  5. Everyone loved Goodell when he got the job but I knew it would be trouble. WHEN WILL WE LEARN TO NEVER TRUST A GINGER?!?
    Seriously, I hope Terry Tate Office Linebacker gets a job at the league office.

  6. do they release the fines for uniform infractions?
    I know the league is pretty serious about twitter, wearing logos, socks too low, headbands with messages to Tagliabue and the like, but never see these reported.
    If an unauthorized headband costs the same as a Hook ’em horns gesture or a late hit, it would add some perspective to what this all means.
    Also, do repeat wardrobe malfuncitons ramp up fines like play related infractions do?

  7. The fines are rediculous. They have spent their whole training to make that hit. They are paid to make that hit.

  8. Fine news is the least interesting NFL news possible. Who cares that some player was fined $5,000? What affect does that have on anything? I wouldn’t care, but there’s so many posts on here saying “So and So fined $10,000 for roughing the passer penalty”. Is that supposed to anger me? Should I be like, OMG THAT FINE WAS SO UNFAIR I’M VERY ANGRY AT THIS NEWS. Am I supposed to think anything other than “….k”. I’m all for pointless NFL news, that’s why I come here, but 20 fine posts per day is so annoying. It’s not football. It’s the league office douches doing business. I don’t care. I just don’t care. Nobody does. “Orville Redenbacher fined $5,000 for facemask”. What about that is worthy of anybody knowing other than Orville Redenbacher. Hell, even Orville Redenbacher doesn’t care. Damn. F Fines and their blurbs on PFT. Can I get a hell yeahs?

  9. and where does all this money go ???? I would hope to the retired players but I doubt that ,,,, filling the owers pockets ?? commish ?? high school ?? hummmmmmm

  10. bump – I heard the league matches the fines and donates it to charity, but I could be dead wrong..
    And as a hardcore Giants fan, i don’t know how Tuck or Pierre-Paul got off without fines. Pierre-Paul especially, that was clearly a helmet-to-helmet, almost killed the guy.

  11. Hey ! Whoever designed this sight should be fired ! Why would the stupid logout button be RIGHT under the submit button ?? I wrote a nice long comment and hit logout !
    Owners want an 18 game schedule, they need injuries to be down, hence the crackdown by their ginger puppet !

  12. This is a total joke. Only the extremely illegal hits should be fined. Like, taking someones head off with your helmet. But Kevin Kolb being fined for a horse collar…c’mon man. What a joke

  13. I’m all for the the BOYCOTT. This crap really ain’t worth watching. The NFL has to be the first League to outlaw there own sport. Almost every big hit now draws a flag and fine, I mean what’s the point of watching. The NFL is definitely on life support and if the owners don’t get back to playing football it will die for sure. It’s very sad times. I never thought I would even remotely think about not watching the NFL, hell it’s the only sport I watch. I even watch the whole freaking draft and have for many years. Hey life goes on and there’s many other forms of entertainment these days so if it dies it dies. To hell with it.

  14. Al Davis got fined $5,000 for tugging on a bath room attendant’s sleeve and asking where the Depends dispencer was located.

  15. If moral of the story is
    If you grab someone’s balls. Its ok
    If you hit them in the head its 75k
    hey that rhymed

  16. Perhaps most surprisingly, Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian owes the league $5,000 for a late hit and unnecessary roughness. Berrian is not considered a physical player.
    He’s not considered a player in many Viking fan eyes, or any other fan of football.

  17. Jetaman…I am with you. I think a boycott would be a good way to show how seriously fans take this bs. I believe if a player isn’t flagged the nfl shouldn’t be able to review a week later and set a fine. If anything they should fine the refs for missing a call.

  18. Is this a larger # than normal? This seems out of line.
    Does Harrison get to write this off as income not earned or as a tax deduction because it goes to charity?

  19. You know, I bet the NFL knows exactly what is going on. They’re geniuses that created an empire. All this controversey only creates more publicity. People love hits, Goodell isn’t a retard. It won’t hurt the game or it’s popularity one bit. All you need to worry about is the labor strike, that’s when things could get ugly.

  20. I’ve seen Aaron Rodgers getting his facemask grabbed and SEVERAL times he’s taken helmet-to-helmet hits With No Penalties.
    Dallas gets flagged for celebration penalties, supposedly because a player “went to the ground” instead of spiking the ball, so Adrien Peterson “goes to the ground” in celebration the following week and is Not Flagged.
    Austin’s number is called for the penalty after he frogleaped Roy Williams, but the penalty was on another player for offering the “hook ‘m Horns” sign.
    All NFL refs should be either full-time employees or they should be deported.

  21. JETAMAN, I think you said what a Lot of people have been Trying to say for a long time.
    I started back to school after 33 years this fall, and I have not been able to watch a lot of football.
    Although it has been a part of my DNA all my life, I am amazed that I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.
    I’m just tired of being frustrated by all of the inconsistancies (penalties called on some and not on others), and the actions of Incredibly Stupid People like Brett Favre and Ben Rothlisburger.
    Maybe I’ll get into High School Football, where multi-millionaires don’t crappen up the sport.

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