Initial Romo estimate: 6-8 weeks

Thankfully, the Cowboys didn’t let quarterback Tony Romo re-enter Monday night’s game.

He tried to get back on the field after breaking his clavicle and the team’s training staff literally yanked him back as he was leaving the sidelines.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the initial timeline for Romo’s recovery is 6-8 weeks, but an MRI Monday will tell a more complete story, according to the Dallas Morning News.  His buddy Jason Witten thinks he’ll return this season.

Even if that estimate held up, Romo wouldn’t be back until December at the earliest and there likely won’t be any reason to rush him back on the field.  Don’t be surprised if the estimate changes this week once the shock of the injury wears off.

UPDATE: Here’s Romo, likely heavily medicated, after the game:


9 responses to “Initial Romo estimate: 6-8 weeks

  1. Gregg- It’s kind of hard to get an MRI monday when you fracture your bone monday night.
    Just saying…

  2. cry boys = n., team formerly known as “the most talented team in the NFL” and currently known as “the best 1-5 team in the NFL”
    RIP Cryboys.
    Try not to dwell on the negatives, like the possibility that your hated rivals, the Giants or Eagles, may very well be playing in the Super Bowl in your shiny new stadium.
    Take time to enjoy the positives like all of the extra time you have to prepare for the 2011 NFL Draft.

  3. Never like to see someone get hurt like that, but I can’t stand Tony Romo. I think he’s an overrated, immature QB witha gigantic ego. Personally, he comes across as a pretty boy…which sickens me.
    As for Dallas: ROTFLMAO

  4. Whoa, whoa…there’s no problem!
    Jerry the GM planned for this. Most of you wouldn’t know this if you don’t follow the Cowboys. Jerry has a contingency plan for situations just like this. It’s General Management 101 to know that you HAVE to plan for your starting QB to be injured.
    And Wade, well…Wade is the HC. He has a say in the composition of his team. He’s the HC and he can rally anyone of the stars on this team to step up.
    Oh, and Jason Garrett. Our OC was the toast of the town a couple of years ago. Nicknamed “Red Jesus”. Jerry paid him extra so no other team could lure him away. He surely knows the starting QB could go down any minute and has made sure his backup gets decent reps and stays tuned in on his well oiled offense.
    No Koolaid here. Queue the fanboys…

  5. you htrs wish you had Romo. Look at the stats dopes. There are so many ignorant people on this site it amazes me and all of them are 4skin fans.
    high draft pick coming for us and a new coaching staff with a light schedule. Jon Gruden is next in line and with his creative offense and staff would be a great fit. Dez is the next Jerry Rice no question about it…3 fing TD’s. name a rookie that has had 3 TD’s in a game. Need a guy with enthusiasm and inspiration to get this thing going. He said last night…with the weapons this team has on offense it is a coaches dream. Our problem is coaching as it is pretty obvious at this pt.
    Boys get JG/strong staff/couple more pieces and we are right back on top again mthers…..chalk this season up to poor refs (cost us 3 games), poor coaching and alot of mental mistakes. The foundation is there though…..

  6. what is with Romo and the stupid golf hats at pressers? Can’t he at least look like an NFL QB until the cameras are gone?
    Whoever posted in the other thread about Romo being more concerned about missing out on golf then football was bang on.

  7. The Giants should take this division with ease. I don’t see them losing to the Eagles at all, but they could possibly lose to the Redskins defense. I say the Giants will go 11-5 and take it down.

  8. The only guy who is a joke here is you skinsblowpoles/skinsblow 1/boysroll!!!!!
    Only cowards go through several usernames to make it seem like they’re different people. Only ignorant people like you use words like mfers, or LMFAO in every other sentence.
    Didn’t you say the skins were finishing last in the division last night? And didn’t you say you were so pumped up that you could deck a skins fan before the game last night? Child please….
    The only one who got decked was ROMO. Now you seem to be planning for next season, what a PATHETIC LOSER YOU ARE!!!

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