The AFC is the place to be

Over the past several years, the AFC has featured a top-heavy collection of powerful teams.  This year is no exception.

Considering that one of the playoff berths will go to the AFC West champion, eight quality teams (Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers, Ravens, Titans, Colts, Texans) will be jockeying for five playoff berths.

For more on the AFC’s dominance and the state of the screwed-up NFC, we give you a little PFTV.

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11 responses to “The AFC is the place to be

  1. Since it seems to be MUCH harder to qualify for the playoffs in the AFC, shouldn’t the headline be:
    “The NFC is the place to be”?

  2. Oh, it looks like you forgot Cincinnati. I mean they swept Pittsburgh and Baltimore LAST YEAR, added more talent to “the most talented team in the NFL,” and were making reservations for their Coronation Ceremony as the AFC North Champions, given that the Steelers and Ravens were just going to magically disappear!
    Who Dey?

  3. Shifted? When…the 1980’s? The AFC has been the stronger conference for a long time now. For years there have been good teams left out in the AFC while lesser teams made it from the NFC…nothing new here.

  4. Agreed with DPR. If New England was in the NFC West, they would have already clinched a first round bye and they’d be resting their starters.

  5. I wouldn’t consider the dolphins an elite team. They go below .500 this week and I don’t even think they make it anywhere near the playoffs with the way new england and the jets are playing…

  6. so there should be a playoff just to get to the playoffs in the afc….all of these teams would be nfc champs

  7. Read for comprehension, Neverend. The man said “quality,” not “elite.” You made the elite part up. I assume your brain was busy processing fragments of the last WWE show and craving another Slim Jim.

  8. I get tired of hearing the AFC is so much tougher to play in. Both conferences are good. Not to mention an NFC team the Giants was one to beat an unbeaten AFC team Patriots in the SB. It’s all a matter of who shows up and has a good plan on Sundays. Because to be honest it’s a half full half empty glass argument. You could say the NFC is better because you do have a lot of teams still in the mix for a playoff spot or that the NFC is bad because no team is truly dominant. Whereas the AFC you could say it’s good because there are multiple dominant team or that’s its bad because they have a lot of team that have terrible records. Either way the NFC and AFC pull from the same pool of players and considering the turnover in the playoffs each year I wouldn’t say one conference or team is always going to do well. My point overall is that stop the BS about which conference is better it’s really a moot point. Both conferences have just as many good teams as bad each year.

  9. HandsofSweed says:
    October 28, 2010 9:39 AM
    Oh, it looks like you forgot Cincinnati.
    The Bungles are 2-4 and lost to TB and Cleveland in the last 2 weeks! They are not a quality team! Plus, adding TO isn’t adding talent, it’s adding cancer! TO and OchoRetardo are more concerned about their radio and reality shows than playing football!
    SD has more talent than the Bungles but they are 2-5 so they aren’t on the list either!

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