Jaguars bench Derrick Harvey, acquired in coach-killing trade

The Jaguars defense is arguably the worst in football, ranking at or near the bottom of the league in virtually every major category.

This is a problem for coach Jack Del Rio for many reasons, not least of which is that he’s supposed to be a defensive coach.  Jacksonville continues to search for answers at many positions including safety and defensive end.

Del Rio confirmed on Wednesday that he’s benched 2008 No. 8 overall pick Derrick Harvey, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.  Jeremy Mincey will start. We mentioned that the team was reducing Harvey’s playing time earlier in the year.

Vito Stellino says Harvey is “now one of the greatest busts in team history.”  (Guess Vito doesn’t see a turnaround on the way.)

We agree, if you consider that the Jaguars gave up the No. 26 overall pick, two third-rounders, and a fourth just to move up for Harvey, who is the only Jaguar left from the team’s thinned-out 2008 draft class.

That is a coach-killing trade and draft class if we ever saw one.

UPDATE: Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country points out that the Jaguars also gave up a second, fifth, and seventh-round pick in that same class for second round pick Quentin Groves.  He was shipped away after two terrible years to Oakland for a fourth-round pick in the offseason. We challenge anyone to find a more disastrous draft class.

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  1. Sad.. If only teams would learn to not draft players based on their potential but rather what they accomplished in college from a technique, nfl-ready standpoint. When will they learn? I wouldn’t be surprised if they draft Patrick ‘the next Revis’ Peterson with their top 10 pick next year and watch him become an average corner who struggles in coverage.

  2. 1 20 George Foster T Georgia
    2 51 Terry Pierce LB Kansas State
    4 108 Quentin Griffin RB Oklahoma
    4 114 Nick Eason DT Clemson
    4 128 Bryant McNeal DE Clemson
    5 157 Ben Claxton C Mississippi
    5 158 Adrian Madise WR Texas Christian
    6 194 Aaron Hunt — Texas Tech
    7 227 Clint Mitchell DE Florida
    7 235 Ahmaad Galloway RB Alabama

  3. But I thought that it was the Raiders who are the only team with draftee fallout? I mean, I read it here, day in day out, how their drafting is so bad.
    Factual reality is that every team has blights and misses, they are just not as hated as the Raiders or have as wrinky and ready made of a target as The Al.
    @ Neverend, you should be a head scout. You have it wired.
    Face it, the draft is a crap shoot by and large.

  4. “We challenge anyone to find a more disastrous draft class.”
    The 1999 Saints draft class? I mean they traded every pick they had for Rickey Williams, who totally was useless.

  5. You sure it’s not the Fins? Oh wait, we don’t trade up, we just draft horribly and make stupid trades.

  6. “We challenge anyone to find a more disastrous draft class.”
    only thing that comes to mind is the ricky williams draft. Gave the whole draft away for a 3yr RB

  7. Add to that, Jared Allen was traded for about the same price that year, the #17 pick in 2008, two 3rd rounders that year and swapping 6th rounders.

  8. Yup, that’s a bad one.
    I have disagree about Harvey’s potential vs. accomplishments in college as I think he was pretty productive in college. Same with Reggie Nelson, who was taken 1st in 2007.

  9. Jack Del Rio is just doing his job of tanking do that the city will completely lose any interest in pro football in Jacksonville. It’s all part if the master plan of relocating to Los Angeles. Come guys, call it like it is.

  10. Raiders fans are so bitter. Every fan base on this website is bitter actually, but you have been awful for so long. Your team deserves the criticism. Get over it.

  11. Agree with 1999 Saints, but also throw in the 1998 Chargers.
    Leaf with #2 overall. Mickael Ricks was their second rounder who played some, but their other four picks (in rounds 5, 5, 6 and 7) were washouts.
    Leaf did far more damage to the Chargers organization than Harvey and Groves did to Jacksonville.

  12. Quentin Groves is not doing all that bad in Oaktown. Seems as though several players seem to “turn it around” once they are on a different team.

  13. @ JSpicoli – Yeah, every team has blights and misses but no team has been worse than the Raiders. Accept it.

  14. Actually, no, it’s the ’98 Chargers, period. They gave up Eric Metcalf, their second round pick, and their 99 first-round pick in order to swap picks with the Cardinals and move up one spot from 3 to 2.
    Worst draft ever.

