Ben Roethlisberger fumbles on goal line but the Steelers escape with the win

The story of last week was hits to the head. The story of this week might turn out to be the call that wound up deciding the Steelers-Dolphins game in Miami.

With just over two minutes to play and the Dolphins leading 22-20, Ben Roethlisberger appeared to fumble while reaching the ball into the end zone and it appeared that the Dolphins fell on the ball.  Replays showed that the ball came loose before he broke the plane of the goal line, but referee Gene Steratore said that it was inconclusive as to whether or not the Dolphins recovered. That meant it was fourth-and-goal from inside the one, and the Steelers kicked a game-winning field goal.

The first part of the call was absolutely correct.  Roethlisberger fumbled, thanks to a Chris Clemons hit, before hitting paydirt, but the second part is going to be awfully hard for the Dolphins to swallow.  The replay does show two Dolphins falling on the ball, although what happens at the bottom of the pile is anybody’s guess.  Tony Sparano called it a “screw up” after the game, although you wonder whether he might not have wanted to put job in there instead of up. 

Mike Florio will delve deeper into the call in his 10-pack, but for now let’s hear the thoughts of PFT Planet.

We will also add this. Whatever your feelings about the end of the game, you can’t totally absolve the Dolphins of their role in this defeat. They got the ball inside the red zone twice in the first two minutes thanks to fumbles by the Steelers and only turned the takeaways into six points. Make a couple of plays there and the referees wouldn’t have had a thing to do with the outcome.

UPDATE:  Here’s Sparano talking about the call.


205 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger fumbles on goal line but the Steelers escape with the win

  1. Do the Steelers ever NOT get help from the refs? Why even bother to take the field, the refs will help them get the win whether they deserve it or not. Just give em the damn championship now.

  2. Ben Roethlisberger plays Eddie Murphy in the Touchstone Pictures remake of “The Golden Child”
    Haha – wayyyyy better to be lucky than good

  3. What sort of excuse is that? “Well, they had other chances to score so it shouldn’t have mattered” is basically what you just said.
    Was that the issue with the Calvin Johnson rule? They should have score earlier so it wouldn’t have mattered?
    That said, when the smoke cleared Miami had the ball in the endzone. That’s proof enough on regular fumbles. Why not here?

    that call was made because the ref knew if he ruled a dolphins recovery the game is over. he rules it inconclusive, either team can still win.
    follow the rules not the outcome. i dont know what is more conclusive, the video evidence of two dolphins players pouncing on the ball or the video evidence of a dolphins player bouncing off the dog pile with the ball in his hand, arm raised to to the sky, running toward the sideline.
    that was a bad call, regardless of the bs jargon periera will use to justify it after the fact.

  5. it was clearly a fumble and the Dolphins clearly recovered and the game definitely rode on the call…. league wide officiating this year is the worst that it has EVER been… and that’s a bold statement

  6. The replay clearly show a Dolphins landing on the ball … the same Dolphin who comes up out of the bottom of the pile and holds the ball up in the air!
    The Ref blew the call then tried to compromise, blowing the call yet again.
    It’s clear BS and those officials should be disciplined for their incompetence.

  7. Keep making excuses for why the Steelers beat teams.
    I hope you make them after we win the SB.
    If you watch the full replay, Steelers very well may have recovered that fumble.
    You used to be a bastion of fresh air in Sports media, now you’re just a sell-out hack who tries to fabricate controversy.

  8. Steelers fan here, I would definitely be ticked if I were a Dolphins fan. I expected the Dolphins to march down the field once they got the ball back, was surprised that they didn’t.

  9. Certainly had either of the Dolphins or Steelers played better (or worse) the game would not have been close.
    Replay showed the Dolphins (Akama-Francis)leave the pile with the ball (and then hold it over his head in case there was any doubt). This is sufficient to determine posession on a dozen fumbles each week. If the new rule is that it has to be conclusive who had the ball FIRST at the bottom of the pile, there’s going to be a lot of balls being awarded back to the fumbling team.
    Honestly, the only realistic explanation is that the officials did not see the replay that showed the Dolphins recover (which, to be fair, was not shown by CBS until AFTER the replay call had been made). My guess is that this was an ordinary screw up. If they did see the replay that showed IAF recover the fumble, then it’s mind-boggling.

  10. Is anyone surprised that a Steelers win came at the hands of an official?
    I thought not.

  11. Here we go…
    The official called the play on the field a touchdown. Therefore, the play was over, and there was no fumble, and no official was watching the ball.
    The replay ruling overturned (correctly) the call on the field, but that doesn’t change the fact the play was over because of the TD ruling.
    The fault here is with the official’s explanation. I have no clue why the official said what he said, but he was wrong about that. The play was over when he signaled it to be a touchdown, therefore, no official was watching the pile. They can’t make a ruling on something other than what was being reviewed, and in this case, what was being reviewed was whether the ball crossed the plane of the goal line while in possession.
    It’s a quirky situation that comes out of the need to utilize replay to make calls on the field.
    But…no one will listen to that. The fault here is with the official, who explained himself poorly.
    The media will pick this up and run with it because they want to make controversy out of nothing, but the truth is the correct call was made.
    The play was ruled a touchdown, because the ball was thought to have crossed the plane. The line judge signaled “touchdown”, and the referee IMMEDIATELY explained that the ruling on the field was a TD. Thus, anything else that happened AFTER the ball “crossed the plane” was irrelevant. If he had said that in his explanation, no controversy. Ah well.
    Good game, both teams.

  12. They immediately came in signaling touchdown, so you would think the play was whistled over there, no matter who fell on the ball. Major missed call. Officials blew it.

  13. look, i know they have the “enough evidence to overturn the call” thing, but if they’ve got a slow motion replay, why won’t the nfl let the refs watch and judge that replay just the way they would judge on the field, making them call it one way or the other? it would certainly allow them to see the play multiple times and more clearly, except in a situation where a ref is right next to the play and gets a perfect look that a camera can’t cover.
    i will say that i am a huge dolphins fan, and i know that they certainly could have done more earlier on that could have changed the game. but that doesn’t mean that this type of situation should be ignored. regardless of the outcome, every time i see something like this happen, i think the same thing: why can a ref make an official ruling at live speed based on 50% certainty, but not an official ruling with 20 views of the same play in slow motion based on 90% certainty?

  14. Great game and absolutely the right call. Honestly the play was over when the refs blew the whistle when ben crossed the line. Great game though. The steelers d really earned it.

  15. OK Josh, it isnt like Pittsburgh scored touchdowns in the red zone either, but regardless of all that, how does Pittsburgh get the ball back at the half yard line after a fumble into the end zone????

  16. The judge who was so quick to put his arms up to signal a touchdown couldn’t even see the ball because Ben had his back turned.
    The fix. It’s in.

  17. “Make a couple of plays there and the referees wouldn’t have had a thing to do with the outcome. ”
    everybody knew going into this game it was going to be a close game with tough D. This statement is dumb

  18. It’s always helpful for the Steelers to have a Pittsburgh native making the defining call of the game.

  19. 2 Dolphins jumped on it but so did 1 Steeler. Tough call for Miami but I’ll take the win.

  20. Queue the Steelers haters…bitches!!! BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!!!

  21. doesnt matter.. we got robbed.. everyone knows it.. Neutral fans were telling me the call was bull

  22. Stir It Up–the PFT theme song.
    The whole time the ref was under the hood, I kept watching the replays and thinking: First and goal Steelers on the six-inch line. Yep. Perfect call. Aw, but you’re out of imaginary rapes and harassment cases so we’re back to Pittsburgh and the refs. Really, Josh? (Don’t hang out with Florio too much … next thing you know you’ll be ranting about Vince Foster and Area 51.)

  23. You’re right on the plays earlier in the game but it does not change the fact that the officials have once again determined the outcome of a game due to a horrible call.

  24. or if Miami had scored when it got the ball back with over 2 minutes left in the game then the refs wouldn’t have mattered either. Instead they went three and out. Game over.

  25. If you don’t want a game to be decided by a single play, play better and don’t put yourself in a position where that can happen. Simple.
    NFL fans of every team are a bunch of hypocrites. Steelers fans blame little things for losses every time they happen and everybody else tells them to get over it. The reverse happens and the tables are turned. Objectively, the bottom line is that everybody should get over it. The Dolphins did not play well today. The Steelers didn’t either, and when that happens it will come down to some tick-tack s**t. On to the next one. Build a bigger lead next time or convert some first downs when the game is on the line and you’ll be surprised to find you don’t have to worry about this.

  26. It’s a little crazy. Remember the New Orleans call last year. Blatant cheating by the Pittsburgh native ref. I guess it’s all for the major markets. Offical should be fired.

  27. also im so fn tired of hearing—o well the dolphins couldve done a lot to still win.
    that logic could apply to any game on any sunday.
    a game’s outcome should never be decided on referee error. never. those responsible shouldn’t be paid.

  28. Well from the replay angle I clearly saw one Dolphin player get possession in the endzone, knees were down (he was on the turf) and he did a football move by pulling the ball towards him. That’s possession, dead ball in the endzone. Dolphins got robbed, they should have won.

  29. The error for the officials was not the call itself (although I think it was erroneous as well) but their actions after the play. The mistake was the crew failed to determine who recovered what well might have been a fumble. The officials all stopped doing their job once one official incorrectly signaled TD.
    Had the officials acted properly, they would have spent time to discover who recovered the ball at the end of the play. That way, regardless of whether the ball crossed the plane of the goal, they would have known who had the ball in the end zone.
    Especially at that time in the game, the officiating crew should have been aware of the possibility that the play was a fumble and should have determined (as they do with all fumbles) who had possession. Miami, IMHO, was jobbed by the poor actions of the officiating crew by not determining possession.
    As for the call itself, when was the last time the player that came out of the pile with the ball wasn’t awarded possession. Miami’s player had possession. So Miami got jobbed twice. Sad really, since they played such a good game. Hope the officials are downgraded when they are scored in the game for their failure to determine possession.

