Another pick for DeAngelo

Last week, in the final two quarters of Sunday’s win over the Bears, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall intercepted four passes.

In the first quarter of Sunday’s game at Detroit, Hall has another one.

He intercepted a ball meant for Megatron, the six-foot, five-inch pass-catching machine legally named Calvin Johnson.  The pick came in the end zone, killing a potential scoring drive.

So while 19 men have intercepted four passes in a four-quarter game, Hall has five interceptions in fewer than three quarters over two weeks.

5 responses to “Another pick for DeAngelo

  1. He still sucks, he is just taking advantage of crappy qb’s making stupid mistakes. Why would detroit’s qb not throw it high for johnson, he has 8 inches on deangelo. It makes no sense.

  2. @igot5onit,
    at some point he doesnt suck. if he keeps making plays how does he suck?
    i mena hes not great, but does not suck. you must be an oakland or hotlanta fan.

  3. Has a perfect pass ever been intercepted?? Most INT’s come off of QB’s making errant passes or making some sort of a mistake. You can’t fault a db for taking advantages of QB’s mistakes. And, out catching 6′ 5″ WR’s is not a bad thing either.

  4. @igot5onit,
    The only mistake made by any party on that play was that Stafford should have put 3 more inches under that ball. Go check the tape. Stafford made a great read, saw the cover 2 safety help shading toward Calvin’s outside route, so he looked off Calvin and the safety bit on Pettigrew’s seam route. That headfake put Hall on an island, but he was in great positionto take advantage of an underthrown ball.

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