Big fourth quarter powers 49ers past Broncos in England

The fans in England didn’t get a very good game of American football on Sunday, but 49ers quarterback Troy Smith did his best to give them their money’s worth at the end.

Smith, starting in place of the injured Alex Smith, had a one-yard touchdown run and a 28-yard touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree as part of a 21-point fourth quarter for the 49ers on the way to a 24-16 victory over the Denver Broncos.

For the game, Smith completed 12 of 19 passes for 196 yards, with a touchdown and no turnovers. Although it took him some time to get settled in, he played well down the stretch to help the 49ers improve to 2-6.

The Broncos are also 2-6, despite the big passing numbers that Kyle Orton continues to rack up. Orton had 369 yards through the air, but he also threw an interception and lost two fumbles. If the Broncos continue to falter, the calls for him to be replaced by Tim Tebow (who appeared briefly and ran for a one-yard touchdown) will continue to get louder, no matter how many passing yards Orton gains.

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  1. It isn’t Kyle Orton’s fault the Broncos are losing. They have allowed 70 points in the 4th quarter this year. 70 points. In the fourth quarter.
    Tebow should only start if he can 1) get the Broncos ahead early in the game (the Broncos have played from behind in all but 1 game) 2) can manage a lead and 3)give the Broncos the best chance of winning. Since he hasn’t proven that he’s ready to throw in the NFL (otherwise he would have thrown a pass already), Orton needs to start.
    Now, getting a younger, more healthy defense would be the best help for the Broncos.

  2. Bowlen and his right-hand man Ellis have allowed the Broncos to be quickly destroyed by McDaniels and his not-ready-for-prime-time staff of high school coaches, boyhood buddies, relatives, and other sycophants.
    Clamor for Tebow all you want. It won’t change a thing. He isn’t an NFL-caliber QB – there are legitimate doubts whether he ever will be.
    McDaniels has jettisoned his impact players, has been deceitful in doing so, has no ability to select players in the draft or free agency and has been taken advantage of numerous times by other clubs in the personnel game, cannot game-plan, cannot coach, cannot motivate.
    And he’s been given carte blanche by the mentally decrepit owner and his own pencil-pushing, budget-crunching, non-football-knowing, front-office lapdog.
    But aside from that, things are looking good.

  3. The Patroncos are impostors…..the new coach IMPLODED the Broncos……The Mc Daniel SCHEME is flawed…..
    Fire the Coach! And hire a FULL-GROWN coach next time!

  4. Yeah, Orton, the ONLY functioning part of this team is to blame. Orton will likely serve as a scapegoat, and then McDaniels will claim Tebow just needs “time to adjust to the playbook” to explain away why the team still sucks.
    Denver has NO run game.
    They have a shaky o-line.
    They have a depleted defense (due to injury) which is incapable of adjusting (due to crap coaching).

  5. Jon Kitna had 379 passing yards today. I don’t hear you defending him as much as you are defending Orton.
    Look… most of Orton’s yards have come in GARBAGE time. And it’s killing me in fantasy because it always goes to BRANDON LLOYD in garbage time. Just look at their stats. All come late in the game when Broncos are already out of it. Ravens game. This game. I’m too lazy to look up anymore, but it’s annoying.
    They are who we thought they were. Orton is still the QB who was not good enough to start over Rex Grossman. Brandon Lloyd is still the guy who couldn’t make it on the 49ers or Redskins receiving group.
    And I refuse to believe that Lloyd is actually good at running routes. I maintain the stance that for whatever reason, other teams just refuse to defend him. They must think it’s a disrespect that their coordinator asks them to guard such a scrub.

  6. This is great news for San Francisco. Troy Smith improved as the game went on making some excellent plays in the fourth quarter. No interceptions. Troy Smith finally got a chance!!

  7. Troy Smith tossed a ball deep in the direction of Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey while running/falling backwards and luckily enough got bailed out by his undersized back up TE.
    As a Niner fan I’ll take Smith being lucky rather than good every time..

  8. At 5:40 in the fourth quarter we ran the ball in 1st down then ran it again on 2nd down, then the handoff to Norris on 3rd down, then Denver called a time out. After the time out it was 3rd down again, was it supposed to be 4th down? Did I miss something cause the commentators and the ‘dial a down’ all said 3rd down which we scored a touchdown on.
    Did I miss something ?!

  9. It’s not Orton’s fault, but his 4th quarter picks and fumbles aren’t helping his case.
    Bottom line, this is an injury riddled 6-10 to 8-8 team, thus translating to a probably a 4-12 season. McDaniels isn’t the worst coach, but he hasn’t made the best decisions and now the public eye is watching harder than it ever has before.

  10. Just want to put out that our running game is bad because the right side of our O-line is awful…and boy wonder McDaniels keeps running to the right.
    Here’s to hoping McDaniels is canned at the end of the year!

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