Cowboys record could dictate whether Tony Romo returns

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed on Thursday what was obvious enough when quarterback Tony Romo broke his clavicle: Romo is far from a lock to return this season, and the Cowboys’ record will probably play a factor in his status.

(Heck, it was obvious enough for us to conclude two days ago.)

“We’ll just see what the circumstances are at that time,” Jones said
Thursday via Tim McMahon of “We’ll see how well we’re playing. They remember what you do in
November. That is an old college saying that my coach used to say all
the time.”

Jones didn’t rule out playing Romo if the team is out of playoff contention.

“We will be weighing that aspect of where he is in the healing process
relative to any risk that you might take with him playing,” Jones said.

We don’t think the Cowboys will rally to contend, but it’s also somewhat amazing how few people around the team think they can even be respectable without their starting quarterback.  The Steelers went 3-1 without Ben Roethlisberger.  The Patriots went 11-5 without Tom Brady.

The Cowboys have built up their defense over the years enough it should be able to carry them.  It just doesn’t seem likely to happen

44 responses to “Cowboys record could dictate whether Tony Romo returns

  1. Jerry, no one wants to hear pearls of wisdom from your old college days. You still think our ‘Boys are going to make it to the big dance?
    Not until you change your ways.

  2. Cowboys will be lucky to win 1 more game. They might as well look forward to the 2011 draft. Unfortunately, they’ll waste their first round pick instead of investing in an area of need.

  3. No other team in football would have an owner making this statement. The other 31 teams would have it come from the head coach. This is a big reason why the Cowboys are so dysfunctional. Enjoy an underachieving John Fox in a few months. He’ll be just another glass ceiling in Jerry World.

  4. Are you serious? Romo comes back if in contension? If Cowboys are in contension it will be due to Kitna! Romo had a 1-5 record! How people forget what the media was saying what of Steelers were 3-1 without Ben, will Dixon or Leftwich still get startign joba nd Ben be on bench? Romo will be 2012!!! Not this year and lockout next so he has 20 months plus to get ready!

  5. This whole premise ignores the obvious — if the Cowboys rebound well enough to make the playoffs, it would mean they did so with Kitna at the helm. Why, then, would they make a QB switch back to the guy who ld them to a 1 – 5 start?

  6. I’m not for sure why everybody is jumping on the Jon Kitna bandwagon. He played a few games a few years ago and we were horrible. The good news is we should get a good draft pick to replace Kitna next year.

  7. Kitna will be fine, thats a great WR core. maybe if the DE’s think theyd run more theyd slow down a little, this could help Dallas in the long run. Might spur them to run a bit more. And Kitna showed he can throw it well enough. No more, no less losses than with Romo

  8. Cowboys would be stupid to let Romo play. Because:
    1. If they are out of playoff contention, then no need to jeopardize a re-aggrevation of the injury.
    2. If they are in playoff contention, that means Kitna would have led them to at least a 6-2 record and benching a “hot” qb for a guy coming off injury would be dumb

  9. Dallas sucks as a team. As soon as you pundits realize this they might try to get better.
    Hopefully you never do. I love them being a bottom 5 of the NFL team.

  10. Absurd. The season is over for Dallas. Put Romo on IR. Call Dante Culpepper or Jeff Garcia. Draft a QB in April, and let Romo babysit for a year or two.

  11. The last time Dallas cowbites went 1-15 the NFL came up with the idea of rebuilding them quick. So that’s how the H.Walker trade came about. Anything to help those cowbiters. hey let’s allow them to trade one player for 15. Were watching you NFL!

  12. Kolb to Jackson – you talk a lot for someone who’s never seen a Championship. I’m 24 and have had the privilege of seeing my team win 3 times. My father and Uncles have witnessed it a few more than that. How many times have the E-girls won a Super Bowl?

  13. The Cowboys have built up their defense over the years enough it should be able to carry them. It just doesn’t seem likely to happen
    Well, duh. The defense certainly sucked ass Monday, I don’t see any reason why thats going to change soon. Maybe next year with a new set of coaches.

  14. Looks like a typical Dallas Cowboy season: They’ll try to play spoiler for Philly at season’s end.
    The funny thing is this: League insiders are already talking about the Cowboys window closing….was it ever open over the last decade and a ½?
    Don’t worry Dallas Cowboy fan, you still can cheer for the Texas Rangers….Ooops, down 0-1.

