Belichick won't respond to Childress' "sign stealing" comment

Bill Belichick isn’t above sarcastically jabbing a league official every now and then, but he doesn’t want to get into a war of words with another coach.

Asked Tuesday about Vikings coach Brad Childress’ comment that the Patriots are among the “all-time great signal stealers,” Belichick chose not to respond.

“Right now, we’re just trying to focus on the Vikings, to go and get
ready to play them,” Belichick said via Christopher Price of  “Not really worried about any other games that have
happened in the past or any ones that are coming up on the schedule.”

For reasons that we’d love to know more about, Childress seems to enjoy tweaking Belichick publicly.  Chilly once called out Belichick for trying to persuade the Vikings not to make a waiver claim on a player.  Childress also bragged last year about drafting Percy Harvin when he thought the Patriots were set to take him.

These two teams don’t have a long history against each other, but the Randy Moss trade and comments from Childress and Tom Brady gives it the feeling of a rivalry week.

49 responses to “Belichick won't respond to Childress' "sign stealing" comment

  1. When you’re the coach of a bad team like the Yikes and your butt is on the hot seat because you keep messing up play calls, clock management and challenges you will do whatever you have to to make it seem like you and your craptastic team are worth people’s attention. I hope Chilly stays with the Vikes for years to come so the rest of the North doesn’t have to worry about playing a decent Vikings team.

  2. Of course if Gregg Rosenthal were honest he’d give more context and Chilly wasn’t really tweaking Belichick:
    Q: They were stealing signals?
    “No, I just had a notion. Having played them with the Eagles before that they were good [at stealing signals]. It’s something that we do as well. It’s good for one; it’s good for the other. We didn’t change it up. We didn’t use wristbands. We didn’t change the menu at halftime. They were good at that. Obviously you don’t need to give Tom [Brady] any added advantage.”

  3. The Vikings would love to have the Pats as rivals, but the reality is that the Vikes have done nothing to even be in the same conversation as the Pats. Pats are a more talented team, and classier organization from the top down.
    (No, I’m not a Pats fan, believe me).

  4. It sounds like a prefabricated excuse he can use when they lose to the Patriots to try to keep his job. If you are using the same signals and teams watch film of your games it is pretty easy to figure out. How about not being a lazy coach and change your signals once in a while. Or use 3 people (back up QB/Off Coordinator and QB coach) all using signals on sidelines and your QB knows which one to look at. It is not rocket science, how the hell does this guy still have a job in the NFL?
    Of course if Favre is playing it doesn’t matter what signals you use, because he is going to call whatever play he wants anyway.

  5. You really have to wonder if Chilly has lost his mind. The last thing you’d think they’d want with all the drama swirling around that team is to give extra motivation to the Pats, as they have a long history of using bulletin board material.

  6. I think this might go back to the Eagles/Pats Super Bowl, in which Childress was the Eagles’s offensive coordinator.
    When SpyGate first broke, more than one Eagles fan and commentator was quick to speculate if the alleged sign stealing had contributed to their SB loss to the Pats. Perhaps Chilly shared in that sentiment. It seems to make sense as a reason for tweaking Belichik. If I thought my offensive system would have beaten a vaunted Belichik defense for all the marbles if only it weren’t for that Cheaty McCheater sign-stealing, I’d be ragging on the guy constantly, too.

  7. Yes, two different coaches, one soon to be “enshrined” and the other soon to be unemployed. Childress is an unmitigated ass.

  8. Somehow this “rivalry” doesn’t seem like a fair fight. Brady Vs. Broken Down Has Been Favre. Belichick Vs. Dumbazz Childress.

