With numbers down, Ronnie Brown thinks about his contract

It’s a contract year for Ronnie Brown, which means it’s not a good year for his numbers to be down across the board.

But Brown is averaging a career-low 4.1 yards a carry, a career-low 6.1 yards a catch, and he has only reached the end zone once this year, putting him on pace for a career low in touchdowns as well.

Brown told the Palm Beach Post that he and the team haven’t had any talks about his contract status this season, and that he thinks about his contract during games “A little bit.”

What Brown knows is that he needs to play better if he’s going to earn the kind of money he wants in 2011, the year he’ll turn 30.

“All I can do is be here every day, do what I’m supposed to do, and as an individual I put a little more burden on myself because I feel like I need to have a little more impact on this football team,” Brown said.

Coming off a game against the Steelers in which he had nine carries for 14 yards, Brown’s impact recently has been minimal. He’ll need to have a lot more impact on the football team over the next 10 games if he’s going to strike it rich after the season.

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  1. I was a fan of trading him after this past season. His most productive yardage came on the wildcat last 2 years.
    I’d rather keep the other backs and possibly draft one this offseason.

  2. Hes been sippin too much jin & juice!
    We would have won several games by now if his running has been better. Its like hes not even trying hard.

  3. He should have took it easy the last couple years like LT did, so he’d have something left in the tank when he turned 30 and needed to show off some contract-worthy performances.

  4. That 20 million dollar signing bonus, plus his millions in base pay over the past 5 years should ease his mind a bit.

  5. I love Ronnie Brown. However if Mark Ingram is sitting on the board when it comes to our pick we have to pull that trigger. Safetys are playing deep in coverage and Ronnie is still not being productive. Ricky is 33 now and Ronnie will turn 30, Hilliard and Cobbs are not starters. We also need a Centre badly. 2011 biggest draft draft needs: C, RB, speed WR. Hate to say it again but I wish we kept Ginn Jr to stretch the field and return kicks.

  6. Brown and Williams haven’t been playing to their potential. Maybe part of that has to do with the O-line, but their combined numbers so far this season is sad…and to think they both thought they would run for 1,000 yds a piece.

  7. I like Ronnie, I really do. He has done a lot for the team. But the bottom line is he has always had injury issues, he is getting older and slower. The wildcat isn’t as important as it was before, so his particular skillset in that regards isn’t as important.
    He is not going to break the bank with the Dolphins on his next contract. I expect them to draft a running back this upcoming year and either Ronnie/Ricky will be gone, maybe both.

  8. Ronnie Brown will look good in a Pats uniform next season. Take the rest of this year off, the phins are a mess, stay healthy, go to Foxboro where Bill and Tommy can take castoffs and get them to play in a team atmosphere again.
    Miami is fast becoming the joke of the league because of the off field antics. Bill Parcells hit the road, and that says a lot about the state of the Dophins

  9. @RUGGERLAD says:
    October 29, 2010 9:15 AM
    I love Ronnie Brown. However if Mark Ingram is sitting on the board when it comes to our pick we have to pull that trigger. Safetys are playing deep in coverage and Ronnie is still not being productive. Ricky is 33 now and Ronnie will turn 30, Hilliard and Cobbs are not starters. We also need a Centre badly. 2011 biggest draft draft needs: C, RB, speed WR. Hate to say it again but I wish we kept Ginn Jr to stretch the field and return kicks.
    lol Mark Ingram sitting on the board when it comes to your pick??
    You planning on having a top 3 pick?

  10. #
    # AlanSaysYo says: October 29, 2010 9:29 AM
    IMO, any opinion containing the phrase “I wish we kept Ginn” is auto-invalidated.
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Thanks for the laugh…
    Ronnie is dancing like he did a few years ago. He needs to hit the hole like Ricky and do it. Why he’s hesitant, I don’t know. One thing is for sure: Sparano and Ireland have yet to get this O-Line settled and it’s certainly not for lack of spending an awful lot of time, players and money on the interior line (Tackles are fine even though Cary would probably be an All-pro guard). This F.O. has made some decent decisions but nowhere are their serious mistakes more glaring than the O-line (other than, maybe, FS and TE, and, jury’s out, QB – sigh, okay the team’s kind of a mess). Ultimately, I think Jerry will be fine. I like Incognito’s ‘tude but not sure if he is a starter. Berger is definitely not a starting level center. So, many of the running woes are the fault of the O-Line. The sooner they get Jerry back in there, the sooner R&R start picking up more yardage (no, that’s not the whole fix, but it’s definitely better than that wet noodle, McQuistan).

