Josh Freeman pulls off another fourth quarter comeback

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman knows drama.

For the third time this year, Freeman led the Bucs on a fourth quarter comeback victory.  (It’s his fifth fourth quarter comeback in seven career wins.) The second-year quarterback found Cadillac Williams from one-yard out with only 17 seconds to go to put the Bucs ahead for good 18-17.

Tampa moved the ball well against St. Louis for much of the second half, but kept settling for field goals.  Until money time.  Freeman got the ball back with under five minutes to go and led the Bucs on a 81-yard touchdown drive to win it. 

Criticized for struggling against the blitz last week, Freeman handled it just fine on a fourth-and-three conversion to Kellen Winslow with the game on the line with just over one minute left.

The Rams led at one point 17-3, but their passing game struggled throughout.  Sam Bradford wound up with only 126 yards on 26 attempts, although he did throw for two scores.  Still, Bradford was very lucky not to be picked off a number of times.  The Rams couldn’t find anything down the field; their wide receivers were held to under 60 yards.  

St. Louis remains winless on the road, while the Bucs won their second home game in four tries.  At 4-2, Tampa Bay can hang around in the playoff picture because of a favorable schedule if they keep winning games against medicore teams.

The formula in Tampa is clear: Stay close, and get Josh Freeman the ball with a chance to win in the fourth quarter.

15 responses to “Josh Freeman pulls off another fourth quarter comeback

  1. That’s right baby, we have a Qb, …if only we also had a decent offensive and defensive line, we would be fine.

  2. And Freeman wasn’t lucky the Rams didn’t intercept several attempts? To me, Freeman is a worse black version of Bradford.

  3. Too bad according to Florio we only are going to win 3 more games in the next 2.5 years! Nice call, maybe you should do a little more research next time.

  4. @hearstl,
    Congratulations on the stupidest post I’ve ever heard. Besides the not-so-subtle hint of racism on your part, the two QB’s aren’t even comparable due to completely different styles of play.

  5. heartstl says:
    October 24, 2010 6:02 PM
    And Freeman wasn’t lucky the Rams didn’t intercept several attempts? To me, Freeman is a worse black version of Bradford.
    Uhhh, let’s see. Freeman threw one pass that their midget CB got a hand on but Mike Williams fought him for the ball for an incompletion… then Bradford overthrew his receivers twice where Talib flat out dropped both and then did it a third time where somebody else dropped it.
    So if Freeman is a worse black version of Bradford, then why didn’t Bradford lead the team to victory? At least he has a good RB and running game. Bradford’s going to be good and he already he is average but to anybody that still doubts Freeman I have to think there are ulterior motives like racism… which of course you allowed us all to focus on in your racist post. Bigot.

  6. HEH!!
    since i read everyone elses post and was hoping to see it the way i did, love how florio says the offense struggled and he continues to bash us (the bucs) and not say bucs defense came out and denied bradford and the rest of the offense!! fabulous win today! and stl guy were u at the game and the retard who walked by me and i waved buccaneer bandana at ur face and pissed u off?? if so bahahahahaha sore loser.

  7. Bucballallday:
    I’m glad you and others have pointed out this site’s bias against the Bucs. However, I believe it goes beyond this site, to many other media outlets, where it seems that the focus is always on Morris saying ‘stupid’ things, the lack of ticket sales, the personal conduct violations of the players, etc. I’m glad those people are slowly starting to shut up about those things, because this is the only thing that matters: 4-2.
    Als0, I resent the idea that Tamps will simply ‘stay around’ the playoff picture when their record is tied for 2nd in the NFC – and only if they win against ‘mediocre’ teams. HA!

  8. exactly 4-2 is it and growing remember what florio and the rest of what they call themselves nfl analysts all i call them are p.o.s. pundits who think they know wtf they are talking about all they do is state there opinions and are just nerds and reading cue cards when it comes to statistics wow a bum on kennedy blvd and dale mabry hwy near the RJS could do that. and i understand its not just florio and its the espn guys peter king as well doing it but he shut himself up, florio simply when he needs to wont and hopefully one day will SHUT THE HELL UP

  9. Freeman is showing he knows how to win. Being a great winner is more important than being a great player (IMHO).
    Example: Michael Jordan is probably the greatest of all time. However he has 5 less rings than Bill Russell.

  10. If they keep winning against mediocre teams? And the writer predicts a win over AZ? Hmmmm…one of our “mediocre” wins was over the Browns who just beat NO, like AZ did…writer bias, noooo…couldn’t be…
    I think NO used all of their mojo last week, knowing they had to win.

  11. TB5219—-
    you couldnt of said it any better, like i stated before i hope florio starts putting up good things to say about the bucs, or he needs to shut up… and im gunna comment here where he talked about the officials needing to be fired? the refs that is… well florio you do a crappy job here and u still have a job so whats the big deal?

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