  9. Did he not also admit that he (and every other coach in the NFL) did the same thing the Patriots were doing?

  10. Bill Cowher: “They are the team of the decade”
    Jay Fiedler: “They wouldn’t have known our signals anyways”
    Jimmy Johnson: “Yeah I did the same thing”
    Dick Vermeil: “It didn’t help them win any games”
    Herm Edwards: (waves to spygate camera)
    Taping defensive signals sure helped the Patriots light it up offensively during 2001.
    3 Field goals and a TD against the Raiders.
    Two special teams TD’s, a FG, and a Bledsoe TD pass to Patten against the Steelers.
    One touchdown, 140 yards passing for Tom Terrific, two FG’s, and a Ty Law pick for an extra 7 points in the Super Bowl.
    What an offensive display. I don’t know how they did it without those magical signals.

  11. Belichick won’t bother responding because he doesn”t respect Childress as a football coach.
    As a matter of fact, most people in the NFL don’t respect him as a coach.
    Keep talking Childress because come Sunday New England is going to light up your team and BB will not take the foot off the pedal.

  12. LOL, Chilly is taking a page right out of Rex Ryan’s book….he’s gonna get under the cheats skin…mark my words!!

  13. Childress knows he needs to get his jabs in now.
    The way this season is going with his hand-picked QB, he’ll be out of a job soon
    The only excuse he had was that the front office wouldn’t give Favre enough WRs to throw to… Belichick eliminated that last excuse by giving him Moss, sealing Childress’ fate to live or die by how effective Moss and Favre are.
    I think Chilly just figured that out and is now lashing out a bit.
    I’m just waiting for the Haters to note that a 16-0 record with routine allegations of “running up the score” in 2007 is proof that the Patriots “can’t win” without “cheating”

  14. Well he’s clearly preemptively justifying his use of Randy Moss’ fresh memory to steal the Pats offensive signals. What’s good for the goose…

  15. Of course Belicheat will not to any “sign stealing” comments. We all know what happened last time he “misinterpeted” the rules.
    He certainly would not anyone to “misinterpet” anything else he might say,,,,,lest he have to forfeit another 1st round pick and cost himself and his owner even more money

  16. Getting caught CHEATING is going to follow Belicheck around forever.
    Oh well his fault for being a idiot.

  17. I think the Vikings are about to be taken to the proverbial woodshed. They are now realizing that their time was last year and they blew it. Lightning does not strike twice and they are in for a long season. Pretty soon the players themselves will be at each others throats. The coach sounds like a desperate man in a desperate situation.

  18. Childress is one of those guys who thinks he’s smarter than all of his peers, but deep down inside knows he’s not, and tries to cover up for all that insecurity by telling everyone about all his minor victories over people who are actually good at what they do.

  19. Of course he won’t say anything. He’s like the used car salesman who’s customer is comimg to dinner with the high mileage ’84 Moss he just bought…

  20. “We didn’t change it up. We didn’t use wristbands. We didn’t change the menu at halftime.”
    So even though ALL teams try and steal the other team’s signals, Chilly did none of the standard things you do to screw with the people he knew were taking advantage of his signals.
    In other words, Childress was either lazy, willfully incompetent, or both, and chooses to blame the other team for taking advantage of his poor coaching.
    How does this guy stay employed at the NFL level ?

  21. 2 things i will never understand about the Belicheck cheating thing..
    #1. Why the Boston Globe would be the 1st to pursue & report a story about the integrity of the beloved home team.
    #2. Why they did not pay off the camera man and force him to sign some kind of binding agreement to keep this thing a secret. Instead, they threw him on his ass and dared him to talk.

  22. Using Chilly’s reasoning, the Vikings ought to kill the Patriots this weekend. Because Randy Moss knows every signal Tom Brady and Belichick uses on offense. And I’m sure a great man of honor and integrity like Chilly hasn’t grilled Moss on the Patriot’s system, playbook, audible signals and playcalling tendencies. So let’s see how this little game of Chess plays out. We’ll see who is actually smarter. The alleged cheater with the spyglass, or the closeted cheater with the spybook. I know who I’m betting on. It’s the team on the big ocean. Not the one on the big lake.

