Texans' locker room "sweep" didn't include locker search

On Friday, Jarrett Bell of USA Today reported that the Texans have conducted a “sweep” of the locker room in search of banned substances.

More specifically, the Texans want to eradicate from the premises any substances other than league-authorized supplements.

The term “sweep” implies a nook-and-cranny process that includes searching lockers.  The relevant quote from owner Bob McNair to Bell also suggests that the effort extended more broadly than the items residing in plain view.

“We’ve gone through the locker room and anything that wasn’t
manufactured by the two or three that are authorized are thrown out,” McNair said.  “They can’t have it in the
locker room at all.  Even though it might be something that’s pretty
innocuous, you just can’t run that risk.  You just don’t know what’s in
some of these products.”

Peter King of NBC reported during halftime of the Tulsa-Notre Dame game that, according to Texans G.M. Rick Smith, the lockers weren’t searched.

It’s wise that the Texans didn’t search lockers.  At a time when the relationship between the league and the NFLPA falls somewhere on the overt animosity scale between Favre-Childress and Hatfield-McCoy, no team should do anything that could stir up the union.

Still, without a search of the lockers, how effective could the “sweep” have been? 

The move also potentially cuts off one of the time-honored excuses relied upon by players who test positive for banned substances:  “I took an over-the-counter supplement that had been spiked.” 

Or maybe not.  Since there’s no way of knowing what guys take on their own time or store in the privacy of their own lockers, the effort is more ceremonial than substantive.

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  1. >> “Still, without a search of the lockers, how effective could the “sweep” have been? ”
    I think it’s much more wise to look at this as a message being sent, rather than Operation: Cleanup. How effective of a message it is, I don’t know, but that’s what it is.

  2. If the purpose of the search was to help the players stay out of trouble, it seems that they could have asked permission to search lockers. Without a locker search, it was ludicrous for the owner to even state that they performed a sweep. There was NO sweep. Just more BS from Texas.

  3. Since they didn’t search the lockers, where exactly did they search? The buffet table? The toilets? The groupies?
    This is like the cops claiming that they conducted a comprehensive search of the residence…except for the house.

  4. This is hilarious. Totally pointless “search” to begin with. I guess they just peeked under a couple benches and chairs. Mindless nonsense.

  5. Yeah let’s search the one (or two) place(s) they won’t hide steroids to make it look all clean.
    Thanks Bob McNair

  6. This makes sense. Do a sweep but don’t actually check where the ‘banned substances’ would be found. Nice!

  7. This is like saying “I’m going to search your car”, but you know…NOT searching my car. What part of LOCKER ROOM did they misunderstand? You searched the LOCKER room withought searching the LOCKERS. BRILLIANT.

  8. florio, peter king owns u dude.
    I bet you stay awake every night just praying you could be peter king.
    The diffrence between you and king…..
    King does not go out of his way to bash the teams who beat his favirote team……
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    Its pretty obvious.
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  9. Supplements aren’t FDA regulated so saying one is spiked doesn’t mean anything. A lot of the companies don’t list the ingredients because no one makes them until they are caught (they can legitimately put steroids in and people would not know). Football players know that because the NCAA talks about it pretty often, I’m sure the NFL does too. They take the risk, the NFL puts out a list of banned supplements but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new ones coming out everyday that have banned ingredients, they aren’t tainted. Cushing has been juicing since HS that’s well known in NJ, I’m sure a lot of other players are too.

  10. Poor Bob McNair. He tries to do and say the right things, but unfortunately if brains were dynamite, he would not have enough to blow his nose. Remember, this is the same guy who came out in full support of Cushing’s discovery of Overtrained Athlete Syndrome.
    No doubt Brilliant Bob heard about a search for drugs elsewhere being called a “sweep.” Then he noticed the janitorial staff sweeping the floor in the locker room and he saw an opportunity to portray Texans as leaders in the fight against performance enhancing drugs.

  11. MAYBE the point wasn’t to find drugs. I mean, if they did that, they’d only be hurting themselves, right?
    The POINT would be a warning to the players – hey, next time we will be searching lockers, so keep that shit outta there!

  12. I thought the league was responsible for searches? Anyway children if Brian Cushing asks for your pee in a capsul don’t give it to him

  13. I guess they were worried about an outbreak of Overtrained Athlete Syndrome.
    Nip it in the bud I say.

  14. every time i see NFL lockers they dont have doors on them, they are basically a small closet without a door. So whats the point.

  15. The sole purpose of this “sweep” was the protection of corporate liability. If a player tests for a banned substance the team can say it took all efforts to prevent any given player from taking one.
    There was no real interest in actually finding out if the players had anything banned in their lockers.

  16. SeymourButts:
    Do you really think that NBC will give a damn about any complaint you may send?
    Try disguising your distaste for Florio a lil better instead of being so obvious and you would appear to be more credible. As it appears now, you just seem like a rambling lunatic.

  17. “Cushing has been juicing since HS that’s well known in NJ, I’m sure a lot of other players are too.”
    patsfan01 should know all about cheating.

  18. It would seem to me that the teams need to have the right to sweep lockers, just like schools do. This locker room “sweep” seems to be driven from Bob McNair’s willingness to swallow whatever it is that Brian Cushing is serving him. Get over it Bob, you’re getting snowed by Cushing. Damn, you look foolish!

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