McNabb situation could fracture Redskins locker room

The surprising decision of Redskins coach Mike Shanahan to bench quarterback Donovan McNabb with the game on the line has triggered plenty of media consternation.

It also could be causing major problems within the organization.

As explained in this week’s Monday 10-pack and in my post-SNF game visit with Bob Costas (appearing in the video box below, after addressing the Randy Moss situation), the idea that McNabb was yanked because his backup knows the two-minute offense better than the starter holds less water than a camel with a kidney infection.

And with two weeks to analyze and scrutinize and hypothesize, this one will get more interesting in time.  Especially as other players on the team make their feelings known.

First up?  Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, the original tenant in the Shanahan Family Doghouse.  “I mean, that’s Donovan McNabb on your team,” Haynesworth said, per Mike Wise of the Washington Post.  “I would always
keep him out there on the field
— no matter what.  That’s just me.”

A player who requested anonymity told Wise that the player “felt the strained relationship between McNabb and Kyle Shanahan,” and that McNabb “gives the offensive unit more confidence in the
huddle than any player in recent team history,” which “counts for more
than a scheme.”

Look for more accounts like this to emerge.  It’s Shanahan-McNabb, and everyone in the organization will have an opinion.

In the end, Shanahan’s is the only one that matters.  But his effort to coax the best performance out of McNabb (or, perhaps more accurately, a better performance than mediocre) could create the kind of problems that could keep this team from achieving its potential, what its potential may be.

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64 responses to “McNabb situation could fracture Redskins locker room

  1. This really has to be one of the dumbest coaching moves of all time. Benching McNabb for Grossman is ridiculous on face value. But when you figure it’s McNabb… one of the leagues biggest cry babies… then it transcends stupidity. Get ready for a mess Redskin fans.

  2. This shows a good reason not to have your son on your coaching staff. If there is tension between McNabb and Kyle, how can Dad ever come down on the side of the QB?

  3. LOL, Lordy Lordy Lordy!
    How many Eagles posters were mocked for telling all of you ‘skinners what you had in store for ya?
    So far everything is on track for the big giant pouting mess that is coming your way like a freight train!!
    The ONLY thing better is the complete meltdown of the cows
    Here is what happens next, McNabb will have a press conference, or interview where he says Shanahan is the HC and Poor Donovan is ready to do whatever is best for the team, he will have a hang dog look going on, you will say “Good quote Donovan” and then he will being the whisper camopaign that is going to put the blame for his failure on anyone that it will stick to.
    O line first, receivers, backs, defense and finally coaches.
    He will say that he is a team player, and part of the problem that all of “Them” are responsible for.
    He will slip in a remark about the benching causing him no problem, he will wonder if he may get a contract extension.
    You won’t have any football to worry about for awhile, but the drama will be really great!

  4. The point isn’t whether fans or journalists believe it. All that matters is that Dumbovan does. This isn’t the first time he was removed without being inured from a game when the outcome was still in question and probably won’t be the last.

  5. I’m no fan of McNabb, but the idea that Kyle Shanahan’s precious scheme is valued more than the skills of a QB with 12 years of pro experience is ludicrous. Mike S. should pull his son back a bit and help him understand his role. Case of over-indulgent parent syndrome going on in DC. Snyder is probably going through a melt down now thinking, “this time I did all the right things and I even butted out, and it’s still a soap opera and circus all rolled into one.”

  6. While I agree that it was insane to bench McNabb for Rex-freaking-Grossman, I’m still wondering where in the hell McNabb gets the reputation for being anything other than a mediocre-to-average QB for the entirety of his career?

  7. I think it is hilarious that Grossman scored 6 points for the Lions via fumble on his first play from scrimmage!!!

  8. You don’t have this situation in New England. If you don’t agree with Tom Brady’s hair, you get shipped out. Plain and simple. And fabulous.

  9. Stephen Heyer starting at right tackle was the problem…how do you expect Donovan McNabb to run an offense when he constantly has pressure in his face? Everytime Reed Doughty or Stephen Heyer play, the Redskins lose.

  10. Look at what happened when McNabb got benched for that second half a couple years ago in favor of Kolb…it lit a fire under his ass and he played lights out the rest of the year and the Eagles made it to the NFC championship game.
    This is not a sky is falling situation. Some players need extra motivation once in a while and he will probably bounce back.

