Mike Shanahan not happy with how Donovan McNabb practices

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan can say his decision to bench quarterback Donovan McNabb at the end of Sunday’s loss to the Lions was about Rex Grossman having a better handle on the two-minute offense, or about McNabb having problems with his cardiovascular conditioning.

But whatever Shanahan says publicly, there are growing indications that privately, he just doesn’t think much of McNabb.

The latest indication comes from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, who reported Monday night that both Shanahan and his son and offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, have been unhappy with the way McNabb practices. According to Mortensen, McNabb doesn’t practice at the tempo that the Redskins’ coaching staff wants to see from him.

And Mortensen says Shanahan even considered benching McNabb after the Redskins’ win over the Eagles, a game in which the Redskins beat McNabb’s former team despite McNabb going just 8-for-19 for 125 yards.

Mortensen calls Shanahan’s displeasure with McNabb “The worst-kept secret in the league.” After Sunday’s benching, it’s not a secret at all.

90 responses to “Mike Shanahan not happy with how Donovan McNabb practices

  1. well, i have always questioned his conditioning, like some other similar high profile QBs.
    he is now coasting.

  2. The fact is that McNabb is not too bright. He has the physical ability still, but not the cerebral. Never has…

  3. Just because you are a Pro Bowl QB, it does not mean you are allowed to loaf during practices.

  4. i think shanahan doesn’t like lazy players and mcnabb’s demenor on the field and off says just that to me.

  5. Is it possible that Rex Grossman gives you a better chance to win than Donovan McNabb? I just can’t believe that. Unless Rex got a lot better not playing for two years.

  6. McNabb will go to Cincinnati, replace Carson Palmer, and win a Super Bowl with Terrell Owens.
    BOOK IT!

  7. Is there any saving this franchise at this point. Maybe Shannahan just need to liquidate the entire team and start from scratch

  8. I’ve been hearing that McNabb has been refusing to do his drills and that’s not going to fly with Mike.
    Also, how funny is it that McNabb was being the company man and turning on his defensive players and then got bit by the same management?

  9. I love it how the Deadskins try to buy a team every year. And it always = FAIL.
    The owner should fire himself (just like Jerruh should too) and hire real football people.
    Shanarat proved in his last years with the Broncos that the game has passed him bye.
    You are not in the Marines, dickhead. You have to motivate these young men. Not piss them off.

  10. Shanahan is a rat. After the Phili/Wash game he gave the game ball to McNabb and praised his play and leadership. This guy will be chased out of DC soon enough…

  11. This report does not surprise me. I’ve always thought McNabb was lazy and not in appropriate condition. It showed up in the Superbowl and it’s further being confirmed by what’s going on now. It may seem like a stretch…but you can actually see it in his demeanor.

  12. McNabb has been playing terrible this year. And he was playing particularly awful during the Lions game. He deserved to be benched, although it would have been better to do it at halftime and not in the last two minutes. But Rex Grossman is not the answer. He is worse. McNabb needs to cool his jets, swallow his pride and work harder to get back into his playing groove.

  13. Philly dumping him on the Redskins doesn’t seem to be that bad a move, eh boys??!? Time for the Deadskins to go with Sexy Rexy and draft their future QB next spring. It’ll be at least 3 years before that team competes for a playoff spot.

  14. So much for McNabb being more than a one-and-done. Guess we’ll have to trade up for Luck now – I hear Shanny has a thing for Stanford QB’s…

  15. rabbit teeth is a tool…he is also benching the best d-lineman in the nfl……..i think it’s great…he is like josh mcdaniels…it’s his way or the highway…well that might have worked in the 80’s and early 90’s…….but he better wake up or else the vibe in the locker room will get ugly.

  16. As an Eagles fan who doesn’t hate McNabb but doesn’t mind his departure, I never bought into his mystical Arizona desert workouts – is that how he lost his speed and got chubby 6-7 years ago? You look at him in his first 3 seasons and the guy was an athlete – obvious even when wearing the pads. Then he packed on the pounds, and it ain’t all muscle. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. If the Shanahans can’t get much out of him then they need to evaluate why they can’t when Andy Reid could. They’re only making themselves look like a fool for the 2nd time in their short tenure, with the Haynesworth fiasco being the 1st obvious poor management situation (regardless who was ‘right’ it was not handled effectively). Starting to look like some babies themselves.
    But Eagles and Broncos fan warned you… perhaps the Snyder Stupidity has continued???

