New York, get ready for Randy

Rosenthal officially commenced the speculation regarding the next destination of Randy Moss.

But I don’t need three guesses.

Though one of the teams with a record worse than 5-2 may try to squat on Moss, I firmly believe that the New York Jets will make a claim for his services.

The Jets will be motivated by a desire to keep Moss from returning to the Patriots, and by an interest in sticking it to the Pats by winning with one of their castoffs (see Danny Woodhead).

Also, Moss may be better than Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes.  Neither has done all that much this year, and both made relatively small contributions on Sunday against the Packers.

Then there’s the Rex Ryan-Mike Tannenbaum willingness to bring in big-name players whom others have doubted and to use that external doubt to light a fire under their asses.  Guys like Antontio Cromartie and LaDainian Tomlinson were believed to be washed up elsewhere; they’re now key contributors in New York.

Of course, the possibility that the Jets would claim Moss could make the Dolphins (one of Rosenthal’s projected destinations) even more likely to make a claim for Moss, since it would keep him from both of their AFC East rivals.  It also would reunite him with former Marshall quarterback Chad Pennington, perhaps a guy who can keep Moss from becoming a problem.

We’re also intrigued by the slim possibility that the Browns, who play the Pats and Jets in the next two weekends, would consider bringing Moss to town.  It’s highly unlikely, but in a weird sort of way it would make a little bit of sense.

Regardless, first Moss must officially be waived.  As Jay Glazer has reported, it hasn’t happened yet.

86 responses to “New York, get ready for Randy

  1. Despite the Jets propensity to collect big names, I can’t believe that they would grab Moss with Holmes, Cotchery and Edwards already aboard. For that matter, I am betting against the Pats taking him back too. 3-0 since they dumped him–addition by subtraction.

  2. Give me a break. The Jets? He’ll never make it that far down the waiver list. Though I admit it’d be fun to see Ryan try to deal with him…

  3. Do they have the cap room to claim him off waivers? They would be on the hook for about 3.3 million.

  4. if he makes it all the way through waivers to the Jets without getting claimed, i’ll be dumbfounded. No way he makes it past San Diego or Miami or Seattle, and that’s just to name three.

  5. No chance of him going to the Jets. He will insist on going to a quarterback who can throw the ball consistently and will most certainly not fit into the Jets offensive scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns down every other team to get back with New England, of course it remains to be seen if they want him back (on the Viqueens bill) that is. Moss clearly misses winning as evidence by his comments yesterday, he knows the best chance of winning is back with Brady and Belichick.

  6. I’m shocked you even wasted your time writing this ridiculous article. Seriously? No teams with a worse record than 5-2 with worse receivers than Holmes and Edwards. Most people couldn’t name the 2nd receiver for most teams and the Jets have two pretty high profile receivers. I’m insulted you expect your readers to believe this.

  7. If Randy Moss magically lands in New York(Jersey), I’m placing my bet immediately for the Jets to win it all. A $20 bet this early on the SB should net a healthy profit…

  8. You are an idiot sir. Your headline, “NY get ready for Randy”?….you infer the Jets will get him, or at least make a waiver claim for him. He has absolutely no chance of being grabbed by the Jets. If it happens, Randy will simply say, “sorry Rex, I won’t report”. Given how he gushed about Belichek,Brady, Krafts and the rest of the Pats organization, there is no way he plays for the Jests. Mark it down genius.

  9. Hi Vikings Fans: I am a Packer fan. Just writing to see how the season is panning out for you? …………………crickets……………………

  10. He just said he loves and misses New England and probably wants to go back. Why would he go to their rivals?

  11. The NFL fines Moss for not talking.
    Moss talks, tells the truth, and is waived.
    That’s corporate America.

  12. Moss will be a free agent and will go to the highest bidder!! That is why the Pats traded him. They knew they wouldnt meet Moss’s price! But, someone will! And frankly, I dont know if the Jets can afford him!

  13. LOL No WAY!!!! They will not try to claim him on waivers. And why would a 2-5 non playoff team consider picking him up either? Terrible speculation.

  14. How would Moss be an upgrade over Edwards/Holmes? They had a bad game this weekend but thats about it. Holmes is just getting back to football and is a definite deep threat (Moss’ forte) and Edwards has played well enough to be a good #1 or #2 for Sanchez. Doesnt make sense other than to keep the Pats from getting him.

  15. my money’s on the chargers, who havent had a real vertical threat since vjax held out, and are down to their practice squad receivers b/c of injuries

  16. Its disgusting how you’ve turned this site into a mostly Mets I mean Jets site Florio. You do a good job of hiding that Breese-esque birthmark on your nose with the pounds of makeup you wear for your Kornheiser like appearances on TV. Oh thats not a birth mark? It must be the residue from Rex Ryan’s backside. Keep showing him so much love on your Jets dedicated website here and you’ll be receiving some from his front side as a show of good faith. J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK! Nice Doughnut this week Gang Green!!

  17. So you are speculating that 24+ teams will not make a waiver claim, or are you just speculating that a team who will not get the waiver will still make a claim? Bold and/or pointless, typical.

