Seneca Wallace wants Eric Mangini to settle on one quarterback

Browns coach Eric Mangini hasn’t said yet whether rookie Colt McCoy will remain the team’s starting quarterback after Cleveland’s Week Eight bye, provided Seneca Wallace and/or Jake Delhomme are healthy enough to play.

Wallace sounded confident that he’ll be recovered from his high ankle sprain in time to play again and believes he’s the man for the job.

“Yeah, I feel that way,” Wallace said via Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “At the end of the day, it comes
down to the coaches. Whoever’s doing the job the best, moving the team,
scoring points, making the right decisions, then that should be the

He also thinks Mangini should be a guy and stick with him.

“This isn’t college,” Wallace said. “We don’t switch quarterbacks in and
out. I think when it comes down to rhythm and gelling together, when
you have a quarterback in for one week and then the next week it’s
somebody else, that’s not a good situation. You want a guy that’s gonna
be in there, be able to move the team and continue to do that week to

We’d chose Wallace as the guy that gives the Browns the best chance to win.  If they don’t turn around their season sooner than later, then Mangini may as well play McCoy down the stretch to get the rookie more experience.

Jake Delhomme would then become a very expensive backup.

51 responses to “Seneca Wallace wants Eric Mangini to settle on one quarterback

  1. Hell, he’s 30 years old, was drafted in 2003, and has started a grand total of 14 NFL games, and his career average is 80 yards a game… For the life of me i can’t figure out why the HC won’t name him the starter…

  2. i like seneca and i think he does give us the best chance to win but the worst thing that could have happend to him was for colt to come in and play like he has. he hasnt been anything close to lights out but he isn’t doing anything to lose games which is exactly what seneca was giving us. given 2 guys who “wont lose it for you” i’d go with mccoy since he the most likely to be the future for us.

  3. I hardly ever comment but,I MUST comment on this. If you have watched all the Browns game this year you would NOT say this..Seneca struggled to grasp the offense.. He can not read defense at all.. He was blitzed and failed to check out of the play EVERY TIME.. Jake did a much better job… Jake threw no inceptions until he played hurt.. I like Seneca … AS A BACKUP Colt McCoy give the Browns a better chance to win because he has the intelligence to run the QB position.. Wallace does NOT have this saavy… Study the film.ive watched every game multiple times.. im not an expert but the film speaks volumns

  4. Oh yeah Tony Grossi is an idiot.. Here in C-town he constantly starts rumors to undermine Mangini and staff..he has done it to every coach in town.. The Cleveland Plain Dealer should fire this worthless reporter who makes this newspaper seem like a tabloid

  5. OK! I’m telling you right now, Seneca is not the guy! Jake is not the guy either!
    Get Colt in there, he’s going to Football Grad School now. He’s Smart, he’s been studying film & he’s pickup the system well. The Browns are finally moving forward, to re-insert one of the other 2 guys would be a giant step backwards.
    With McCoy, I don’t feel sick to my stomach when they hike the ball, or throw the ball! I also think Colt is as good as Sanchez or Bradford, if not better & they started as a rookie. Let’s not take a step backwards we are moving forward for the first time in 12 years.
    2-5 Mangini must go, promote Rob Ryan to HC! Out of the 7 games, Mangenius was out coached in 5. Mangini has lost all that weight, so he’s ready for job intervues. I know the Browns can beat NE, not because Mangini took all his play books with him when he left, I see the Browns are HUNGRY, The Saints weren’t & aren’t!

  6. And I’m sure Seneca Wallace’s mom is very interested in his opinion.
    Everybody else, not so much.

  7. I’m a big UT and Colt McCoy fan, but this a really close call. I was keeping an eye on his performances and stats after Jake was injured (for obvious reasons), and the fact is Wallace was looking pretty good (until his injury). I don’t think he helps his cause by second guessing the coach (“this isn’t college… we don’t switch QBs in and out… when you have a QB in one week then the next week its somebody else that’s not a good situation…”).
    Bottom line is Colt McCoy is a solid best bet to be their long term QB, and it is highly likely that view is shared by Holmgren and the coaching staff at this point. I think it is somewhat of a toss up though, as to whether the depth chart for the *near term* should be McCoy/Wallace, or Wallace/McCoy. Either way the #1 guy will be subject to being bumped to the #2 spot if he starts turning the ball over and/or fails to keep moving the chains and putting points on the board.

