Seahawks lose Russell Okung again

When he’s played, left tackle Russell Okung has looked promising.  He just hasn’t played enough.

Okung injured his left ankle on Sunday in his third NFL start.  Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said it wasn’t as severe as the right ankle injury as he had in August, but it’s the same “type of injury.”  Okung had a high ankle sprain in August and missed more than a month of action, including three regular season games.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times doesn’t expect to see Okung back in action for “at least a few weeks.” 

If the first-place Seahawks wanted to find a silver lining in Okung’s rookie troubles: the great Walter Jones missed four games his rookie year.

6 responses to “Seahawks lose Russell Okung again

  1. Thank God for Polumbus !
    So much for that idiot Sando’s prediction of an 0-6 start for the Hawks over at ESPN before the season started . Now lets go down and kick the Raiders asses next Sunday !
    GO HAWKS !!

  2. The “other” tackle in the draft, Trent Williams, has had his share of injuries as well. I guess we will see who has the longevity in the NFL It sucks dont it?

  3. Thank God the Redskins took Trent Williams at no. 4 instead of this body bag…. it’s worked out quite nicely

  4. @DeAngelo Hall
    And thank Williams didn’t fall to SEA…he’s given up several sacks and looks okay at best. Okung is beast mode, Peppers didn’t budge him. Polumbus has been better than Williams as Okungs backup. Okung will be fine, he got rolled up on by his own olineman both times.

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