Cardinals will go back to Max Hall "if healthy"

Reality hit home for everyone’s favorite cinderella story, Cardinals quarterback Max Hall.

He completed only 4-of-16 passes for 36 yards and two turnovers before leaving after taking a hit to the head.  Derek Anderson came in to complete only 8-of-17 passes for 96 yards in Arizona’s 22-10 loss in Seattle.

Ken Whisenhunt downplayed any quarterback controversy after the game, saying that Hall would remain the starter “if healthy,”  according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

Hall said he was fine after the game despite suffering a concussion.

“Obviously, I was disappointed with how I played,” Hall said, according to the team’s website.

The fact that he spoke to the media after the game is a good sign for his chances to play next week for the 3-3 Cardinals against Tampa.

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  1. @Facts Domino
    Correction: their best QB hasn’t yet played a meaningful snap above the NCAA Division II level.

  2. Facts Domino says:
    October 24, 2010 9:59 PM
    Kinda sucks Arizona, when your best qb is in Houston.
    Well you asked for it.
    Jake Plummer is in Houston?

  3. Any time you can rest your fortunes on a 25 year old rookie from a pass-happy college system, hell that’s a chance you gotta take.

  4. The way I see it the Cardinals QB of the future is still playing in college. I beleive a decision was made early in 2010 not to go after any QB that were available (McNabb, Bulger Vick) because each had drawbacks and the price and depth of the 2011 QB draft class was worth waiting for. Keep in mind that the days of 50M$ rookie QB contracts are over so a 2011 first round draft choice is an extremely attractive option.
    Was dumping Leinart a mistake? Only if you take the view of his value in 2010. Quite simply he was not Whisenhunts type as a QB as a long term solution.
    And Whis, he’s still sitting on a block of ice as far as his coaches seat and will be for this year and next.

  5. Can someone please tell me when Kurt Warner moved to Houston, Texas???
    We will survive, may not have the greatest season ever but nonetheless, we will survive.

  6. Best QB is on the bench..JOHN SKELTON! Hall has no idea was is going on and has a weak arm, Anderson well is ANderson.. As for Lienart, he is 3rd string in Houston and cant beat out Dan Orlosky!

  7. I agree with some previous posters. I would have loved to see what Matt Leinhart could have done. I am pretty sure he would do better than the current batch. Fitzgerald did pretty damn good with Matty at QB in the few stints he had. Arizona may have made a franchise changing mistake in letting Leinhart go. Fitz is in contract year and if he is smart he will opt out. The D is strong, but with no QB, why would Fitz stay? They have to make major free agent signings (QB) or draft a good one or Fitz is out. He will look great in Giants blue (or wherever he goes).

  8. You give an undrafted rookie QB one of his first starts in the cold and rain of Qwest Field as the opposing QB and expect him not to fall apart?
    Yeah, thats why you are the Cardinals…..

  9. sweetnlow310 says:
    October 24, 2010 11:52 PM
    Surprising. Hall is garbage. Yes, worse than Anderson
    And what is this “opinion” based off?
    Anderson has been in the NFL for a couple of years and was a starter in Cleveland. Hall has been in the NFL for a few months and has only started 2 games. He is also an undrafted rookie.
    How can you seriously call a player “garbage” after 2 starts as a rookie? Your logic is moronic.

  10. MutantDeadMan,
    Maybe you missed the game yesterday. Was that not garbage? What adjective do you prefer? Or maybe you didn’t watch him in college. Don’t let the college record fool you. He wasn’t that good, especially in games that meant anything.
    He went undrafted for a reason. If you wanna turn a blind eye and play ignorant to how bad he is, go ahead. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. You want to use the rookie card? Go ahead, justify whichever way suits you best. But remember justification is just like masterbation, you only end up screwing yourself.
    Rookie or not, to call his play anything but garbage or a synonym thereof is moronic. Nice try though.

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