The Raiders push Broncos towards irrelevance

One week after Jason Campbell did his best JaMarcus Russell impression, the Raiders put together their most impressive offensive performance in the franchise’s 50-year history.

The Raiders trounced the Broncos 59-14 in Denver and they did it without scoring a single point in the fourth quarter.  Yep, not one of Darlye Lamonica’s old AFL teams ever scored that much in a game.  Not one of Oakland’s three Super Bowl championship teams ever scored that much either.

Campbell played well (12-for-20 for 204 yards and 2 scores), but it was Darren McFadden and a leaky Denver defense that was the difference.  McFadden returned from a hamstring injury to rush for 165 yards and three touchdowns on only 16 carries.  He added 31 yards and a score as a receiver.

When McFadden has been healthy this year, he’s played like a top-five pick.  He’s topped at least 120 yards from scrimmage in all five games he’s played. 

This is a game I billed as a “loser is irrelevant” bowl.  Well, the Broncos are irrelevant at 2-5.  Their shaky defense has lost too many pieces, and their offense remains unbalanced.

How surprising was this result?

The Raiders were coming off a game with no touchdowns in San Francisco.  They scored seven in Denver.  They had three rushing touchdowns all year, and had five against the Broncos.

Oakland wildly inconsistent, but they have yet another chance to reach .500 this late in the season since 2002.  They emphatically kept hope alive Sunday.

60 responses to “The Raiders push Broncos towards irrelevance

  1. it must suck for Rosenthal to have to write about the Raiders and not be able to take his usual cheap shots..! But a 59-14 rout shut his punk ass up…!


  3. The single best Raider moment of the last eight years – beating a 2-4 team. Super Bowl! Just Win Baby!
    You Raider haters don’t know the greatness displayed these past two weeks – I feel sorry for you.

  4. Broncos got their tail whipped today and what makes it worse is that it was to the Raiders!

  5. “They scored seven in Denver.”
    They scored 8 in Denver, Gregg. Also, it doesn’t matter that Campbell was in, Florio could have been under center and it still would’ve been a blowout. I hope this doesn’t make Jason Campbell look way better than he is to the coaching staff, we still need Bruce.

  6. I look forward to the Josh McDaniels apologists putting a new and exciting spin on his ineptness this week.

  7. The Donkeys usually wait until the 2nd half of the season to fold, I like this better though.

  8. I am the self proclaimed biggest Bronco fan in the world and I invite you all to lay it on right now. I am humbled, speachless and moreover embarrassed. Bring on the insults… they are much deserved.

  9. “The Raiders push Broncos towards irrelevance”
    On this site, especially with 3g, that title would usually read “Raiders pull Broncos towards irrelevance”.
    You’re slipping, ggg. You had 1st & goal at the 1, & you had to settle for a missed fg.

  10. Oakland needs to win two games in a row, or this beatdown will be a wasted effort.

  11. I picked Denver.
    Losing is one thing, but that……..
    What. The. Hell. Happened?

  12. Wait a minute…..the Broncos are being “pushed to irrelevance”, yet the 1-4 Failboys…..err…..Cowboys are “still in it”?
    What am I missing here?
    Good job out there today JC; you actually resembled a starting QB.

  13. I cannot wait for Thomas Jones, and Jamal Charles to get their crack at the Denver D.

  14. Pounded Denver and the Chargers lost, it’s a good day in Raiderland. Kinda makes me wonder though, how would Gradkowski done? Oh, and they didn’t score in the 4th because the pulled Campbell to let Boller play and Rock came in for McFadden.

  15. 8man says: October 24, 2010 8:56 PM
    I picked Denver.
    Losing is one thing, but that……..
    What. The. Hell. Happened?
    All hatin aside, this was a true smack down, as evidenced by the 333 yards the Raiders rushed for.
    333 on the ground.

  16. JakeDSnake says:
    October 24, 2010 8:28 PM
    The single best Raider moment of the last eight years – beating a 2-4 team. Super Bowl! Just Win Baby!
    You Raider haters don’t know the greatness displayed these past two weeks – I feel sorry for you.
    Didnt the raiders lose the to the 49ers last week.. How is that greatness in the past 2 weeks?

