White, Hall, Mare named NFC players of the week

Falcons receiver Roddy White, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Seahawks kicker Olindo Mare have been named the NFC players of the week.

White had 11 catches for 201 yards and two touchdowns in the Falcons’ 39-32 win over the Bengals. The offensive player of the week honor was White’s first player of the week award.

White was joined in player of the week honors by Hall, a former teammate who like White was fined in 2007 for uniform violations as several Falcons showed their support for Michael Vick. Hall won the defensive player of the week award after he intercepted four passes and returned one 92 yards for a touchdown in the Redskins’ win over the Bears. Hall was the 19th player and third Redskin to have a four-interception game; the others were Sammy Baugh in 1943 and Dan Sandifer in 1948.

Mare was named special teams player of the week after going 5-for-5 on field goals in the Seahawks’ 22-10 win over the Cardinals. Mare actually made four other field goals that were nullified by penalties in the game. He’s the second Seahawk to win the special teams player of the week award this year, after Leon Washington in Week 3.

10 responses to “White, Hall, Mare named NFC players of the week

  1. Nine field goals would be a record, although some of the FGs called back were probably followed up by another FG 5-to-15 yards longer.

  2. Praise then put down Hall and White with a Vick-related story from ’07?? Are you kidding me…what kind of hack journalist are you? Why not bring up Olindo’s binge drinking days at MacMurray College to keep it all fair??

  3. MDS, seriously….White and Hall were both teammates with Falcons, isn’t that connection enough? What’s the point of bringing Vick and the fines they got into a discussion of their performances THIS week? Just so you could get some page views on a 2007 post?
    I’d expect that from Florio, but you? Et tu MDS?

  4. MacMurray College? blasphemer. Mare was an Orangeman.
    also, what was worst about the Vick reference: that it came up at all or that it linked to an ESPN article? for shame, guy who isn’t the MDS who edits the Yahoo! Shutdown Corner blog.

  5. I’ve taken my shots at MeAngelo in the past, but you’ve got to give credit when credit is due: he’s playing well in Washington, and his INTs show the great ball skills he’s always had….Still not as good as his salary or rep suggest, but a useful player

  6. Really showing a lot of class in this article…pretty close to leaving this site until the offseason.

  7. You ever notice how on Football Night in America, they always talk about the football stuff with the ex players and coaches and cut to Florio to ask him about gossip? I applaud Florio for getting as far as he has with his site, but it’s kind of demeaning to him to ask him about rumors and he said she said stuff that’s normally attributed to teenage girls. This site is kind of entertaining, but I kind of like it less and less every time I see Florio on TV. Stick to the internet, on TV you really look like a parasite that doesn’t belong.

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