Harrison: "I wouldn't put Rex Grossman in a two minute offense in a high school game"

Watching Donovan McNabb get benched for Rex Grossman at the end of Washington’s loss to the Lions was bizarre enough.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan’s explanation only made the situation more inexplicable. 

Rodney Harrison and Mike Florio talk over Shanny’s decision, McNabb’s future, and looks at another struggling franchise quarterback in Cincinnati.


34 responses to “Harrison: "I wouldn't put Rex Grossman in a two minute offense in a high school game"

  1. Rodney Harrison hit it right on. Rex Grossman couldn’t lead a HS team in a two minute offense. Rat Boy pissed off his only hope. McNabb will be gone next year. Tanning Bed Rat Boy is realizing that coaching isn’t as easy when you aren’t inheriting a Super Bowl quality team. He will burn out Torain within 3 years, will lose McNabb and will struggle to ever make the playoffs with the Skins. This is the one year he can make a playoff before he is fired like all the “legendary” coaches that Lil Boy Danny brought in before him.
    Good luck winnning with Grossman and a beat up Torain next year.

  2. What was Shannahan thinking? What could possibly be the point of that stunt? Rex Grossman should not even be in the NFL. Has he lost his mind? And that eyeball is killing me. Did he get that thing out of a vending machine?

  3. Well Rodney sure in hell should know from firsthand experience that McNabb can’t perform in the clutch or in a 2 minute drive to save his life.

  4. Hey Florio, why are you so down on Carson Palmer?
    I heard you and Harrison calling him an “average” quarterback, and I agree. But being an average NFL quarterback means that there are many worse guys out there who are starting for their teams.
    Are you suggesting that every team should have an above-average quarterback?

  5. Haha…..maybe Shannahan Campanis thought D.McNabb didnt have some of the NECESSITIES to run the 2 min. drill. Embarrassing!!!

  6. It’s time to face facts. It has become clear now why Philly traded its franchise QB within its own division. Donovan McNabb is way past his prime. Perhaps holding onto Jason Campbell might not have been such a bad idea after all.

  7. Shannahan is another product of NFL hype
    What has he really ever done aside from the two Super Bowls with pre-mixed, ready to pour teams ???
    I bet he brings in Jay Cutler and both get run out of DC by the end of next year

  8. Dear McNabb, Let me introduce myself. I am Zygi Wilf. Soon, I will be getting rid of my head coach for cause (inability to reasonably coach highly skilled and paid athletes). I believe my current star quarterback will retire after the season is over. Would you like to throw deep balls to Randy Moss? Would you like a long term contract? I am sure we can figure out something soon. By the way, I have a nice private jet to negotiate in the Twin Cities……..

  9. Shanny just lost all credibility. Also on McNabb 4th Q int with the lead – why are you calling that type of play in that situation Kyle?

  10. Either Shanny is a flat out, bald faced liar or he just admitted he can’t freaking coach. As Florio and Harrison say, if your starting quarterback, one of the better quarterbacks to play in the last 20 years, doesn’t know the two-minute offense two weeks into the season, that tells me Shanny can’t coach and has his head up his posterior.
    Feel free to list what Shanny has done when he didn’t have Joe Montana (Shanny was Montana’s QB coach) or John Elway at quarterback.
    Maybe Al Davis was right?

  11. Why is this in any way relevant in a post to cap the day?
    Are either of the teams over .500?
    Are either of the teams realistically still able to get in the playoffs?…. It is the NFC so I guess so.
    Screw Shanahan( IT WAS Elway) Screw McNugget that guy has not done a damn thing but puke in Florida.

  12. I don’t know why Grossman was put in the game, but I can tell you it wouldn’t have mattered if Joe Montana in his prime was thrown in there. The Lions’ d-line handed a major ass-kicking to the ‘Skins line yesterday.
    BTW, Rodney Harrison can most definitely suck it.

  13. Ok, first off benching McNabb was stupid. But my thing that pissed me off was WTH was he thinking going for it 4th and 10 at ur own 27 yard line with well over 2mins left and 2 t.o???? The 2min warning was still left which was basically 3 t.o. Why wouldnt you punt the ball and let the D try and hold. Lose the game on your own terms dont give it away. Shannahan made some very poor choices in this game and hopefully he uses the bye week to check his ego, quickly! Sexy Rexy cant lead a flag football team and you bench your only decent option, Lose the ego jackass!

  14. Now i’m a philly fan that didn’t want to see him go…but even the ones who didn’t lke him know he is better than grossman… i mean if he doesn’t know the offense let him improvise… Mcnabb may not be spectacular, but he won’t lose games(least intercepted QB ever)
    I hope Mcnabb leaves the skins and goes somewhere that will trust its qb
    (Vikings? they trust there qb BLINDLY!!!)

  15. Shanahan is a horrible, over rated coach. The move made NO sense at all. Donovan is not a rookie, he is a veteran and that was a smack in the face. The benching isnt going to do anything but hurt this situation. Donovan is definately walking at the end of this season. Shanahan is just another “big name” coach with no skills. He should be behind Wade Phillips in the unemployment line..

  16. I like Shannahan, I like Shannahan, I do, BUT WHAT was he thinking, Grossman for McNabb in any situation means that McNabb Died, I beleive they wanted to lose this one.