  30. Games are decided on the field of play….I’m a lifelong Dolphins fan and I’m not going to blame the refs for our loss…..did it suck? yes……but if we were up by 14, it really would not have mattered……bottom line we put ourselves in that position……calls don’t determine the outcome of games…….the position that the teams put themselves in determines the outcome of games……..Sic Semper Tyrannis, down with Florio

  31. I’m not even a fins fan, but Miami was robbed.
    Why can’t the officials keep track of the play even after a whistle? C’mon!

  32. PFT planet? You sure you’re not going to disapprove some comments around here (this site was never conservative and morally/poltically correct, but hey) because it might get ugly.

  33. Dolphins were robbed. Refs give it to the Steelers. That seems to be standard operating procedure, when in doubt, rule in the Steelers favor.
    Dolphins clearly recovered.

  34. If THAT wasn’t a clear case of a fumble recovery, then VERY few fumbles after the whistle are.
    But, totally agree – the Dolphins had their chances to put many more points on the board.

  35. And HOW LONG have I been telling people that the AFC North is rigged? It seems that its common knowledge now that the Ravens games are rigged (with Michael Smith, Jason Whitlock, James Walker, etc. all saying so), and if you don’t think Steelers games are rigged at this point, you don’t watch football. It’s so blatantly obvious.

  36. No one should be surprised by this. The NFL loves their Steelers and they will always get all the breaks.
    However, the Dolphins still need to point the finger at themselves for squandering opportunities earlier in the game that could have made a difference in the outcome.
    That still doesn’t excuse the refs, though. Terrible call and just another example of the NFL looking after their beloved Steelers.

  37. Your last paragraph is pure crap…..that’s like saying if Pittsburgh didn’t turn it over twice at beginning of game, they wouldn’t have had to worry if they fumbled at the end.
    It is what it is. Dolphins should have gotten the ball due to Bens fumble……end of story.

  38. “Make a couple of plays there and the referees wouldn’t have had a thing to do with the outcome.”
    Careful there Josh, you’re treading on Ratbirds fans’ turf.

  39. Dolphins definitely got robbed. Florio is right though, the Fins had way too many opportunities to put the ball in the endzone that resulted in FGs.

  40. The Dolphins had a role in their defeat, no question about that. However, reality is that if that call is handled properly, it becomes a moot point. It was the game right there and a refree call essentially decided it. And I, for one, did not like the call one single bit …

  41. I understand Ben said after the game that he had recovered the fumble – years ago I had the great pleasure of being in a couple of these piles – high school level – and it is amazing what happens under 10-12 folks….

  42. That ref was way too quick to make the call that it was a touchdown initially and it caused the attention to be pulled away from what was going on in the end zone. It was a big BS call that went in the Steelers’ favor when replays clearly showed two Dolphins land on the ball and another replay showed Alama-Francis come out of the pile with the ball in his hands.
    Whether or not the Dolphins gave up the win by not playing well in the red zone is besides the point. A win is a win, as evidenced by the many close games this weekend. This one should’ve ended with a Dolphins touchback and running out the clock. Dolphin win. B.S.
    GO FINS!

  43. WOW! What an ignorant analysis. Poor officiating gave this game to the Steelers. There is no other way to state it.

  44. Could the ref have been any happier about it???.. geez he was even grinning at the end when Harrison didnt get the pick and he gave it to him. Can you say mandate ..and I mean between rothlustberger and the ref, not just the league for the stealers.

  45. The problem, IMO, was the initial call of touchdown. Because it was called a TD there was no real effort to determine possession after the fact.
    During the review, once they see the fumble, they can only go by the tape to determine possession. And on the tape, you can’t really, definitively say who recovered.
    Had they not called TD they would have dug through the pil and saw Miami with the ball.

  46. This story makes no sense. First you say they made the correct call, then you say there’s no way to tell who got the ball from the replays.
    You sum it up by indicating you think the Steelers somehow used their influence to get the call to go their way with no reasons to support that. Good work.

  47. The fact is the ref did determine the outcome.
    Its easy to say make a few more plays, But this is the steelers a very good football team.
    The refs should have found out who recovered the football then let it go to instant replay like they do on every other play. They messed up and tried to cover it up. It was very easy to see miami had the ball .

  48. I think the call was bad . The Steelers got lucky . If that was called against the Steelers every fan would be crying like the Fins fans . Tough one to swallow just hate seeing a great game finish with a controversial call . Shame too .

  49. I think it’s time the NFL and NFL Officiating begin to recognize that people in the world do not, in fact, love the steelers. Everyone HATES the steelers….. got it? They’re mean and cheaters and treat fans and women like dirt. Refs… PLEASE quit GIVING games to the steelers.

  50. Just another Big Ben two minute drill victory. Everyone should be use to this right now.
    You are what your record says you are….5-1, 1st place in the AFC North.

  51. Do any of you morons understand that the ground can NOT cause a fumble ????? Roethlisberger did lose control of the ball, but not after his knee was down !!! the GROUND CAN NOT CAUSE A FUMBLE !!! The refs didn’t have a question of who recovered the ball (as IF it had been a legit fumble, it was clearly miami)…the question was, did the ball cross the goal line before it came lose ???? and No, it didn’t….BUT, it was NOT A FUMBLE because his knee was down !! once again, the ground can NOT cause a fumble, therefore, it was NOT !! there was no ‘goof’ on the officials part….the Steelers won, fair and square… bad, so sad…

  52. Not that it matters at this point but yes the dolphins got screwed. Replays clearly showed 2 dolphins on top of the ball. In addition, replays showed a dolphin leave the pile with the ball. What else do you want. It should have been Dolphins ball on the 20 with the lead and the last series never would have happened.
    Oh well.
    PS – Ncoolong – you are sooooo wrong its not even funny, refs can review many things, not just whether the ball crossed the line.

  53. Yes, the fins could had opportunities to score tds and didn’t but that doesn’t make that call hurt any less. It was a terrible call and definitely changed the complexion of the game. That’s not to say that the steelers wouldn’t have been able to come back and win, but at least the teams would have decided it.
    I don’t mind them losing if they just get beat, but when the referee makes a terrible call like that, it just sucks.
    I see that Jets fans are still as classy as ever.

  54. This call was outrageous! How come on every other possible fumble on the field the play is allowed to continue and the officials check who has it under the pile? But yet on this one they didn’t bother. There is NO EXCUSE for this! I want a response from the league to this – even though I know all we will get from the league will be the replay was called correctly!
    The Officials blew this game! And don’t talk to me about Miami getting field goals instead of touchdowns! If it had been Miami’s ball at the 20 with the score 22-20 and they go 3 and out and then Pittsburgh scores I could accept this. But the way this call decided the game is unacceptable!
    This is two outrageously blown reviewed calls in two years against the Dolphins. Last year it was the Saints game – the interception return for the touchdown where Miami knocked the ball away before he crossed the goalline. Officials didn’t get it right then either – but the Sports Illustrated photographer did! Yet we heard nothing from the league!

  55. Ben said after the game that he had the ball in the endzone after the fumble and only let go of it after he heard the ref say td. So quiet crying and making excuses, it should have been a td. Steelers won fair and square no dam luck involved!

  56. Wow, what a lot of whining. Don’t let Mike Wallace run by you for a 56 yard touchdown. Don’t let a 34 year old WR with no ACL in one knee embarrass half your secondary en route to a touchdown. Score a touchdown instead of field goals when you’re HANDED THE BALL. Not once, but TWICE. Get over yourselves tin-foil hat-wearers…there is no vast league conspiracy. There’s plenty of bad calls each week, on both sides. There was a blatant hold on Woodley earlier in the game on a drive leading to one of your little field goals…if the refs make the right call then, all of this doesn’t matter. You deal with what you can, and at the end of the game the BEST TEAM wins. Today, it was the Steelers…look at the whole game and try to say the Dolphins were the better team…you can’t do it.

  57. I thought if you fumble into the end zone and do not personally recover it, it is a touchback, irrevelant of who recovers it except Rothlisburger. It should have been Dolphins ball.

  58. If you watched the replay, you hear a whistle when Ben crosses /fumbles. At that point the play is dead. We’ve seen this as an issue hundreds of times in the past – an early whistle negates a play, fumble recovery, etc. The case could be made that a potential recovery of the fumble by a Steeler didn’t happen because they didn’t fall on the ball due to the whistle. I think the right call was made, the wrong explanation was made regarding that call, but the whistle shouldn’t have been so quick and allowed the play to continue until its ending. It was a CF all around.

  59. Steelers fan here. Yes, Miami was robbed, but not because they couldn’t figure out who recovered the fumble (Miami did), but rather because the officials blew the whistle early and called the play dead. At that point they had no choice but to give Pittsburgh the ball.
    And yes, let the cacophony begin – the Steelers get assistance from the refs all the time. If you believe that, you will merely look for evidence to support your belief. It doesn’t make it true. And if it is true, then drop off the planet as a NFL fan because clearly the games are fixed and there is no reason to watch the games because the Steelers will win all of them. Except the Steelers haven’t won all of them and have “only” six Super Bowls to show for all the apparent game rigging. That must mean this is the most elaborate game fixing scheme ever known to man.
    And yes, Dolphins fans. If you get the ball inside the 25 two times in the first two minutes and come away with only six points your team can legitimately be accused of throwing the game away right then and there. If they score 2 TDs instead of 2 FGs, they win that game handily.

  60. The referee who was under the cover looking at the play is from Uniontown, which is about 35 miles south of Pittsburgh. Just sayin’.

  61. The ref in the replay standing in the end zone watching the fumble did NOTHING! How could he miss the call? That ref should be fired for incompetence!

  62. I have to scratch my head at all the guys claiming the game would have been over if the Dolphins had been awarded the Roethlisberger fumble. There was 2:30 left on the clock. The Steelers had all 3 time outs, plus the 2 minute warning. The game would have been far from over.

  63. The refs handed the Steelers a win?
    I’ll be damned. You see something new every day.

  64. Everyone saying the fins got robbed is pathetic. The steelers just flat out outplayed the fins. Shout out to cccooolahan for being the most pathetic though. Keep saying the afc north is rigged, if you say i on every post for a year you might evebtually be more hung than a gerbil.

