Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: First half

Below is a transcript of Mike Florio’s chat in Sunday Night Football
Extra for Week 8’s Steelers-Saints game. You can access his live chat
every week here: nbcsports.com/snfextra

PFTonSNF: Happy Halloween, everybody. Where’s everyone at? Hopefully not watching the World Seriezzzzzzzzzzz.

AskSNF: where can i find the report coach dungy did on progressive church
PFTonSNF: We’ll try to post it at PFT.

AskSNF: Do you think this was the last game of Favre’s career?
PFTonSNF: Based on his post-game press conference, no way.

AskSNF: is lagarrett blount for real
PFTonSNF: He sure looked for real today. What a steal for the Bucs.

AskSNF: Awhat will the final score b?
PFTonSNF: Steeler over Saints. 34-21.

AskSNF: Does beating the 2-5 vikings improve the patriots status as an AFC power?
PFTonSNF: Pats will be No. 1 in PFT power rankings unless Steelers handle Saints tonight.

AskSNF: who is the best team in the nfc
PFTonSNF: Giants.

AskSNF: Who’s your early pick for coach of the year: Rex Ryan, Todd Haley, Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin?
PFTonSNF: Belichick or Haley. Maybe Raheem Morris.

PFTonSNF: Tomorrow is PFT’s 9th anniversary. So I’m drinking champagne while doing this chat. Should get interesting in the third quarter.

AskSNF: Which nfl head coach do you think will be fired first this season?
PFTonSNF: Hard to say. Most of the guys on the hot seat won today, and McDaniels supposedly is safe.

AskSNF: What do you make of the McNabb benching?
PFTonSNF: Very surprising. Strong message to McNabb, at the risk of losing him.

AskSNF: Do you think the Jets are still the top team considering their schedule has not been as tough as first expected?
PFTonSNF: They won’t be the top team after scoring no points at home today.

AskSNF: Why did Moss only get 2 looks today?
PFTonSNF: Pats had deep safety shading his way all game.

AskSNF: what kind of champange r ya drinking
PFTonSNF: “A whole bunch of Mumms.”

AskSNF: do you think alex smith lost his starting job today?
PFTonSNF: Yes. I think it’s now Troy Smith’s job to lose.

AskSNF: Why hasn’t Marvin Lewis been fired yet?
PFTonSNF: It’s coming. End of season at the latest.

AskSNF: Is Ndamukong Suh the NFL ROTY and should he be considered for the pro bowl?
PFTonSNF: Yes and yes.

AskSNF: What do you think the score will be tomorrow night for the Colts and Texans?
PFTonSNF: Colts 33, Texans 27.

AskSNF: When will Shawn Merriman be released by the Chargers?
PFTonSNF: When he can pass a physical.

AskSNF: Any teams you would still consider sleepers?
PFTonSNF: Watch the Lions and the Raiders down the stretch.

AskSNF: what is your favorite horror movie
PFTonSNF: I still get freaked out by The Exorcist.

AskSNF: Any way Saints can win this game?
PFTonSNF: Yes, but only if they score more points than the Steelers.

AskSNF: Carson Palmers last year in Cincy?
PFTonSNF: Lots of peoples’ last year in Cincinnati.

AskSNF: Can the Colts win tommorow night, or are they too banged up?
PFTonSNF: As long as Peyton Manning isn’t banged up, they can win.

AskSNF: Will Marvin Harrison come back to NFL?
PFTonSNF: Seriously?

AskSNF: Where does McNabb play next year?
PFTonSNF: Minnesota, if Chilly doesn’t get fired.

AskSNF: Can Chad Henne ever lead the Dolphins to the Super Bowl?
PFTonSNF: Dolphins are good.

AskSNF: who is your early picks for “mvp” and “roy”?
PFTonSNF: We do those every Tuesday on PFT Daily. Tune in. It’s free.

AskSNF: Will Jerry Angelo be fired?:
PFTonSNF: Possibly. He has only hired one coach as G.M. Conventional wisdom is G.M. gets two swings.

AskSNF: You hitting the schnapps yet? I’ll bet it’s scotch and splenda after halftime, right?
PFTonSNF: Actually I’ve decided to try schnapps and Splenda.

AskSNF: With Isaac Bruce’s jersey being retired today, where does he rank all time for receivers?
PFTonSNF: Between five and 10. Behind Rice, Moss, T.O., Marvin.

AskSNF: woah you dont think Marvin has game?
PFTonSNF: I think Marvin hasn’t played in like two years. And there’s no talk of him playing.

AskSNF: who starts at QB for Redskins next week
PFTonSNF: John Elway.

AskSNF: What percentage do you give Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo & Mike Martz coming back next yr?
PFTonSNF: 9, 25, 0.

AskSNF: Is Suh the best DT you have ever seen? I think he is
PFTonSNF: Let’s not get carried away. He is good but he has a long way to go.

AskSNF: I’ve always been a Troy Smith fan so I’m bias, but did you see enough today that once they open the playbook he can be really good?
PFTonSNF: He played very well for a guy who joined the team a month ago.

AskSNF: Yo Florio…give it to me straight. Does Favre start next week or does the record end?
PFTonSNF: I think Favre will play next week.

AskSNF: Well Jerry Jones become the NFC’s Al Davis?
PFTonSNF: Possibly. In 10-12 years.

AskSNF: What QB would u want on your team
PFTonSNF: To win now, Peyton Manning. To build around over the long term, Sam Bradford.

AskSNF: How do the Bills recover from an 0-7 start?
PFTonSNF: They don’t.

