Source: Jason Taylor plans to call it quits after 2010

Nearly three years after nearly parlaying a stint on Dancing with the Stars into a movie deal but opting instead to keep playing football, Jets linebacker Jason Taylor currently plans to end his NFL career after the 2010 season, per a league source.

The evidence comes from the fact that Taylor, 36, has hired CAA for his off-field interests, as confirmed by Taylor’s presence in the ever-growing army of CAA clients who are available for speaking engagements.  We’ve confirmed that, indeed, Taylor has hired CAA to represent him for matters other than football.

The fact that CAA, which take an all-or-nothing approach to athlete representation, has not also secured Taylor as a client for contractual purposes (Taylor is still represented by Gary Wichard) means that Taylor has no plan to sign another NFL contract.

Technically, Taylor is under contract with the Jets through 2011.  But we’re told that this will be Taylor’s last year in the NFL.

Of course, we’ve heard that before with other players.  For now, however, there’s no reason to believe that the rare decision by CAA to accept marketing representation without insisting on football representation means anything other than Taylor will be calling it quits after his first and only season with the Jets.

17 responses to “Source: Jason Taylor plans to call it quits after 2010

  1. I see absolutely no evidence thta indicates that JT is not available to sign a contract for an NFL football team in 2011
    This article is pure speculation perhaps informed specualtion but still speculation

  2. Taylor is a wooden puppet. No talent as an actor and bad taste for recent professional decisions.
    You made your bed- lie in it.

  3. Well, SOMEONE had to amp up the “SUPERBOWL OR BUST” drama for the Jests. It was getting a little quiet…..

  4. He’s going to continue his education and get his medical degree. Then he plans to work in impoverished areas helping those less fortunate.
    Or…………. he’s going to capitalize on his celebrity status to score as much money as possible.

  5. he had a great career.. watched him up close for many years but he is irrelevant right now.. has been for 2 or 3 years… just another vet latching on to a championship or bust team. that being said, he was a pro’s pro and i have mad respect for him.

  6. What a shame he wasted his career on a team that didn’t even want to give him (or the few others who deserved credit) what they were due.
    It was like watching Marino waste his career or Ricky waste his.
    It’s such a shame that the Tuna can’t lead the Dolphins back to respectability (considering the competition it shouldn’t have been too difficult) in 3 years as Sparano, Ireland and himself should have been able to turn the roster over by now…I suppose he needs more time as they truly were a terrible team that could have easily competed for worst in the NFL, as evidenced by Cam Cameron being hired on as a OC by the Ravens as he was not a HC and Randy Mueller who is an “executive” with S.D. who has produced massive talent and no results.
    It is what it is.

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