  17. What’s Shanahan thinking? Donovan’s fine! Shanahan acts like McNabb got winded and threw up on the field!

  18. OK lets think about this for a minute. Shanahan was an 8-8 coach if not worse after Elway retired. Got fired and now people are shocked because he is making dumb desicions. His defenses in Denver always sucked after the SB teams he brought in Jake Plummer, Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, Jay Cutler. Any winners there, I think not.

  19. well, I guess he’s just really happy they gave up a high #2 and a #3 to get him then. Does that mean Shanahan wasn’t on board with the trade??
    Rofl, I guess the redskins are still the Redskins after all.

  20. Both of these grown men are to blame Donovan got tired in the SUPER BOWL, he was also traded into the same division. Shanahan was a sub .500 coach after Elway he got FIRED. Any questions.

  21. It’s an excuse to bench McNabb so the Skins only have to give up a 4th rounder instead of a 3rd in the next draft!!

  22. Oh yea raidernation your so right cause New England are such failures because Belicheck is a control freak. Your a raiders fan so I guess you would know a thing or two about tools.

  23. My old news we all knew about – finally being properly reported.
    Eagles fans are like your dad. You used to think they were silly and full of it. Now you realize they knew exactly what they were talking about.
    Next season, Redskins fans will be telling Vikings fans these same facts. They’ll be derided as “haters” by Vikings fans convinced #5 will take then to the next level.
    It’s the circle of life.
    Then Vikings fans will tell Cardinals fans, and over and over and over.

  24. “If his last name was Limbaugh instead of Shanahan, he’d be out of a job”
    Ya know Limbaugh wasn’t fired, right? He quit. Because he’s a pu$$y.

  25. He was absolutely right, you can tell McNabb isn’t really concerned with winning- at the end of the game he looks like you and I with 5minutes left til we punch out and go home, he’s waiting for the end, not trying desperately with all he has to win. Been obvious for several years now. Idiot Shanahan traded a high draft pick for a guy who Philly was dumping after starting for 11 years- obviously he was no good anymore

  26. Donovan McNabb has obviously stopped eating his Campbell’s Chunky Soup. It’s the soup that eats like a meal. Large chunks of delicious lean meat. Potatoes and carrots as soggily delicious as Life cereal sitting in a bowl of milk too long.
    Available in your grocer’s canned soup section.

  27. DeVoodoo says:
    November 1, 2010 8:11 PM
    If it was the worst kept secret in the league, how come I’m just hearing about it now?
    “worst kept secret IN THE LEAGUE.” Are you part of the nfl?

  28. “Ya know Limbaugh wasn’t fired, right? He quit. Because he’s a pu$$y.”
    He quit because he was being punished for telling the truth. You know, like Randy Moss.


  30. Mooch says:
    November 1, 2010 8:36 PM
    My old news we all knew about – finally being properly reported.
    Eagles fans are like your dad. You used to think they were silly and full of it. Now you realize they knew exactly what they were talking about
    A lot of Eagles fans are silly and full of it…they think Kolb is good

  31. Perhaps McNabb should switch to the low fat soup instead.
    Seriously, we all knew he was fat and lazy. Because most of us are fat and lazy. We saw one of our own.

  32. McNabb was, is and will always be, overrated.
    The eagles new what they were doing, they just should have done it much, much sooner.
    McNabb sucks.

  33. “The fact is that McNabb is not too bright. He has the physical ability still, but not the cerebral. Never has…”
    you’re an idiot

  34. The Rat is the best finger-pointer in the business. The next time he takes responsibility for anything will be the first.

  35. This is only a big deal because the media makes it one. Shanahan hasn’t won 150 games for no reason. I believe he knows what he’s doing. I’m not a pro football player or coach so he knows more than any of us.

  36. Shanahan is trying to save face by throwing McNabb under the bus. Now he questions McNabb’s work ethic? So I guess the whole Arizona offseason thing is just for giggles. The reality is that Shanahan has stripped this team of what few offensive weapons it has and failed to improve the offensive line. They have no playmakers outside of Cooley and Moss. McNabb is not without blame, but McNabb has been running for his life the entire season. No qb would succeed behind the Skins line. Its no coincidence that the elite qb’s in the league have above average lines and playmakers. The Skins have neither what should have we expected?