  8. Wallace? McCoy? Delhomme?
    Have there ever been three worse quarterbacks on an NFL team?
    In 1988, the Chargers started Babe Laufenberg, who was arguably the worst football player of that decade.
    Now, the Browns have The Three Laufenbergs.
    Mike Holmgren should be ashamed by his dereliction of general managerial duty. How is any coach supposed to compete with quarterbacks like these shmos?

  9. Ridiculous. This team is going nowhere. Starting Wallace is pointless. This team needs to find out if McCoy can play before the next draft.
    And if Seneca friggin Wallace has a problem with that, I’m sure there is a UFL franchise out there that would love to have him.

  10. Seneca is the guy?? Give me a break. When the game is on the line, he’s proven that he can’t get it done. He’s been a career backup, Holmgren knows exactly what he got with Seneca when he traded for him….a decent back up. It’s obvious that McCoy is the best QB on the roster. What, 9-17 for 74 yards makes you believe he didn’t play well?? First of all, 3 dropped passes, one pass interference that would have been a TD pass and a bobbled pass that may have been a TD pass. You must not have watched any Browns game this year. Seneca can’t throw the ball down the sideline, it almost always ends up out of bounds. McCoy was 23-33, 288 with a score, AT PITTSBURGH. BOTH of his interceptions hit off receivers hands FIRST. You can’t possibly believe that Jake or your beloved Seneca would have A) showed that kind of poise against an agressive defense. B) been extremely accurate like Colt was. or C) took ownership of his team and showed leadership. Just because Seneca’s statistics are the best he’s had in his storied career as a back up, he produced just as many wins as Colt has, in over twice as many games.

  11. the dumbest move they made was getting Delhomme and paying him all that money.Wallace, this is not a normal franchise this is the Cleveland Browns.

  12. Everybody knowns the deal. Don’t need to be a pro coach or GM to know starting Colt is the most logical choice. Seneca was drafted as a back-up. He knows that, of course he wants to play but statements that are counterproductive should be left unsaid. Stop whining and just be a team player. Support Colt and stay ready and prepared for when your number called.

  13. winslow says:
    October 27, 2010 8:54 PM
    Wallace? McCoy? Delhomme?
    Have there ever been three worse quarterbacks on an NFL team?
    Yes. A team last year that had Anderson, Quinn, and Ratliff.
    Now go back to trolling, mmmm’k?

  14. Going in to the Steelers game, I fully believed McCoy would cave in, feign an injury, and leave the field. No one was more surprised than I was that he not only held up under the onslaught, but found his voice as a leader on the field. At this point, Mangini needs to name him the starter for the season, not just the week.
    Let’s be honest: The likelihood of the Browns making the playoffs this season is slim. Too many strong teams in the AFC. So this is about the future–and we know neither Wallace nor Delhomme is the long-term future of this franchise. McCoy could be. Let him get acclimated, get used to the offense, have his trial by fire. He’ll face a couple of defenses as tough as the Steelers were but none tougher. Let him grow into the starting position now, and next season the Browns will probably be contending. They’ve already got a lot of the other pieces in place.

  15. @billsfan1
    Sanchez is the most overrated player in the NFL, period.
    Bradford may ultimately prove to be the real deal, but so far he hasn’t exactly been spectacular. After getting full tilt practice in pre-season with the 1st string, with 7 starts under his belt, a 71 QB rating with a 56% completion rate, 8 interceptions, one lost fumble, 15 sacks. Eh – not terrible, but not terribly impressive.
    Matter of fact, yes, I’d put my money on McCoy eventually proving himself to be the better QB. Lets face it, his accuracy is off the charts and lets not forget he basically re-wrote the record books during his reign at one of the country’s premier college programs.