  11. The Skins have a horrendous offensive line, absolutely no talent at the skill positions, and a defense that has been gashed in most games. Yet they have as many wins as last year already. McNabb is a big reason for that even if his numbers are mediocre. And the coach pulls him. If I were a Skins player, I’d now wonder if my coach is more worried about his son than the team. One of the dumbest coaching moves I’ve ever seen. Pulling a guy with the 3rd most come from behind game winning drives in the past year for a guy who should be in the UFL. Way to prove a point Shanahan….you just lost your locker room.

  12. So everybody destroying Andy Reid and the Eagles here for trading McNabb…and I mean there were people absolutely destroying the Eagles here…what do you have to say for yourselves now? A 2nd round pick for McNabb was a STEAL!

  13. Shanny owes DMAC a very public apology for trying to make him the scapegoat in the game. How many times was he sacked, hurried or hit? The loss was clearly a team effort:
    1) Critical penalties that took points off the board and allowed the Lions to score a TD instead of FG.
    2) Extremely poor pass protection for the entire first half.
    3) Zero running game
    4) Really dumb playing calling with a 5 pt lead and 4 minutes to go
    It’s tough to see the Skins loose so many games they could’ve (and in this case should’ve) won. I hope the team pulls it together and beats the Eagles… I hate Philly!!!

  14. Wake up folks, it’s not about the scheme. It’s the ability to run a hurry-up offense, period. Donovan can’t do it. He proved it time and again in Philly, most notably at the Superbowl, after having been in the same “scheme” for 5 years. Reid always covered for Don’s failures, but it looks like Shannahan is going to make #5 take his own bullets.

  15. I side with McNabb. The team is terrible on the offensive side of the ball. It all starts with the offensive-line, and it could be the worst in the NFL.
    That anonymous quote sure sounds like Santana. Who else would be in position to make that statement? Possibly Cooly, but more likely Santana.

  16. as an eagles fan, this disgusts me. the dude is the absolute BEST option the redskins have at quarterback and has an impeccable winning percentage and a number of 4th quarter winning drives. how this moron shanahan could bench mcnabb for rex grossman, of all people, is beyond me. disrespectful to one of the top caliber quarterbacks in the nfc.

  17. This proves that the McNabb in front of cameras is polar opposite from the McNabb in the locker room. His ego has got the best of him. I do not believe for a second that this was strictly a football decision. There is something much larger and it is occuring behind closed doors. Philly did right, thankfully.

  18. brian_alford says:
    November 1, 2010 11:59 AM
    So everybody destroying Andy Reid and the Eagles here for trading McNabb…and I mean there were people absolutely destroying the Eagles here…what do you have to say for yourselves now? A 2nd round pick for McNabb was a STEAL!
    True, it was a steal. How about Vick, Nate Allen and a future 3rd round pick to go with the deal. GO EAGLES!!!!

  19. More speculation. I love pure speculation. How else can I waste my time? I recall the Dez Bryant-rookie thing really having a big impact on why the Cowboys are losing by 20 points a game.
    Let me guess who benefits from statements like “Look for more accounts like this to emerge.” Neato.

  20. Sure, and before this, the Haynesworth situation was poised to”fracture” the Skins Locker Room. How did that work out?
    This decision had zero to do with Donovan McNabb’s ability, history, etc. It was a poor coaching decision and I know that – beyond that concrete ego – Mike Shanahan knows it as well. I doubt he will admit that or issue a mea culpa in today’s Press Conference, so we will all have to read between the lines.
    The Redskins are no longer a league laughingstock, which angers alot of media members – both National and Local. They all had a great time during the two year Zorn era, and their gig is up. Thus, they jump at this story like sharks to chum on the surface of the ocean. Ask any Redskins fan, and we will tell you that a 4-4 record (4-2 in the conference) at the bye week is more than we could have hoped for. Not to mention pimp smacking the Cowboys and Eagles along the way.
    Shanahan hasnt changed his starter at all, and the last thing Eagle fans should be gloating about is a move that will undoubtedly light a fire under an already motivated McNabb with the Monday Night Philly/Skins matchup looming. The Skins took care of Philly in their own back yard, and will do it again at our house.

  21. CHIEF ZEE says:
    November 1, 2010 11:55 AM
    Stephen Heyer starting at right tackle was the problem…how do you expect Donovan McNabb to run an offense when he constantly has pressure in his face? Everytime Reed Doughty or Stephen Heyer play, the Redskins lose…
    Didn’t watch the game did you?

