Packers offense rolling early against Vikings

The Vikings and Packers have stuffed a lot of action into the first quarter.

Green Bay’s offense is gaining yards in chunks, but Aaron Rodgers threw the first red zone interception of his career, to Jared Allen of all people.  The Packers scored a touchdown on a four-play, 76-yard drive in which Vikings cornerback Chris Cook gave up a few big plays.

The Vikings went three-and-out in their first two possessions, but quickly answered Green Bay’s touchdown with seven-play, 44 yard touchdown drive of their own.

Percy Harvin set the Vikings up with great field position on the return, and then finished it off with a 17-yard run up the middle.  

With the game at 7-7, Aaron Rodgers dumped it off to Brandon Jackson, who raced 36 yards.  The Packers finished the first quarter with 200 yards, then finished off their drive with nine-yard strike to Andrew Quarless.

The Packers are averaging 13 yards-per-play and lead 14-7 early in the second quarter.  We hope the next three quarters are this entertaining.

UPDATE: The Vikings answered right back again on a drive capped by a Adrian Peterson one-yard run.  It’s tied at 14.

41 responses to “Packers offense rolling early against Vikings

  1. The TD pass to Quarless shouldn’t have counted. I guess we’re playing the Refs again. Go figure, the Vikings have to beat the team, the media, the refs and the NFL execs in every game.

  2. Brutal call on the Shiancoe TD…refs don’t like him cause he threw the ball on an earlier catch…

  3. 10 point swing so far by the refs. Somehow the Quarless TD is ruled a catch, and Shank’s is overturned.

  4. “ArcticEdge says:
    October 24, 2010 9:28 PM
    The TD pass to Quarless shouldn’t have counted. I guess we’re playing the Refs again. Go figure, the Vikings have to beat the team, the media, the refs and the NFL execs in every game.”
    You want some cheese with your w(h)ine?

  5. Arctic Edge…c’mon. I’m a Vikes fan but that’s just stupid on Childress….McCarthy is challenging and winning…plus, the penalty on Harvin out of bounds was a joke…

  6. Referees have been terrible this year. They can’t even get the calls correct with instant replay.

  7. The refs are ruining this game! They gave Quarless a td when he didn’t complete the catch and they took Shianco’s when he did. Ridiculous!

  8. Minnesota Viking list of people who need to be dropped:
    and counting..

  9. Wow, they gave the Pack a TD that wasn’t, and took away a TD for the Vikes that was.
    Brutal officiating.

  10. Cmon vikings fan you sound like packers here with all this whining. Let the game play out. Florio gave the packers his offense rolling early curse. Golden boy already has two picks.

  11. Not to worry Vike fans, Packers are in full self imploding mode again. Not gonna have any toes left if you keep shooting yourselves in the foot.

  12. Brad Childress I so ________ stupid! Plenty of time for plays, I want to throw my television out.

  13. Majoke and you other nubie Viqueen clowns should take a hint from your fellow boys Pervy, cousman, Gravy, Cal, etc……and hear THEIR message…”there’s no room for complaining about the refs”. quit your bitching.

  14. Goddamn Childress is stupid. Vikings pack it in with 35 seconds left in the half…!?!? I hate that bald moron. Way to rob the vikes again ref with that bs pushoff call on Moss. Why are they even bothering playing when the refs are deciding everything!? Love both teams, but I think the refs are in the bag….

  15. Correct call on the Moss pushoff – but the worst part was…he didn’t need to push off…the defender overran the play and Moss could have caught that ball without a push…and Moss is right to throw his hands up….Coach Klink is a moron…throw up a prayer at the end of the half….so FRUSTRATING

  16. How are the refs ruining this game when YOUR COACH had every opportunity to challenge the Quarless CATCH? Complain to your inept coach.
    3-5 against the Pack.

  17. Childress DOES NOT challenge the Quarless TD, and gives away the end of the half, yet all you Queen queers want to bitch about the refs. Go figure. Only when it’s convenient…

  18. Packers need some new coaches again in a big must game MM “CHOKES” and Crapers the DC is still sleeping in the booth, no changes form lat year when the sex fein threw at will
    and of course special teams continue to”SUCK”

  19. I love the fans complaining about the Quarless TD. Childress could have challenged, he didn’t. That TD is on the coach.

  20. Packers are throwing this game away. Pun intended.
    The TDs by the TEs were both plays that could have been challenged yet only McCarthy was the one to challenge and get it overturned (but I still think it was a TD and I’m a Packers fan).
    The Packers once again can’t stop Moss on the deep ball and look at what happens; Chilly throws in the towel with 2 timeouts and over 20 seconds left in the half.
    McCarthy throws the screen pass and it never gets stops yet in the second quarter he stops running the play.
    This game will be decided by the coaches; who will mess up the least?

  21. Viking fans…quit complaining about the catch/noncatch!
    Chili should have challenged…the ref didn’t have a good look at the GB TE TD…EJ was in the way…
    I agree Shank’s was a TD but at least McCarthy is challenging…Coach Klink won’t challenge and won’t take a shot at the end of the half…happy to run out the clock and go to the room…SICK of HIM

  22. I hope someone goes helmet to helmet with Rodgers. Its worth a fine, suspension, and penalty to watch that asshole get knocked the f@ck out.

  23. Sometimes I wonder if Childress is an alien abductee having had 1/2 his brain drilled out through his teeth. His decisions = truly unexplainable.

  24. What’s going on? This isn’t fair! Come on Favre your better than this. Bring us that SUPER BOWL TITLE!

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