  11. Ricky has been far more effective in the last couple of games.
    In the Pats game Ricky was very effective, and they kept going to Brown. I was at the game and everyone sitting around me was yelling for Ricky (you know, before the meltdown).
    The same thing last week against the Steelers. Ricky is effective, so they stick Ronnie in.
    The stats don’t lie. Look at the box scores for both games.
    You take Ronnie’s 51 yard burst in the Vikings game away, and he is beyond average.
    Memo to the fins: If you are going to use 2 backs, try recognizing the hot hand in a game and ride him into the ground. Don’t get me wrong, Ricky wore down last year when he was the main back. At some point you gotta ride your horses if you want to win.
    To quote the great Andrew Dice Clay, “WHAT ARE YOU SAVING IT FOR?”

  12. Ronnie is suffering because the Dolphins are not using him correctly. He is a 20 to 30 carries a game guy who punishes the d line with 3 to 5 yard runs and then eventually breaks one. His numbers are down because he is only getting 10 to 15 carries a game if that!! The running back position is a position of rythm. You have to get in a groove. He is used sparringly and half the time they put him in the wildcat. I hope we keep Ronnie around, because if he should end up with a division foe, he will put up big numbers.

  13. The Dolphins made a BIG mistake when they let go of J. Grove and J. Smiley this off-season. That move didn’t make sense to me at the time, and it certainly doesn’t make sense to me now. The run blocking has been awful. I think that’s what is killing this team. (That and the ultra conservative playing-not-to-lose-instead-of-playing-to-win style of offense that Henning likes to run). The loss of Grove and Smiley is also what has directly contributed to the Wildcat becoming completely ineffective, IMO.

  14. @eastslastheart
    I agree that the run-blocking has been terrible. That was definitely Grove and Smiley’s strong point. Unfortunately, along with D. Thomas, all 3 were injury prone and subpar pass-blockers. So, I’m not really sure dropping those guys was a huge mistake. Smiley’s not doing well in JAX and Grove is jobless.
    As bad as the OL has been with the run-blocking, Ricky’s been alright (despite the fumbles). I know it’s been touched on earlier here, but Ronnie’s biggest problem is dancing in the backfield. The guy is a powerful runner and needs to just hit the hole instead of hanging around behind the line and getting clobbered.
    Also, any Dolphins fans complaining about Henne, get a clue. Who would you rather have, Jay Fiedler, AJ Feeley, a brokedown Culpepper, Gus Frerotte? The guy is the best QB we’ve had since Marino, yes that includes Pennington. CP10 led the Fins to 11 wins his first year with the help of the Wildcat and a ridiculously easy schedule, but the first 3 games of last year he was terrible. Give Henne a chance. Let’s not forget Drew Brees SUCKED his first 3 years in the league and Henne does not suck. He’s probably around the 15th or 16th best QB in the league, but it’s also his first full year starting with an offense and playbook that is tailored to his strengths (something Sanchez, Ryan, and Flacco had right away).

  15. Dolphins wasted many years on poor front office and coaching decisions..and bad drafts. Shulas last years poor, JJ wrong and Saban had no support…forget Wanny & Cam..losers.
    Finally Parcells & Sparano come in and point them in right direction [ forget Ireland, he’s a puppet]
    But, then Ross buys team…and all of a sudden…it’s showtime, which has become the main event down there….The game on the field means zero…as long as stadium filled w/celebrities…great half time show…
    But has now been 25 years since last Super Bowl…and coming up on 40 since last win….Thats jets territory.
    Parcells/Sparano are pure football guys..and damn good ones @ that…but, now their hands are tied.

  16. Brown is running tentatively, the holes are not there like they were last year (different personnel) and Ginn isn’t there to pull a safety deep out of the box because they fear his speed. The playcalling has also been horrid. There is NO WAY a single receiver route is going to produce against an NFL defenses and that is what they tried to do no less than 5 times vs. the steelers. Marshall is good but 1 on 3 or 4 is not good odds. Sometimes it looks like the Dolphins coaches are either ultra-conservative (not even trying to make a play at the end of the GB game) or they look like they are trying to outsmart themselves. There is no way the Dolphins should be attempting to run a reverse with any of their receivers…not enough speed. Even when they run the wildcat it is not like they used to (nothing to do with defense). When it has worked, Cobb has been on the field, Ricky is in motion from left to right and Ronnie makes a quick read while the ball is on Ricky’s stomach. Lately it has been Ricky in motion, without him looking like he will get the ball (there was one time he didn’t even cradle for the handoff) and Ronnie makes a fleeting attempt at a fake, looks at the defense for a full second before he even begins to move. It is no longer fluid like it was and therefore is not effective. The Dolphins need to make an honest attempt at moving the ball. Henne was better this week but he still stares down his receiver alot. There are a bunch of little things that can be fixed and when they are, this team will be fairly good.

  17. @”georgeanderson “- worry about ur own team jackass,…Im sure they will go 15-1, 10 games left there big guy take it easy. Alot can happen in 10 games, afterall u should remeber what happened when the Giants became hot a few years back……rite.!?!?!?!?Made ur little bitch boy long haired qb almost cry…slow down guy – alot of football left.

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