  17. I guess Harrison or any of the people commenting on here didn’t watch the game. MacNabb was playing like complete crap. Even the few times when he was given time in the pocket he made terrible throws. Grossman may suck but McNabb is proving the Eagles right. He doesn’t have anything left.

  18. Maybe, just maybe, Haynesworth was on to something there. Enjoy the cellar with the Cowboys! Once you “insult” by benching him McNabb, you need to drive a truck full of money up to his door or he’ll be pouting and complaining all season long.

  19. McNabb deserved to be benched. Half the time the guy looks like he really doesn’t care if they win or not. But Grossman surely wasn’t the remedy.
    As far as Shanahan’s decision making, KICK THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they kick it twice instead of going for 2, it’s 27-20, the Lions score and must go for one to ensure at least a tie. Now you’re still in it and get the ball with the game tied. Instead it’s 28-25 and you NEED a drive and have McNabb at the helm, so you’re done.
    Leave the go for 1, go for 2 card in yer pocket until there’s less than 6 minutes left!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. McNabb will demand a multi million dollar apology for this benching just like he did in Philly. Except the Skins won’t cough it up and he’ll be in tantrum mode for the rest of the season.

  21. Mike Shanahan may be one of the most overrated coaches in the NFL. How much slack does two super bowl titles with one of the greatest QB’s in history over a decade ago get you?
    Seriously dude, the game is about accumulating points, not leaving them on the table. Calculating whether to go for one or two based on the situation at that moment is ludicrous if there is more than half of the 4th quarter left.
    And how the hell do you justify benching McNabb (unless he had recently watched tape of the last two minutes of the SB in 1994)?
    Add this to the Haynesworth debacle, and you have a coach who has alienated his best offensive player and his best defensive player.
    By the way, Redskin fanboy, you’re 4-4. That is at most 1 game better than Jim Zorn would have been with this roster.

  22. McChoke strikes again. Not sure what’s up with Shanahan’s lame excuse. Just say you’re benching him and be done with it. Reid did it, and McNabb responded really well the next game (even in he complained later).

  23. huthuthut:
    Because Carson Palmer is treated like and compensated as if he’s an elite quarterback.

  24. 1st..THANK YOU both Florio and Harrison for making my point about QBs. Everyone says :Poor Jason Campbell, he has had a new OC every year, and thats why he hasn’t been real good.” How long should it take a PROFESSIONAL QB to learn a damn offense ?
    2) Florio..less is more, as in the nose coming out of your mouth. 10 second questions/comments anything long sounds like Blah blah blah
    3) Florio…WTF is on your head?

  25. NFC Championships:
    McNabb – 1
    Grossman – 1
    Talk all the smack you want about Rex, those are the facts. He’s inarguably one of the best backups in the league, and McNabb was stinking up the joint.

  26. Everyone needs to relax. This was a 4-12 team last year who couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag. You can’t turn a frog into a prince in one year. Give Shanny some time with this, and just relax. He knows football and he is going to put his stamp on this franchise.
    Whoever realitypolice is: who is your team? Who do you cheer for on sundays? You must be a cowboy fan and are reeling from a 1-6 start. If you are an eagle fan then you are just pissed that we beat that ass. We are still 2-0 in division and got outplayed by a good defensive line. People like you who are ready to throw the towel in and pack it up are unrealistic. Maybe you should think about changing your name pal.

  27. Don’t think that McNabb played that bad, many dropped balls and some of the INTs are on the receivers.
    Lions D played great, Lions with Stafford, Johnson and Su look great.
    One thing is for sure, McNabb under no circumstances would have looked any worse than Grossman in those last two minutes.
    So you are 4-4 at the half, you have a win against the Cowboys and Philly, would any Skins fan taken that before the season started? Would 8-8 be an improvement?

  28. Somesome….
    So McNabb needs “more weapons”? I’ve heard that before. Many times. Usually after he proved himself to be anything but a decisive factor.
    I have to ask you guys what you are building towards if McNabb leaves at the end of the season, which is a very likely possibility after yesterday.
    Hall has played great, Torain should give a great deal of hope for a successor to Portis. But you have to think the QB position is once again empty next season, and the draft picks would have been critical in rebuilding faster.

  29. It is just amazing how the media studipifies issues. The problem is not with Carson it is his OC.
    How can Carson Palmer be an elite QB when the OL can’t protect him on 3rd down (Nate Livings & Moobs I am talking to you two), and the offensive coordinator is such a buffoon the defense knows the route trees better than the WR’s.
    The Bengals only have four routes that they run: fly, out, digs, and hitches. Almost 75% of our routes are hitches. 3rd and 8- 6 yard hitch. 3rd & 12- 6 yard hitch.
    We drafted the top pass catching TE in college, and he has yet to catch a pass other then a hitch or a screen pass. WTF!??? That is not Palmer’s fault, but the guy/ dumb-ass upstairs.
    Against the Dolphins, Benson has over 52 yards on 13 or 14 carries in the first half and the Bengals are in the lead 14-12. Brat calls only 6 more running plays the entire game. Somehow the media manages to overlook these important items.

  30. yea but i also wouldnt let mcnabb run a two minute drill in a high school game…mr. anti clutch. so i dont know what you want them to do

  31. I find it funny that Carson Palmer’s numbers are better than Mcnabs. Yet you are down on Palmer, and praising Mcnabb.

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