  22. That was a major insult to McNabb, major.
    Shanarat basically said that McNabb wasn’t smart enough to run the 2 minute drill AND that Rex Grossman was, wow.
    The rat is out of control, again.

  23. I wonder if Donovan will demand a “financial apology” from the Redskins as he did with the Eagles when they benched him against Baltimore in 2008.
    And I wonder if his fat mom will go on TV and cry the blues like she did for 11 years in Philadelphia everytime someone said something negative about her son.
    The McNabb Family = The Lindros Family

  24. I’m thinking that there’s more to this than anyone knows. Shanahan isn’t stupid, and yanking McNabb for Grossman, during the last two minutes of the game, is beyond stupid. Maybe McNabb and one of the Shannies had a sideline disagreement or something.
    There’s got to be an intelligible reason, though, even if we never hear it.

  25. Do we still wonder why the Eagles decided it was time to commit to Kolb? Do we see why they were not that concerned with trading him within the division?
    (Yes the commitment turned out to be lame)
    They may not have expected this stress to occur with him in DC, but they did avoid it happening in Philly. Where with Kolb, and, unfortunatley it turns out, Vick, it seems they saw it coming.

  26. I see alot of people killing Shanahan for this move, and I dont understand why.
    McNabb has a 76 QB rating, 8 INT’s and 7 TD’s. He isnt getting it done.
    Grossman is not exactly a competent starter, but he has expeirence. He also has a cannon, something McNabb does not possess. In a 2 minute drill, I would take Grossman over McNabb especially when McNabb is having one of his really mediocre days.
    everyone thought Washington was getting a “franchise QB” when they traded for McNabb. Philly knew what alot of people already knew about him. He is a mediocre QB. Shanahan was hoping Grossman would spark some of that fire Donovan is lacking.

  27. Why can’t a player who is not performing to the level he is capable of be benched? Shanahan is bang on with his message…pull up your socks Donovan or ride the pines!
    A 70 passer rating ain’t gonna cut it in DC or anywhere else, except Dallas, so do your job or someone else will do it for you.
    Shanahan’s problem is he should have told McNabb just that instead of hiding behind the lamest excuse for sitting a player we have ever heard…Rex Grossman… C’Mon Man.

  28. Welcome to what everyone in Philly already knows, and the national media seems to ignore. Donovan is not a smart QB. If someone else can call the right play he can execute, but he couldn’t run a 2 minute offense with 10 minutes and 6 timeouts. There’s a reason Andy Reid didn’t allow him to audible at the line – EVER.

  29. Regarding this situation–If i were coach i would have made Haynesworth run until he pukes…

  30. If there’s some part of any coach in the league who thinks that benching anyone for Rex Grossman within one score of tying the game is a good idea, they should be locked away in a hospital for psychiatric care, because there’s clearly something loose there

  31. Wow.
    Redskins fan forums, even PFT are full of individuals that totally disregard the effort that the Lions put forth on Sunday. McNabb, Grossman – semantics
    The Lions dominated that game and deserve the credit.
    As a Lion’s fan, I know the criticism is just because of the last five decades of mediocrity, but sooner or later – hopefully sooner rather than later – the Lions will be viewed as a threat instead of a “layup”.
    The Lions did what good teams are supposed to do – overcome hurdles, take CONTROL of the game and WIN it. The Redskins showed zero heart and deservedly lost that game. I can say one thing, the Redskins apologists are out in full force.
    GO LIONS, 2-5

  32. You will know Donovan’s reaction this afternoon when PTI and ATH air.
    Michael Wilbon and/or Smith will be he voice for his “people”, putting out the story Donovan wants told. Watch and learn, we in Philly know it all to well.
    And, best yet, Donovan is fully within in rights to start a “WTF Campaign” regarding what has to be the most idiotic move I’ve seen in years. Mike Singletary even thought it was dumb.
    But that’s Mike Shanahan. The Decider.

  33. Pressure Shmessure.
    Why do you trade for a veteran QB and then make him adhere to a system he isn’t well suited for?
    You knew what you had when you got McNabb. Why couldn’t the Shanahans craft a system that was a better fit for him?
    Yet another genius Redskins move, but at least the blame doesn’t fall on Snyder with this one.

  34. I’m thinking this is a case of what noah mentions above. Designed as a shock to the system, not an actual change in direction at QB.
    But they have to be careful. McNabb is a real opportunity for this team, and this season, in this NFC, is also a real opportunity for this team. The NFC’s a mess. Even the best teams, New Orleans and the Giants, are vulnerable. After losing McNabb, the Redskins will go into a rebuilding mode. No matter how good the defense, team leadership has to get it right with McNabb right now.

