Moss still not talking to the media

Vikings receiver Randy Moss is talking a blue streak when it comes to working with his coaching staff to prepare for Sunday’s game against Randy’s most recent former team.

But he’s not talking to the folks who cover his current team.

Moss continues a media boycott that, according to Tom Pelissero of, is entering its third week.  “I don’t have any questions or answers for you, man,” Moss said Wednesday, per Pelissero.

As Terrell Owens learned last year, players are required to make themselves available to the media at a minimum after each game.  Failure to do so can result in the imposition of a fine.

And if Moss is fined $10,000, look for him to once again say, “What’s 10 grand to me?

24 responses to “Moss still not talking to the media

  1. This is by no means news. The local Bay Area papers tried to make some sort of story out of this when he was with the Raiders.
    Note to media: The rank and file public doesn’t care who will or won’t talk to you, just do your job.

  2. Who cares what Randy Moss has to say. He just got traded to no man’s land. I don’t think I would want to talk to anybody either! LOL

  3. Got the world by the ass and still gotta be a jerk.
    Very telling.
    I’m quite relieved he’s no longer a Patriot.

  4. Another schism? Could Moss be upset about his lack of targets? Or the fact the Vikes are just using him for a one year run? His big thing in NE was he wanted an extension. Judging by how many times I saw him jogging routes and the no jump at the end of the game…who’d want to pay the guy?

  5. Just like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco. A boatload of talent, yet acts like an anti social punk

  6. If I made what Moss or any other NFL player makes, I’d sit aside a chunk of that change to pay the fines for not talking to the media..

  7. I don’t blame him one bit, the people that run the league are such controlling creeps. Why would Moss want to talk to the media after they way they have treated him over the years. Randy’s a very loyal soul, few in the media are worthy of his time…

  8. Randy’s silence is a devastating loss to humanity. His wise words have long served as inspiration to the masses.

  9. At the end of this year to the rest of the his life Randy is gonna turn into T.O. Just jumping from team to team complaining about never getting a ring (although the pats tried hard to get him one) and saying stupid things in the media…… So I am officially over With Randy moss and that’s coming from a pats fan

  10. Good for him. He gets ripped when he does and look at this old headline recycled. so he gets ripped again. I don’t about the other cities. But I would ignore the twin cities press too.
    Straight cash Homey

  11. I think insubordination for any reason should be suspension rather than fines. That way the player will be more than likely to follow the rules.

  12. Good! No one wants to hear him talk anyways. He sounds like a pimp with an 8th grade edjucation……”Dees shoulders of can carry da weight of da earff on dem.” Good luck Minny with this overrated douche. We and our hall of fame quarterback are doing just fine without you WR from RandU. Please!!!

  13. They crawled to Mississippi to beg an old man to play for them, then traded for a guy who’s never been anythng more than a punk. This is why they will never get that elusive SB ring.

  14. I hope they make him talk….so we can get a ballsy reporter to ask him if he’s tried running over any cops in town since his return to MN.
    Talking to the media is unfortunately part of the job.
    Go wash cars and take a 7 figure pay cut if you don’t like it, pussy.

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