  15. The saints 1999 draft was horrible.You would have thought that the skins with all those picks were going to be a dominant team. What happened?

  16. 1999 – Dallas Cowboys
    Rd Sel # Player Position School
    1 20 Ebenezer Ekuban DE North Carolina
    2 55 Solomon Page G West Virginia
    3 85 Dat Nguyen LB Texas A&M
    4 118 Wane McGarity WR Texas
    4 132 Peppi Zellner DE Fort Valley State
    6 193 MarTay Jenkins WR Nebraska-Omaha
    7 229 Mike Lucky TE Arizona
    7 243 Kelvin Garmon G Baylor
    2000 – Dallas Cowboys
    Rd Sel # Player Position School
    2 49 Dwayne Goodrich DB Tennessee
    4 109 Kareem Larrimore CB West Texas A&M
    5 144 Michael Wiley RB Ohio State
    6 180 Mario Edwards CB Florida State
    7 219 Orantes Grant LB Georgia
    2001 – Dallas Cowboys
    Rd Sel # Player Position School
    2 53 Quincy Carter QB Georgia
    2 56 Tony Dixon DB Alabama
    3 93 Willie Blade DT Mississippi State
    4 122 Markus Steele OLB USC
    5 137 Matt Lehr C Virginia Tech
    6 171 Daleroy Stewart DT Southern Mississippi
    7 207 Colston Weatherington DE Central Missouri State
    7 240 John Nix DT Southern Mississippi
    7 242 Char-ron Dorsey T Florida State
    There are three bad ones back to back to back by the same team

  17. @dixinpunani – wow.. was that the Lions a few years back? Or the Donkeys? I forget who nabbed Foster in R1.

  18. Most organizations expect the newly drafted players to come in and be self-motivated, and to turn themselves into quality NFL’ers.
    A very few organizations look for certain qualities in the players they draft, and then put the responsibility on the coaching staff to get the most out of their ability.
    This failure to develop talent speaks volumes about Del Rio’s abilities (or lack thereof) as a head coach, and about the failure of the rest of his staff to coach up these kids. It’s the coaches’ responsibility to understand the scheme, and how the kid’s talents fit into the scheme, and to get them into a position to make plays on the field.

  19. Tennessee Titans Draft Class of 2004. A whole lot of nothing, unless you count that they did something for other teams.

  20. I’ll take the Cowboys 2009 draft
    Round 3, Pick 5 (69) (From Browns) Jason Williams OLB 6’1″ 241 Western Illinois
    Round 3, Pick 11 (75) (From Bills) Robert Brewster OT 6’4″ 325 Ball State
    Round 4, Pick 1 (101) (From Lions) Stephen McGee QB 6’3″ 225 Texas A&M
    Round 4, Pick 10 (110) (From Bills) Victor Butler DE 6’2″ 248 Oregon State
    Round 4, Pick 20 (120) (From Buccaneers) Brandon Williams DE 6’5″ 252 Texas Tech
    Round 5, Pick 7 (143) (From Raiders through Falcons) DeAngelo Smith CB 5’11” 194 Cincinnati
    Round 5, Pick 30 (166) (From Titans) Michael Hamlin FS 6’2″ 214 Clemson
    Round 5, Pick 36 (172) (Compensatory selection) David Buehler K 6’2″ 227 Southern Cal
    Round 6, Pick 24 (197) (From Dolphins) Stephen Hodge SS 6’0″ 234 TCU
    Round 6, Pick 35 (208) (Compensatory selection) John Phillips TE 6’5″ 251 Virginia
    Round 7, Pick 18 (227) Mike Mickens CB 6’0″ 186 Cincinnati
    Round 7, Pick 20 (229) (From Bears through Buccaneers) Manuel Johnson WR 5’11” 189 Oklahoma

  21. dixin’s list is the 03 broncs i think. hey at least george foster is playing for the nighthawks… lol

