League looking at Moss media blackout

On Wednesday, Tom Pelissero of 1500espn.com pointed out that Vikings receiver Randy Moss has entered the third week of a media boycott.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that the league is exploring the situation.

“They are expected to cooperate with the media following each game and during the practice week,” Aiello told us via e-mail.  “We are looking into this.”

Last year, Aiello had to read to then-Bills receiver Terrell Owens the relevant portion of the league policy in this regard, at a time when T.O. decided not to meet with the media because he believed the media was baiting him into saying things that made him look silly.  (This year, Owens is doing it all on his own, via The T.Ocho Show.)

Moss could be fined if he refuses to cooperate.  At least the league won’t have to deduct the money from his paycheck.

34 responses to “League looking at Moss media blackout

  1. He should answer every question with a statement about how the league screws over the players rights and other union issues. They will be begging him to shut up after a few weeks.

  2. Hi, I’m Jimmy Smith. Have I told you all that I hate the Vikings, Brett Favre, and Brad Childress? I also love to call Childress “Col. Klink and Brett Favre “BrINT” , pretty clever huh! I hate them all… There Jimmy, I saved you and the rest of us from your tired takes.

  3. I don’t blame Moss one bit for giving the vultures as little as possible. Moss, TO, Chad (many others) have all said some silly things but they surely don’t deserve to be villified for it, since the propagation and sensationalism is the fault of mass media.

  4. LMAO…like anyone cares what he has to say anyway.
    These guys sign a contract. They are entertainers. Part of the contract says that they have to interact with the media, because it’s entertaining. If he was hired as a singer and didn’t sing…that would be a problem too.
    Just talk in a low voice Randy. Like I said, no one cares anyway.

  5. Wow this division of the NFL must be a great place to work. Digging and scavenging for wrong doers and levying fines.
    Florio can you find out what the monthly quotas are for the NFL police?

  6. @billygoat
    THANK YOU! I’ve been saying this same thing for a while. Just completely ignore every dumb question, and give a response about what’s wrong with the league and owners. Like you said… the media would either stop caring about that particular player, or the league would actually want the player to shut up.

  7. Hey should do a Rasheed.. “just played hard.. played together as a team.. Just did our best.. etc.. They’ll leave Randy the hell alone after about three weeks of that..

  8. If you don’t talk……… We fine you.
    If you talk and we don’t like what you say…..We fine you.
    It would be much easier to work a fine account into new contracts much like a 401K.

  9. I can’t beleive the Vikings wanted this guy. But then again, it’s the same team that sent 3 players crawling on their hands and knees to Mississippi to beg an old man to come back and play for them. Pathetic franchise.

  10. This is as stupid as the no celebration rule. I don’t care WHAT Moss has to say. He’s probably not too happy about what has happened to him – getting hooked up with a has-been – and doesn’t want to talk about it. Fine. Leave him the f alone.
    I know this is off topic but it’s another NFL “rule” that I think is reducing the NFL to the truly No Fun League. Dancing in the end zone and showing alma mater signs is just not worth all the hoopla. If they want to target a time limit on the celebrations, fine. The networks can choose to show it or not. Why in the world does the NFL need to get in it…unless of course it turns into mooning the fans – . I for one LIKE to see the dance celebrations. So what. Again, leave them the f alone.

  11. I don’t want to seem like a whining viking fan (or packer fan for that matter) but it seems like the league is really into getting after them. Could it be that Goodell’s biggest embarassment to date is the Williams Wall fiasco?
    Anyway, if I were Moss I would follow the lead of their QB. Just answer “It’s a league matter” to everything they ask. Eventually they will get bored.

  12. Actually….the League would be wise to NOT have these guys talk.
    Most of the guys that get up there sound like gangbang versions of Mushmouth from Fat Albert. Well, except for that old hick from MS…who sounds like Grampa Jones from Hee Haw.

  13. The things players post on Twitter makes Randy’s stance look like a good idea, maybe more players should do this.

  14. i just love how the league mandates that you be available to answer questions from the media, then vilify and/or fine you for giving honest answers to the questions that they mandated you be available to answer. another great policy!

  15. He just needs to “Shaq” them. Mumble his answers in a dull, nonsensical, boring voice.
    Throw in a vague reference to his juice-bar franchise and they will stop asking him anything.