  35. Kyle Shanahan does not have the respect of his QB, and for good reason. With horrible pass protection, he still calls 5-7 step drops (ala Houston) and wonders why Donovan can’t complete a pass with guys hanging from his chin strap.
    The balls into the turf are McNabb’s fault. But, that’s about it. Unless the Shanahans are not watching the same game, I can’t see how they could believe Rex would have anything else happen other than what did – sack fumble, 6 points Detroit.
    Was that how you “schemed” it Kyle?

  36. This is just flat out disgusting. With all these comments, you would think that the Redskins were the only team on the field.
    The Detroit Lions imposed their will on a team that seemed to lack resemblance of heart.
    Keep making excuses for the Redskins, I’ll keep looking at the final score.

  37. @dlmcc0909 – I was with you until you said Grossman has “a canon” and McNabb doesn’t. What? Do you even watch the games?
    McNabb leads the league in passes of 50 yards or more. He can throw 70 yards on the run. If anything, McNabb’s arm strength is his biggest asset now that he’s lost some mobility. Grossman has never been known for having a big arm.
    The rest of your comment has no credibility after that.

  38. “Everyone is entitled to make mistakes and Philly made one this offseason!” -Donovan McNabb after beating the Eagles going 8-19 for 125 yds with 1 td and 1 int qb rating of 60. If you didn’t realize your qb was a tool after that quote you’re blind. Talk about trying to take all the credit for a win that CLEARLY the defense won for you… typical McNabb. Claim the victory and blame others for losses.

  39. Mcnabb wont get the skins to a superbowl but he is their best option. Leaving him in for a 2 minute drive is the better of two bad options.
    Is shanahan cracking from the pressure of having a team with not a ton of talent?

  40. LOL..Redskins Drama…Just in time for their Bye Week!!
    Thank you Mike Shanahan for this wonderful gift.
    Watching a team fall about out in Dallas – was just too far to go.
    Now , right down Route 95, we see the “World’s Most Valuable Franchise” imploding right before us.
    Oh yeah- do all of this drama the week before the bye! LOL Let it simmer and Haynsworth can stir the pot.
    One, more request – could you just sign T.O. the next time that you get a chance? LOL

  41. Thanks ShanaRAT!
    Living in the DC area and hating the Skins (yes I am a huge fan of Pretzel Boy), this is a great gift for the next 2 weeks. The local press was all up in arms this morning and with the bye week, their panties will really get in a knot! McNabb will be gone after this season and replaced by an even worse QB as ShanaRAT proves his 2 Super Bowl titles eons ago were really due to Elway and not his “great” coaching……….Bring on the drama!

  42. great post cakes. JC is rated higher than mccoke too and lead the raiders to a 33-3 whipping of the 1st place seahawks. I hope that guy leads my raiders to the SB. this org gave a 2 and 3 up for this 25th rated QB in the league currently.
    this area is in an uproar and it is great to see as lets face it…up to this pt it has been ref calls and other teams giving it away rather than the 4skins dominating in all 4 wins. I believe every win they have been outplayed statistically and could and should be 0-8.
    the lions are 2-0 during the last 40 games and 2-36 against the rest of the teams. in other words….they are worse than the lions.

  43. For some reason my comments never get up here. but just for the sake of having something to say this is why Shanahan is a bum of a coach. The guy is nothing without Elway. 1 playoff game won in a gazillion years of coaching. Yet, Dumb Dan just had to have him and here he goes tearing up the locker room. First the defense goes from top 10 to almost dead last and now this.
    This is sickening

  44. firstly,i think shannahan has lost faith in donovan.
    secondly,shannahan has bought donovan a bus ticket out of town.
    thirdly,donovan’s next contract will not be with the washington redskins.
    i’ll never really get what all the attraction is about donovan mcnabb,he’s always been a mid level quarterback,at best.

  45. Being an Eagles fan and having watched DMac for years, I have to say that Shanahan just made a huge mistake if he expects DMac to be around next year. Benching him for Grossman has to be the most stupid coaching move of the year, next to the cowgirls decision not to replace Phillips (or even hire him to begin with).
    I’ll tell you right now, DMac will be in Arizona next year, throwing passes to much better talent than the Skins have. He lives there, they need a QB, and he’ll be a free agent. Book it Danno.

