Whisenhunt bemoans "bitter loss" after late Anderson interception

The Cardinals survived two Max Hall interceptions in the first half and another quarterback change.  They survived a 31-14 third quarter lead for the Bucs. 

On a day where so much went wrong, the Cardinals had the ball at the 20-yard line, down 38-35, with the two minute warning approaching.  It looked like they’d go to overtime at the worst.

Enter Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib and Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson.  Talib picked off a slant pass headed for Larry Fitzgerald, and Raheem Morris “Best team in the NFC” had their fifth win of the season.

“There are so many twists and
turns, and then to have a chance at the end and make a mistake, it’s a
very bitter loss
,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said after the game.

A 3-4 record in the NFC West isn’t a death sentence.  Not when the first place team loses 33-3 in Oakland.  But this was a game the Cardinals could have won.

“I think the ball went to the right spot,” Anderson said.  “I have to look at it. But the
guy made a good play. Obviously, it was very frustrating, first down on
their 20 and to throw a pick and not even give us a chance to at least
tie the game.”

Whisenhunt said he wouldn’t name a quarterback for next week until he watched the film.  Hall has failed to finish his last two starts, so we’d guess he will come off the bench.

Then again, Anderson seems just good enough to break your heart. 

25 responses to “Whisenhunt bemoans "bitter loss" after late Anderson interception

  1. Guess Whisenhunt’s not a genius anymore huh? Oh well… easy come easy go. Next stop… ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

  2. Why is this story
    “Apologetic Jerry Jones “embarrassed” and “dumbfounded” ”
    Posted above this story on the main page when the Dallas stroy posted at 8:46 PM EST and this one is 10:02 PM EST?
    Does Jerry Jones really rate being pinned to the front page like that?

  3. I would love it if a reporter had the nads to ask Whiz if he still thinks “statistics dont matter”. the line he used when he cut leinart.Anderson probably does think thats where he should have thrown the ball since he does it so often. Hey Patrick ramsey is free- hed be a 100% upgrad even if he doesnt know the plays. ( I was wrong thinking Hall would be better this week). Maybe anderson should just come in for 1 or 2 series he seems to go brain dead after that.

  4. Game after game I see stories about the OTHER team blowing it…..please give the Bucs credit when credit is due. The Bengals blew it a few weeks ago then the Rams had an awful second half last week…and by that you should mean the Bucs are 5 and 2 and on a playoff run….go write another story about the Cowboys being the most talented team in the NFL….

  5. @Krow
    NYG 6-9 1987
    NE 6-10 1995
    NYJ 8-8 1999
    DAl 6-10 2004
    Total loser in Cleveland
    1998 7-9
    1999 6-10
    2003 6-10
    Don Shula
    5 season @ .500 or below
    Joe Giibs
    4 seasons @ 500 or below
    5 season @ .500 or below
    So if Whisenhunt has a stinker this year so what?

  6. Man, the Cardinals blew it!
    Max Hall gift wrapped 14 points and the Bucs begged the Cards to take this game from them and they wouldn’t do it.
    Whiz has got nobody to blame but himself. He selected the QBs on this roster and he calls the plays.

  7. That is what Anderson does, he breaks your heart. He has all the talent in the world but he just throws to many INTs. He had his pro bowl in Cleveland but when the pressure was on he folded

  8. so he just found out what cleveland and baltimore fans knew all along about anderson? may his head coaching career follow romeo’s path for trusting thyis slug.

  9. @ Bucs0121 —
    I’ve been saying the same thing all along what you just said nobody will give credit for the bucs when the credit is due… lets talk about washed brett favre or tony romo loses yet another one tho florio and not just you florio all of you pundits out there, and coming from a die-hard buccaneers fan if you don’t wanna give us the respect we truly deserve and just say for one damn time that “HEY LOOK AT THE BUCS THIS YEAR THERE SHOWING UP READY TO PLAY AND KICK@$$ AND TAKE NAMES” then we will force it out of you at the end of the season i know its only mid-way but i do see at the very least a wildcard birth out of a 22 yr old quarterback of josh freeman! i ordered my # 5 Jersey today.

  10. The Arizona Cardinals are in big trouble for this season. None of their quarterbacks seems capable enough to help the team. I have no idea what coach Wisenhunt will do. I suppose the Cardinals are going to get a great first round pick. Assuming there’s a draft next year.

  11. A 3-5 record? A 3-5 record??? Who has a 3-5 record?
    Certainly not the Cardinals who have only played 7 games. They are 3-4 now.