  16. Moss should just pull a ‘Sheed. “Both teams played hard.” “Both teams played hard.” “Both teams played hard.”

  17. Mike Florio, why don’t you start your next anti-Moss article, with “I Hate Randy Moss!!” For the past 2 years, all of your Moss articles have been non-stories, filled with your juvenile little barbs.
    Look, if you cared to follow Randy’s career, he RARELY talked to the media in his first 7 years at Minnesota, in Oakland, and in New England. The problem for you is that you WANT him to talk because you want him to say something that will give you something to put on your front page. All your doing right now is shooting blanks. Just come out and admit it Florio, your not a Randy Moss fan. It would make for a better read than what you’ve been writing about lately, as it pertains to Moss.

  18. “Moss could be fined if he refuses to cooperate.”
    Players are fined for wearing the wrong shoes, for a penalty on the field, and now for not talking to the media.
    Seems to me with all the money the NFL is taking back from they players, the revenue is already split 50-50

  19. Too bad more of the Viking players didn’t follow his lead, the less we have to read about a 2-4 team (soon to be 2-5), the better.
    More stories about Favre’s Donger, small in stature, big news in the NFL.

  20. It’s a conspiracy. Everyone knows when Moss speaks the end result is always division in the locker room. Diabolicly brilliant I say!
    That Greg Aiello is a crafty dude no doubt!

  21. Nobody gives a damn anyhow. We prefer our athletes to perform and shut up. How many interviews did Sterling Sharpe give during his career in Green Bay. I can’t even remember one. He was famously quiet, while his brother was a ridiculous loudmouth who made a clown out of himself over and over. Personally, I prefer the former to the latter.

  22. Why does Randy need to talk? How can some doughy, 50 year old white sportswriter who’s never played the game relate to what Randy’s saying?
    I like the old baseball players like Steve Carlton and Eddie Murray. NEVER talked to the press, refused to do it, let their play on the field do the talking.

  23. Moss doesn’t talk to the media because when he opens his mouth he gets traded to another team. Perhaps he’s finally learned his lesson.

  24. As j4a1 said, players are entertainers and part of the contracts they sign require them to interact with the media.
    If Moss wants to pay the fines for not doing so that is entirely choice, but he has no reason to complain about being fined when he knows very well what the contract requirements are.

  25. Player and coach interviews and press conferences are simply Nascar for the media. No real insight is ever provided…..just hours of boredom and tired cliches spent hoping for the crash…the next Jim Mora or Dennis Green moment.

  26. I’m starting to get a little worried about JimmySmith. Does his self admitted obsession with “Favre’s Donger?” give anybody else douchechills?

  27. Moss won’t talk because what he has to say is probably vitrial:
    ‘I quit a good team, go to da Vikes, Farve won’t throw da bomb, the teams wants to run da ball, coach don’t understand me and they got a 41 year old man who can only throw 30 yards’.

  28. Great – another fruitless fishing expedition by our wonder NFL.
    Man, this league’s really taken a turn for the worse since Goodell’s taken over. He now seems to take his marching orders from two-bit media outlets and reporting hacks.
    You, know, if I were Der Kommissar, this is the response you’d get from me for injuries: “Uh, the last time I checked, these players signed a contract to play FOOTBALL, not ring around the rosie, and they’re getting paid handsomely to work 4 months out of the year. Injuries happen. Deal with it. Nobody’s ever been carried off the field on a gurney with a sheet over their body, so stop the bleeding-heart, whining, sniveling, crying belly-aching!!!”
    In terms of if I were asked about players not talking to reporters, “Uh, you people are directly responsible for any issues between yourselves and the players. If you want it to change, communicate with the player, don’t whine incessantly to yours truly like a spoiled little girl.”

  29. The Media are a bunch of vulgers. They stick a mike in the players\coaches face and ask a dumb ass question. Not looking for relevant answers but rather a good sound bite that can create controversy or be play on the air for a laugh.
    Media my ass, they’re all a bunch double talking whores.

  30. Cant believe they still let the media in the locker room. How would you like it if every night after long hard day at work there were 20 guys in your bathroom sticking microphones in your face while you were trying to get dressed after a shower.

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