  65. OK, it was a bad call. But let’s not go overboard. If they make the right call, Miami gets the ball on its own 20 with 2:36 left and the Steelers have all three timeouts. It’s not like they were a lock to win.
    I’ll take my chances with Big Ben from 70 yards away with at least 1:50 to play and no timeouts and needing only a field goal.
    So, relax everybody. It wasn’t as bad as Calvin Johnson’s screwing.
    And, yes, I’ve seen the Steelers get robbed worse than that at the end of a game. As everyone likes to say: “Shit happens.”

  66. kcrockett1, i know there are a lot of dolphins games where we put ourselves in position to lose in the fourth quarter against inferior opponents (like buffalo in week 1, 15-10), but when you’re playing the consensus 1st or 2nd best team in the nfl and you are up by two in the fourth quarter… this seems to me like a bit of a free pass on the whole “if we were up by 14” argument. you can’t expect to blow out a great team. we were up in the fourth quarter, we only had one turnover in the game at that point, our rush defense was playing well, and chad henne had no picks. it was a great close game, and it was a little bit of a shame to see a call like that affect the outcome so directly.
    having said that, as a dolphins fan, i was hoping to see chad henne improve on his fourth quarter performances, and he failed to do that on the last drive. but our defense had stepped up when it counted, and it might have been enough to win.

  67. You gotta love it.
    Steelers fans feed primarily on the pain of others.
    “Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys.”

  68. I’ll say this and everyone knows this is the truth. Had this game been in Pittsburgh and it was 22-20 and Henne would have made the same exact play the refs would have never called it a touchdown on the field. I think even if they would make the same call and reviewed it in Pittsburgh, the refs would have given the Steelers the ball at the 20. The NFL’s new motto, ” A league were the favored team generally gets the calls over the underdog.”

  69. fanxxx…knee was not down, and it was a fumble. Go crack an iron city light, and watch the replay.
    The Phins should have never put themselves in a position to be screwed, because that is what they got.

  70. I thought we were robbed there, but nothing we say now will change it. Just remember the better team did not win today. The luckier team did.
    Sometimes I’d rather be lucky than good though.

  71. It was certainly a questionable call, but as a Steeler fan, I will take it. If the Dolphins got the ball, the game still wasn’t over though as some are saying. Pittsburgh had 3 timeouts in addition to the two minute warning. People need to get over these conspiracy theories. Every team gets some bad calls and some favorable calls. There is no “fix” for certain teams. Next time the Steelers play watch the number of blatant holding calls that aren’t. In 2000, the Steelers were 9-7, and they missed the playoffs by one game. That year they got 3 official letter from the league admitting mistakes from 3 different games games. In each game, had the call been correct the Steelers would have won the game. In 2002 season’s playoffs, Nedney blatantly took a fall and got an awful roughing the kicker call in OT. He made the next kick, and the Steelers lost. It happens to every team. Detriot had the Calvin Johnson call this year. However, I vividly remember losing to them in OT because the referee awarded them the coin toss even though the Steelers had one. There are bad calls for every team. It is part of the game; no official is going to get every call right. It sucks, but it is reality.

  72. Tough to beat the Steelers and the Refs… they seem to make a great team week in and week out…. Soon the steelers will go from Black and Gold to Black and White..
    Go ZEBRAS!!!!!

  73. Fins got screwed on that play, but they got away with one earlier in the game when Ward was hit twice inside the five on an incomplete pass on 3rd down. Should have been illegal contact at worst, PI at best.

  74. The call was made based on the rules.
    The rule is that once a play is blown dead, there must be a clear recovery. A pileup is not a clear recovery. Anybody who actually knows football knows anything goes down there. The only iffy thing about this is that the ref originally ruled it a TD and blew the whistle. But I bet you 99/100 people standing from the ref’s perspective rules that a TD. It’s an insanely tough call to make.
    Stupid rule, yes. The Steelers got lucky, yes. Steelers deserve to lose? Good chance. But the Dolphins didn’t get robbed and if you think they did, you are unfamiliar with the rules or are in denial (when has a close game ever ended where the losing side doesn’t whine about something?).
    Maybe we can do this again in January. I’ll take the win and believe it came rightfully so, but it doesn’t taste very good. I don’t like seeing games come down to a single call from a ref.

  75. What a joke.. Not a Fins fan, but you got robbed.. Is anyone really surprised a call went in favor of the Steelers??

  76. I’m a Steelers fan (obviously) but I have never seen or even heard about a call like that.
    Ben fumbling was the right call, no question, but “we don’t know who recovered so the Steelers can keep it”?? WTF?
    Are these guys just making this sh*t up as they go along?
    I feel like I just watched a really bad reality show.
    Rip away ‘Phins fans… you have a legitimate beef.

  77. As someone who thinks steelers haters like to whine too much about their SB wins, I will agree with the haters this one time. The refs blew it royally. Miami deserved the ball.
    Steelers coaching was ridiculously bad
    1) Arians should be fired already. Running Mewelde on 1st and goal when he is a guy who needs space to run was incredibly stupid. And then not relying on a QB who is great at throwing the ball to run on 3rd and goal was stupid. Let’s not forget the awful reverse at the end of the first half. Whisenhunt was much better than Arians at designing and timing those reverses. Under Arians, that play has failed most of the time. Plus, the offense was moving well already rendering such a desperate play stupid.
    2) Ben used to be great at scrambling. But he has sucked at it in recent years. That was a terrible 3rd and goal run by him. How about some more effort in getting that ball to the goalline? He is a big guy. For the record I believe he barely touched the line in SB XL. But this time, he definitely fumbled before the line and it should habve been Miami ball at the 20.
    3) I would have gone for it on 4th and goal. If you cant get a few inches with Pouncey at center, you do not deserve to win. You have to stop Miami anyway from making more than a couple of first downs. You get the ball back in good range.
    As a Steelers fan, I hate to say it, but Miami got robbed. Of course, there is no guarantee. Steelers could always force Miami to punt and get the ball back and still score a FG. Still, Miami deserved the chance to defend that lead.

  78. Certainly raised a few hackles around here.
    Where was the error by an official. Clearly, replay showed defense caused the fumble. Recovery of a fumble with several players converging on the “pigskin” is difficult.
    Gentlemen, this is a game, nothing more. Get over it.
    And as for the writer. Trying to create controversy in order to enhance a weakly written story will not win more readers.

  79. Oh and uh… props to the Dolphins.
    Your guys played a helluva game today.
    / R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  80. One reason for the call is the call on field was touhdown, after that hard to call any recovery when the play is dead with whistle blown. Seems a lot of Pittsburgh haters have given ther opionion. They will be happy to know Harrison is being fined for last play by the league for lieing he had interception. third offense 100K.

  81. Look folks…you all are killing the NFL…when the Refs signal TD the ball is dead.
    You cannot say well it kinda looked like the dolphins were in position so therefore it’s their ball.
    Come on. You act as if it was in the bag regardless of that point.
    Lot’s of game left…1 point lead with 2 minutes…a good team can March down and kick a GW FG to make the bad call moot.
    Let’s face it fans want every ball/call to bounce thier way.
    Don’t you think buffalo fans feel jobbed that Baltimore got a fumble on what appeared to be stoppage of Forward Momentum?
    Sorry to say but if the media doesn’t stop making controversies every single week they are going to kill the NFL.

  82. First of all fanxxx it seems like you were not watching the game because roesthlisberger clearly lost the ball bofore the endzone and his knee hitting the ground. Another thing the play was called a fumble after the review had the correct call been made to begin with like we think each and every game should be called this discussion would be going on. So I would have to say the Steelers DID NOT WIN FAIR AND SQUARE. Before you comment next time know what you are talking about.

  83. The refs should NOT have blown the whistle and SHOULD have treated it like a fumble and signaled right then and there who recovered.
    When you DO blow the whistle and DON’T signal who has recovered the fumble – after the whistle has blown? – this was the only ruling they could make other than Steeler touchdown.
    The refs effed up with the early whistle and really it should have been a Steeler touchdown after that and anything else they did was just making it up as they go along.
    The whistle ENDS the play at a called touchdown. END OF STORY.
    Bottom Line: They screwed the Steelers as much as they possibly could and the Steelers STILL won!

  84. you would think this being a football site and all yall would know alittle about the game.. once the whistle blows the play is dead REGARDLESS!
    U cant tell me that entire game and all the time Henne had that there was only 1 holding call on the Dolphins.. get real.
    Lets not forget the blatant WIDE OPEN ILLEGAL CONTACT on HINES for the SURE TD! Guess that was one for the fins.

  85. I need a rule clarification…isn’t the play effectively dead the moment the official signals a TD? Isn’t anything after that moot? If that is the case, how can you possibly retroactively award the ball to the Dolphins, even if they did recover? The official signaled for a TD before the ball was recovered by anyone. I honestly don’t know, someone tell me.
    And for Steeler fans, the biggest news out of this game is that Aaron Smith may be out for quite some time.

  86. With over two minutes remaining in the game, the Steelers went up by 1 point after the field goal. The Dolphins had their chance during the final drive to take the lead and blew it.
    Maybe the Dolphins should have tried to score more points when the Steelers handed them two turnovers in their own territory…but that was probably the ref’s fault too, right?

  87. LMAO, Big Ben says he recovered, Jonathan Scott says he did, yet everyone saw the dolphins converge on the ball and get up with it. The Stealers are liars and a joke, Matter of time till Ben winds up in prison.You got lucky Pittsburgh, man up and admit it

  88. Typical Refs bailing out the Steelers again. I seem to remember this happening quite a few times during their latest Super Bowl runs too.

  89. here’s all you need to know:
    Gene Steratore, NFL football official
    lives 25 minutes from Pittsburgh in Washington, Pennsylvania, where he and his brother are the owners of Steratore Sanitary Supplies Phone 7242230266
    steratoresupply@live dot com
    Pittsburgh-area resident and business owner, hmmmm no wonder he came away giving that crap ruling.

  90. @fanxxx
    I saw the same thing and was wondering why neither the refs or the CBS announcing crew picked that up. No fumble and no touchdown, Steelers ball on the 1/2 yard line.
    Where were the refs on at least 3 non-called holds on James Harrison today? It happens every freakin week!