  37. We all know Skinsblowpoles is Boyroll – Now he is on the Raiders bandwagon – First you are too embarassed to use your real screen name, now you cant even stand behind your “team”. – Coward

  38. lol cardovascular conditioning? That excuse will work for Haynesworth, but Donavan doesnt seem to be out of shape. He benched him, had no reason, and now is scrambling. He should stop his moping. At least they are doing better then the cowgirls

  39. mcnabb is a good qb…has never been great and never will be…if the browns had drafted him instead of couch, he’d be retired now too….wonder when redskins staff will be called racists?

  40. Ok, first Rat Boy calls McNabb stupid, then calls him fat, now he is lazy. At this pace tomorrow Rat Boy will be calling him the “N” word. I don’t see how you anyone could play for this egomaniacal idiot.

  41. McNabb has played pretty bad, I dont like him playing for the Redskins. But given the benefit of the doubt no one blocked for him yesterday. I have not seen the line look that bad since the Chuck and Duck days of Spurrier. Seriously where was Derrick Dockery? He is a pretty decent guard, Lichenstieger sucks, Rabach sucks your right guard sucks. There were times in the detriot game where it looked like only Trent Williams was blocking.

  42. Oh skinsblowpole aka boysroll aka skinsblow1. I see ur back to ur childish ways and now claiming to be a Raiders fan. Pathetic!!!

  43. limbaugh had to quit espin or be fired.
    he had to quit the rams offer too or they would have kicked him out.
    screw pee cee. it isnt moral. it’s communist. look who always gets punished. the darlings of the left dont get that treatment.
    the funny thing is, limbaugh really isnt all that pee cee.
    yall lefties chew on that tomorrow.

  44. Mcnabb has always been gassed at ends of games. check VT/SYR game on espn classic. He’s being interviewed while sitting on the field after being carried off to the sideline cause he couldn’t breath.
    It’s not like all the sudden this happened but like usual the redskins tried to pick-up a guy to hopefully steal some of his past glory. They all come to cashburn laugh at the organization, collect their paychecks and look for the best/easiest way out of town ASAP! new regime same team. FAIL!
    I mean no disrepect when I say this but unfortunately the ONLY thing the skins handled well under snyder is Sean Taylor’s funeral and the brief committment by the players to honor HIS memory.

  45. So McNabb isn’t intelligent? Wow…some of you are really…well…reaching
    The whole being tired in the Super Bowl thing…I didn’t know having the wind knocked out of you by Bruschi is being tired but okay
    McNabb isn’t even playing half as good as he did last season…or seasons prior. He’s having arguably his worst year as a Redskin and that can’t be all a coincidence. I do find it amusing though that this “secret” is coming out at such a opportunistic time
    It’s funny that McNabb was seen as a leader of the team by his teammates. He invited the receivers to his home in Arizona to practice…he practiced all offseason with his teammates…and all of a sudden he’s been “lazy” with his new team? I don’t buy it…I’m surprised people aren’t more skeptical but I guess once the topic is McNabb the hate comes out

  46. But he quit.
    And then he was dumped by the ownership group looking to buy the Rams because he brought nothing to the table.
    Some dude with more money got the team.
    That what we call CAPITALISM.
    But you seem to want the government to fix it so that he would be handed the team at a discount.
    Because you like him.
    Methinks you are the Communist.
    GOP – the Party of 9/11

  47. Uh-oh, could this be the Albert Hanynesworth situation, part 2? Na, I dont see it going that far, but Shanny sure likes to flip-flop with his excuses.

  48. McNabb doesn’t practice at the tempo the Skins coaches like to see? Nor does he do the two minute drill in the Super Bowl at the tempo the Eagles and their fans wanted to see!
    Rush Limbaugh was right about him. No QB has ever been more celebrated for bouncing more passes at his receivers’ feet than McNabb.
    Other than Favre, I’ve long felt McNabb was the most overrated QB in the league.

  49. jkmcooper – Just for the record, Shanahan was 91-69 in Denver after Elway retired. That is a 56.875 winning percentage which is just below Hank Stram, Don Coryell and Bill Parcells career numbers and just above Chuck Noll, Marv Levy, Mike Ditka and Chuck Knox

  50. Only real question at this stage is if Shanahan makes up a new story tomorrow.
    He made a bad decision, one he is embarrassed about. Rather than admit he blew it and mend fences with his QB, he spins to avoid blame.
    He’d be happier with Grossman, because then he could blame Rex for all the losses and take all the credit for the wins. He could be “Genius” Shanahan again.