  22. God we suck!….but we will not be moving to LA…we will be recruiting “the chin”……..problem solved!

  23. this was an Ozzie special. Traded out of the number 8 down to the number 26 and then traded up a few places to pick up Joe Flacco. Same draft we got Ray Rice.
    Ozzie is the master. There may be better GM’s in the NFL, but there aren’t many. It amazes me that there are so many screwballs in my hometown that think that Ozzie sucks as a GM and like to point out that he has never drafted a good WR. Meanwhile he has three sure fire locks for the HOF in his time with the Ravens with Ogden, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. His all-pro list also includes CMac, Jamal Lewis, Peter Boulware, Jamie Sharper, Haloti Ngata, LeRon McLain, Ray Rice and soon to be Michael Oher and Joe Flacco. But there is a vocal minority that thinks he is a failure because we “only” have 1 SB trophy. As a middle aged white guy, it makes me wonder if race doesn’t play a role. I am a conservative libertarian, but I’d bet that a lot of these naysayers don’t like Oz because he is a successful black man.
    Anyway – we’d be happy to take back DelRio as a DC. Mattison does absolutely nothing for me. He calls one of the most basic vanilla defenses I have ever seen.

  24. They could have had some of these guys, all of whom were drafted after the #8 spot that they were so desperate to jump up to:
    13. Carolina – Jonathan Stewart, RB Oregon
    18. Baltimore (From Texans)- Joe Flacco, QB Delaware
    20. Tampa Bay – Aqib Talib, CB Kansas
    22. Dallas (From Browns)- Felix Jones, RB Arkansas
    23. Pittsburgh – Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois
    24. Tennessee – Chris Johnson, RB East Carolina
    25. Dallas (From Seahawks)- Mike Jenkins, CB South Florida
    Second Round:
    13. (44) Chicago – Matt Forte, RB Tulane
    18. (49) Philadelphia – DeSean Jackson, WR California
    24. (55) Baltimore (From Seahawks) – Ray Rice, RB Rutgers
    26. (57) Miami (From Chargers) – Chad Henne, QB Michigan

  25. I know a worse draft class:
    1999, New Orleans trades away all of their remaining picks to get Ricky Williams.
    Williams only lasted 3 seasons there.

  26. Every Browns draft since 1999 is equally as bad. Take a look at last year’s Eric Mangini lead draft. Other than Alex Mack every player selected has been a bust. Massaquoi and Robiskie are still on the roster but haven’t accomplished much (other than getting knocked out by James Harrison). David Veikune was a 2nd rounder and cut this offseason. James Davis was a 6th rounder and he got cut Monday. Coye Francies is gone. Maiva is on the IR. Bad drafts are why the Browns have one of the oldest rosters in the league and have had only two winning seasons since 1999.

  27. Jags terrible defense? Don’t worry, you have my Cowboys to play this week. Expect to have your defense look all-world.

  28. Ricky Williams in 1999 wouldn’t have been such a bad one-man draft class if the Saints had had any real idea of how to use him. He did contribute some good time in NOLA, but it’s been in Miami where he’s shown that he’s a really good running back.
    Harvey, on the other hand, hasn’t shown anything positive in Jacksonville, and Groves was so bad he was traded for a token pick.

  29. Please.. Bengals 2005 draft
    Rd. 1- David Pollack… out of league (career injury)
    Rd. 2- Odell Thurman.. out of league (stupid)
    Rd. 3 – Chris Henry.. out of league (dead)
    Rd. 4 – Eric Ghiaciuc. out of league (terrible)
    Rd. 5 – Adam Kieft… out of league (injury)
    Rd. 6 – Tab Perry.. out of league (injury)
    Rd. 7 – Jonathan Fanene (not bad, on the team- back up)
    it doesn’t get any worse than that, and I actually support this team

  30. How about Minnesota’s 2005…
    1 (7) Troy Williamson Wide Receiver — The Randy Moss pick
    1 (18) Erasmus James Defensive End
    2 (49) Marcus Johnson Tackle
    3 (80) Dustin Fox Cornerback
    4 (112) Ciatrick Fason Running Back
    6 (191) C.J. Mosley Defensive Tackle
    7 (219) Adrian Ward

  31. Raiders drafts have always made me shake my head.. Let’s start here *Note I AM a RAIDER fan !
    23 Oakland Raiders Fabian Washington Cornerback Nebraska
    24 Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Quarterback California
    2009..DHB over Crabtree, Bushing and clay Mathews
    2007 Fatass Russell #1 over all… Imagine they take Rodgers and then Calvin Johnson….
    BUT they had an excellent draft this past spring, I believe EVERY pick is still with the team, 2 very good defensive players that are starters. This are getting better for the RAIDERS !