  91. that was a bad call … but … what lost the game for the Fins was the inability to cash n on the first two turn overs. When you are inside the ten … you have to punch it in. At least one of those and it would not have mattered.

  92. fanxxx, you must be referring to another game. Ben lost the ball on the way TO the ground.
    Meanwhile, in San Diego, the refs weren’t given their whistles, so lots of plays are continuing after they appear “dead”.

  93. After further review, the call on the field is BOGUS! Inconclusive? What, the officials still thought they could get a date with a cheerleader? What was he looking at under the hood, surely not what everyone watching the replay saw. I hate the Steelers and this just throws gas on the fire.

  94. The ball was between 2 dolphins players with one of there hand on the ball, but it shows that 2 steelers jumped into the middle of 2 dolphins and that is all that was seen, who know what happened in that pileup

  95. Highway robbery. Official who made the TD signal had no angle whatsoever to make that call. He needs to be investigated. Travesty.
    Interesting that Pittsburgh always seems to be the beneficiary of such dubious calls.

  96. pretty typical Stealer favoritism but what I think’s hilarious is PigBen’s response after the game about how he didn’t let go of the ball until he heard the whistle and had the ball the whole time.
    hahaha – After all that’s happened he’s still a God-d mned-lying-piece-of-sh t.

  97. Could you all please read ncoolong comments again October 24, 2010 4:40 PM
    He hit hit right on the head and I fait to understand arguing a fumble???
    “The official called the play on the field a touchdown. Therefore, the play was over, and there was no fumble, and no official was watching the ball. The replay ruling overturned (correctly) the call on the field, but that doesn’t change the fact the play was over because of the TD ruling.
    The fault here is with the official’s explanation”
    Does anyone not understand the whistle were blown and therefore the play is dead once the TD was cleary signaled? That is the only thing that is or have to be reviewed. Now I admit that I thought Ben crossed the goal line at first but then they did get the right call on review. That is the only play needing review???? It is a dead ball at the point of the ball Steelers possestion!
    Good game and congrats to Steelers

  98. Sorry Dolphins fans…you had the ball TWO TIMES inside the Steelers 10 and didn’t score a TD…THAT is why you lost.
    This is not a “Calvin Johnson” call. Let’s say that you DID get the ball. Ben would have been ruled down at the goalline, NOT a touchback. So you have 1st and 10 literally with your backs against the wall, and you had run for all of 64 yards.
    Do you REALLY think you get a first down and win that game? Heck, you likely get safetied and lose anyway.
    Nevertheless, I’m surprised someone didn’t mention the Seattle SB game again. Since their team NEVER, EVER benefits from a poor call or non-call by the officials.
    Seriously, grow up. Take the loss like a man. Or woman.

  99. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! THE PHINS GOT ROBBED….. Alika Francis came out of the scrum CLEARLY with the BALL! Just a little side note…. The Referee is from PITTSBURGH!!!!

  100. I mean the fix is always in for the Steelers. Their starting quarterback was suspended for four games and he wasn’t even charged with a crime! FIX. The NFL is always cheating for those guys. It just gets so old after awhile. I remember thinking during the game when the Steelers gave the ball away twice in the first quarter “This is all just staged so the Steelers can make a dramatic comeback with help from the officials.” And then it happened! Boom goes the dynamite.
    The replay system has limitations. This game showed those limitations. I feel bad for the Dolphins, they played a pretty good game and came up a little short. The breaks went their way early, and not at all on the goal-line late. It happens. When it does happen, muster your troops with over 2 minutes left and try to get into field goal range, it’s a lot more effective than crying over one weird call.

  101. Rapelisberger lied after the game just like he lied about raping girls. You can’t believe a word he says. Typical of most sex offenders. They lie like drug users.

  102. The refs had nothing to do with Miami missing two tackles on Hines Ward’s way into the endzone…nor did they have any say in Jason Allen getting absolutely torched by Mike Wallace for another score.
    Who knows what would have happened if the refs did give Miami the ball, but the way the Steelers defense was playing the run it wouldn’t have been easy to run clock on them.
    All I know is that this one hurts, for more than just the obvious reason too…

  103. the only thing worst than that REF call….
    Miamis last drive!!!
    I’m an huge Fins fan…
    the call was bad, real bad… but still.
    We had the ball
    over 2 mins left
    and had the Steelers D on their heels
    (heat was a factor as well and they were down 2/3 DLineman.
    Why running the ball on first down?
    Why rushing (&wasting) a down with a crap screen before the two minute warning
    ….that was the killer Ref call was bad, real bad but fins controlled own destiny.
    congratulations to Pittsburgh

  104. the question was ” did the ball cross the goal line before it came lose”….yes, it did….but Ben was down ! his knee touched the ground….once that happens, the ball can fly out wherever the heck it wants to….doesn’t matter….Dead Ball ! The refs had it right…….Miami had 2 chances within the first 5 min of that game to score and the little wooses couldn’t get more than 3 points from each possession….it could’ve very easily been 14-0 , but instead, Steelers held them…..Miami lost that game 1st quarter !!!

  105. Steelers, Colts and Patriots gotta stop getting all the calls. Two Dolphins fell on the ball first. A Dolphin came out of the pile with it, don’t see what was inconclusive about that.

  106. Here come the ignorant assholes – im looking at you ncloogang – know the rule before you start posting incorrect statements. Since the San diego denver game, the rule has been changed where if you can demonstrate conclusive evidence the ball has been recovered by the team it doesnt matter the whistle has been blown.
    AKA – i really cannot figure out how the refs ruled the way the did. The fact that the whistle was blown has zero impact in this case. It would if the player advanced the ball but clearly that was not the case here. The mental prowess of internet posters never ceases to amaze me, and a shockingly large amount of that comes from steeler fans and their constant excuses for the inexplicable calls that they consistently get.

  107. I see many of you did nto watch the WHOLE game or do not remember the game. Miami had ball inside redzone 2 times within 1st 5 minutes of game and KICKED FGS! Carpenter kicked 5 FIELD GOALS! If Miami was good they woudl have scored TD’s on 2 of those drives nothing matters. Even if Miami wa sawarded the ball on the 2o, there was 2:30 left, Pitt had 3 timeouts and 2 minute warning. Needless to say they would have gooten ball back and still only needed a fg to win! Of course the average fan does not think outside the box, listens to the media, who “knows everything” haha….refs reviewed play, called a fumble, could nto see who had ball! Enough said!

  108. I may be wrong here but didn’t the fins have one timeout left when they challenged the td? Then they had none? So did they win or lose the challenge? I say both so I don’t know where the TO went to. This is a disaster by the officials, I’ve never seen do-overs in the NFL.

  109. “PS – Ncoolong – you are sooooo wrong its not even funny, refs can review many things, not just whether the ball crossed the line.”
    I’m not wrong, actually.
    By rule, officials do not review an issue that will be the result of the reviewed play. For example, they can’t review whether a receiver’s feet were in bounds, then review the spot of the ball after he ran 15 yards. In this case, because the play was ruled a touchdown, they were reviewing whether the runner (Roethlisberger) had the ball in his possession when he crossed the goal line. The answer was no, he did not.
    But because they initially called it a touchdown, nothing else after the play happened. I’m not sure why this is so difficult for people to understand, but if the ref on the field called it a touchdown, why would they be looking at a fumble that never happened? If you think they should have, then why should the ref have made a call at all? What purpose are they serving?
    By that logic, we should just let cameras and replay of every snap be evaluated by people in a booth somewhere. It’s unfortunate the ref missed the call on the field, but it’s just further proof we cannot rely on replay to fix what we feel are injustices.

  110. Last week there were many saying Steelers fans were whining about Harrison’s penalty. Now, many of those same morons are WHINING.
    That is so funny to me!
    We won. Get over it. Steelers won. Period.
    Quit whining.

  111. dieing for an explanation from pereira as to how that call was justifiable…itll probably take a little longer than usual because hes gonna have to consult lawyers and politicians for advice on how to bs.
    ref screwup #1–calling the td in the first place–what is the point in racing in with a td signal so quickly like your frikin prefontaine? your doing noone any favors buddy. Don’t you understand your haste could be recording your irreversible officiating error? to the people that cry “player safety!” my response- watch the brock lesner fight and talk about player safety in sports…how much does that guy make (career earnings) relative to football players? if you dont feel safe, dont play the game, its called at-will employment, id be glad to see the whiners go willfully employ themselves somewhere else.
    ref screwup #2– after blowing the play dead (by signaling the TD), acknowledging that the play was not in fact dead, and someone could have had the opportunity to recover the fumble.
    ref screwup #3–suggesting that it was inconclusive as to who came up with the ball. if you acknowledge the play wasn’t dead, the person who ends up with the ball after a dog pile has possession. try to tell me differently, and ill point out hundreds of dog pile recovery results to prove it. if the play was dead, it wasn’t a fumble. these results are mutually exclusive. The hybrid compromise he concocted to try to cover his a** was complete bs—-and thats why i cant wait to hear pereira’s bs justification
    again, the game could’ve gone either way for both teams. both teams could’ve capitalized in situations in which they did not, both teams capitalized in situations that they weren’t necessarily supposed to. any time a ref makes a game blowing call anyone could conveniently respond “well you shouldn’t have let it get to that point.” So, using that logic, F it, lets play all football games and then have the ref decide who wins the close ones because, hey, the loser shouldn’t have let it get to that point right? yea, i’m hoping you understand how dumb the logic is.

  112. It is an unfortunate call for the Dolphins, but the rule change that allows the replay review of post-whistle possession of a fumble was focused on open field recoveries and not scrums like we saw today.
    This is the Ed Hochuli rule that was made after that terrible blunder with Denver and San Diego a few years ago when he blew the play dead too quickly and ruled the result an incomplete pass instead of a fumble. The review clearly showed a fumble but the whistle had blown before San Diego recovered the ball leaving Hochuli no choice but to rule a fumble with Denver retaining possession at the spot of the fumble even though the San Diego defender clearly scooped the ball from the open field and possessed it. The game should have essentially ended there, but Hochuli’s quick whistle blunder and the rules at the time prevented him from awarding possession to the Chargers. The Broncos kept possession and scored the winning touchdown.
    The rule change seeed pretty clear that post-whistle possession had to be incontrovertible so recovery in a scrum was unlikely to be awarded. It doesn’t matter what happens at the start or finish of a scrum because scrums will always be controversial.