  15. So Romo is off to vacation
    JJ is such a media whore he is the Owner the GM the Press Sec
    There is no on to blame for the melt down in big D
    Other then JJ
    If he is going to fire anyone he will need a mirror

  16. If Kitna leads them back into playoff contention, they’ll bring Romo back if he’s available. But would he be the starter?

  17. ryanmace says:
    October 28, 2010 8:05 PM
    Kolb to Jackson – you talk a lot for someone who’s never seen a Championship. I’m 24 and have had the privilege of seeing my team win 3 times. My father and Uncles have witnessed it a few more than that. How many times have the E-girls won a Super Bowl?
    I’m sure your father wouldn’t want to witness being 1-5 right now. Yea I thought so Cowgirls fan.

  18. Cowboy fans, rough years ahead if Jerry doesn’t see the light. No other owner would have made a speech the way he did before Monday’s game on national television. PT Barnum at his best.
    …and he isn’t going anywhere yet. I just hope the next coach presses Jerry into a deal where he will be “hands off”.

  19. For those of us not cowpie fans, who have not drank the Kool Aid on Romo, well we see him as a big fat choking dog. If you puke fans actually think when, and if Romo returns hes going to be your saviour, best think again. He is already a choke. Now he has a memory of getting that collar bone crushed against the turf. Oh I think he will hear footsteps for quite sometime if he returns. He’s gonna choke some more and you can take that to the bank pukes.
    Skelator, what can you say. Better look forward to the boxing match in your venue because the pukes let you down again. Every time they need to show up and say thanks for that facility and fans they get whupped.
    Opener in the new stadium. Choke.
    Close out in the old stadium. Choke.
    Player apreciation days. Choke.
    Superbowl to be played in your own venue. Run your mouths about how your gonna represent. Choke.

  20. “Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed on Thursday what was obvious enough when quarterback Tony Romo broke his clavicle”
    And you sir, have just mentioned the obvious with your headline. I don’t normally comment but this news is so hot off the press I couldn’t help myself. This is almost as obvious as something Cris Collinsworth would say.

  21. The cowgirls suck, and all their delusional fans need to put 2 and 2 together to figure out that THEY SUCK!!! They will not be in any playoffs, or anywhere near the playoffs unless they are buying tickets. Cowboy fans=Most irrational, delusional, unrealistic fans in the NFL. What happened to all that super bowl talk? The team is horrible, just move to another city and maybe then you can eek out an 8 win season.

  22. ryan says:
    Kolb to Jackson – you talk a lot for someone who’s never seen a Championship. I’m 24 and have had the privilege of seeing my team win 3 times. My father and Uncles have witnessed it a few more than that. How many times have the E-girls won a Super Bowl?
    first, everyone has watched numerous championships as they are won every year. just because you got lucky with the team you are aligned with doesnt mean you “watch” football any differently.
    second, the quality of a fan’s team has nothing to do with their football knowledge. i live in a city without an nfl team, and cheer for a brutal team but i can guarantee i watch, and know more football than you. ive seen as much of your beloved 3 superbowls as you have, and many more.
    finally wtf does the titles your dad and uncle have been alive for have anything to do with anything?

  23. Lolls. So…if Kitna or whoever digs them out of their hole, and somehow miraculously gets them into playoff contention, the best move is to take that QB out and put Romo back in????? That might be the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.

  24. Jerry my man. You really haven’t done A hell of lot since you popped off on Jimmy have ya? Tell me how many “big” games has Romo won? Your team showed zero heart Monday. I would suggest rebuilding but your too much of a meddler to allow that to happen.
    Watching two other teams in the SB at your billion dollar house — priceless!

  25. Perhaps, destiny has taken a hand in the Cowboys future. The team could certainly have a winning season with Kitna behind the center. I’m still trying to figure out who thought Tony Romo was the greatest thing since sliced bread?
    The offense is as unfocused as the quarterback is. At the moment, the Browns offense with Colt McCoy playing looks more determined than the Cowboys offense does. I believe Kitna will change that. Maybe, a blessing in disguise.
    How about this scenario? Kitna and the Cowboys make the playoffs. Romo is now healthy. Does Jones put Romo in to finish the season, one way or another? It’s a definite possibility. The game is not over.