  32. Kampman and Sean Considine are the only two guys on defense I have heard of. That said, they do seem to have a lousy defense

  33. Does Del Rio have control over personnel? I thought Gene Smith was the GM there?
    It’s bad enough when fans complain about the Head Coach making bad draft picks/trades/signings, but when NFL writers do it it is beyond annoying.
    Please PFT, stop confusing Head Coach with General Manager.

  34. 2007 bucs draft class under Bruce Allen (Good luck Skins fans!)
    1 – Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson (dead); 2 – Arron Sears, T, Tennessee (out of NFL); 2 – Sabby Piscitelli, SS, Oregon State (back-up); 3 – Quincy Black, OLB, New Mexico (starting and OK); 4 – Tanard Jackson, CB, Syracuse (can’t keep his pee clean); 5 – Greg Peterson, DE, North Carolina Central (spent most of career on PS); 6 – Adam Hayward, LB, Portland State (special team lifer); 7 – Chris Denman, T, Fresno State (out of NFL); 7 – Marcus Hamilton, CB, Virginia (toasted); 7 – Kenneth Darby, RB, Alabama ();
    The Jags class was worse due to the trades but not much.

  35. You can’t claim that the saints draft was the worst because they later flipped Williams for two 1st rounders and a 4th. So they basically traded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with some more late jumk picks for 2 1sts, and a 4th. Judging by the draft value chart, that is weighed in the saints favor. Plus they did have the services of Williams for 3 years.

  36. I’m pretty sure Shack Harris was in charge of this draft, which, along with the terrible record of first round picks in previous years, is why he’s not there anymore. Look at the dramatic change in drafts since…

  37. 1995 49ers – traded up 20 spots for JJ Stokes by giving their #1, their #3, #4, and their #1 in 1996 that happened to turn out to be Ray Lewis!
    1) JJ Stokes
    4) Tim Hanshaw
    6)Antonio Armstrong
    7) Herb Coleman
    Never should have acted so desperately to find Jerry Rice’s heir when they didn’t have a running back on the roster worthy of starting when Ricky Watter left via free agency. Should have stayed at #30 and grabbed Curtis Martin!

  38. 2005 Vikes was turrible. Especially since the Williamson pick was the centerpiece of the Randy Moss trade.

  39. “Lott42 says:
    October 27, 2010 2:36 PM
    Sa good-bye jack. They have been mediocre for way too long. Say hello to Brian bullock folks.”
    Well, one thing I am certainly saying hello to is illiteracy.

  40. Or, taking a slightly different approach, how about the 1974 Buffalo Bills?
    1-18 TE Reuben Grant, a 3 year starter, though Lynn Swann went at 21 and TE Dave Casper would go at 45;
    2 – 27 LB Doug Allen, a 2 yr starter, passing up LB Jack Lambert who went at 46;
    3 – 70 QB Gary Marangi, played 19 games, when WR John Stallworth went at 82;
    4 – 95 RB Carlester Crumpler (the elder), never played;
    5 – 106 RB Gary Heyman, played 19 games;
    5 – 122 T Tim Guy, never played, passing up C Mike Webster who went at 125.
    So close to so many Hall of Famers, but so far….

  41. 1999 Browns draft – worst draft ever
    1 1 Tim Couch Quarterback Kentucky
    2 32 Kevin Johnson Wide receiver Syracuse
    45 Rahim Abdullah Linebacker Clemson
    3 62 Daylon McCutcheon Cornerback USC
    78 Marquis Smith Defensive back California
    4 124 Wali Rainer Linebacker Virginia
    5 148 Darrin Chiaverini Wide receiver Colorado
    6 174 Marcus Spriggs Defensive tackle Troy State
    187 Kendall Ogle Linebacker Maryland
    191 James Dearth Tight end Tarleton State
    7 207 Madre Hill Running back Arkansas

  42. @PFTisRetarded.
    Gene Smith makes all of the personnel decision since last year. Back then, it was a committee of Del Rio and James “Shack” Harris who made the personnel decisions. Harris was the “mastermind” behind the 2008 draft trades.
    If you look at Shack’s drafts from 2003 through 2008, they were all pretty much HORRIBLE. Of all of his drafts for the Jaguars, Derrick Harvey is the only first rounder still on the team, and he just got benched. Shack gave the Jaguars such jewels at Byron Leftwich (his first ever pick as Jaguars GM), Reggie Williams, Matt Jones, Reggie Nelson…all first round BUSTS. Now you can add Harvey to that list of first rounds busts.
    In regards to Shack’s 2008 draft, 2005 could even be worse. Not one single player that Shack drafted in 2005 is still on the Jaguars.
    Shack Harris set the Jaguars back AT LEAST 5-7 years. Gene Smith is slowly cleaning it up.