  113. Keep crying idiots. I didn’t see Miami taking the ball 70 yards down the field after the kick off to win the game anyways – much LESS making the first down.
    Pittsburgh with 3 time outs left. Pittsburgh stops Miami either way…Big Ben comes in and clutches the game. Jeff Reed drinks a 6 pack – comes in and kicks the field goal. Either way, we win.

  114. Steeler fans are some of the least classy in all of sports. This is common knowledge and being proven once again today.

  115. You can be the biggest steeler fan of life you can call a win but u cannot call it a clean win. You all know the dolphins should have won that game. Its disgusting how arrogant all u steelers are acting after that. even some of the steelers at the stadium were unsatisfied with that win

  116. tk1966 called it. They blew the whistle. That’s how I knew the whole time he was under the hood that it would be First & goal Steelers on the six-inch line. Once they blow the whistle, the play is dead. He blew it the second Ben crossed the plane, before anyone jumped on the ball. The Steelers were last in possession before the fumble and the ball was blown dead. The only possible thing the refs could do was give the Steelers the ball on the six-inch line. You may not like it, but the ref made the right call–he just gave the wrong explanation.

  117. O yea. one more thing–for those of you suggesting that a fumble can still be recovered after the play is blown dead ((which im not even sure is the case. i do recall a rule change to that effect, but for some reason the nfl doesnt have the rule book (complete version, yea the version that would expose ref mistakes) available on their website))
    then what about the incredibly credible rothlisberger suggesting that a ref tapped him on the back saying the play was ruled a TD?? seems to me that ref made a….
    ref screwup #5—tapping a player on the back saying the play was dead, and directing a player to stop performing, when a loose ball can still be recovered after the play is blown dead.
    no way about it, the ref made serious errors on a game deciding call for two prospective playoff teams which could end up changing the entire afc playoff horizon.
    more than anything the nfl needs better quality refs. to be honest the rules have changed so much im not even sure if the more experience a ref has yields a better likelihood of not blowing it. get smart college grads with great reflexes, coordination, eyesight and impeccable impulsive decision making skills. conduct interviews in a lab. sounds ridic i know, but so does changing the playoff horizon with one bad call.

  118. Have the steelers* ever won anything legitimately? its about time the league investigates this.

  119. I’m no Steelers fan but I did get to watch the game. First off there was no fumble in the end zone. It happened before he crossed the line. Once the official raised his hands for the touchdown the play was dead. Sucks to be the fins but this stuff happens every Sunday. The officiating in the whole game was horrible in both directions! Ward and Wallace were being hit well into the secondary all game long. There was one play that would have been a touchdown had the linebacker not “bumped” Ward. I really doubt we will be seeing this crew in the playoffs after the way this game was called.

  120. I saw all the replays and the press conference. Roethlisberger and Legursky had possession of the ball on the bottom of the pile, until the ref told them to let go because TD had been ruled. Should have been a Pittsburgh recovery for a TD – unless the Ken Stabler forward-fumble rule would not have allowed it – then the Steelers would get the ball on the 1/2 yard line like they did.
    Either way, its a Steeler win, and the Dolphins clearly did not have possession like they claimed they did.

  121. I love the fans patting Ben on the back for this one. He really did all he could to win that game.
    *sighs at stupidity*

  122. That is one of the WORST calls I have ever seen made by NFL referees!
    Miami not only caused Rothlessbooger to fumble, Miami recovered the ball in the end zone.
    I am quite confident the NFL will stand by their official and will not take any comments against them seriously. At the NFL headquarters, arrogance rules the day.
    All I would like to say to the NFL officials is:
    Get a pair of glasses, and how much did the STEAL-ers pay you for that one?

  123. After the Denver/San Diego game of a few years ago, the refs were told not to blow a play dead.
    In this case, the most egregious thing is that there was no need to make a snap decision. The sideline judge saw the ball came out and he thought after the ball passed the plane of the goal. Fine, see who comes up with the ball in the end zone, go to the head judge and insist Big Ben was in. Rule it a TD and then let replay decide if Ben crossed the line or not.
    Then, if he didn’t, Miami gets the ball at the 20.
    That, to me, is the most ridiculous and foolish thing. That this whole situation didn’t need to happen. The refs have been told repeatedly by the league and by themselves not to blow a questionable play dead. Let it play out, make a decision and then have the review. Leave no open ends.
    But in this case, Miami was not given a fair shot. I agree, you can’t look at replay to eventually see who comes out of a scrum. There are plenty of times clear possession is seen by an official at the bottom of a pile but a bigger, stronger, or even dirtier player may get it away. Again, see who has possession and then rule it a TD anyway and let replay take its course.
    Miami got jobbed…

  124. This might already have been said, but Referee Gene Steratore is from Washington, PA…about 15-20 miles outside of PITTSBURGH.
    I’m not saying that the “screw job” was in, but at least the appearance of impropriety is there. What was the NFL doing permitting a Referee from Pittsburgh-area to be at the Steelers game.
    Obviously, Miami had numerous chances to distance themselves and squandered it, but as someone else said, the marine mammals can’t beat the best team in the NFL AND the referees.
    Still projecting a 10-6 season for my blowhole buddies.

  125. “What i think is that end of the day it was a big play in but it shouldn’t of come down to that play we had plenty of opportunity’s to win the game and we didn’t” – Coach Sparano

  126. What a joke. I can not believe that their able to pull that crap. Everyone that watched the game could clearly see that rapist fumble the ball before he crossed the goal line and it recovered by the dolphins. Then the refs get involved and rule a TD making Sparano challenge it. Still games are decided by officials. WHAT IF the dolphins did not have any T.O left. oh my god my arse is still sore from getting that crammed up there. o o o och!!!

  127. It was clear and simple on this call. Ben fumbled before he broke the plain of the end zone, then Miami recovered the loose ball, the results in turn Miami should have take over on offense on their 20 yard line. There was nothing difficult about making this call, who ever came out of the pile with the football should have been on offense, which happen to be the Miami Dolphins. It was clearly even shown on the replay who came out with the ball. This play should have been ruled the same way as any other fumble. The way the ref took extra long to make the decision was weird as well, I wonder if there is something more behind this call then just a bad call. Miami may have added another game to their loss column, however in my opinion Miami won the game!

  128. Big Ben can’t help but lie. It’s gotten him out of multiple cases of rape and now he’s using it trying to justify winning football games. For all you Steeler fans who are claiming victory, you know in your hearts that sorry-ass ref should never have made that call because he DID NOT see the ball cross the line. FL football is used to refs screwing up calls (The U vs gay-ass Ohio State)…remember that one. This is the same thing, refs making calls they can’t see that determines the outcome of games. Miami should be in a tie for second place but the NFL has to put teams in the playoffs it deems as worthy. The NFL will always take care of fans who can’t wait to travel with their team just to get out of the miserable area they’re living. Again, Big Ben gets away with rape three times now. This dude must be wearing a rabbit’s foot and a horse shoe under his uniform. Go black and gold/white…you’re all winners, good team work.

  129. To all you non steeler fans who complain about who recovered the fumble towards the end of the game.
    The dolphins had 2 minutes to get either a field goal or touchdown and GOT NEITHER. Besides there 5 field goals these are the 2 reasons they lost the game. They had plenty of chances to win that game and didnt get it DONE.
    The STEELERS Defense did.

  130. Every Steeler fan wants to say it was within the rules because the whitle blew for the called touchdown but not one will admit it is a stupid rule. The bottom line is the true football call is a fumble and recovery in the endzone. Giving refs the oppurtunity to blow a whistle and all other officials don’t even look at the recovery in the endzone is ridiculous. Big picture the Dolphins played very well, outside of the special teams in the Patriots game, against the “so-called super bowl contenders” so I would say they are up in the discussion right behind the Jets, Steelers, Patriots and Ravens in the AFC. The unfortunate thing is they play in the East with two powerhouses.

  131. Why do fans all of a sudden GO BLIND when calls dont go their way? This call is obviously debatable, and I understand Fins fans being pissed as its a pretty rare play. BUT, one thing that is obvious is that there are TWO Dolphins players on that pile, ALONG WITH THREE Steeler players (Ben, Jon Scott, and Legursky). It is definitely not CLEAR who has the ball since there are a total of FIVE PLAYERS WITH A COMBINED WEIGHT OF 1,200 POUNDS all fighting for the ball. It could have gone either way.
    Even with that said, the Fins had the ball with 2:30 left, THREE timeouts, and needing to drive about 50 yards to get into field goal range to win the game. Henne sucks though so their fans are mad at the Steelers. Ryan Fitzpatrick for the o-5 Bills had that same drill today with 40 seconds less and only 1 timeout and got the job done on the road against the Ravens #2 defense to send the game into OT, but you haters are so accurate when stating the refs, not the Steelers great defense ‘won’ that game for them. Know your football. If my Aunt had balls, she’d be my Uncle. So throw the woulda coulda shoulda argument out the window haters. Every team has to deal with questionable calls, injuries, and plenty of obstacles in this league. Thus is life in the NFL.
    5-1 — feels pretty good over here! Suck it!

  132. OK I ADMIT IT.
    The Steeler fans are collectively paying off the refs. Here is the ref benefit package. (other Steeler fans are now going to kill me but I cannot in all honesty keep this a secret anymore)
    1. $5000 weekly stipend
    2. $1000 contributed to grand kid’s college funds
    3. $500 car allowance
    4. $500 matching to health insurance and dental plan
    5. $500 matching to 403b
    6. $100 food allowance at Denny’s or Waffle House
    Will all the non-Steeler fans stop complaining, now that I’ve confessed this.

  133. the problem was not the replay. The original call should have NEVER been a touchdown. There is no way the linesman could see the ball in his possession across the goal line. (obviously after watching the replay)
    If he had let it go, possession after the fumble could have been determined. Then it could have all been confirmed by replay.
    Atrocious and unexcuseable call from an NFL official.
    But the league, as usual, will back it up lowering credibility even more.

