Report: Josh McDaniels safe through 2011

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen declined to offer a vote of confidence to head coach Josh McDaniels after the Broncos’ 59-14 debacle against the Raiders. But that doesn’t mean McDaniels’ job is on the line.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that McDaniels is safe not just for the rest of this season, but for 2011 as well.

McDaniels is owed about $3 million a year for two more years after this season, and Schefter reports that Bowlen doesn’t want to have to keep paying another coach after he’s been fired, especially since Bowlen is still paying Mike Shanahan. (It’s worth noting, however, that Shanahan’s buyout is partially reduced now that he’s getting a paycheck from the Redskins.)

So no matter how furious the fans in Denver are about the state of their 2-5 team, those fans are stuck with McDaniels for at least another year.

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  1. I guess Mr. Bowlen would rather lose the franchise’s fan base than pay the price for hiring a coach that is obviously over his head. That’s a smart business decision. Then again, part of the joys of having an owner that has publicly admitted he is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Perhaps it is time for the league to step in and force Bowlen to sell before he ruins this franchise beyond repair.

  2. MDS: The article you referenced.
    Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and his right-hand man Joe Ellis declined to comment to the Denver Post about the Raiders blowout.
    A little creative journalism there. And yes, Denver is stuck with McDaniels.

  3. Pat may not WANT to pay out 2 salaries but that doesn’t mean he won’t. He’s done it with a coach who has far more credentials than Mcd which says he’d do it in a heartbeat if the blowouts continue.

  4. Good job, Pat. Put the fur coat back on. You know, the one you wore in Cleveland at “The Drive”, you Canadian pimp

  5. Worst of all, Coach McDaniels is also stuck with Denver fans thru 2011. Whiney bunch of tin foil hat wearin’ bedwetters. If it weren’t for instant replay and color commentators, they wouldn’t know the first thing about football.

  6. Well that settles it… never before in the history of the NFL has a coach been fired after having been given a “vote of confidence” by the team owner.

  7. “Adam Schefter of ESPN”
    Enough said right there. In other words, McDaniels is not safe, or maybe he is. Who knows?
    Adam Schefter is a tool, and his word means absolutely nothing at all. All he is doing is making a hypothesis based on contract speak. Bowlen can easily pull an Al Davis and fire Josh due to “cause”.
    Personally, I believe the guy deserves another year, as I buy into the three year plan. I’m not a fan of turning the coaching position into a carousel. It breeds inconsistency, which leads to losing seasons. Look no further than my favorite team for a great example of what firing your coaches every two years breeds. Go look back at the Raiders record after Al Davis fired Art Shell. Look at the record, and look at the coaching tenures. You’ll see a pattern which is only broke by John Gruden, and possibly by Tom Cable. You just can’t win with inconsistency at the helm.

  8. He only pays him $3M a year, for a head coach that is peanuts. If they turn it around and finish near .500 he might stick.
    That would depend in the fashion in which they get there, lucky vs good football.
    If Pat sees no progress, and the fan base is screaming he will pull the plug. I would say the wild card factor is the players strike/lockout. A labor dispute will factor into McD’s favor, as Pat will be reluctant to pay two coaches during a period where there are no games for cash flow.
    As Gene Simmons Tongue pointed out above , a silent vote of confidence is pretty resounding.
    If I was Xanders and McD, I would check my contract for team beneficial loop-holes.
    Since Joe Ellis took the lead in the hire, do you think Pat would make a change there too? Bring back John Beake!

  9. He fired Phillips after 2 years, a .500 record and a playoff appearance (a bad one, but an appearance nonetheless).
    McDaniels has got to go.

  10. Bowlen MUST fire McDaniels if the season falls apart. The roster moves alone deserve some attention, not to mention the play of late. Here’s to the Texans falling apart the rest of the year and Kubiak becoming available.
    KUBIAK IN 2011

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