Help keep me out last place, please

For some strange reason, the folks at USA Today have included yours truly in a reader poll of the “best NFL insider.”

I have no expectation to win the eight-horse field.  I have no expectation to place.  Nor to show.

I just really don’t want to finish last.

That’s all I ask.  Help me avoid last place.

Everyone who votes gets a free one-year subscription to PFT.  A vote for yours truly nets a free two-year subscription.

24 responses to “Help keep me out last place, please

  1. If you can’t beat Charlie Casserly you had better rededicate yourself to legal studies, because son, you will have failed at life.

  2. Could not do it. Had to vote what I truly thought. Maybe if you at least offered a free lunch, it might have swayed me.

  3. Don’t worry. Danny Snyder will make sure La Canfora will lose for bashing him on Redskins Insider for all those years.

  4. How the hell is “Playbook” running last for studio shows? Are chimps voting?
    I hooked you up Mikey…so I get a date with Jenn Sturger?

  5. Done, and you should only feel bad about yourself if a smaller % votes you best insider than votes Chris Berman “Best Pregame Host”.
    BTW, I had no idea Tony Siragusa was still even a sideline reporter for Fox. Do they just keep him on the payroll and instruct their camermen to stay away from him now? God willing.

  6. its ridiculous for you to even ask. Your not an NFL Insider. You’re a “copy other insider’s info and get by crediting them for the information”. Every article on this website is Adam Shefter of ESPN reports, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, or Beat Writer X reports. Maybe 5% of the information on this website is “inside” information discovered by your team. By the time PFT reports anything, a true NFL insider has already tweeted it, written an article about it, and probably been on tv about it (and guess what, their clips actually work on iphones! what a thought).
    The only reason I use this site is because you collect the information from various REAL insiders. I would vote for you if it was for NFL’s best collectors of information. But as an insider, you don’t stand a chance my friend

  7. Good work, you were winning when I voted.. Pretty good lead too – did you keep Florio Jr home from school today to vote over and over again!!!
    If you take this over Mort, Schefter and Glazer you’re officially big time.. Consider yourself lucky its not a fight though, Glazer would take you apart.. The little fella can scrap..

  8. # stillersfn says: October 29, 2010 10:00 AM
    No Gus Johnson?
    /not voting
    How there is no Gus Johnson, I dunno, he is 1 of the best for sure, whether its march madness NCAA bball or footballs on Sunday, theres a reason he did the Madden voice this year , because he’s awesome on the mic, and theres a reason that the Knicks (mecca of b-ball) have him announce the games as well…
    Florio is def best Insider, PFT has been getting the inside scoop way before adam schefter or anyone was on the map. Schefter was still covering the Broncos while Florio was grinding with PFT.
    Tony Siragusa is a disgusting human being. He ILLEGALY late hit fell his fat slob body on Rich Gannon’s shoulder and drove it in the ground in the 2001 AFC Championship game. Nonetheless no call was made, why would they, the Raiders get no calls, and the Ravens got a gift SB vs the Giants.
    Anyways, this is easy
    Game Analyst- Obv Gruden- too charismatic and too much energy not to love , Simms is good too
    Play by Play- Gus Johnson, how about B Gumbel? , tirico and michaels aint bad either…
    Game Crew- ESPN, CBS, NBC
    Pre-Game Host- all are good
    Insider- Florio, King
    Sideline Reporter- all of the hot mature females, ha
    Studio Show – NFL Total Access by far, that 1 is not even close by any stretch of the imagination.
    -Eisen, Woodson, etc…its the leagues official staple show

  9. The “goose” gets credited as a sideline reporter for eating corndogs in the stands?
    Florio, my early results have you in the lead in the Favre states (MN, WI and LA).
    Charley Casserly has the Altered States wrapped up.
    Morty and Shefty are splitting the crack head vote.
    You should be solid.

  10. Done.
    You have a pretty big lead right now. I must say, I was pretty shocked to see you that far up ahead in the polls.
    And I don’t understand how “playbook” is dead last in studio shows, that show is awesome!

  11. Just couldn’t do it Florio. I’m not sure how anyone could consider you and “Insider”. The large majority of your posts are not original material other than your commentary on the actual news or rumors.
    While your blog is a must read, it’s not because of your insider information.It’s because you do the best job gathering all the information the others on that list have already reported and posting it in one place.
    You deserve some high praise, but none of those categories fit what you do. You’ve created a great niche and for that you deserve major props.

  12. Florio asked PFT readers to skew the voting for him LOL. I echo everything NYGBALLn said. There’s seldom new info here, it’s usually already on the ticker when it makes it up here. I don’t think Florio actually does any work, he a plagarism/Cut n paste specialist, must’ve been all he learned in college.

  13. Some of you guys aren’t reading very much. PFT breaks plenty. SUre, it’s a nice amalgamation, but there have been times when Florio definitely beat ESPN to the punch. Remember when Terry Bradshaw lived?
    I do have to say, however, that FLorio also tends to wait on some stuff so as not to report something that is not true. Sure, some things are wrong, but Florio admits those mistakes. (How often does ESPN?) And yes, this is one of the best places to read about all of the NFL stories.
    And Florio, you are running away with it!

  14. I voted for Florio. Do you need our address for the free magazine or do we sue for false advertizing??????

  15. I’ll vote for you you when you get nominated for biggest front-runner or censor of unflattering comments.

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