  134. Um…GG Phins. I thought the ref messed up with the quick call. Haven’t poured over the slo-mo yet to form an opinion on the fumble recovery. An enjoyable game otherwise tho.

  135. W heather the ref’s a steelers fan or not you don’t put a DUDE in a game where he has control over a team he grew to love football. How much love is this dude going to see going back home? they have footage of a Dolphin giving the ball to a ref, why couldn’t they see who had the ball out of the scrum. I seen the footage how didn’t the ref have the footage on the field right then, wouldn’t you think that would have been more then enough evidence. In the evidence of who had the ball 1 of the miami guys that they talk about jumping on the ball was the dude that gave the ref the ball after the play. How is that a fair game especially in your own %%%% house.
    Yall think Miami should have scored touchdowns instead of kicking a field goal. Then on the half yard line why didn’t the Steelers go for it and make the TD? Its because points are points, I have the Steelers D on my fantasy team, they got 2 points today. The Steelers D avg like 20 points. Our offense is finally coming back together since DAN MARINO, we played one hell of a game against 1 of the best Ds in history of nfl, I don’t take this game as a loss, we coming together slowly but surly (beings we don’t need home town refs playing with us) this team has dynasty potential.
    Or u can just say the Dolphins got caught up in the shower(no lube) with every1 looking the other way

  136. Just like the Santonio Holmes call against the Ravens the ball that was the touchdown well short of the end zone….Typical Steelerss win with the help of the Refs. Fumbles have always been decided by who comes up with the football. It has never been decided by who the refs thought had it via replay. Lets just call this the Steeler Tuck Rule. I am glad it is just not me throwing games for the Patriots. There is at least other refs throwing games for the Steelers.

  137. Juice says, “Every team has to deal with questionable calls”
    Yea everyone besides the Pittsburgh Steelers apparently. Not taking anything away from Pittsburgh because they clearly won the game other then using a technicality made by the officials. How pissed would all of you be given the same situation occurred when your defense makes the stop and the official says we don’t know who had the ball so we are giving it back to the offense. I rest my case.

  138. The Dolphins had a role in their own defeat, that’s no questioning that. But by the same token, the Steelers had a role in being down by 2 at 2:30 from the ballgame, if they just do not fumble one of theirs, we shouldn’t be having this talk. So that logic is flawed.
    Reality is that there was a bad call and that was the TD ruling by an official who did NOT have clear view of the play. Then it was compounded by the other refs not bothering to determine who had recovered the loose ball. Eventually, I cannot figure how the video evidence was NOT enough to award the ball to the Dolphins, that really beats me up. That said, the rest of the call was right: untimely whistle, ball back to the offense.
    Look, if the Phins get the ball back at their 20, go 3 and out and the Steelers pull the win anyway, there would be no whining at all. Deserved loss, deserved win. A good 2-min drill would have negated all these talk s but, helas, it did not happen, so the refs ought to live with their mess.

  139. Bad call aside, neither team deserved to win the game. The Steelers gift wrapped 14 points to the Dolphins at the beginning of the game and they only turned it into 6 points. The refs blow calls all the time for all teams. You can cry BS all you want, it’s not going to change anything.

  140. This might have been the worst example of poor officiating I have ever seen, and I started watching the NFL in 1964.

  141. I say this all the time, even where the Steelers are concerned, if your teams play is such that it leaves the outcome in the hands of the refs then they, in this case Miami, didn’t deserve to win.

  142. The ref stated in his explanation that he ruled Miami’s recovery as inconclusive. That means he considered who had possession in the endzone – the whistle wasn’t a factor. The end result should have to be either a)Pittsburgh TD or b) Miami on the 20?
    If Miami didn’t get the ball than Pittsburgh would have had to recover in the endzone. What is this half line nonsense.
    2. Refs also missed the last call when they called a pick on Henne. It was clearly incomplete…sure it was 4th down and irrelevant but just get the calls right.

  143. @mbf it’s clear that he came away with it. But it is not clear WHO recovered it. I saw two Dolphins with their arms outstretched reaching for the ball and Legursky dove in the middle of them. Any of them 3 can say they recovered the ball but had it wrestled away from them. Ben even said he had a hand on it. Anyone will tell you that possession sometimes changes numerous times in one of those piles (scrums). So the ref had to apply the rule. Sorry dude. Tough break.

  144. When it comes to scripting outcomes, Vince McMahon and his WWE have got nothing on Goodell and his NFL (Notoriously Fixed League). It’s all about developing story lines that their advertisers’ demographics can get behind, especially heading into the playoffs. I remember that Steelers Ravens game with the playoffs on the line a few years ago where Goodell’s toadies made an equally obvious and egregious bogus call against Baltimore. It never hurts to have your last name be Mara, Rooney, Kraft or Johnson.

  145. First off, I’m a steeler fan., however the refs did totally screw that call up. Like the article says, they should have been all over the scrum to determine exactly who recovered the ball, which was probably Miami.
    That being said… who comes up with the ball does not tell us anything, especially in this situation when some players might have stopped fighting for it since the play was ruled dead and the refs were (allegedly) telling the players in the scrum that the play is dead.
    Ben said that he has a arm around the ball, but then so did a Miami player.
    As another poster also said, I thought Miami would win anyway as they drove all the the steelers in the second half.
    Final note, the game would not have been total over if Miami got the ball back…. they would have needed at least one first down. I know it’s not much, but just sayin.
    It was a lucky win to be sure, however if Ben just falls forward instead of diving, then Pittsburgh either kicks the FG or goes in for the TD. Ben was stupid for diving like that when he’s got momentum and smaller defenders are approaching…..
    Sorry Dolphins fans…. bad form by the refs for sure.

  146. for all you clear recovery dillusionists, let me ask you a question, which person clearly recovered it? the replay i keep seeing over and over shows two dolphin players touching the football (one with only his right hand (player A), the other with only his left and reaching with his right(player B)), but no one clearly on top of it. if anyone jumped ON the ball it was #64 of the steelers. of course that was while two dolphin players each had a hand on it as well. The point is that it was a scrum and anyone who’s ever played or watched football knows that weird things happen under a pile. it has to be a clear recovery, plain and simple and it was not. If you can show me CLEAR evidence of a dolphin player SECURING possession, then i digress.

  147. Florio – I will be looking forward to you and Sid discussing this later today – regardless of if’s/but’s 2 min left, Steelers have timeouts – who knows what woulc/could have happened.
    The question at hand is if Big Ben fumbled the ball (which he did) who recovered it? Case in point – end of discussion, if Steelers then TD and if Phins then touchback 1st down on own 20! We watch fumbles happen in every game and this is the 1st game I can recall in 30 years of watching football that they could not determine who recovered?
    Am I crazy or just a biased fan to think that if you rule it was a fumble you should also rule who recovered it. Clearly 2-3 Dolphins players jumped on ball and 1 came out of pile holding it – so would that not be an indication as to who recovered it?
    I would not be surprised if the NFL or Rules committee admit the mistake in not making a ruling on the “fumble”.
    Here’s a thought – the offense clearly fumbled the ball prior to breaking the goalline, but we don’t know who recovered so we will give it back to the offense. Why not we can’t determine who recovered so we’ll give it to the defense – either way it’s retarded and a bad call.
    Regardless what happened prior or what did/would have/could have happened after it was a bad call that in the end cost the Phins the game.

  148. I am a fan of neither team – that was inexusable. Fins got screwed, and the football Gods handed the Steelers another one (just like the schedule makers – ever notice how the Steelers play their tough, non-divisional opponents at home (Jets, Patriots, Falcons, etc.) and the easier ones on the road (Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Miami, etc.)?

  149. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano on the last call: “I mean, it was a big play in the game, but it shouldn’t have come down to that. We had plenty of opportunities to win that football game.”
    The Dolphins had the ball inside the Pittsburgh 25 on five different drives, but settled for field goals each time. Two turnovers at the beginning of the game and failing to score touchdowns was the real reason the Dolphins lost. They were given two amazing opportunities and failed.
    But wait, since the refs actually gave us the game, maybe they actually prohibited the Dolphins from scoring those touchdowns. Yeah, the refs rigged it so the Dolphins would only kick field goals.

  150. @BigO that’s not always the case. Either last year or the year before, by all accounts, we had the hardest schedule in the NFL. So the fact that it happened this year is purely coincidence. Stop your whining.

  151. The rule needs to be looked at and changed. If the ball come loose around the endzone, the refs should see who comes up with it.
    Btw, wtf is that ref doing calling a TD when he was not in the position to see the ball cross the line. Ben’s back was blocking his view.
    Fins had lots of opportunities to put the game away and they didn’t, but that doesn’t make that call hurt any less.
    I didn’t know Waanstadt was coaching again. The playcalling was terrible. When the Fins got the ball back with 2+ mins, why run the ball up the middle? Throw the ball 10-15 yards up the middle instead. Fricken idiots.
    Henne looked pretty good. I was sad to see the ref give the Steelers that INT at the end of the game. Oh well. Shit happens.

  152. Perhaps the Fins should have taken advantage of the 2 turnovers you had…but you didn’t. Stop whining plus as soon as they signaled “TD” when Ben went in the play was over so it didn’t really matter who had the ball..Ben said he had it in his arms and the Miami had his hands on it so who really knows???? Refs go by the rule book, so where is the fault??? Im so sick of people saying the Steelers always cheat and the refs always win for us. We have been cheated many times but do you hear the fans whining about it?? No we don’t. We take the loss and move on.
    We have fought hard this season even harder when we didn’t have Ben…tell me the refs game us anything while Ben was gone…please people quit whinning and move on!!!

  153. overkil2 says:
    October 25, 2010 9:56 AM
    The rule needs to be looked at and changed. If the ball come loose around the endzone, the refs should see who comes up with it.
    Btw, wtf is that ref doing calling a TD when he was not in the position to see the ball cross the line. Ben’s back was blocking his view.
    Fins had lots of opportunities to put the game away and they didn’t, but that doesn’t make that call hurt any less.
    I didn’t know Waanstadt was coaching again. The playcalling was terrible. When the Fins got the ball back with 2+ mins, why run the ball up the middle? Throw the ball 10-15 yards up the middle instead. Fricken idiots.
    Henne looked pretty good. I was sad to see the ref give the Steelers that INT at the end of the game. Oh well. Shit happens.
    It would not have mattered whether they gave Harrsion the INT or was 4th down and your guy dropped the ball so it would not have mattered anyway.
    I dont think the Steelers play calling was much better either…I think Redman should have been running more than Mendy since they seemed to stop him more…both teams had alot of missed opportunities, game should not have been that close for either team. I hate to win a game with controversial plays like that..cheapens our win but it’s out of our hands..on to next week!