  23. # Raider B says: October 26, 2010 4:24 PM
    The Cheatriots cheating again? No way!
    How stupid can you be? You clearly cant read. You act as if this is something that happened last week…

  24. # cbatchel says: October 26, 2010 4:18 PM
    “…his fault for being a idiot.”
    / words escape me

  25. Wow! Farve must have left the room so Chilly could get off his knees and was a bit light-headed when he made those comments about the Pats. Thanks for the bulletin board material.

  26. Childress is (stating the obvious) a dumbass. Ya, I realize the Bellicheat has three tainted Lombardi trophies and everyone knows that he will need to win a Superbowl post-cheating era to have it really count. But we can think that as football fans, Col Klink is the opposing coach this weekend so he should just keep his mouth shut.
    I am still trying to figure out why Klink would say that in the first place. The best guess I could come up with is that his penis is even smaller than BrINT’s (is that even possible outside the Chinese race?) so he needs to puff up his ego by saying this.

  27. Long story short. BB will have his guys pound the Vikes into submission. Like my Ma always said “actions speak louder than words.”

  28. “Getting caught CHEATING is going to follow Belicheck around forever.
    Oh well his fault for being a idiot.”

    Not really. I’ve had my fun with it just like everybody else, but you have to be pretty dumb to think that he was the only one doing it. In fact, they are all still doing it today in some way, shape or form. It’s part of the game, just like it is in baseball. In fact, it isn’t even illegal as long as you tape from an approved location (not the sidelines).

  29. I think Chilly isn’t a fan of BB because we poached one of his players during a procedural move a couple years back. I think there was a tight end or something that was picked up.
    It could be the reverse…the Vikes picked up one of our guys, but I can’t remember and Google is failing me currently.

  30. @JimmySmith says:
    October 26, 2010 4:46 PM
    “The best guess I could come up with is that his penis is even smaller than BrINT’s (is that even possible outside the Chinese race?)…”
    Right on que. It usually takes 3-4 stories on the Vikings before your colon polyp of a brain dislodges and you start talking about penis size, and your infatuation with it. I think your family tree is a stump.

  31. He’ll make sure and take it out on him Sunday, thats how he operates.

  32. hotep999 says: October 26, 2010 4:38 PM
    2 things i will never understand about the Belicheck cheating thing..
    #1. Why the Boston Globe would be the 1st to pursue & report a story about the integrity of the beloved home team.
    #2. Why they did not pay off the camera man and force him to sign some kind of binding agreement to keep this thing a secret. Instead, they threw him on his ass and dared him to talk.
    #1 – it was the Herald, everyone wants to be the first to expose a big story. from what i read, they were told many times there was no story and to check their sources. they didnt and essentially caused the Pats to lose their entire staff the day before the SB when the league forced them to respond to these claims.
    #2 – pay him off? they didnt try to hide him. he was right out in the open. they didnt think there was anything wrong with what they were doing.

  33. oh, and apparently the Herald was told by espn they were going live with the story regardless of what they did. now there some unbiased sports reporting!!

  34. everyone knows that he will need to win a Superbowl post-cheating era to have it really count
    if by “everyone” you mean you and probably 78 other crack smoking derelicts, yeah.

  35. @ Kevin DuBrow
    The player BB was trying to get through waivers and asked Childress NOT to pick up was Garrett Mills, a FB/TE hybrid type player.

