Kyle Wilson buried deep on Jets depth chart

K. Wilson.jpgThe Jets coaches don’t mince words when it comes to the struggles of first-round pick, cornerback Kyle Wilson.

“His role is shrinking” Jets coach Rex Ryan said Thursday. “When you do
get your opportunities in the game you have to step up.”

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Wilson didn’t play a defensive snap against the Broncos before the Jets had their bye week.  It’s not like the Jets’ 14th-ranked pass defense couldn’t use the help or has stars replacing Wilson.  Drew Coleman and Dwight Lowery are ahead of him.

“I think a big part of it is his confidence,” defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said. “He
got called for a couple penalties, he got beat on a couple plays…the
mental is just as important as the physical given the lonesome world
those guys are in.”

It’s been a steep fall for a guy they had lined up as a starter when Darrelle Revis was holding out of training camp.  Give Ryan some credit for not giving Wilson a “scholarship.”

“I love Kyle and he’s a first-round pick,” Ryan said Thursday in comments distributed by the team.  “It would look great for the organization that he
starts. [But] we’ve said all the time, we’re in the win business.”

21 responses to “Kyle Wilson buried deep on Jets depth chart

  1. Smartest thing I’ve ever heard Ryan say. So much for all the “my brother wanted you” pep talk. I’d taken Haden anyday.

  2. He’ll be needed when Bevis and Cromagnon will be exposed as frauds by the Packer passing game.

  3. Thank God… Why did it take this long, Kyle Wilson is probably, the worst player, in the National Football League.

  4. Rightfuly so! As a diehard Jets fan im sick of seeing this man getting burned. He never makes a play on the ball because 99% of the time he doesnt even know its in the air. Hes to busy looking @ the back of the WRs jersey chasing him down. He has the skills as evident by his college career and early draft selection. It will just take time. He was rushed into the starting CB slot because of Revis holdout and all of a sudden he has all this pressure on his shoulders when being a rookie is already tough. Having to cover Boldin, Moss, Marshall, Welker all in the 1st few weeks isnt fair for him. Now with Revis back “100%” and Cromartie playing great, Wilson has less pressure covering top WRs and will continue to learn, now from the best DB in the game.

  5. He’ll be needed when Bevis and Cromagnon will be exposed as frauds by the Packer passing game.
    Yeah because the Packers really torched the Dolphins Mediocre secondary at home.

  6. jests dont know how to draft
    You might want to do a little research before looking like a jackass!!

  7. If I was one of those “no life, living in mom’s basement” types, I would spend the time looking it up, but it isnt that important….anyways, I remember about half a dozen Jets fans talking about how Wilson was a beast, and the Pats made a huge mistake drafting McCourty. As one Jet fan said, McCourty was lights out in college, but his skills wont translate to the NFL game…..LMFAO, McCourty has been awesome, even better considering he is a rookie

  8. Oh look SomeFans is back – where ya been? J-E-T-S 5 and 1 and to think all the trash you let out of your filthy mouth. Now go back downstairs to the basement and play with your toy’s loser.

  9. This is a good move by Rex ,cause the only place you can really play the kid now is over the slot reciever and that’s a postion he didnt play in college,his technique has him about step slower right now ,so let him learn more and get reps when the game’s not on the line,Coleman & Lowery have a hell of alot more expierence ,so they need to be playing…
    I will say that so far it looks like the Patriots took the best corner in the draft with McCourtey ,he’s been pretty solid for a rook. And having to play him by default helps…we’ll revisit this next year..

  10. SomeFans says:
    jests dont know how to draft
    I knew you were a d-bag, SomeFans. And now I know you’re an idiot as well.

  11. Kids going to be a stud..just going through rookie kinks like everyone does. Can’t blame Rex for going with Coleman over him though, Coleman has been playing great football this year. I expect Wilson to rebound and have a decent season.
    # County K 66ers says: October 29, 2010 9:20 AM
    He’ll be needed when Bevis and Cromagnon will be exposed as frauds by the Packer passing game.
    Give me a break you clown. First off nice nicknames, did your 5 year old son make those up? Good luck getting the ball off Rodgers when you have 8 Jets in your face b/c your line can’t block a highschool team’s d-line, let alone the best pass rush in the NFL. Save the forums for the people that know what they’re talking about.

  12. LMFAO @ SomeFans
    Jets don’t know how to draft???!?!?!
    i’m pretty sure you’re a dolphin fan.. how have your drafts gone in the past few years?? PAT WHITE!, Patrick Turner, Sean Smith’s decent rookie year was a complete abiration, and this year’s draft has only given you a mediocre Koa Misi who can’t live up to the hype.
    you’re so lucky you have C-Wake or else you would have one of the bottom 5 defenses in the league.

  13. Posted this on another forum. It’s from Advanced NFL Stats. Not sure what these three measurements mean:
    2010 Draft thru 3rd Round:
    #7 Hayden – Cle
    #20 Jackson – Hst
    #27 McCourty – NE
    #29 Wilson – NYJ
    #32 Robinson – NO
    #44 Cook – Minn
    #50 Arenas – KC
    #65 Murphy – StL
    #66 Spievey – Det
    #67 Lewis – Tam
    #94 Thomas – Ind
    #96 Ghee – Cinn
    It’s early, I know, and I’m not sure I’m choosing the correct yardsticks to compare their play, but according to the website:
    “Positive Win Probability Added”
    Haden = .42
    McCourty = .29
    Murphy = .28
    Robinson = .27
    Arenas = .20
    Jackson = .20
    Wilson = .15
    When ranked by “Success Rate”:
    Murphy = 58.3
    McCourty = 46.4
    Wilson = 37.5
    Hayden = 37.5
    Robinson = 36
    Jackson = 35
    Spievey = 33.3
    When ranked by “Tackle Factor”:
    Robinson = .86
    Cook = .85
    Wilson = .81
    McCourty – .81
    Arenas = .54
    Hayden = .52
    Murphy = .48
    Wilson may not be playing as bad as many think, myself included. Murphy looks like he could have been a steal.

  14. Wilson didn’t play a bunch of good teams when he was in college. It might take him awhile to get used to seeing good players every week.

  15. @ SomeFans – ahahahahahah you’re a joke. darrelle revis, nick mangold, david harris, bryan thomas, shaun ellis, mark sanchez, d’brickashaw ferguson, dustin keller, jerricho cotchery, shonn greene are all guys the jets drafted. those aren’t relevant, if not key, players in the jets game now?

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