  154. All this “if the Dolphins would have scored 2 touchdowns” crap is beyond stupid.
    If the Steelers would have scored more then this wouldn’t be an issue either would it? Both teams fought and clawed for the whole game. Both teams had good and bad plays. That’s the game of football.
    I’m obviously a Miami Dolphins fan and I’m pissed about this call. It was a fumble. Pure and simple. A Dolphins player came up with the ball. Pure and Simple. That was all evident and even the commentators were stating it.
    If the Dolphins get the fumble and start on their 20 does it guarantee a win? No. If the Dolphins take the ball and go score with the time left do they win? Probably. But the bottom line is that it’s a bad call that led directly to points.
    I’m not going to say a fix is in. Everyone has to be honest and admit the truth. Both ben and an OLineman claimed to have possession of the ball. ben said he let go when they said TD. The olineman stated he never let it go. All the Dolphins have stated the guy with the ball was the one who had it. They also claim a ref said “White ball” more than once and one player stated that the line judge told him 59 had the ball. No response from the league on that one. Bad call. It sucks for the team and their fans.

  155. People, who hate the Steelers seriously need to put their delusional predjudices aside, and realize the the Miami dolphins have noone to blame but themselves!
    *Sure up your kick return coverage unit
    *Add more speed to your secondary and M.
    Wallace doesn’t burn you for a 53 yd TD
    *Tackle Better, (Hines Ward TD)
    * Score a TD when your given the ball at the 22
    and the 13 yd line! (Two TOs, 6pts not good …
    enough )
    *Gain more than 4 yds, when your only down 1 pt
    and you have 2:30 min. left on the clock to gain
    55 yds to put you in FG range, (You Started…
    From your own 30 yd line, nice field position)
    Do these things and the refs don’t matter, and your Dolphins win this game going away!!!

  156. Ben Roethlisberger gets drunk and rapes women. It is what it is, deal with it Steelers fans. He’s a serial rapist.
    All the Jesus in the world can’t change that.

  157. Hey Praveen, Learn the game please befor you start commenting!
    Hey Sports Follower, your opinion has never meant a damn thing!
    Eat it Dolphin fans! Learn the rules, I know your excited and it has been a while since you have had good football on southbeach in that rat’s cage you call a stadium, since marino hung up the cleats, but it’s time you all freshen up on your football knowledge! Your ignorance, will as a NFL fan bring you nothing but pain, Know the game and you can rationalize the outcome of that game, and come to realize and except the true reason why your team left the field with a check in the L column!

  158. They should not have signaled the TD is the problem, He didn’t see the ball cross the plane in Ben’s possession. Once the hands went up, the fins fate was sealed because the play is dead. The teams would have to be instructed to play after the whistle, which would encourage late hits. They should have let it play out and then let the scrum resolve itself.
    Blame the first ref who threw up the hands.

  159. Praveen, you claim to be a Steelers fan but know very little about the team!
    Ben scrambling has not changed he does it every game!
    Bruce Arians is an easy target for ignorant fans who don’t really know the game
    Going for it on fourth amd goal would have been stupid, you take the lead and make the D earn their money! And in that situation they did!
    Praveen please pick another team, Steeler fans know their sport, and you seem to be an exception, I think your proclaimed team afilliation, is a fraud! I’m calling BS on you being a Steeler fan!

  160. BgJenson is an idiot! He has nothing intelligent to add to the discussion so he just post nonsense, Dude, or MAm (Whatever) your a grown up! Please think like a grownup!

  161. BigOx says:
    October 25, 2010 9:44 AM
    I am a fan of neither team – that was inexusable. Fins got screwed, and the football Gods handed the Steelers another one (just like the schedule makers – ever notice how the Steelers play their tough, non-divisional opponents at home (Jets, Patriots, Falcons, etc.) and the easier ones on the road (Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Miami, etc.)?
    BigOx is it???? Let me tell you something about Pittsburghs schedule…it is NEVER easy!
    We have to play the Ravens and Cincy 2 times a year and usually the Patriots (how many of those did we win???) Colts, Jets, Giants etc…tell me how our schedule is ever easy? We won Superbowl XL on the road as the #6 seed son..our journey has NEVER been easy!!! I”ll be your team doesn’t have to play the Ravens, Browns, Bengals, Pats, Indy, Jets almost every year!!! You’re an idiot with no real case son!!! Try again sweetie!

  162. Steelers have the most wins over quality opponents in the league.
    Falcons 5-2
    @ Titans 5-2
    @ Bucs 4-2
    Browns 2-4
    @ Fins 3-3 = 19-13
    Pats wins:
    Bengirls 2-4
    Bills 0-6
    @Miami 3-3
    Ravens 5-2
    @SD 2-5 = 12-20
    Pats 5-1
    @Miami 3-3
    @Bills 0-6
    Minny 2-4
    @Denver 2-5 = 12-19
    PFT Handicapper

  163. @bgjensen …
    So your team lost a football game and now you’re going to make vulgar comments about rape and Jesus. Well aren’t you special?
    So you read Andrea McNulty’s complaint? Then you know alcohol had no involvement in that incident? And you know she sent text messages the day after telling people how she couldn’t wait to see Roethlisberger again? And you know they’re on file with the court? Yeah, sounds like rape to me.
    And you’ve read the medical report in Georgia saying the woman never had intercourse that night? And heard the DA say he couldn’t prove either penetration or lack of consent because the woman propositioned Ben in front of witnesses all night long? So no sex = no rape (at least for people who aren’t brain dead)?
    Jesus has nothing to do with this … and very obviously you have nothing to do with Jesus. You should leave His name out of your sick rants.

  164. Once the official ruled touchdown on the field there was no reason for them to see who recovered the fumble because once ruled a touchdown there is no fumble. steelers win!

  165. “I had the ball but the official said ‘Let the ball go, it’s a touchdown,” so I did. But I knew I had the ball because I was losing the feeling in my arm from squeezing it.” — Jonathan Scott, Steelers RT who said he recovered Roethlisberger’s fumble in the end zone on the bizarre replay review
    1st of all I didn’t see any conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field. There was not a clear angle to show if the ball broke the plane so the call should have stood. 2nd, the play was dead after the official called it a TD. What happened after doesn’t really matter. If the refs are always pro Steeler then they could have easily claimed inconclusive and let the call stand. In the most recent Steeler SB win they also reversed a Ben TD and the Steelers settled for a FG. So there are plenty of times when calls don’t go Pittsburgh’s way. Quit your crying. The Steelers had their Qb suspended for 4 games without ever being charged w/ a crime-ever-not evn a speeding ticket. And Harrison gets fined 75k for two plays that weren’t even flagged. i don’t think we’ve been getting helped out a lot by the league lately.

  166. The dolphins outplayed the steelers the whole game. The refs decided at the end rather than do their jobs they wanted to sit around and watch ben fumble his way into a touchdown.
    The Ref can look at any and all aspects of a play once it is reviewed including spot of the ball and fumble (if necessary). That’s why so many “did they fumble it” reviews end up with adjustments to the spot of the ball.
    The same dolphins player who is shown on video landing on the ball is the one who stood up with it. Either it was passed around (as channing crowder points out) or he had it the whole time (Much more likely).
    Steelers lost this game and if that’s the best team in the NFL than the dolphins are easily top 5.

  167. @basedrum777 ….
    Honey, have you had your after-school snack yet? It might help the blood flow to your brain. Apparently you have some memory problems as well as an unfamiliarity with NFL rules.
    The Dolphins couldn’t score touchdowns in the red zone all day, baby boy. Did you notice the downfield passes Roethlisberger was throwing? Now on that controversial play: Ben hit the plane and defender simultaneously as the ref signaled TD and blew the whistle and the ball popped out.
    It was a fumble, no TD. BUT when the whistle blew, the play ended. That’s the rule in American football. So the ball goes to the last team of possession at the spot of the fumble. Steelers ball, first and goal, on the six-inch line–as they called it.
    Even if you want to pretend the whistle didn’t blow, the end zone camera footage clearly showed Roethlisberger wrapping his arm around the loose ball just as the Dolphins piled on. So it is just as likely he had the ball at the bottom of the pile as anyone else.
    Now blow your nose and go play.

  168. @clemin
    Throwing out a “what if” scenerio doesnt help you rest your case in any argument, numbnuts. A little thing called facts would help though.
    The Steelers NEVER have had to deal with questionable calls? There were 3 non calls on the Phins earlier in that SAME GAME (illegal contact on Hines Ward in the endzone, 2 missed holding calls on Harrion). WTF does that matter? Last time I checked, the players are the ones that have to: run, block, tackle, throw, catch, kick, and cover.
    (roundhouse kick to the face) That happens to every team, every week, and will ALWAYS happen as long as human beings regulate the field of play. (jump kick to the gut) This is called human error. (getting on one knee and giving an uppercut punch to the balls) Its been a part of the game since 1920 and always will be! BOOM! Knockout! Fine me $75k Goodell, it was well worth it!
    Anyone else want to make a few ignorant comments because the Steelers ruined their Sunday ONCE AGAIN?!?! You’re mad at all the losing you’ve endured, not Steeler Nation…WE FORGIVE YOU!

  169. Ok..number one… dolphins fans are pathetic. You cry more than it rains in ur state. If any of you so called football fans even watched the game…you would notice that when the ball fumbled..yes…2 dolphins players wer falling on it…BUT..and thats a huuuugggee BUT…..doug legursky was actually the one who had the ball under the pile. You could see him coming in on both dolphins players scooping it. The reason why one of ur no talent dophins players came up with it is bc legursky let the ball go when the official signaled a TD. So ther wasnt any reason for him to fight for it. Then..YOU GUYS…being the cheap skates you are tryed to make it look like u had the ball. PLEASE. And another thing you pathetic freaks of nature….if any of our players wernt so afraid to lay the wood bc of suspensions that game woulda been alot worse for you.