  36. While the Patriots and Vikings don’t have much history, they’ve had several memorable games over the years –
    1974 @ Metro Stadium – Vikings erase 10-0 Patriots lead; Jim Plunkett connects with Bob Windsor for GW touchdown on final play; Windsor injures leg on the play – 17-14 Patriots win. Plunkett and Fran Tarkenton struggle, combining for five picks in the game.
    1979 @ Schaefer Stadium – Shades of the recent Titans comeback vs. Philly, Tommy Kramer leads Vikings to a 16-7 third-quarter lead before Steve Grogan leads comeback where Patriots outscore the Vikings 20-7 in the fourth quarter for a 27-23 win.
    1988 @ Metrodome – Vikings explode, routing the Patriots 36-6.
    1991 @ Sullivan Stadium – Patriots lead Vikings 14-13 after three quarters, then the fun starts – Freddie Childress lands on an endzone fumble for a Pats TD (the PAT was no good), and after Patriots take a 23-13 lead former Pats draft pick Rich Gannon leads ten-point comeback to force overtime, won by Jason Staurovsky for the Patriots from 42 yards out in the OT. 26-23 final.
    1994 @ Foxboro Stadium – A year after routing the Patriots 28-14 with the Oilers, Warren Moon led a 20-0 first-half surge for the Vikings. At this point Scott Zolak convinced Bill Parcells to let Drew Bledsoe sling the ball; Bledsoe erupted with two touchdowns and two FG drives (a third FGA missed) and the game went to OT. The Vikings initially won the coin toss but Pats captain Vincent Brown pointed out they called the coin toss after it hit the ground; the Patriots won the retoss and Bledsoe drove the Patriots to the Vikings 14; the Vikes thought run to set up the FGA, but Bledsoe lofted a floater to Kevin Turner for the winning TD. Bledsoe set single-game records with 45 completions on 70 throws.
    1997 @ Metrodome – Vikings held off another Patriots rally as Bledsoe led two TD drives and a FG drive for 15 4th-quarter points; Vikings nonetheless won 23-18.
    2000 @ Foxboro Stadium – Randy Moss’ first trip to New England was a 21-13 Vikings win in Bill Belichick’s third game as Patriots coach.
    2006 @ Metrodome – the most recent matchup was a Monday Night Massacre opening with a Ugly Betty spoof of Bill Belichick’s sweatshirts – Tom Brady, Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel, and company then opened fire in a 31-7 Patriots rout of Chilly’s Vikings.

  37. everyone knows that he will need to win a Superbowl post-cheating era to have it really count
    Keep thinking that, I’ll keep watching my America’s game DVD’s of 2001, 2003 and 2004.
    When I’m done with that I’ll watch my 21 games in a row DVD.
    Spygate was not about cheating:
    This will be fruitless but, here it goes.
    In a 2006 playoff game, Patriots’ security prevented a Jets camera crew from filming. The crew was there in addition to the cameramen already recording game film from end zone and sideline angles. New England security didn’t confiscate the footage and turn it over to the NFL.(last time that happens!)
    At a press conference, Mangini said the extra camera was there because he wanted game footage from both end zones.(Cheater!!)
    The next meeting (2007), Mangini sells out the Pats.
    Cheaters of the Past:
    Tom Landry—a Giants assistant —tuned into the Browns’ radio frequency, allowing him to call the right defensive plays. Loss of a first round draft pick? 500k fine? Nope, they banned QB Radio helmets. Tom Landry CHEATS? No, this became a ‘Ha Ha put one up on the Browns’ stories.
    Jimmy Johnson said teams could tape signals from the press box, but sometimes the press box was on the wrong side of the field. In that case, the cameraman filmed from the sidelines.
    No worries it is the Cowboys, so It’s cool. Tx football is far better place for a Dynasty than those grumpy New Englanders..what do they know about football up there?
    The Infamous memo misquotes the rules “Videotaping of any type, including but not limited to taping of an opponent’s offensive or defensive signals, is prohibited on the sidelines, in the coaches’ booth, in the locker room, or at any other locations accessible to club staff members during the game.”
    There is actually nothing in the rule book against stealing signals. Why? Because every staff has done it since the dawn of time. It is part of the game. Halas was known for subterfuge that bordered on criminal–or so the stories go.
    The rule states this:”No video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game.”
    Yep guilty..but then the punishment? If the team does better –supposedly without ‘cheating’ it gets fined more?
    If the Pats made the playoffs, they lost a first round pick. If they didn’t, they lost second and third rounders. Interestingly, Goodell based his punishment on how well the team did without the camera. The better they did without it, the worse the punishment got.
    So why the issue? Simple really. Parity. It is not pretty but the league prides itself that worst can go to first, that .500 is what half the teams should be. Watch, some other team is going to go on a decade tear, and remember this, when some ‘scandal’ puts a dent in their armor.

