Kenny Britt has monster day to lead Titans to victory

Maybe Kenny Britt should get into bar fights every week. After all, it’s not like he needs to start to put up massive numbers on Sunday.

Britt, benched at the start of the game for four series by Jeff Fisher for his role in a fracas at a tavern early Friday morning, caught seven passes for 225 yards and three touchdowns in the Titans’ 37-19 victory against the Eagles. That’s the high for receiving yards in a game this season and it is the fifth-best total in franchise history.

Britt caught a 26-yard touchdown pass on his first series in the game to give the Titans a 7-3 lead. The Eagles led 16-10 in the fourth when Britt really took over. He caught an 80-yard touchdown from Kerry Collins, who was fairly dismal when not tossing the ball in Britt’s direction, and then added a 16-yard score that he set up with a 21-yard reception earlier in the drive.

The Titans had 328 total yards on offense, which tells you just how big a role Britt played but he has some help in the hero column. With the Eagles leading 16-7 in the third quarter, Jason Jones blew up a would-be running play by LeSean McCoy at the Titans’ three-yard line. The handoff never got completed, Alterraun Verner fell on the ball and Britt had his chance to shine.

It’s fitting that those two players were so essential to the victory. They’ve been the breakout stars for the Titans this season. Jones has been a crucial piece to their defensive front and Britt now has caught touchdowns in five straight games.

6 responses to “Kenny Britt has monster day to lead Titans to victory

  1. watching this game, it was kind of disgusting how a couple of these throws were not at all accurate, particularly the 80 yard td, and britt managed to get back to them anyways. hopefully jason jones gets some love for the pro bowl

  2. I saw it in person — the Titans offense dramatically changed when Kenny Britt entered the game. The Eagles were concentrating (rightfully so) on stopping Chris Johnson, but they had no answer in the secondary to stop Britt.

  3. # Hony Tomo says: October 24, 2010 6:07 PM
    Would be impressive if he wasn’t covered by Ellis Hobbs, a 4th stringer on a good defense.
    Whose fault is that exactly? You’d think after the 80 yard touchdown you might consider putting someone better on him then. Any time you can get 200 yards its impressive. I’m not sure how you can downplay it. It’s an average defense. I don’t think it scares anyone

  4. …our defensive line’s nickname is ” Cheers ” cause at the end of the year everyone will know their names

  5. Now everyone is going to say, “WOW! WHAT A GAME! This guy is going to be a start in the league. This just adds on to his break-out season.” In reality, he only had one or two good catches. The rest was the Eagles’ defense failing miserably. Mainly Ellis Hobbs and Nate Allen. Why wasn’t Asante Samuel on him? Pretty sure when he was he didn’t do squat.

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