Packers make Tramon Williams contract extension offer

Packers cornerback Tramon Williams has quietly emerged as one of the best cornerbacks in football this year.  It’s no surprise then, that Packers G.M. Ted Thompson wants to sign him long-term before his price tag goes up any more.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel  reports the Packers offered a contract worth more than Al Harris’ current salary average ($5.418 million) and far less than Charles Woodson’s $9.73 million-per-year deal.

“Whatever happens happens, but I want to be in Green Bay,” Williams said Friday. “Me waiting until unrestricted, I’m not into that.
If it happens to go that way, then it does.”

An undrafted rookie back in 2006, Williams hasn’t made much (relatively) in his career to this point. But he’s due a huge payday.  Packers secondary coach Joe Whitt did his best Rex Ryan circa 2009 impression.

“Show me a corner having a better year,” Whitt said. “Name one. At the corner position, he’s outplayed all
of them.”

Cha-ching.  Through seven games, Whitt may just be right.  That’s why we suspect Williams could approach Woodson’s salary on the open market.  He just has to decide whether he wants to risk injury and financial security in the meantime. 

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  1. You could make a case right now that he’s one of the 5 best corners in the NFC. He’s not the tallest guy, but he has great speed and ball skills and you rarely see him get burned by anyone.

  2. No one loves the Redskins more than I, but Rogers is too afflicted with the drops to ever be considered a top corner. He catches as if he doesn’t have opposable digits.
    Williams has played well in the handful of games I’ve seen him. If the Packers think he’s worth it, they’re probably right.

  3. Because the Packers rely on the draft and growing their talent from the ground up — there’s opportunity for undrafted free agents and low round draft picks.
    Undrafted free agent Tramon Williams is a case in point here.
    The Packers could have signed some stiff high priced free agent, gotten maybe one good year out of him — and Williams could have been washed out after his first camp.
    Green Bay seems to take the position that draftees and free agents need to be taught how to play the game.
    Coaching involves teaching —
    And Frank Zombo and Sam Shields, two other undrafted free agents who are getting lots of playing time, could be the next breakouts!
    Not an undrafted FA signing — but Desmond Bishop — a 6th round draft pick, has stepped in ably at inside linebacker.
    Watching these young players develop is one of the joys of NFL football.

  4. I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t think he would ever develop into this kind of player. What a terrific surprise he has been. We were worried about replacing Harris, now it doesn’t look like Harris will get his spot back. Williams is better now than Harris ever was.

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