  43. Vikes gave up less to acquire Jared Allen the same year, about a month before the draft IIRC. Yikes.

  44. 2002 Falcons
    1st: TJ Duckett
    3rd: Will Overstreet
    4th: Martin Bibla
    5th: Kevin McCadam
    5th: Kurt Kittner
    6th: Kahlil Hill
    6th: Michael Coleman
    7th: Quincy Monk

  45. 2003 Falcons
    1st: traded to Bills for Peerless Price
    2nd: Bryan Scott
    4th: Justin Griffith
    5th: Jon Olinger
    6th: LaTarence Dunbar
    6th: Waine Bacon
    7th: Demetrin Veal

  46. In fairness, it is up to GMs to draft players and make those moves (a majority of the time), but it is also up to the coaches to develop that talent.

  47. blastfurniss – google is your friend. browns are square in the middle of pack with avg age. not one of oldest (my pats, vikes, skins, steelers, cowboys) are at the old greybeard end…

  48. There was a NY Jets draft in the 80’s where they cut every single player in training camp… I think it the the one before or after they drafted OT David Williams.

  49. I’m fairly certain Harvey didn’t forget how to play football when he went from UF to the Jags. After all, Harvey was pretty successful in tossing guys around that are solid O-line starters in the NFL at this time.
    Maybe it is the hell hole that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ditto on Reggie Nelson as well. A trend has been set. It’s the coaching, not the players.

  50. 1986 – New York Jets
    Rd Sel # Player Position School
    1 22 Mike Haight G Iowa
    2 49 Doug Williams T Texas A&M
    3 79 Tim Crawford LB Texas Tech
    4 105 Rogers Alexander LB Penn State
    5 132 Ron Hadley LB Washington
    7 189 Bob White C Rhode Island
    8 215 Robert Ducksworth DB Southern Mississippi
    9 245 Nuu Faaola RB Hawaii
    10 272 Carl Carr LB North Carolina
    11 299 Vince Amoia — Arizona State
    12 328 Sal Cesario T Cal Poly-S.L.O.
    Perhaps Mike Haight made the team out of TC, but this is a pathetic list.

  51. Yeah, Shack Harris screwed us over in the time he was here and his last draft (The 2008 draft) was the icing on the cake.

  52. @midwest:
    Actually, the Harris era did have one reasonably successful draft: 2006. You forgot our 2006 #1 pick was Marcedes Lewis, who’s turned out pretty well, and we did get Maurice Jones-Drew in round two.

  53. @ gambit: Dude, you stole my thunder. You are right on the money though, Troy “can’t catch a cold” Williamson @ #7 & Erasmus James @ #19 both in the first round!? It can’t get & shouldn’t get any worse.
    That Bengals draft was pretty bad also.

  54. “BAtkins63 says:
    October 27, 2010 5:58 PM
    I’m fairly certain Harvey didn’t forget how to play football when he went from UF to the Jags. After all, Harvey was pretty successful in tossing guys around that are solid O-line starters in the NFL at this time.
    Maybe it is the hell hole that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ditto on Reggie Nelson as well. A trend has been set. It’s the coaching, not the players.”
    That explains Jarvis Moss too? Keiwan Ratliff? Gerard Warren? Reggie McGrew?

  55. Only good pass rusher out of Florida I can even remember from the last 15 years is Jevon Kearse. Their stupid fans are so rabid about that program.. they remind me of fundamentalist religious peopole. Blind faith in their program no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary… and they’re only happy with scores like 42-3 vs Temple, 57-6 vs Vandy, etc. Terrible moronic fanbase and since I live in Jacksonville where I’m surrounded by them, I can make that comment. They know nothing about real football, and if you think the spread option is real football you’re sorely mistaken.

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