Lovie stays loose with trip to South Bend

The 4-3 Bears have a week off.  But coach Lovie Smith, whose tenure in Chicago could be coming to a conclusion if the Bears don’t return to the postseason for the first time since 2006, will spend his weekend away from football while watching football.

Specifically, he’ll be attending today’s Tulsa-Notre Dame game in South Bend.

Smith played college football at Tulsa, and his wife also attended the school.

I’m pumped up,” Smith said, per Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune.  “Of course, Notre Dame is a great program.  My wife and I
are loyal, devoted Tulsa fans.  So we’re excited that they’re playing
close to here. . . .  I’m going there as a Tulsa supporter but also as a football fan. I’ve
got a weekend [free] and a chance to see a great college game.”

Smith also may want to do some scouting, particularly for a quarterback.  Then again, he won’t need a quarterback next year in Chicago.  Either the one Smith has will turn it around and save Smith’s job — or Smith will be looking for work elsewhere in 2011.

As to Smith’s current quarterback, Jay Cutler, it’s amazing that there’s no push to put him on the bench.  Then again, that’s probably why G.M. Jerry Angelo resisted signing a proven veteran like Marc Bulger in the offseason.  If Bulger were on the roster, Bulger probably would be on the field by now.

And Angelo would be looking like anything but a G.M. who should continue to have a job if the guy for whom he sent two first-round picks and Kyle Orton to Denver isn’t the best quarterback on his team.

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  1. I know J-Cut has his faults, but Peyton Manning would have a hard time being successful behind our abismal Oline.

  2. so how is that whole peyton manning is a fraud thing working out for you florio? cutler can still be a great qb if the line can get it’s act together. it’s not his fault ron turner was the worst o.c. ever and that angelo did not remember to to put a offensive line together over the years. both he and lovie should have been let go after last season but until the bears stop being cheap and hire somebody who knows what they are doing to run the front office then they will suck.but not as bad as the viqueens or the cheeseheads who the bears have played and beaten.if you watched the drives that ended the first half and started the second against the skins you would have noticed that the offence can work. if not for missed a call the bears score and win that game. now have fun watching the losin’ irish play the tough part of their schedule,but hey if they can lose to navy maybe tulsa a chance.speaking of navy now that dame doesn’t beat them every year how long til they drop them from the schedule?

  3. hey here’s your chance to show your journalisim skills florio,since you will be at dame why not do an interview with lovie and express your view on the bears and cutler and ask him the tough questions? no wait it is safer to hide behind a keyboard and question him than to actualy face him,and to attack others for not asking or saying the questions than do it yourself right?

  4. You go ahead and “stay loose” and remain ‘pumped up” Lovie.
    Mingle and network among the Tulas and Notre Dame coaching staffs cause you will be calling them for work after this season is done.
    You will never get another head coaching gig in the NFL, but you may land a HC job at a smaller D-I school IF the athletic director knows nothing about football.
    I can remember when the media was flooding the air, net, and print with the BLOCKBUSTER accomplishment that Lovie and Saint Dungy were the first two African_American head coaches to appear in the Super Bowl.
    A more suitable media info campaign should be that those two are the most overrated head coaches to ever have that job title.

  5. I suppose there’s no rush to bench him in the same way that there’s no rush to bench Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers, both of whom have more int’s than Cutler and whose teams have struggled almost as much as the Bears.
    Nobody is calling Aaron Rodgers Jeff George for not single handedly willing a flawed team to an undefeated record. Considering Cutler is playing behind the worst offensive line in the league with 3 midget receivers that don’t really know how to run routes, I think Cutler is doing a fairly reasonable job.
    And I’m sure Lovie is there to pick out his terrible small college prospect that he’ll draft 3 rounds too early.

  6. The Bears don’t have one tough receiver that can go up and get the ball. Cutler is a gunslinger who gets in trouble when his pussy WRs give up on routes or get out muscled by DBs. Watch the tape from last week and it’s easy to see that 2 of the picks were on the WR not coming back to get the ball and leaving a lane for Hall to jump the route. I’d argue the Bears have the worst O-line and WR core in the league and an offensive coordinator who calls 13 runs in a tight game. No QB could succeed here.

  7. “it’s amazing that there’s no push to put him on the bench”
    You’re talking about Cutler, right? It’s amazing you think you have a spec of journalistic integrity.
    This is pure HATE. You may dress it up with fancy language and egregious typos all you want, but there is no difference between you and all the wackjobs that post on your site. At least fans are supposed to biased.
    Honestly, Cutler f*d up quite a bit. He stares down his target and misses hot reads. I still think he’s pretty good, but like everyone has been saying the O line is abyssmal, his receivers are undeveloped and small, and Martz doesn’t help him out with 90% passing. Not a lot of QBs can succeed in that situation, and I think his mobility has helped him quite a bit.
    The point is, there is no way the team is any better with him on the bench. Only a fool would try to make a case for it, and only for alterior motives, like say… trying to justify all the smack you talked about the Bears and the Cutler trade in the first place.
    Articles like this are why you are a joke to fans who know what they’re talking about and the national media (which is truly pathetic, because the national media is less respected than congress).

  8. Seriously, as a Rams fan, I can tell you that Bulger would not have lasted a half, if that. You could only think that because he went to West Virginia, right Mike?

  9. Hahahaha, keep blaming it on the Oline, Bears homers. Your “franchise” QB is just as big of a problem as the Oline.

  10. A kid died there this week.
    Lovie is pumped? For a wake?
    Un fkkkking real…

  11. The whole Bears front office is clueless. Sweep ’em all out and start over. Lovie is a dead coach walkin!

  12. ttommyjohn;
    Are YOU kidding?
    That kid dying has absolutely NOTHING to do with this piece?
    Lighten up princess

  13. grizzlott says:
    October 30, 2010 9:47 AM
    I know J-Cut has his faults, but Peyton Manning would have a hard time being successful behind our abismal Oline.
    Peyton Manning is the one quarterback in this league that could play behind any line and be successful. That’s why he’s the best.

  14. So the same people that said the Bears O line was really bad, their receivers sucked and Martz was a bad fit before the season started have now decided that this is Jay Cutler’s fault?

  15. I don’t understand what you Cutler white knights are basing your protectionism on.
    Why do you expect any different? He is not a leader.

  16. Cutler is only part of the problem. Lovie, Angelo, and Martz are MUCH bigger problems. Cutler can succeed with a decent OL (which he doesn’t have) and good coaches (which he doesn’t have).

  17. More Cutler hate from Florio. Stick to cutting and pasting and leave the football analysis to people who aren’t complete hacks.

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