  12. @ Bucballallday
    First off as a true Bucs fan you should know better to think that the Bucs are”HEY LOOK AT THE BUCS THIS YEAR. THEY’RE SHOWING UP READY TO PLAY AND KICK@$$ AND TAKE NAMES”. After 7 games this season they’re 5-2. The Broncos last year started off very well and finished out the playoffs. Lets just say that as a Bucs fan, this season is goin so so much better than was the horrible mess last year. The Bucs could easily be 1-6. But thats the difference between this years team and last year. The plays are just falling their way.
    I would rather have the Bucs go unnoticed and have the “pundits” hate all day on the Bucs. As a true Bucs fan(2-0 attending blackout Bucs game this season, I knew better than goin to the Steelers and Saints games. The Bucs are beating the teams that their supposed to beat) I would rather see the team go unnoticed. They’re already squeaking by games. I don’t wanna see the Bucs get a big head for themselves.
    Who would’ve thought that at Week 8 the Bucs are goin for sole possession of 1st place for their division at the midseason point. The Bucs are like the baseball team across the bay(Its called Tampa Bay for a reason) both their respective cheaps in their division and conferences and still doin bigger things than people expected and still the locals(transplants from other states who already have their hometown favorite teams) don’t go to home games. But the bandwagoners(oh so many in this state) will probably show up for the next home game(after an ALDS-like 36,008 people for the Rams game) cause thats how bandwagoners roll. Buts all one big conspiracy theory by the NFL.(Look, the cheapest teams in the league(Bucs, Chiefs) have better records than the Yankees of the NFL(Cowboys).
    Raheem the Dream has his team halfway to 10 wins for his whole playoff mubogumbo he was talkin bout in training camp.(10 wins and your in the playoffs). When the awards speculations start coming out in the next couple of weeks I hope theres a little bit(just a little bit) of talk of Raheem Morris for maybe(just maybe?) Coach of the Year talk( to go along with Rookie of the Year Mike Williams talk).
    I can’t wait for the next blackout game!

  13. It’s okay Buc fans, let them talk their sh!t and laugh at Rah for doing the same thing Fat Rex did for his team.
    I like flying under the radar because it will keep our very young team grounded and humble.
    GO BUCS GO!!!

  14. “Not when the first place team loses 33-3 in Oakland”
    You couldn’t help yourself could you ? I guess another back handed shot at Oakland will let you sleep better at night…

  15. @bucsballallday
    I agree with you that the Bucs do deserve more credit then they have been given thus far. But don’t get carried away dude. A team can be 5-2 but it doesnt mean its not a “soft” 5-2. Take it from a fan who watched his team start 5-2 only the sh*t the bed the rest of the season last year. No wins vs teams with winning records and an avg deficit of 25 vs those teams leads me to believe this is definitely a soft 5-2.
    Sidenote, I completely agree that if we see anymore stories about tony romo or the dallas cowboys that get blown out by jacksonville AT HOME, I will absolutely lose it. I’m with ya for more TB news than dallas news all day

  16. There was no reason to be throwing in the position in the first place.
    20 yard line, 2 timeouts remaining plus the two minute warning, against the worst run defense in the league.
    Why throw ????? Because Ken Piss-N-Punt has no clue what he’s doing, that’s why !!!!

  17. Hey Cardinal Fans: Browns fan here, why do you think Holmgren shipped Derek Anderson’s sorry hind-end out of Cleveland??? The short answer is HE FLAT OUT SUCKS!!!
    I was watching the end of the Cards-Bucs game and was watching intently to see if DA would throw another game-losing interception. True to form he threw an INT and gift wrapped a very winnable game to the Bucs. At that point I said 1000 Hail Mary’s thanking God that DA no longer plays for the Browns.
    I have nothing against the Cardinals and indeed wish them well because I have many extended family members who have moved to the Phoenix area and they are all fans. DA will occasionally play well and then when you are starting to think about forgiving him and then he reminds you of why you hate him so much (as a QB, not as a person). He typically trys to force in an ill conceived pass into double or triple coverage (just like he did yesterday) and PRESTO another INT and a game gift wrapped to the opponent.
    The Cardinal’s deserve better than Anderson. I still am scratching my head as to why Whisenhunt has not given Ike Skelton a try. He looked good in the pre-season games and cannot be any worse than Max Hall or DA.

  18. Funny. I thought we had THREE quarterbacks to choose from. But I guess the mystical, all-knowing great unexplainable one is going to give Skelton the “Beanie” treatment.
    Tell me one thing: could John Skelton be any WORSE than Hall or Anderson? Why not develop the guy you DRAFTED, instead of the one that 32 teams, including the Cardinals, thought not worthy of drafting. Anderson should spend the rest of the year as a back-up to Skelton, and Hall should be shown the first pioneer conestoga to Utah.

  19. im not gunna sit here and say i dont agree with the statements made back towards me except for the statement of a “soft” 5-2 record… i dont see why u and everyone else is saying its soft, we were losing in almost all the games we won and came back in it to win it… and southernboi and king buccaneer now that i think of it like you stated i agree with you lets just stay under the radar and keep not upseting but surprising the nfl teams, fans, commentators, and analysts…
    (and unfortunately i went to the new orleans game and that game we just play straight up terrible and got out played by there defense) and when we lost to the steelers that was just a gross loss…
    and now we come home from the west and then gotta come back to tampa and prepare for one of the biggest rivalry teams that we play every year they are showing up this year ( the falcons ) but i looked into there record being 5-2 and see that the jaguars gave them a loss… and im not going to lose confidence in the bucs and hope and cheer them on just like i did yesterday on my couch here at home and may the best team win!
    :: SOUTHERBOI727? where u @ in the 727? hudson??? thats where im at ::

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