Michael Vick practices, vows "to be smarter when running"

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was back on the practice field today, saying he’ll be ready to play on Sunday for the first time since suffering a rib injury on October 3.

But he indicated that when he returns on November 7 against the Colts, he’ll be careful not to expose himself to the same kind of injury.

“I definitely have to be smarter when running with the football, trying to get down,” Vick said. “If not, who knows? There’s no telling what I’m going to do. I can’t predetermine what I’m going to do. I just have to play smarter and be conscious of what’s going on out there and try and protect myself.”

The question, however, is whether Vick will lose some of his effectiveness if he’s running more cautiously. Vick is at his best when he’s looking to shake off tacklers and make moves on his feet, not when he’s “trying to get down.”

Vick said last week that he wants to know if he can take a hit. He now says he’s comfortable that he can.

“I’ll wear extra padding,” Vick said. “I’m confident I can take a hit. I can’t play the game worried about getting hit or not being able to play the way I like to play.”

In other Eagles injury news, receiver DeSean Jackson practiced today and said he expects to be a game-time decision on Sunday.