  51. He was sacked six times! Who’s going to play well when they get sacked six times? He was pressured and getting hit all day. It’s the offensive line and a mediocre receiving core. Let’s pick up Randy and hope that’ll give us a boost. If that doesn’t work just wait, with the draft and F.A. next year, I have faith Bruce Allen and Shanahan will make this team better. Let’s go Skins.

  52. I wonder if Tom Jackson, and the other media types that bashed the philly fans, will now wake up and realize that #5 was, by rational fans, fairly criticized for his lack of being able to move his team during the final 2 minutes of the game…I was a big Donovan fan, but he isn’t someone who can lead with the game on line….fact is fact!!! I feel much better with Vick behind center right now…..And oh yea, with that being said he was still cheered like he was rescued when he was @ Lincoln Financial field

  53. who is boysroll or this other name your reference? you are not making any sense but then again you are a 4skin fan so I would expect that.

  54. get chilly out of mn before we he gets donovan to mn next year. i thought i would like that but seeing the way he’s been playing this year. i could care less if he goes anywhere else or stays in washington.

  55. i couldn’t believe it until i saw it with my own eyes..
    but i guess it’s true..
    99% of the people who comment of PFT have no knowledge of anything remotely to do with football.
    I just read through 64 comments and all but a handful were accurate. Even some of the Redskins fans were completely wrong.

  56. wheresrickysanders says:
    November 1, 2010 8:45 PM
    DeVoodoo says:
    November 1, 2010 8:11 PM
    If it was the worst kept secret in the league, how come I’m just hearing about it now?
    —————– ——————– ———
    “worst kept secret IN THE LEAGUE.” Are you part of the nfl?
    Good point, but I still call BS on Schefty. He considers himself a league insider, which means he would have known about if for awhile.
    So why would he sit on it?
    Oh yeah, that’s right- Schefty is a long time Shanahan lap dog. Shanny probably asked him not to report it.
    How do you think these guys get to be insiders?

  57. @Subzero
    U must be related to McNabb. Explain why he always has the same questions about him every year?????? He is a nice QB and nothing more.

  58. MattR says:
    November 1, 2010 9:53 PM
    jkmcooper – Just for the record, Shanahan was 91-69 in Denver after Elway retired. That is a 56.875 winning percentage which is just below Hank Stram, Don Coryell and Bill Parcells career numbers and just above Chuck Noll, Marv Levy, Mike Ditka and Chuck Knox
    How many playoff wins?

  59. Once again Rush Limbaugh is proven correct.
    There’s a reason why the Eagles didn’t have a problem with trading him within the division…Andy Reid and the Eagles management came to agree with Rush: McNabb was overrated. Now he goes to a new team and they come to the conclusion that he’s lazy, out of shape, and not that good.

  60. Redskins: What a bunch of dopes. Of course he’s coasting. He was traded there, not a FA acquisition. He’s coasting out the last year of his contract and moving on as soon as the season ends. Has he mentioned being rewarded by the Redskins? Has he even attempted to work out a new deal?
    No. Does he even care about being benched? Not in the slightest. Even if he’s on the downside of his career, has anyone seen the QB situation in Arizona, SF or Minny? He’s going to have a choice where he lands. The Redskins gave up a 2nd rounder for a one year rental.
    So what about any of this is news?

  61. Some of you guys make it clear that you know nothing about football. For all of you who say McNabb has always been a mediocre QB, please tell list the names of some “mediocre” QBs who have thrown for over 30K yards WITHOUT a #1 receiver for the majority of your career and 6 pro bowls. Please list 5 of them. No list 3. Also, Eagles fans don’t brag because Andy got lucky with Vick. Kolb stinks and he is Tony Romo/Matt Leinart all rolled up in one. Andy always needed a QB who can turn lemons into lemonade to make his system look well. Now he has Vick, which is a flash back to the old McNabb. So just stop.
    Lastly, I don’t care who you are if you’ve been playing in one system and one place for 11 years, you go to a new place, new system, new coach, no good skill players and bad o-line you’re going to struggle. McNabb is not a perfect QB but if any of you would even think for a second you wouldn’t make some of the idiotic comments that you do make. And Rush Limbaugh was racist by saying “people want to see a black QB be successful”. So please tell me how is that vindication? Let’s us know how racist you are that you now that Rush said anything that made any sense.