  16. Starting Colt would be a waste of time. He’s never going to be good. For the guy who said he’s just as good as Sanchez & Bradford, I’d love to know what you were doing before that post. I’ll give you Sanchez; however being as good as Sanchez is nothing to be proud of. The guy is horrible & he had the most weapons on offense in the NFL. If Jake Delhomme was the Jets QB, they might now collapse this year. Sanchez is terrible & will never amount to anything. As for Bradford, the only thing Colt & Bradford have in common is that they’re both Big XII alum. Colt never has & never will be in the same league as Bradford. Bradford has a stronger arm, better accuracy & better decision making than Colt. Bradford is also a hell of a lot tougher than Colt. Bradford returned from a separated throwing shoulder after 3 weeks; Colt sat out the BCS Championship Game because of a “stinger.” Truth being told, he sat out because he and his daddy knew he would look like a fool against Alabama’s D & tried to save his draft stock (so much for that). In that much praised QB class of Bradford, Colt, Jimmy C & Tim Tebow, none of them besides Bradford will amount anything in the NFL. Colt will probably be the worst of the bunch. It’s also common sense that Colt will not amount to anything; his name is just too cool. The Browns might as well lose a lot of games this year, again, and hope they have a chance at Ryan Mallet. If they rely on Colt, this team has many many more losing seasons ahead of them.

  17. Seneca did a good job. I’m glad we got him, but what does he give you every game? 180yds and 1td? Yeah he can hit that mark every week, but McCoy already has the most yds in a game for any Browns Qb this year. His stats at NO were down because he did not need to throw. Against the Steelers, dude put up nearly 300yds.
    McCoy starts the rest of the way. I would say it has been decided since Pittsburgh.
    If you think Wallace gives them a better chance at winning, watch McCoys 4th quater pass down the sideline to Evan Moore. If the ball would have been an inch off in any direction, Moore doesn’t catch it. Bradford doesn’t make throws like that, and Sanchez still doesn’t either. Stafford might, but I’m not %100 sure he is still alive.

  18. If Seneca Wallace is so good then why isn’t he starting in Seattle. He believes in himself as he should but he also has a record. The president and the coach of the Browns should stop fooling around and make Colt McCoy the starter. The future is now.
    Delhomme and Wallace represent the logic of playing not to lose. But rookie quarterbacks are showing that they can make plays and aren’t overwhelmed by playing at this level, especially Colt McCoy.

  19. Hilarious!
    Where does a careeer backup get the stones to drop the “play me or trade me” demand on his head coach?
    I don’t care if it is the Browns, that takes some stones.

  20. Hilarious!
    Where does a careeer backup get the stones to drop the “play me or trade me” demand on his head coach?
    I don’t care if it is the Browns, that takes some stones.

  21. Colt….it’s time to put on your big boy pants. A year or so early but by far now the best choice. You don’t win 45 Games in any BCS league and not have a few stones and some brains. Look at the Longhorns now with just about as much talent and an NFL armed QB getting 1/3 the offense they had with Colt running the squad. Same running backs, most of the offensive line and all but one receiver (albiet a good one in J Shipley). The kid has some talent and brains and throws to the right color jersey most of the time. Have a seat Jake and Seneca. Collect your checks and grab a clipboard.

  22. Jake Delhomme looked like a potential Comeback Player of the Year in the preseason. He looked good in the season opener until his ankle got effed up. His ankle was still sprained when he came into the game in relief a few weeks ago, then he sprained it AGAIN. Everyone is writing him off completely despite not seeing him throw healthy. I don’t blame Mangini for holding out hope that Delhomme can come back and play like he did in the preseason, but I tend to lean toward the “this team isn’t winning anything this year, so you might as well play the rookie and see what you’ve really got” argument at this point. McCoy’s looked good against two of the best teams in the league in his first two NFL starts. Wallace looked good compared to the past decade of Browns QBs, but that’s not exactly saying much. I think Delhomme probably gives the team the best chance to win more than 6 games this year, but if Mangini’s got the guts to gamble on whether Holmgren will keep him around after another 5-11 (or worse) season, McCoy should be the man from here on out, barring an injury.