  17. I’m a chief fan and I said early on it would be raiders and chiefs battling it out for 1st place. The winds of change turned in to a tornado today!! I also am tired of the vaginal dis-chargers being the favorites on this site for the AFC west. Not that the four teams get any respect or mention from this east coast based PFT site that much other than the butt of their jokes

  18. No heart whatsoever. All insulting comments well deserved. For maybe the first time ever I am truly embarrassed to be a Bronco fan. Tebow should have played the whole second half. Just humiliating, but a loss is a loss. Gotta wash it off in the shower and start planning for the 49ers.
    Man alive are the Brits getting screwed. The Donks and 49ers. Yuck.

  19. NumberSeven-
    Way to take it like a man. I applaud you.
    Not commonly seen in Bronco country…..

  20. # kcfan says: October 24, 2010 9:21 PM
    JakeDSnake says:
    October 24, 2010 8:28 PM
    The single best Raider moment of the last eight years – beating a 2-4 team. Super Bowl! Just Win Baby!
    You Raider haters don’t know the greatness displayed these past two weeks – I feel sorry for you.
    —————– ——————– ————-
    Didnt the raiders lose the to the 49ers last week.. How is that greatness in the past 2 weeks?
    KC fan gets fooled by sarcasm. No surprise.

  21. rx,
    You call yourself a Bronco fan, then refer to them as “The Donks”? You sound like a great fan….
    Please jump on the first bandwagon that drives by.
    a Denver Bronco fan

  22. The worst part for all Bronco fans had to be seeing that ass in the stands with the orange Darth Vader mask…well other then the 59 -14 beating their team took…at home…in Denver…to the RAIDERS !!’
    I’m a life long Raider fan, and in my wildest dreams I didn’t expect this. It just shows that when healthy up front playing as a UNIT, the O-line really isn’t THAT bad.
    DMAC is a beast…reminded me of Marcus today. Michael Mitchell was a beast on defense making plays all over the place, Sanford played well and C Johnson made the #37 look like days of old ! Would have liked to see Jano try a long FG in the 4th. He was killing the ball on kick offs, would have liked to see him take a shot at the record…

  23. Problem with the Raiders is they will more than likely follow up this HUGE win with a 6-3 loss to a sub .500 team next time out. So goes the Raiders…

  24. rx: You have to hope they CAN shake it off, with losses like that, sometimes the effect lingers for a long time.

  25. I hope there’s a proctologist’s convention in Denver this weekend ’cause the donks are going to need every extra hand available to repair the ANAL DESTRUCTION delivered by the OAKLAND RAIDERS today!!! 59-14!

  26. BroncoMaineiac-
    I called out you and your ridiculous “stats” in the beginning of the year. You are still delusional as are the rest of the Donkey Nation. Take your seat at the bottom of the food chain. Oh, bye the way, Maine is a dump….

  27. wow…now that is what I am talking about….all around team effort, and total schalacking of the mules…….where is bigbronco? all that smack he was talking ….ssshhhhhhhhh……..although it would have been nice to see if seabass could have it that 65 yarder instead of punting

  28. Im no Raiders Fan…. although, living in Utah I HATE the Broncos….. Absolutely LOVED the ass whoopin the R-R-Raiders put on the Donkeys today….. that was great. Maybe the idiot Donkey fans I gotta work with will be quiet this week 🙂
    “Just win baby…”

  29. I hope when we go to the O-A-K, the broncos demoralize the raiders. It was over seven minutes in. Terrible showing Denver, at least ski season started the same day! Go broncos…….

  30. I’m thinking this is the beginning of the end for Josh McDaniels.
    Year 2 of his program and he gets crushed at home by his arch-rival. His program is showing *no* signs of growth or improvement. And he’s a bit of a snot.
    I think this is a huge black mark and may set a substantial percentage of Denver’s fans against him.
    Unless he shows strong improvement, we may look back at this day as the beginning of the end.

  31. Absolutely the lowest point in Denvers Sports history! I was at the game, and it was like the twilight zone at Invesco Field. I have been giving Joshy the benefit of the doubt, there is no doubt now he has to go, and take all of his irrelevant draft picks with him. I have NEVER seen so many high draft picks that have NO impact for a team….ZERO! I have never thought I would say this but the Broncos are in shambles, and the laughing stock of the league. Bowlen get a grip, admit you made a mistake and call Cowher or Gruden ASAP.

  32. NumberSeven-
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. We were straight up embarrassed. I don’t even know what to say to make it feel better.
    I didn’t even know that was possible.

  33. Not that I need to justify myself to a “Bronco fan” with Chief in their sign on, but…I’ve been with this team through thick and thin my entire 32 years of existence and have always lovingly referred to them as my Donks, as did my father. And today its especially apt, being as they played like a bunch of asses. You don’t like it, fine, but who the hell was asking you?

