Steven Jackson honors Eric Dickerson

We noted last week that Rams running back Steven Jackson had surpassed Eric Dickerson and become the franchise’s all-time leading rusher. Today Jackson decided to wear his respect for Dickerson on his face.

Jackson went on the field during pregame warm-ups wearing the trademark Dickerson goggles.

It makes me feel old to realize that there are people reading this who never saw Dickerson play, so I should explain that he was a great Rams running back in the 1980s who always wore these goggles. Yes, those goggles probably look geeky now, but they were considered cool when guys like Dickerson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were wearing them.

Jackson posted on Twitter after the game that Dickerson had contacted him.

“I received a text from Mr. Dickerson himself, saying he loved the goggles.!! Wish I could have rocked them all game,” Jackson tweeted.

It was a nice gesture from Jackson, showing respect for one of the game’s all-time greats.

7 responses to “Steven Jackson honors Eric Dickerson

  1. yes, SJax has the franchise’s all time rushing record but he may be the 3rd best back in franchise history behind Faulk and Dickerson. Both Faulk and Dickerson played a significant portion of their careers with other teams (ironically, both for the Colts). One is already in the HOF and the other will be in in January. Still a nice gesture by Jackson.

  2. I love Jackson, but Dickerson is still the best running back the Rams ever had and one of the five greatest players in franchise history.

  3. Don’t feel old, Michael. I remember those goggles, and thought it was awesome that Jackson paid tribute.
    It’s funny as well. A lot of people don’t remember that Dickerson only played five years for the Rams, and played just as long with the Colts. Some also forget that he also played one season for the Raiders and finished out his career with the Falcons(only playing in four games with them).

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