Ken Whisenhunt won't reveal quarterback yet

I have a few Monday traditions each week: Getting up, making coffee, and dragging myself to the next room to start posting.  Wait, that’s every day.

But every Monday is when I get to tell you what Ken Whisenhunt says about the latest chapter in the Cardinals’ quarterback drama.

finish our evaluation with our team today; we haven’t watched the tape
yet with them,” Whisenhunt said Monday via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “Then we’ll move on to Minnesota
and start game-planning for them and that will obviously determine
which way we go with that.”

All things considered, we’ll stick with our prediction from last night that Derek Anderson gets the call.  Max Hall has been benched in two out of the three starts he’s made.

While this may seem like a pointless debate to some, the Cardinals remain only one game behind the first-place Seahawks in the NFC West.  Seattle lost 33-3 in Oakland Sunday.

11 responses to “Ken Whisenhunt won't reveal quarterback yet

  1. This amazes me. What does Max Hall need to do to get benched? Is he dating Whisenhunt’s daughter? I mean sure the kid may be nice, but come on is that the best you can put out there? He is good for 7 to 14 points a game, for their OPPONENT!
    I think they let their best QB go, he plays receiver for the Ravens

  2. All the sportswriters say “Skelton isn’t ready,” but none gives any specifics. Maybe he doesn’t have arm strength? No, that would be Max Hall. Throws too many interceptions? No, that would be Derek Anderson. Doesn’t know the play book yet? No, every week we hear how “the offense has been simplified” for the sake of rookie Hall.
    The “Beanie” treatment of Skelton is a Whisenhunt special. Talented rookies sit while less-talented players continue mediocre.
    I’d like to know the basis of the hold that Hall has over Whisenhunt? Maybe looking for a new fan base in Hall supporters? What?

  3. Here is the list, of course none of them cna play for the cards THIS YEAR.
    Top Quarterbacks
    Peyton Manning, IND.
    Tom Brady, NE
    Michael Vick, PHI
    Brett Favre, MIN
    Donovan McNabb,.
    Matt Moore, CAR WAS.
    Kyle Orton, DEN
    Matt Hasselbeck, SEA
    Alex Smith,
    Other Notable Free Agents:
    Troy Smith, BAL
    Trent Edwards, BUF
    JT O’Sullivan, CIN
    Seneca Wallace, CLE
    Shaun Hill, DET
    Brodie Croyle, KC
    Chad Pennington, MIA
    Tyler Thigpen, MIA
    Tarvaris Jackson, MIN
    Jim Sorgi, NYG
    Kellen Clemens, NYJ
    Bruce Gradkowski, OAK
    Michael Vick, PHI
    Dennis Dixon, PIT
    Billy Volek, SD
    Kerry Collins, TEN
    Chris Simms, TEN
    Rex Grossman, WAS
    Top 5 College QB’s Available 2011 draft
    Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford RS Soph
    Jake Locker, QB, Washington Sr
    Ryan Mallett,QB, Arkansas RS Jr
    Nick Foles, Arizona RS JR
    Christian Ponder, Florida State Sr

  4. Hall was never close to being ready to play in the NFL. As inconsistent as Anderson has been, he shouldn’t have lost his job. I still think coach Whiz was right in cutting Matt Leinart, however to this day I don’t understand why the Cardinals didn’t go after a QB in the offseason. Thankfully for the Cards the NFC West is putrid.

  5. The NFC West is so spectacularly bad that Arizona can win it with a quarterback who is slightly below average. Unfortunately, they don’t have one.
    I’d sign Jeff Garcia, who is better than anyone currently on the roster. So is Dante Culpepper. For that matter, so is Joe Namath.

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