Goodell wants to see more CBA progress

Meeting with members of the U.S. media who have made the trip to London for Sunday’s game between the Broncos and 49ers, Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed a variety of topics.

Among other things, he spoke about the topic of the ongoing labor negotiations.

There are discussions going on,” Goodell said, via  “As I keep saying,
it’s not just about discussions.  It’s about progress, and I would like
to see more progress.  I think everyone has an interest in getting it
done sooner rather than later.”

So if the NFL wants to get a deal done and if the NFLPA wants to get a deal done, why not gather all of the principals for a fortnight at a five-star resort and get a deal done?  (Our offer to provide the eggnog still stands.)

Though no clear deadlines have been set, Goodell’s comments indicate that time is of the essence.

“We’ve been very clear about the fact that the longer it goes, the
harder it gets,” Goodell said.  “We’ve also made the point that revenue
will start decreasing.  It probably already has in certain categories. 
As that revenue decreases, it’s less money to be able to negotiate
over.  So it will be harder to get a labor agreement at some point. 
Plus, and I think you’re seeing it already with the decertification,
they’ll pursue litigation strategies.  I’ve often said this is going to
be about collective bargaining.”

So let’s have some collective bargaining, guys.  Get together, get serious, get down to business, and get it done.

Just let us know where to send the eggnog.

12 responses to “Goodell wants to see more CBA progress

  1. If it doesn’t get done by the end of this year we’ll be without NFL football for some or all of 2011.

  2. – for the players perspective.
    Does anyone know just how far apart they are? What are the major issues that need to be agreed upon?

  3. NFL fans want to see less Goodell.
    The NFL is a cornerstone of America. It should be treated like a national institution, not a business. If they want it to be a business, then Congress needs to step in and break up the monopoly. The Nighthawks should be able to schedule games with the Chiefs. College (and high school) players should be able to sign with their favorite team from childhood or whoever pays the most. No salary cap, no revenue sharing, no CBA whatsoever. All these instruments the league uses to restrict trade need to go.
    Or the league can behave like a national institution. Lower ticket prices, get the games on TV a la carte, scrap the blackout rules, quit the expansion talk. You don’t make a cornerstone bigger. You don’t change its shape. You certainly don’t move it across the street. You do nothing more than make sure it doesn’t crumble.

  4. ..Then put on your Pink Tutu and and have some fun on the down lo over at Demaurice’s pad..2010–The Year the NFL died..RIP

  5. What’s sad is that, when the lockout happens, it’s going to get painted as a player-greed thing (even though it’s a freaking lockout, not a strike). Kind of talking out my ass, but at least from what I’ve read, I get the feeling that the NFLPA would be willing to take a rookie pay scale and even a salary cap in exchange for the status quo 16-game schedule, quality lifetime health care, and a little more ease of of team-to-team movement.
    Ownership and their shill, Goodell, remind me of those CEOs of highly profitable companies who slash payroll so they can boast good quarterlies, then bail when the chickens come home to roost.

  6. “We’ve also made the point that revenue will start decreasing. It probably already has in certain categories.”
    With record TV ratings? Love to see those books.

  7. BroncosFan says: October 30, 2010 1:48 PM
    What’s sad is that, when the lockout happens, it’s going to get painted as a player-greed thing
    Most fans identify with billionaire owners, doubtlessly because most fans look like Montgomery Burns.

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