Kitna, Cullen get together for Halloween game

There’s an intriguing subtext to the Jaguars-Cowboys game on Halloween afternoon that we’ve realized after getting a nudge from a reader.

On Sunday, Jon Kitna will make his first start since October 5, 2008.  The defensive line that will be charged with trying to knock Kitna down will be led by coach Joe Cullen, also formerly of the Lions.

In 2006, Cullen was arrested twice in a relatively short time frame for driving drunk while clothed and naked while sober.  The latter incident included Cullen patronizing a drive-thru at a Wendy’s restaurant.  (Cullen said earlier this year that he doesn’t recall the DWN episode.)

A year later, Kitna masqueraded as Cullen for Halloween, with Kitna’s wife playing a drive-thru window attendant at Wendy’s.

When the two men reunite on Halloween 2010, it remains to be seen whether Cullen has any tricks up his sleeve for Kitna — and whether Cullen will be wearing any sleeves at all.

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  1. This site loses all creditability and hits rock bottom with crap like this. But somehow I still come back. I am amazed that NBC “Network Executives” actually put you on air. How do you do it? How do you publish worthless crap, gossip and insult and then get two minutes every Sunday night to actually look like you are credible member of the media. I would love for one night, Joe Cullen to meet you in a dark alley.

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