  38. I believe the moron that is being referenced to as the out in the open photographer is Matt Walsh. This claim was proved to be false and made a fool out of Arlen Spector, if that is possible to double up on. This nit wit claimed to be an Asst. Pro (ie “Go fill the members buckets on the range boy.”) at a golf club in Hawaii. His employment record probably looked good to a Democrat so they believed him. Turns out that John (I’m an idiot rat bastard who has no right to work in published media) Tomasi had to issue a public apology to the fans in New England. His paper has never recovered from this lie. Is it any wonder that people do not trust the media especially sports writers? He knew his source was questioable yet he gave the story to the vultures at ESPN just before the Super Bowl. The Manhatten Cartel of Giants fans and other New York creatins took the story to get their lap dog PC League Commish to hound the Pats a time when the team was going for a record win.

  39. Childress also said the Vikings try to steal signals & that every team does it. Sadly Rosenthal & his hack journalism left that out of the quote.
    Childress is still bitter from his days with the Eagles & the refs jamming the Vikings in the rear every week.
    The Dolphins & Bills really got shafted on Sunday.
    Even if the Vikings loose to go to 2-5. They are going to win the next 3 & get to 5-5 & then they have 6 games to finish the year they can easily win. Don’t count the Vikings out. They picked the right year for the terrible start.

  40. @Jimmy Smith aka Jenna
    “The best guess I could come up with is that his penis is even smaller than BrINT’s (is that even possible outside the Chinese race?)”
    YES- You have proved that yourself- your not Chinese Jenna Hat and your Mom told me last night that she thought you were a girl until the age of 21.

  41. I have to say the heat Belichick used to get has really died down. In 2008 this post would have had some 200 angry comments.
    Also stealing signals isn’t illegal, if you can figure out signals then good for you. The taping thing is what they weren’t allowed to do.
    Hell Shannahan used to cover his mouth with a play-sheet. But I suppose that was because it would better amplify his voice.
    Alas I don’t believe that that effected any outcome. They won because they were the better team.

  42. Jimmy Smith
    “The best guess I could come up with is that his penis is even smaller than BrINT’s (is that even possible outside the Chinese race?)”
    Way to ride the stereotypes. That being said does this mean Chinese girls are tighter than normal girls?

  43. If I were the owner of the Vikings and I read that Childress was boasting that he knew other teams were stealing signals but he didn’t even bother to change the signals, I’d fire him on the spot.
    It’s now 4 years later.
    I wonder if Chilly’s gotten around to changing his signals yet.
    Probably not.
    Childress will be out of a job by the end of the season and Belichick will have the last laugh.

  44. Chilly shouldn’t be talking. At least BB has a secure job in NE. Chilly is halfway out the door in Minn.

  45. Stealing signals? Really?
    Doesn’t the MLB have a headset now? If you are sending in signals instead of speaking with your MLB, then you are a dumbass and deserve to be fired.

  46. BB is a documented cheater. league swept the video thing under the rug but his legacy is thoroughly tainted.
    But Chilly is out of his mind. Favre got him a contract extension and he repaid him by throwing him under the bus for which he was getting ripped so I think he said this to change the focus.

  47. @The Real Shuxion
    Way to ride the stereotypes. That being said does this mean Chinese girls are tighter than normal girls?
    Yes, at least the last 4 or 5 I had. They think I’m Johnny Holmes and the reality is that we are only first cousins.

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