AskSNF: what do the seahawks need to get to the playyoffs?
PFTonSNF: Keep winning at home and get one or two more on the road.

AskSNF: What gets you out of bed in the morning?
PFTonSNF: Alarm clock?

AskSNF: Do the Fins have a chance to win their division?
PFTonSNF: Yes, but they’ll need to beat Pats and Jets on the road.

AskSNF: Do you think that Donald Brown could be the next LT or AP

PFTonSNF: More fodder for folks who think refs favor Steelers. 15-yarder on Saints, nothing against Steelers for something that looked worse.

AskSNF: Do the Bucs have any legitimate claim to best team in the NFC or is it the Giants?
PFTonSNF: Bucs need to keep winning. They didn’t exactly beat the ’85 Bears today.

AskSNF: Who do you think is the best team in the afc
PFTonSNF: Steelers if they win, Patriots if Steelers lose.

AskSNF: At this point, do the Packers have a legitimate shot at winning it all assuming they don’t lose any more key players?
PFTonSNF: Shutting out the Jets will give them a huge confidence boost.

AskSNF: Who does Buffalo take with the first pick in next years draft?
PFTonSNF: Too early to tell. They’ve possibly found their quarterback.

AskSNF: how bout ………Dem RAIDAAAAS
PFTonSNF: D.P. did great Berman impression during FNIA when talking about the Raidaaaas.

PFTonSNF: Where are all the folks who think the fix is in for Steelers when a call goes against them?

AskSNF: what do you think about the titans
PFTonSNF: I think they need to beat 2-5 teams when they play them.

AskSNF: The Fins have beaten good teams and lost to very good teams. Why does no one take them seriously?
PFTonSNF: They should be taken seriously. They’ve lost to three teams that had three loses among them entering today’s game.

AskSNF: Are you suprised at how well Ben’s doing?
PFTonSNF: No. I thought he’d be doing even better.

AskSNF: Do you thing Plaxico Burress plays again in the NFL?
PFTonSNF: Yes. Next year.

AskSNF: Should the Steelers have gone for it on that 4th and 1?
PFTonSNF: Steelers were smart to take the three points in a scoreless game.

AskSNF: Why do people hate Jay Cutler?
PFTonSNF: Probably because he looks, acts, and plays like he just doesn’t care.

AskSNF: Who will coach Dallas next year?
PFTonSNF: If Jerry Jones insists on being the G.M., he should go ahead and be the head coach.

AskSNF: Since Halloween is all about horror stories, how likely is the biggest horror story of all: an NFL lockout in 2011?
PFTonSNF: To quote Kramer doing a Cockney accent, “Not bloody likely.”

AskSNF: are the falcons for real
PFTonSNF: No. They are holograms.

AskSNF: As of now who are your starting QB’s in the pro bowl?
PFTonSNF: Rivers and Eli.

AskSNF: do you think the bills should give up so they can get first pick in draft?
PFTonSNF: You assume giving up would actually make a difference.

AskSNF: can the 49ers still win their division
PFTonSNF: Won’t be easy but, yes, they can.

AskSNF: YO Mike do you think Lovie Smith should still be caoching DA BEARS?
PFTonSNF: If they don’t make it to the playoffs, Lovie is done.

PFTonSNF: Saints got lucky they didn’t get flagged for helmet-to-helmet hit on Hines Ward.

AskSNF: Emmitt Smith was ranked the 28th greatest NFL player of all time. What do you think? Too high? Too low? Just right?
PFTonSNF: I think that’s too low. He’s the all-time leading rusher.

AskSNF: Are there any rumors about Bill Cowher?
PFTonSNF: He’s widely believed to be in play for 2011. It depends on whether he finds the right situation.

AskSNF: Hey mike, Which team will Logan Mankins end up with?
PFTonSNF: He’ll eventually report to Pats then leave next year as free agent.

AskSNF: will vikings make playoffs?
PFTonSNF: They need to finish 7-2 or better. After starting 2-5.

AskSNF: When will Thomas Jones’s age catch up to him? That man keeps trucking!
PFTonSNF: He didn’t have as much wear and tear when younger so he’s gotten a lot of tread left.

AskSNF: Figure Cowher won’t work for Jerry Jones. Any idea who will?
PFTonSNF: Marvin Lewis. He has suffered through worse than Jones for eight years in Cincy.

11 responses to “Mike Florio's SNF Extra chat: First half

  1. Chilly out and Frazier in? Bring in Mr Dungy as a consultant and clean up the mess that is the 2-5 Vikings

  2. Is this the chat? That link is to SNF Extra, I didn’t see no chat. That’s where everybody is at-nowhere. NBC is ruining PFT…

  3. I’d like to join James Harrison in blaming the NFL for my least productive day… and is Clay Matthews the mid-year defensive mvp?

  4. @thedpr, I think you need to do a little research before you tell someone to stop drinking. TO is third all time in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, and fifth all time in receptions. If those stats alone do not convince you that TO is one of the top 5 all time wide receivers, then I would suggest that you “STOP DRINKING NOW!”

  5. @Johnny you are 100% correct…Dumbass people making dumbass comments, you can make the argument that TO is UNDER-RATED.

  6. “Saints got lucky they didn’t get flagged for helmet-to-helmet hit on Hines Ward. ”
    Now, I expect you to insist on a fine/suspension for that illegal hit, Mike. He led with his helmet, launched himself, and hit a defenseless receiver. Not surprised that there wasn’t a flag, seeing as how there’s a separate set of rules for James Harrison.
    Later in that game, both him and Woodley are getting raped and the officials threw the flag for the holding against Woodley and not Harrison, even though Harrison’s was worse.

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