Austin Collie "can't put a date on" his return to Colts

A week ago, Colts receiver Austin Collie was supposed to be out a few weeks with a thumb injury. This week Collie says he has no updates on when he’ll return.

“It’s just a day-to-day thing, its something you can’t put a date on. It has to do with the body, it has to do with how my body handles it,” Collie told WSBT. “It’s a game of patience and just waiting.”

Collie, who hurt his right thumb against the Redskins on October 17, said he’s currently “Just kinda letting the surgery and the operation kinda take place and let the healing process begin.”

Collie is currently second on the team in catches with 44, second on the team in receiving yards with 503 and first on the team in touchdowns with six.

12 responses to “Austin Collie "can't put a date on" his return to Colts

  1. I need you Austin, please come back soon. My fantasy destiny depends on it. I traded Randy Moss away because I was relying on you.

  2. Still want a 18 game season Rodger? I present too you exhibit 1A: the Indianapolis Colts, and exhibit 1B: the Green Bay Packers.

  3. her are the players I lost on my FF team this season:
    T. Romo
    M. Clayton
    R. Grant
    A. Collie
    A. Johnson was out and P. Thomas is still out. I know how to pick ’em ….. I am 1-5 and my season is over.

  4. # KaiNoKea says: October 27, 2010 8:52 AM
    “Still want a 18 game season Rodger? I present too you exhibit 1A: the Indianapolis Colts, and exhibit 1B: the Green Bay Packers.”
    Your comment would have greater impact if they got hurt in week 17 or 18 of the regular season. Getting hurt before mid-way through the season is too common to be used as the basis of your argument. They would’ve been hurt regardless.

  5. It means…
    He’ll suit up when Bill Polian tells him he’s ready. A thumb injury? Are we even serious…A thumb injury? Is this football or pee wee league…Seriously how long does a thumb take to heal. Sometimes I think the Colts have a deep problem when it comes to sitting out injured players.

  6. haha Jay16, you give me a good laugh everyday.. “are we even serious”… haha…. your comments / opinons are always ridiculous…. Always Weenies like you that have no knowledge that come with the heavy criticizing… I bet you think Dallas Clark needs to be playing too…cuz you always know whats best for the Colts org.

  7. StickeSabado
    I’m not sure the reason for the quote…? Are you drunk? Pat is that you? LOL! Kidding…
    Dallas Clark? I can’t really comment on his status because he has a “rare” injury doesn’t? And it has something to do with his wrist or hand? Can you tell me when he’s coming back? Brett Farve kinda makes players like Austin Collie and Dallas Clark look a little silly doesn’t he? Thumb? Doesn’t Brett have 2 fractured bones…On his leg? Thats why people love Brett Farve….This is why people don’t like the Colts…I hope you understand “cuz” you sound like your very close minded.
    I don’t see nothing ridiculous. I’m glad I’m funny though and can entertain, all you have to do is find some personality and you can do the same. Maybe thats why no one has heard of you before today? Just saying.

  8. lol Just quoting you buddy, because you know the significance of Austin Collie’s injury i’m guessing??????? It Sounds like it by the way you commented.. Im sure with his messed up thumb he would have NO problem catching and securing a pass… Or maybe he would, because he’s a pee-wee player right?????? I mean he doesn’t need his thumb does he????And dallas clark is just missing the rest of the season because he has a “rare” hand or wrist injury that he probably could play through… right, Mr. know it All?????????
    Missing a few games or so, or the rest of the season, protecting and healing there best assets which they need (their hands) to try and pro-long their careers to play as long as a guy like favre, sounds real silly, your right… thats My fault
    Close Minded is fans like you who think any organization gives a pile about you or any other fan who criticizes and bashes them ON A WEBSITE… I mean you have an opinion and i respected it up until i saw your 30 posts of trash within a weeks period, just bashing everything and everyone, but im sure you could do so much better ….RIGHT????
    And “maybe thats why no one has heard of you before today? Just Saying”….. haha yeah because i dont come on every day and feel the need to think i know whats best for all 32 teams in the NFL.. just like i read about a month back, that you hoped “your rants and raves” on here would get someone fired in the colts organization?…. keep at it.. im sure that will happen..
    I agree Favre is tough….i like favre and respect his toughness, but shooting himself up as much as he does isnt helping that body and them bones… And maybe my boys could play if they are given pain shots, and maybe they are just being babies??? or maybe they just have more concern for their health after football?? ever think about things like that with your ever so open mind??? haha.. think about it…..good lil talk pal…
    I do feel u in a sense, and every part of me wants both of them playing monday night, and wish i knew when Collie was returning, but we just dont know really whats up, you know? so it makes no sense coming on PFT ripping for no reason… especially cuz you always sound like a WEENIE… haha peaceee