  23. Seneca Wallace is just speaking up trying to get released so he can go sign with Dallas… rumor has it, they need a QB now.

  24. Wallace is okay, but he’s a backup. Might as well get McCoy some play time, because he at least has the opportunity to grow as a QB. I wouldn’t put Delhomme in unless everyone else was injured.

  25. Cheer up Cleveland fans, you may have the worst 3 QB’s of all time this year, but by this time next year, you’ll have the OLDEST QB in the league, Mr. Matthew Hasselback as your QB. Holmy will sign him to a 2 yr deal as your GM!
    His contract is up and right now, no one is Seattle wants him back! He’s all yours Cleveland! and we don’t want Seneca back either, we have “Clipboard Jesus” as our new starting QB.
    God help us all!

  26. Seneca Wallace should watch out when speaking about the decisions his coach makes. “This isn’t college,” Wallace said. “We don’t switch quarterbacks in and out.
    Hate to tell you this Seneca, but I think that the decision sits in the coaching staff’s hands, not yours. Just be happy you have a team to call your own. You could be playing in the UFL.

  27. winslow says:
    October 27, 2010 8:54 PM
    Wallace? McCoy? Delhomme?
    Have there ever been three worse quarterbacks on an NFL team?

    I take it you didn’t watch the Browns last year. Or Arizona this year.

  28. Seneca Wallace is a BUM!! He has no business starting in the NFL. You want to start, go to the UFL.
    Delhomme is a bum now too. He is useful for his mentoring of Colt Mccoy other than that he is worthless.
    These 3 QBs wont start on any team other than maybe bills or jags. The browns stand no chance in advancing this season even after beating the saints. They should stick with Colt and let him get as much NFL expierence as possible to see what he really is. The team around him is descent and its not like hes being thrown to the wolves.

  29. Mangini didn’t “switch QB’s in and out”. as Seneca is portrayed as saying.
    He switched QB’s because they got injured. agreed with an above poster…Grossi is making up a story to make EM look bad. I would have liked to see the question Grossi asked to get Seneca to say what he said.

  30. Mangini didn’t “switch QB’s in and out”. as Seneca is portrayed as saying.
    He switched QB’s because they got injured. agreed with an above poster…Grossi is making up a story to make EM look bad. I would have liked to see the question Grossi asked to get Seneca to say what he said.

  31. “This isn’t college”
    No, it isnt. But your game is. Thats why you threw and ran for a skillion yards at N.Iowa, but didnt bust a grape at this level (other than pre-season blowouts in garbage time).
    McCoy is a game manager at this point. But Wallace is a straight-up back up.

  32. winslow says”Mike Holmgren should be ashamed by his dereliction of general managerial duty. ”
    He is not the General Manager. He is the President of football operations. Tom Heckert is the G.M.

  33. In all honesty – I like Wallace and his ability – but he is not accurate with throws of 30 yeards or longer.
    McCoy is possibly the future and the musical chairs game at quarterback has to stop! McCoy is playing smart and he’s healthy play him until otherwise.
    That’s how I feel, Delhomme started making bad choices when in there, so he lost his shot with the injury and the same thing with Wallace, if he wouldn’t have got hurt after replacing Delhomme, I would have said keep him in there.
    But since both of them went down, Colt’s healthy and playing descent – keep the kid in there – just like Baltmore did with Flacco! Whoever stays healthy, doesn’t create turnovers, keeps the job, plain and simple!

