49ers owners "grumble" about bad coaching

49ers coach Mike Singletary won’t stick a fork in the 49ers’ playoff chances, but I will.

The big question now: Will the 49ers stick a fork in Singletary before the season is over?

Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area writes that owners John and Jed York privately “expressed displeasure” to their inner circle about San Francisco’s coaching staff after the game.  The 49ers defense gave up 382 yards to the previously inept Panthers offense. 

“There were some grumbles from the owners about bad coaching,” Maiocco’s source said.

Singletary has already addressed the media London in advance of Sunday’s game against the Broncos.  If the 49ers lose to another struggling team, it’s not hard to imagine the conversation the Yorks will be having on their long flight back to San Francisco.

12 responses to “49ers owners "grumble" about bad coaching

  1. The owners who hired the bad coach are only “grumbling” about bad coaching? Aren’t they the ones who can end the bad coaching with one phone call? You could have possibly salvaged the season by firing Singletary two or three games ago, now its too late.

  2. Mike Singletary is coaching at the wrong level. I think his “linebacker” attitude and demeanor doesn’t work at the NFL level anymore. The NFL head coach now is a CEO.
    Singletary can coach any team at the NCAA level. And win. Big. I would like for him to coach my son if/when he gets there.
    But millionaires?

  3. I think you you made an error in the headline. It should read BRONCOS.
    BRONCOS owner is grumbling about [shockingly] bad coaching.

  4. Inept owners who hire inept head coaches and define a GM as three Keystone Kops (1. owner’s son, 2. Stanford MBA and 3. career scout) trying to do the job as some kind of goofball committee.
    And 49er fans can’t figure out why they’re losing.

  5. Singletary spends more time praying than game planning. Sorry dude, but your god will not help you win games! He should go join Glen Coffee build a church so he can preach.. oh wait.. coffee is flipping burgers somewhere in oakland now! lol losers!

  6. @StevieMo – good point about the owners. Jed York is not an impressive guy, and his only success to date is fooling the Santa Clara voters into approving the stadium proposal. If the team does fire Singletary, which would be justified, they should make sure to only keep the replacement on an interim basis and get a new coach (and QB) next year.
    I didn’t think any coach could be worse than Mike Nolan, a guy who spent time worrying about whether he could rock a suit on the sideline while coaching a below average team, but Singletary has been up to that challenge. Because of the horrible ownership, it may be hard to attract a high quality coach.

  7. It’s time for the York’s to sell the team and hope the next owner is more qualified to own a team than they are. They are cheap and clearly can’t make a decent personnel decision (Let’s not forget Singletary’s predecessor Nolan and that diasater). There’s no depth in the 49’ers coaching ranks to replace Singletary immediately and have any chance of success. Sticking with Alex Smith year after year has ownership involvement all over it. Even Al Davis figured out he had to replace Russell in less time than the York’s have had to figure Smith out. And now after the way they have rebuffed San Francisco in terms of a stadium they are “mystified” that, now that the 49ers are having problems getting financing for the Santa Clara stadium, the City of San Frnacisco is laughing in their faces when they want an extension on Candlestick with the expectation that San Francisco is going to make improvements such as luxury boxes to get a three year lease extension? Does that sound like ownership that can pick a compenant coach? Sometimes you have to know when you are out of your element and area of skill which clearly the York’s are. Please do us a favor, sell the team.

  8. Hiring Mike Nolan…
    Drafting Alex Smith, and letting him stay this long…
    Trying to make the team the Santa Clara 49ers…
    Hiring Mike Singletary…
    The York’s are not owners, they are old school Dallas fans that are still pissed about “the catch,” and now they are making it their sole purpose in life to seek revenge and drive the organization into the ground!

  9. Singletary got the job after he helped throw the last terrible coach under the bus. He has since done that several more times, Balmed palyers & other Coaches, has had 3 players quit on him in 2 years. From the top down the 49er’s are a mess. This team has no QB to speak of, plenty of play makers, but there toast!!! The good news is there are only 32 teams in the NFL, you will always be able to hire a great Coach, you just have to be willing to pay them & let them make the Football decisions.

  10. The problems with the formerly-great SF 49ers go back to the ownership change from Eddie D. to his sister and brother-in-law. Through various GMs, head coaches, draft selections, etc., they’ve shown nothing but ineptitude. A great example of this is their draft selections over the years, and the talent they bypassed. They passed up players like DeSean Jackson, Jahvid Best, and Aaron Rodgers.
    Coach Singletary’s coaching philosophy and strategic approach to the game is simply not working. Unfortunately, he is bull-headed and stubborn and will not change fast enough to turn this team around. His run game approach is supremely stubborn; Frank Gore is a very good running back, but to give him the ball so often while ignoring Anthony Dixon and Brian Westbrook makes them so predictable. We have great WRs in Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, but they’re underutilized. In effect, their offense lacks creativity, flexibility and execution.
    We don’t just need a coaching change! We need an ownership change. Why not put together an investment group consisting of Larry Ellison (Oracle), Steve Young, and Ronnie Lott?

  11. to bad the niners couldn’t play the raiders every week w/o their starting qb, rb, and wr…maybe then they could go undefeated.

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