  170. Deb apparantly you have footage of Ben grabbing the ball that no other media outlet has in the world. Every video I have seen shows a Dolphins Linebacker grabbing the ball. The same linebacker who comes out of the pile with the ball. PLease provide us with this magical footage your clearly unbiased view has on this play. Also please rewatch the play and notice the whistle the Steelers fans on here are claiming occurred didn’t happen until a good 5 seconds after the ball was being “scrummed” for. That is clearly the ref’s f’ing up and they just did what their minds would like to do: forget the play ever happened and “re-do”. Its a joke of a call for a game changing play.
    I’m sorry my “complaining” isn’t helping your argument my dear but as far as personal attacks go you have some soul searching to do if you’re going to defend a rapist on here as a woman.

  171. It was a fumble and should have been a touchback, giving the Dolphins the ball at the 20, and secured a well deserved win for them. These are the facts, and only blind homer Stiller fans will disagree.

  172. Basedrum777:
    What game were you watching? The Dolphins outplayed the Steelers all game long? The fins might have gotten jobbed on the ref’s call, but you’re crazy if you think the Dolphins outplayed the Steelers. No running game, and a complete inability to score a TD when handed the ball in the red zone TWO TIMES IN THE FIRST TWO MINUTES!!! I’d say the poor little fins got outplayed in the first two minutes, and it was over from there.

  173. Bottom line folks – Dont leave it in the hands of the refs.
    Steelers had two fumbles lost in the first few minutes. Get touchdowns, not field goals. Fail.
    The Dolphins still had a chance to drive for a game winning field goal. Fail again.

  174. BigJOe didn’t you have to fumble it for the fins to get those turnovers? I’d say that’s good defense….

  175. @ Steelerschick43
    Okay, lets go back another year. Steelers non-divisional home games…San Diego, Green Bay, Minnesota, Tennessee. Road games – Kansas City, Denver, Chicago, Detroit. Need I say more?
    Oh, and Superbowl XL? C’mon, the Seahawks were robbed. You can’t hang your hat on that one. And – I am not your son (but I am a sweetie…).

  176. @basedrum777 …
    The endzone camera angle aired on NBC’s postgame coverage last night showed Roethlisberger scooping his arm around the ball as all the other players dove in.
    I’m a professional journalist and researcher and have worked with rape victims for years. I’ve been over every document in both Nevada and Georgia with a practicing criminal defense attorney and other experts in the field. The complainant in the Nevada case had a one-night stand with Roethlisberger. The following day, she sent text messages saying she couldn’t wait to see Ben again. A lot of other evidence is also available, but those texts alone–which have been filed as evidence with the Nevada court–are proof that their encounter was consensual. A year later, she ran into financial problems and sued him for $3 million. Nevada police issued a statement saying there is no evidence any rape occurred.
    According to multiple independent witnesses not associated with Roethlisberger or the Georgia accuser, the woman was drinking heavily all night as she followed Roethlisberger from club to club, pinching his backside and using his entourage to get close to him. She followed him to the Cap City club, where she was heard engaging him in graphically sexual conversation and trying to get him to come back to her place. Ben refused. One of her friends began ragging Ben about the Nevada rape suit, so he threw her out of the party. She and a pal tried to get back in but the bodyguard refused to readmit them.
    The accuser, who was wearing a pin she told everyone meant she was “Down to F**k,” was alone with Ben for less than 10 minutes. When she left the club, the two women who’d been ejected from the party dragged her to police and said she’d been raped. She repeatedly denied they’d even had sex. She later changed her story to go along with her friends. Those two women were the only people to tell the story about a bodyguard blocking the bathroom. All the other witnesses refuted that story, and it didn’t match any of the many stories the accuser told.
    The accuser’s medical exam showed she could not have had intercourse with Roethlisberger.
    In his 71-minute press conference explaining the decision not to press charges against Roethlisberger, Milledgeville DA Fred Bright said he could not prove penetration–because the medical exam showed there was no penetration. And he could not prove anything was against her will–because she’d propositioned the guy all evening in front of multiple witnesses. Bright said he did not have enough even for probable cause, which is the reasonable assumption that a crime has occurred.
    I do my homework, little man. And since I’ve spent hours with victims ranging from five to 80, I don’t give quarter to women who lie and exploit rape or harassment issues the system for personal gain–whether they’re accusing Ben Roethlisberger, Brandon Underwood, or Brett Favre. And I don’t have much use for a pitiful excuse for a man who uses rape as a nah-nah to rival football teams.
    If you want to see the NBC footage, I suggest you get off your lazy bottom and look for it rather than continuing to squeal that it doesn’t exist. Anyone watching the postgame last night knows better.

  177. @basedrum777 …
    The endzone camera angle aired on NBC’s postgame coverage last night showed Roethlisberger scooping his arm around the ball as all the other players dove in.
    I’m a professional journalist and researcher and have worked with rape victims for years. I’ve been over every document in both Nevada and Georgia with a practicing criminal defense attorney and other experts in the field. The complainant in the Nevada case had a one-night stand with Roethlisberger. The following day, she sent text messages saying she wanted to see Ben again. Other evidence is available, but those texts –which filed as evidence with the Nevada court–are proof their encounter was consensual. A year later, she sued him for $3 million. Nevada police issued a statement saying there is no evidence any rape occurred.
    According to multiple witnesses not associated with Roethlisberger or the Georgia accuser, the woman was drinking all night as she followed Roethlisberger from club to club, pinching his backside and using his entourage to get close to him. She followed him to Cap City, where she was heard engaging him in graphically sexual conversation and trying to get him back to her place. Ben refused. One of her friends began ragging Ben about the Nevada suit, so he threw her out and a bodyguard refused to readmit her. The accuser was alone with Ben less than 10 minutes. When she left the club, the woman who’d been ejected from the party and another pal dragged her to police and said she’d been raped. She denied they’d even had sex but later went along with her friends. Those two friends were the only people telling the story about a bodyguard blocking the bathroom. Other witnesses refuted that story. The accuser’s medical exam showed she could not have had intercourse with Roethlisberger.
    In his 71-minute press conference, Milledgeville DA Fred Bright said he did not have enough evidence for even probable cause–the reasonable assumption that a crime has occurred.
    I do my homework, little man. And since I’ve spent hours with victims ranging from five to 80, I don’t give quarter to women who lie and exploit rape or harassment issues for personal gain–whether they’re accusing Ben Roethlisberger, Brandon Underwood, or Brett Favre. And I don’t have much use for a pitiful excuse for a man who uses rape as a nah-nah to rival football teams.
    If you want to see the NBC footage, I suggest you get off your lazy bottom and look for it rather than continuing to squeal that it doesn’t exist. Anyone watching the postgame last night knows better.

  178. @marinofreakout:
    here’s a real easy explanation:
    ref screwup #1 –
    he called the td because the fumble occurred at the 6 inch line at full speed, so slo-mo, no
    dvr, no monday morning qb-ing. just live and full speed with two players falling to the
    ground. with the ball on the ground, it was probably more important than ever to give a
    decisive call in order to keep people from getting hurt. (if you dont think its plausible
    that players would get hurt trying to fight for a football in a dogpile at the end of a
    close game when the recovery would probably seal victory for the team that gets it, you’re
    really committed to whining and denial.)
    ref screwup #2: not a coherent argument. try again. the guy who signaled TD cant do both
    ref screwup #3:
    the rule doesnt call for someone to “end up” with the ball out of a dogpile, it calls for
    the official to determine who IMMEDIATELY SECURED A CLEAR RECOVERYD. i dont care what kind
    of dvr package you have at home or what angle you review the play from, you/it cannot see
    through a pile of bodies to determine who secured it clearly and immediately. period. the
    play was dead because a touchdown was signaled. it wasnt determined to still be live AFTER
    BEING REVIEWED, and only then. That sir, is why there had be video evidence of a clear and
    immediate recovery as i explained earlier.
    for everyone proposing a rule change, i ask you WHY and to what?
    in this perfect world of yours, why would an official continue to watch for possession of
    a “fumble” on a play called a touchdown on the field? wouldnt doing so be an acknowledgement
    that it was not a touchdown and in fact a fumble? They cant call both on the field at the same time. Touchdowns are different than other plays. Touchdowns are dead at the moment the football breaks the plane of the goaline (obviously while someone possesses the ball). First downs and other advancements are dead when the whistle blows. They’re different circumstances

  179. The refs make such a big deal about “completing the process of the catch” then why can’t they complete the process of officiating the play. If they claim the play was “dead” when the ball crossed the goaline then it makes the whole Calvin Johnson ruling even more confusing. The ref who did first put up the TD signal had absolutely no view of the ball in Ben’s hands so why didn’t he delay his call like they do a million times and run up to the play and see if the ball was across the line or not. Hell refs do this all the time even on obvious TD’s just to make sure they got the call right. I think refs are so afraid to look hesitant that they almost have a pre concieved call. Kind of like the NBA refs who anticipate fouls and blow the whistle even when no foul is committed. A couple years ago the big thing was that the refs were not blowing the whistle so quickly and letting the play “work itself out” and if a runner was in fact down or did in fact fumble then replay would be there to correct it. I’m sure 5 years from now the Dolphins will get an apology letter from the head of officiating stating that they blew this call just like Seattle did regarding the Super Bowl goaline play which involved who…oh yea Big Ben and the Steelers.

  180. Official that called the TD couldn’t have possibly seen the ball break the goal line because “She Said No’s” body was blocking his view. The ball only comes into view as it is squirting free into the end zone. Unfortunately, because if his total incompetence we will never know what would have happened. Sure looked like Phins would have come up with it. But the idiot(IMO) blew the whistle. Do believe the rules as written were correctly applied by the head ref given that the other idiot(IMO) blew the call in his zeal to see a Pitt win(IMHO)
    Another shaft job to a Stealer opponent. yeah yeah I know…Lions and Colts…Lions and Colts.

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