  46. A really dumb decision by Shanahan…he needs to go public and say he screwed up.
    Re: he “could” lose the locker room…well, anything “could” happen. Is there any indication that it is happening — quotes or anything?
    Many reported that the Fat Al situation was going to lose the locker room for sure. It did not.
    Actually, Fat Al is playing better than ever…go figure.
    So, dumb move, but I think highly speculative that the locker room is in turmoil before we actually see some sort of evidence for that.

  47. not a shanahan or mcnab fan…don’t agree much with benching mcnabb but damn is he some kind of god or something? he hasn’t been fired or thrown out of town…everytime something happens to this guy everyone goes crazy…he’s a good qb, not a great qb…not a hall of famer

  48. It was a golden moment for McNabb to watch Grossman fumble away the game. He was squashed flatter than Wonder bread in a panini press. I wondered if the OL did that on purpose…

  49. Bwa Ha Ha -Dude….there is no way you would rather have Kolb than McNabb. Ultimately that’s why the Eagles traded him. McNabb did more for Philly with no talent than Kolb could ever do with way more talent. Who was the best receiver McNabb ever had? Freddie Mitchell? James Thrash? How many Division titles did McNabb lead Philly to? Everyone always thinks the grass is greener. Kolb could be the worst QB in Eagles history. Philly fans are priceless. Or classless.

  50. The Lions are the better team and it showed. It didn’t matter who was in the game at the end, the outcome would have been the same. The Lions D-Line was not going to allow the Skins to move the ball. Suh is a beast and only getting better.

  51. I have yet to hear anyone ask how many playoff games Mike Shanahan has won without John Elway.
    I’d say we’ve got a case of a head coach being more than a little overrated.

  52. @ skinsblowpoles — “my” raiders…when did you switch from being a dallas fan to an oakland fan? at least the redskins fans here are still fans even though their coach made a dumb call. we are not all just abandoning the ship at the first sign of trouble. typical bandwagon cowboys move…

  53. I can only sit back and snicker at the problems that the Cowboys & Redskins are having. It is wonderful having them in the NFC East.

  54. Look it was a dumb move I agree. I could not believe Shanahan would do something like that. McNabb gives us the best chance to win without a doubt. But he’s a good coach and they make mistakes too, and I dont think he will make a terrible mistake like that again. And the Eagles are still dumb for trading McNabb I mean he showed them that when he went to Philly and beat them in Week 4. So that proves another point and he plays them again after the bye. Eagles fans are too stubborn to realize it was a mistake to trade him within the division. He’s a good QB he’ll bounce back after they bye. And Shanahan wont make another disasterous mistake like that again.

  55. Lots of emotional posts but not so many objective ones. Shanahan’s excuse was ridiculous. McNabb has no issues grasping the 2-minute drill; he has issues executing the 2 minute drill. Seriously, when was the last 2 minute comeback led by McNabb? Shanny would have been better off saying what he seems to feel without any sugar-coating it. “Grossman gives us the best chance at victory via the 2 minute offense” would have been fine. McNabb has good yardage this year but his play has been far from stellar. Grossman has had utterly horrible games but he has also had some great games as well. His fumble should be credited to the Loins’ line play…unless the fractured locker room stuff actually started by the O-line taking a play off to send a message. McNabb has been a good player for several years but he does not deserve the “homage” exhibited by the NFL network analysts and some other media. He has been decent this year and he has been ineffective. Yesterday, which was it?

  56. Dear Lions Fans:
    Before you get all excited about your 2nd win this year, just remind yourselves that the Skins basically handed the game to you. The offsides penalty and the bad decision by Dmac to throw into triple coverage essentially gave you 14 points that the Lions wouldn’t have had. Not to mention the penatly that took away one of Brandon Banks’ TDs. The Lions’ special teams has a lot of work to do.

  57. I just didn’t see the point in pulling him and then for Grossman at that. It’s the end of the game and you’re down by 1 score. Maybe if he can get some protection for a few seconds or you have some skilled players who can make a play things would be easier. But the line sucks and the skilled players are worst. It’s actually surprising that they have won as many games as they have with what they are working with.
    Doesn’t matter anyway. He’ll be in Arizona next year throwing to Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston or if Chilly doesn’t get fired, handing the ball off to Peterson and throwing to Harvin and Rice. Much better than staying in DC.