  62. If Shanahan’s displeasure with McNabb’s practice habits are “the worst kept secret in the league” why is it that we are only hearing about them now?
    I admit to disliking people who say how obvious it all is… after the fact.

  63. btw, boysroll is who you are skinsblow1. since the cowgirls have gone in the tubes, you’ve been hiding under different names and have jumped ship, LMAO. that’s terrible. we skins fan will stick with our team no matter what, suck on THAT

  64. I love how people mention Rush Limbaugh. You can argue if you think a Qb is overrated…sure. Carson Palmer? Overrated. Jay Cutler? Overrated. Tom Brady? Great but nowhere on Manning’s level
    See how easy that is? Instead…Rush chose to bring race into it and several of you agree. Nice

  65. Mcnabb has had problems with the 2 minute drill for years. He has problems reciting/repeating the terminology of a play call/multiple play calls during a 2 minute drill. It was something most eagles teammates knew about but never dared mention publicly. The best/worst kept secret in Philly. It was confirmed by former teammate Ike Reese on the radio in Philly yesterday. As for his conditioning, he started getting heavier years ago. That was no secret either. Watch him run, its just plain ugly. He’s just a slow footed, inaccurate, meathead. The worst is when he compares himself to Manning, Brady, Elway even Jesus Christ.
    We in Philly watched it for years. The national media swore we were idiots for thinking such things about the great Donovan Mcnabb. They would bring up all his wins and playoff runs. What we knew, that they didnt seem to pick up on, is the birds could win with ANY qb Reid put out there. Koy Detmer, AJ Feeley, Jeff Garcia, Mike Vick, Kevin Kolb etc. We were right. Suckers.

  66. Thanks GW, Subzero and Matt for actually putting some intelligence into this discussion (if you can call it that). If McNabb is so out of shape, then why did he have one of the Skins longest runs of the season? Donovan sacrificed his body for the Eagles during early years with the team and it cost him. Now he’s in an even worse situation than he was when Pinkston and Mitchell were his offensive “weapons:.

  67. Hmmm, let’s see what we have here …
    McNabb is fat, lazy, and you can tell by looking at him that he’s not interested in winning and just phoning it in. Rush was right all along, and Phillyfan1 tells us “McNabb was better at picking cotton anyway.”
    Oh yeah … really valid criticisms. The guy has been a consistent winner since coming into the league 12 years ago. If Shanahan had a problem with his veteran QB, he should have discussed it with him off the field. If Shanahan had a valid reason for benching McNabb, an honorable man would have said so rather than making up idiotic excuses for the media–otherwise known as bald-face lying.
    As usual, McNabb is stuck in the middle of a stupid controversy not of his making. As usual, he’s handling it with the kind of class none of his critics ever seem able to manage.

  68. Whens PFT and the rest of the media gonna start eating some crow. Everyone called Reid an idiot for trading Mcnabb especially with in the division. Everyone talked about how much Philly was gonna regret and how they would be no where with out Mcnabb. You all acted like it was Mcnabb who made that team successful and not Reid.
    These talking heads acted like they knew more about Mcnabb then Reid. Well its pretty obvious hes proved everyone wrong. The Eagles are still in the thick of the playoff race and probably would have been #1 in the NFC if there defense didnt let them down. If Mcnabb was here that still would have happened. The offense is doing just fine without Donovan.
    All these problems happening around Mcnabb arent new. It happened during his entire time in Philly. He was able to get away with his ego and bad practices when he was young and more agile. But Reid knew once Mcnabb got to a certian age he wouldnt be able to rely on athletic ability and the way he practiced and his lack of conditioning would really hurt him. Reid knew the time was now so they got what they could for him.
    It seemed like everyone thought Reid put no thought behind this and just traded him. That is a very neive thing to thing. Reid considered every angle and made his decision. He knew once Mcnabb left Philly all the things Reid covered up would come to the light. He probably even knew that him and Shannahan wouldnt get along.

  69. @route36west…getting warm here.think about this,reid traded a player within his own division,doesn’t that make you wonder.
    obviously reid wasn’t afraid of mcnabb coming back to haunt him.
    donovan…it’s ovah…

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