  34. Wow….Raider haters. LOL. It’s okay. No matter how people want to slice it , There is a reason why the Raiders have the most championships in their division….they dominated when they needed to. Chargers got beat, so did the Broncos the REAL challenge lies ahead with the Chiefs..who 1st in the division after sucking last year. It’s a long season, and the Raiders are known for getting in their own way…. i’m not celebrating just yet.

  35. Broncos effed up today. McD won’t be fired for a while, Bowlen put too much stock into him and his plan (Tebow) to get rid of him. At least it wasn’t the nationally-televised beat down the Broncos got on Monday night against Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice and Co., but there’s no explaining that loss.
    But they still beat the 5-2 Titans and gave the 5-1 Jets all they wanted. Still like the product they put on the field and love the team no matter what. Hate on, people, our time will come!!

  36. Hiring Josh McDaniels, how is that working out? Just because someone coached under Bill Belechick does not make them any more suited to succeed. McDaniels is the worst.

  37. How can you call a team that gave up 59 points to the unstoppable raiders “irrelevant”?

  38. McD is a boy among men in Head Coaching and the Bronco’s aren’t even remotely better since bringing him in… his players DON’T believe in him… and they play like it.
    His totally and completely predictable play calling, sick, non-existing adjustments, painfully obvious lack of emotional effort and prep.
    AND LEAVING Orton in the game at 50+ anything??? That’s just ignorant and clueless.
    Josh – pull the hoodie slowly over your eyes and say good night.

  39. Another brick in the wall.
    If it’s bad, it going to happen to the Broncos.
    And I know this as a 30 year plus devoted fan.
    1988 – Halloween night against the Colts in that old barn in Indy. 55-23 and a frightening beat down.
    Super Bowl in 1989 – 49’ers and Joe cool light it up and hand us a 55-10 beat down.
    Now the Raiders in 2010 come into so called “Mile High” and drop 59 on our asses.
    It’s been a long time since Super Bowls 32 and 33.

  40. How great was this game? When we benched our guys in the fourth quarter, it was like the referee pulling Cain Velasquez off Brock Lesnar before he really gets hurt. Awesome fight by Cain and an awesome victory for the raiders.

  41. All is not well for Josh McPoopypants in Donko Land. It just breaks my heart to see such a sad state of affairs in the Pile High city.
    Now watch the Raiders fall flat on their face and get rolled over by Seattle next week. The Chiefs will cruise to the AFC West title.

  42. The Broncos had better not lose to the 49ers next week in London, especially if David Carr is playing. Back to back losses to the Bay Area powerhouses would not be good for Hoodie Junior’s job security. McDaniels should also tell Knowshon Moreno to limit his TD celebrations when the team is still down by 30 points.

  43. Darren McFadden single handedly brought my fantasy team back from 40 pts down. Yesssss…

  44. HUGE win today. And the beat down happened in their own house. LOL Even if the Raiders lose to the SeaChickens next week, the fact remains that the Donkeys got ripped a new one today by the Silver and Black.

  45. I am not even a Raiders fan but dislike the Broncos very, very much, and if ever a team deserved a win like this one it was the Silver-and-Black. Plus they did it in Denver’s own backyard. Sweeeeeet!
    McFadden ran wild. 165 yards rushing with three touchdowns on only 16 carries during only 2/3 of the game! WOW!!!
    What happens to Oakland next with the ‘Hawks will happen. For a few days let the players just enjoy this fantastic win. They earned it in spades.

  46. NumberSeven:
    Now you know how I’ve felt since the Chuckie Bowl several years ago……My Raiders haven’t had much to celebrate since those dark days but MAN today we are lookin’ better, and thanks to McDude and company for the awesome win!!!!
    Meanwhile, all the Whos in Whoville are screaming for McDude’s head on a platter…….

  47. The NFL as a whole is better when the Raiders are relevant. Which has been a while now.

  48. .
    NFL games can sometimes unravel when teams get off to poor starts, resulting in lopsided blowouts. At one point in yesterday’s game the Raiders had 21 points while the Broncos had 42 seconds of possession time. I’m guessing that it had to be the worst start in the entire history of the NFL.
    PS – The Patriots gave the Titans a 59-0 beatdown last season. Since that loss Tennessee is one of those teams you’d just as soon avoid.

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