Broncos-49ers one-liners

The 49ers are likely to stick with QB Troy Smith after he led them to a 24-16 win over the Broncos at Wembley Stadium.

49ers coach Mike Singletary didn’t love the officiating in Sunday’s game.
49ers TE Delanie Walker enjoyed a breakout game with Smith under center against Denver.
Singletary’s decision to arrive in London a week early paid off for his team.
The Broncos are off to their worst start since 1999, when they finished 6-10.  
A 3-4 team last year, the Broncos continue to use a 4-3 defense due to so many injuries in the front seven.
Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd is on pace for 1,756 receiving yards this season.
The London crowd didn’t always seem to know which side it was cheering for.

4 responses to “Broncos-49ers one-liners

  1. “The London crowd didn’t always seem to know which side it was cheering for.”
    Well of course, they don’t have a dog in the fight. Same thing happens when they play a game here, there’s no home team.

  2. Yeah that London cheering bit is idiotic.
    Singletary’s decision to get there early was obviously the smarter choice before the game was ever played – all we read about here on the illustrious PFT was how the Broncos players would need to focus their weekend on getting their sleep in order.

  3. I live in London, I don’t support either team obviously but travel to and from the States to see the Pats twice a year.
    There were a lot of people supporting the Niners and a lot supporting the Broncos.
    It was quiet when the Niners were on Offense apart from 3rd down when the large section of Broncos fans in the lower sections began booing and chanting which got others involved.
    But on Broncos 3rd downs, it was loud in there. I was at the top and it was shaking in the 4th quarter.

  4. The 49ers definitely got more of the support, but most of us were just looking for a good game with some big plays on offence and defence. Denver whipped out 2 amazing plays in the second half (one flea flicker that was brought back due to a penalty) and the 49ers turned it on towards the end so we all went home happy. Very enjoyable weekend overall.

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