  34. Dear Dr. Kappy:
    Thanks for the diagnosis of McCoy’s BCS Championship game injury as a “stinger”. According to him, he had no feeling in his throwing arm. And I’m sure he really helped his draft stock by sitting out the biggest game of his career. That’s the way to impress the NFL scouts.
    It is better to remain quiet and appear stupid than it is to open your mouth and erase all doubt.
    You, sir, have erased all doubt.
    Feel free to resume trolling. We’ll be looking for you…

  35. McCoy comes from a successful college team who was used to winning. McCoy has the most desire to win and to win NOW! He isn’t used to anything else. I have a High-Def tv…when you look at his face after Lawrence Vickers drops one of many perfect passes right through his hands…McCoy looks DISGUSTED! He might not have the cojones to grab Vickers by the facemask and tell him to get with it just yet…but a few more wins will give him the team’s respect and that day will come. He needs to hold his teammates accountable when they make him look bad. He’ll get there. Have you ever seen Peyton after one of his teammates screws up? Does the phrase “Idiot Kicker” ring a bell? McCoy is the future.

  36. The difference between McCoy and the others is this: McCoy doesn’t lose the game. He makes smart plays. His O-Line and D-Backs cost him the game against the Squeelers…or he would have won that one too.

  37. I am not a Browns fan but have been following because after watching Colt for four years at UT – it is hard not to become a fan. While the golly – gosh stuff is a plus. I like to think of Colt as a surprising at every level – because he has never had never had the size or strength for the classic A+ rating. At UT he was third on the depth chart when he was recruited. He moved to two when Ryan Perileaux switched schools and then proceeded to beat out Jevan Snead. The other two guys were 5 star recruits – and where are they now? Gilbert (now at UT) was the highest rated QB in the 2009 class but is clearly struggling with a better supporting cast than what Colt had last year. Gilberts’ throws are not accurate largely because of his indecisive timing . The difference in telling. At UT Colt played against huge crowds and practiced all week against a lot of DBs and LBs now playing in the in the NFL. Colt’s M.O. is making it to the low end of the depth chart – and then quickly climbing the ladder – exceeding expectations. It will be interesting to see where his talent eventually tops out – because his commitment and work ethic will not…. If you really want Colt and the Browns to succeed – just have Holmgren trade for that undersized slot back playing for the striped team in Cinci.

  38. If you read Colt’s comments – the conservative game plan after the Browns lead in NO was to grind. Why risk a turnover – when the defense is playing well – and all you need is time off the clock? Style points don’t count for much in the NFL.

  39. Judging by the amount of trolls in this thread, it’s pretty obvious that there’s plenty of people who are pissed off that the Browns put up a much better than expected fight against the Steelers and then beat the “World Champion” (yawn) Saints.
    They’re all beside themselves with panic and anger that the team who they consider a perrenial whipping boy is looking like they may not be playing that roll much longer.
    It’s just not as fun for you guys trashing other losers like the Lions, huh? That’s gonna be really hard for you troll because the Lions have blue uniforms and having the brain power to think of anything above the level of shit jokes is asking too much from you. Understood.

  40. Nice post TD40.
    You got that exactly right. The Browns have been an easy target for these knuckledragging types for a long while now. But things are changing. People dont like change when it conflicts with their fun. Browns rhymes with Clowns. How clever. Hey…we can call em Stains. Even better. They are from Cleveland and everyone knows Cleveland is a joke. Riiight.
    I live here in Cleveland and I love it. Best kept secret in the US. World class arts and some great food and entertainment. A rich sports history…and we hope a bright future. Colt McCoy we hope is a leader in that future but we know it is at hand.
    Let the haters hate. Soon enough they will have to find a new patsy to puch around.

  41. Lets go back t 2004:
    the Browns select….Kellen Winslow?!!! Hey guys that Roethlisberger guy is out there, maybe we should give him a chance.
    Or even better you should have brought your franchise back in 98 instead of 99 to get Peyton Manning instead of Tim frickn’ Counch. Oh wait its the Browns they would have taken Ryan Leaf or Brian Griese with that 1st overall pick.

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