  9. I wasn’t bashing you…I think you called me a “weenie” though. Even after that, I wasn’t bashing you…Just so we are clear, I may have given you a few pointers on how maybe to be more outspoken. Thats all though.
    I’m not a fan of bashing other bloggers, but I have before because of the cheap shots that get taken at me….Am I to ignore them? Stampede Blue is the acception…Their terrible except for Big Blue, he’s the only one making any sense. You may be reading some of my responses to other bloggers versus me starting a “bash” I think. But just to be clear, I’m for freedom of speech but also freedom of making sense also.
    This is sports, its nothing personal at all. We are not talking about someone’s family or kids. This is sports. When I talk about the Colts, people get upset…But when a team is out of the ordinary in their decisions and those decisions go terribly wrong, shouldn’t you atleast question them?
    On these injuries….Haven’t we gone down this road before? Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, Adam Vinateri, I mean are we just fools then to believe in such stupid nonsense when the Colts again con us into thinking the severity of a particular injury like a “rare” one?
    If you are to believe those things then thats on you, I choose to put on the “They Live” sunglasses and see things for what they are…Definition of “weenie”…Someone who is a coward isn’t it, afraid, scared, wussy” Please stop me but doesn’t this include the list of your players on this week’s injury list for the Colts?

  10. It’s all good Jay i know your not bashing me, nothing personal at all.. And i dont mean to bash other bloggers either, I only do it if i feel the need, like in this case.. lol just playin…..You just seem like a loyal Colt fan (or just a big football fan of all 32 teams cuz your on top of it daily) by the way you always comment on them, sometimes your real real negative on them Colts…
    And i feel you they piss me off at times, but you gotta ride with your team….And i just got all hyped and tried to stick up for my team lol… and thats my fault for getting caught up and calling you a weenie, but I just feel like fellow Colts fans are damn terrible…. i never get it…Always ripping the team for whatever reason, not recognizing the fact we have been blessed with good football for years…
    Andddddd that was kind of a pretty big Weenie comment you had a few weeks back that you hoped “your rants and raves” got someone fired… that was funny…. my bad for calling you a weenie tho..
    And believe me, I question them all the time, like why they throw 3 straight downs when they have the Skins down with all 3 timeouts with a 1:30 left, and throwing 3 straight incompletions, instead of running the ball and forcing them to stop the run, seeing if they can pickup a first down and end the game, After already running for 150+ yards or whatever they ran for, or on gameday someone who was fine in practice isnt suited up and sits out…and things like that… But i dont think its like to sabotage anything, i think it is for a greater good for the players health or whatever else… just things like that… i do question it tho…
    But that’s the Colts… i question it, and it may not be right, but thats how they play it.. so im with it.. I probably couldn’t do much better you know? so who am i to rip them, there the ones making a career on the team and in the organization… but not saying your wrong or your opinon is wrong, thats where i shouldnt have said anything in the first place cuz you have your right also…
    lol but in the end…we both have some good points and i agree with all this “rare” talk i wanna know whats going on too, and i think as fans we should get some info, i dunno if we “earn” that right or anything like that, but thats how the Colts are… real quiet…it may not be right, but thats just how they are…
    And stampede blue is terrible…i agree lol
    Nothing Personal Buddy…
    But maybe your right, maybe the Colts are just weenies… but there still gonna put it down, and have a shot to win any game, regardless of who they got lined up…
    COLTS!!! haha jk … take care man…

  11. I’m a fan of all 32 teams to set the record straight. Some more then others though. I wish the Colts would have the Steelers front office and the Patiots coaching staff, just my opinion and its wishful thinking on my end. I’ll never see a Peyton Manning again, or a Tom Brady but I believe the Patriots organization and other organizations offer more for their players. I think at one time the Colts were top notch but for some reason I guess Polian quit working or maybe his son has really taken over. If this is the deal, no one knows, their good at not telling or lying. Its just odd that your a great hall of fame GM most of your career then all of a sudden your amongst the worst in the league the last 5 years. Seems odd to me.
    Stampede Blue is the worst site for Colts or football information. Its extremely bias towards their core bloggers, and they make it so you can’t even hold a debate or a conversation thats objective with them, then they ban you. Its frusterating for me that there are people out there like this, that censor you for not being obscene but because you disagree. Its a disgrace to the first amendment laws we have in this country.
    I can be a weenie sometimes, I’ll admit. Anytime you want a debate I’ll be on here.

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