  58. Also, some of the Eagles fans on here really make the rest of us look bad. First off, when they traded McNabb, they did it for Kevin “Dr. Dump Off” Kolb and he stinks. He’s just an average QB that looks good one week and bad the next, sorta like Tony Romo. WE GOT LUCKY WITH VICK. Period. Also, if McNabb was still in the same system with the same players he would be lighting it up just like last year when the team broke franchise scoring records.
    So comparing the performance of McNabb on a new team, new coach, new system, poor skilled players doesn’t make sense because if he was still in Philly, I have a good feeling his play would be a lot better. Please, stop looking so uneducated. And this is Reid’s last contract. When this is over, he’s done and will be fired because we are not going to win because he can’t build an offensive line or defense. Book that.

  59. I just knew this wasn’t going to work……..
    Make some room in cellar Cowboys…….Skinz will be joining you soon!

  60. First of all let’s hear it for Brandon Banks–
    Without him the Skins wouldn’t have even sniffed victory, and he broke the franchise record for single game return yardage.
    This is more key than anything:
    Mooch says:
    November 1, 2010 1:01 PM
    Pressure Shmessure.
    Why do you trade for a veteran QB and then make him adhere to a system he isn’t well suited for?
    You knew what you had when you got McNabb. Why couldn’t the Shanahans craft a system that was a better fit for him?
    Yet another genius Redskins move, but at least the blame doesn’t fall on Snyder with this one.
    The ‘I’m the boss’ approach that Shanahan employs is getting really old, really quickly. Most teams would make adjustments halfway through the season, and so far, I haven’t seen any.
    Run the ball three times in the second half against the Rams when down by one score? Sure, why not. Employ the slowest, most methodical drive against the Colts when down by two scores with four minutes left in the fourth? Sounds great!
    What I don’t see in these discussions is criticism of the series before…when the Skins went for it on 4th and 10, down by three, on their own 30, with over two minutes left, after Suh and Van den Bosch had been in McNabb’s face alllll day long.
    Seriously Shanahan? Seriously? Can we bring in the second string offensive co-ordinator? Because surely he would be able to run a two minute drill more competantly than Kyle Shanahan.
    Worst OC in the league, hands down.

  61. This is horrible, I also think it is a disgrace that people refuse to accept that Mcnabb has been and is an elite qb. He just moved into 17th all time passing. He took the eagles to the NFC Championship 5 times in 10 years. He won the division I believe 7 times? I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that. He was leading a team to the playoffs on a consistent basis with virtually no running game, he also did it with mediocre receivers and calling them mediocre is a compliment, with stars like Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell, James Thrash, and Greg Lewis how could you not be winning the superbowl! He had T.O. for one year and he went to the superbowl. McNabb has taken a team that had a total of 4 wins last year and gotten them to a 4-4 record, so unless he loses 8 straight he will have improved the team.
    Now the numbers…
    -He has 6 pro bowls
    -He has the best INT/Pass attempt percentage of all time
    -At one point he was one of two qbs with 200+ TDs and less than 100 INTs (other was Tom Brady)
    -He holds the NFL record for most consecutive completions
    -He has the 3rd best winning % among active Qbs (behind brady and manning)
    -Only QB to ever throw for 30+ TDs and less than 10INTs in a season
    So everyone who thinks he is decent, take a look at that and get back to me. He was the greatest QB in Eagles history and he is STILL an elite qb in the NFL

  62. @mtrockrr
    Have you ever considered the possibility McNabb’s best days are behind him?
    You have to admit he hasn’t exactly been a shinig star in DC yet. Granted, we have no O line and now we have no running backs……..but he hasn’t looked sharp and next year he will be just another year older.
    Not everyone can be Brett Favre.

  63. Once again McNabb is on a team that had 4 wins last year and they have won tough games against good teams, and each of their losses (except STL) were within one possession (also excluding the fumble by rex Grossman) he has put this team that was horrible last year (4-12) in a position where they COULD be 7-1 right now, he has had them in every game they have played. Not only has he had them in every game, but he has been doing it with little to no offensive weapons… He has had a backup runningback for half the season, a sub-par Offensive line, an Amateur receiving core (excluding moss) and Cooley has been dropping passes left and right, Not to mention they have had the 28th ranked defense? So with all of this AMAZING supporting cast he still has the team equal to its win total of ALL of last season, and he may have had one more if “The Great!” Mike Shanahan didn’t sit him for Rex “Future Hall of Famer” Grossman

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