  26. As a Dallas fan, I can admit that the Cowboys are as bad as they’ve been in YEARS. I myself am predicting a 4-12 record and a top 8 pick in the draft. This team has zero heart, which is evident in them not being able to win close games anymore.
    I think a horrible season like this should be a wake up call to Jerry. STOP MEDDLING! Hire a hard ass Head Coach, fire Jason Garrett (who calls draw plays more than anyone I’ve ever seen, and for some reason loves to run the same plays back to back), and step aside and let the coaches do their work. This team won’t be great again until the reins are handed over to Stephen Jones.
    Seriously, where the f*** does Jason Garrett get his plays from? Tecmo Bowl?

  27. The Cowboys have no quarterback, coach, big time receiver and O-line. Romo is an average quarterback that’s surrounded by talent but, chokes at the end of tight games. And their receivers put up gaudy stats because of the system Jason Garrett runs in his offensive schemes. They are nothing but, average receivers….Wade is too soft and JJ is too stubborn to hire a real coach like Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden….I wonder how many Cowboys fans have jump ship and became a Steelers fan?….The Cowboys are a complete mess and it will take a while for it all to be fixed. They should have never gotten rid of Terrell Owens. He might be a cry baby but, he’s a big time receiver. They should ditch Romo after the season and draft a new franchise quarterback….oops, I forgot JJ is their owner/GM and Wade is their coach.

  28. PFT doesn’t think the girls will rally to win…go figure! Since when have the girls ever shown any resolve or backbone of any kind? Oh yeah, never. Never will either. I mean, if your season hinges upon Tony Romo (really, what’s with the backwards baseball cap?), you can forget about any meaningful success…i.e….post-season wins. The girls are gagging dogs, plain and simple.

  29. Roscoe – “Tecmo Bowl” – EPIC!
    Jones won’t do the right thing and step aside, hire a GM and Head Coach, park Romo’s butt on the bench/release him and draft for a QB with some promise and park his butt in the owner’s box – he’s a control freak (think CAPT Queeg from the Cain Mutiny). It’s all abut control – his control of the franchise.
    Here’s how it will play out – Romo heals up in DEC, Jerrah wants him in to wrap up the season (he’ll be under the delusion that the ‘boys will be in the hunt for a playoff spot), Romo gets hurt again. Jerrah fires Wade on the Monday after the season ends, but holds on to the staff…and he promotes Garrett to HC. Draft comes up and Jerrah has a “gut feeling” that some undrafted free agent is the second coming of Joe Montana/Roger Staubach/Y. A.Tittle and goes with him (kid ends up being another Jawalrus/Cryin’ Ryan Leaf), under Romo’s “tutelage” (aka – hanging with Hollywood celebs and not learning how to be a QB in the NFL). Team become a perennial also-ran (like the Lions) until Jerrah dies or sells the team (at a loss) to someone else.
    Jerrah needs to stick with his real job (oil drilling company businessman) and stop playing rotisserie league football with a stories franchise.

  30. As a Cowboys fan, I know that as long as Jerrah is the owner we will have coaching problems. No coach who is good will put up with Jerrah’s nonsense…
    Fire Fat Wade
    Fire Jason Over-hyped Garrett
    Trade or release Tony Over-hyped RomEo OR
    Hire another milk toast coach and watch the stupidity continue.
    The last good coach was Jimmy and Jerrah ran him off. When Parcells was coach he was tired and willing to put with Jerrah for a few years…
    It’s all just sad that an organization with so many resources can be so bad

  31. Your team is sunk Tony. Go lay on the beach in Cancun like you would prefer to do 52 weeks a year.

  32. America’s Team bagged the season already, and we haven’t even reached November.
    How ’bout them Cowboys?

  33. I am sorry to say this!
    But it is so beautiful to see the Cowboy charade blow up in all the bandwagoneers faces! lol!!!!
    Tony Romo is down, their record is 1-5, the Super Bowl will be in the Jones-Mahal this year and it all backed fire on them!
    As a Browns fan – misery loves company! Come on in and kick yo’ mutha-freakin’ feet up and grab a beer, because now you are starting to know how we feel!
    Get ready to blow the whole thing up and get ready for a new coach and a new quarterback!
    Browns Nation – No one ever said it was easy, being a Browns fan!

  34. @ ryanmace
    Since you, your father and your grandfather all share an uncanny ability to watch football games, I’d have to assume there is a genetic predisposition involved.

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