  18. The NYJ et al may try, but Moss won’t be back in Minnesota and he wants to return to Foxboro – and the Patriots genuinely miss him. Moss won’t play for the Jets.

  19. I’m sure the Patriots would be more than happy to have Moss join the Jets or Miami given how much he “helped” the Vikings.

  20. Florio, the title of this gossip piece is very misleading.
    Moss isn’t going to the Jets or the Dolphins and he definitely isn’t coming back to Boston.

  21. The only problem is the Jets don’t have a quality QB to get him the ball.
    The winds are starting to whip at the Meadowlands and Nacho is beginning to show again that his noodle arm is not fit for the weather in November & December.

  22. At first, I thought that he’d make a good pick-up for the Browns, considering the underachievers now on the roster.
    However, this guy reminds me too much of Braylon Edwards, but with better hands. The problem is, Moss has the same head as Braylon.
    Some things just aren’t worth the trouble…so, nevermind.

  23. # realitypolice says: November 1, 2010 5:26 PM
    Do they have the cap room to claim him off waivers? They would be on the hook for about 3.3 million.
    You realize this is an uncapped year, right?

  24. # realitypolice says: November 1, 2010 5:26 PM
    Do they have the cap room to claim him off waivers? They would be on the hook for about 3.3 million.
    ——————– ——————– ————-
    You realize this is an uncapped year, right?
    3.3 mil is a lot. They aren’t the federal reserve.

  25. Maybe Moss will end up with the Baltimore Ravens? Oh, wait, he hasn’t committed enough crimes yet. Nevermind.

  26. You would be extremely feeble-minded if you think Jerry Jones – with a 1-6 team – is going to pass on the opportunity to make a claim on a player that he -not 3 weeks ago – openly lamented not drafting, directly apologizing to him for the slight 12 years ago. No way is he going anywhere else unless Buffalo or Carolina claim him first. The Jets???? Give me a break.

  27. Moss was not “cast off” by the Pats. He was traded. If he was cast off, then it was by the Vikes.
    Woodhead was a perfunctory roster move by the Jets that the Pats took advantage of. The Jets never thought anyone would claim him and they would’ve re-signed him.
    Pats are just fine w/o Moss and as they proved Sunday. So let him go play for the Jets and become a problem in a locker room where he is already disliked (see Cromartie and Revis).

  28. Packers !!! hello Ted Thompson !!! Have the Bills select him and give them a 4th in a trade and parade into Minneapolis with RANDY in Green and Gold !!!

  29. I think it would be great if he were claimed off waivers then cut by a different team every week. That way they could share the cost of his salary, everyone could get a litttle intelligence on the Patriots and Moss would have to deal with the hassels. Plus the NFL could make some coin selling Moss jersey collections

  30. Sanchez can’t throw the ball more then 15 yrds, therefore Moss would be no good there. Sanchez is a joke. The league finally figured out sanchez only throws 5 yrd slants that turn into 30 yrd plays

  31. I don’t understand all the people saying Moss would be a benefit to this team or that team. He’s no benefit – he’s a cancer. An extremely gifted receiver with a horribly selfish, childish attitude that only “plays when he wants to play.”I hope he ends up nowhere, which is what he deserves. (Realistically that won’t happen, tho.)

  32. # MustaphaM0nd says: November 1, 2010 5:50 PM
    # realitypolice says: November 1, 2010 5:26 PM
    Do they have the cap room to claim him off waivers? They would be on the hook for about 3.3 million.
    ——————– ——————– ————-
    You realize this is an uncapped year, right?
    —————– ——————– —
    3.3 mil is a lot. They aren’t the federal reserve.
    I wasn’t questioning that. There is simply no such thing as a salary cap this year.

  33. # realitypolice says: November 1, 2010 5:26 PM
    Do they have the cap room to claim him off waivers? They would be on the hook for about 3.3 million.
    have you been living in a cave during 2010 lol

  34. realitypolice says:
    November 1, 2010 5:26 PM
    Do they have the cap room to claim him off waivers? They would be on the hook for about 3.3 million
    Umm? Have you even been paying attention to the CBA this year?
    There is no salary cap, duhh!

  35. minny has to pay his salary he will be free! be cuz they traded for him and released him…what idiots! way to go minny the bottom of the nfc north ought to get you around pick 5 or 6 in the

  36. Considered Moss isn’t on the waiver wire list yet, don’t you think this story is a bit premature? It sounds like there is a power struggle brewing in Minny and while Childress wants him gone, it hasn’t happened yet.
    There’s not a chance he makes it to the Jets. Other teams will claim him before them, Miami being one if he is still there. So it’s a stupid story Florio. Also, you said Edwards and Holmes haven’t done much this year. Could that be because they don’t have a QB to get them the ball. Loved seeing Sanchize struggle yesterday in the winds. Long may it continue!

  37. First off, the team that picks moss off of waivers, moss must play for. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t get paid and can not play for any other team. So all this talk about him going back to the Pats is crap.

  38. Imagine this absurd scenario. Moss ends up with the New York Jets and comes back to play against the New England Patriots. The Patriots defeat the Jets in Foxboro. Moss holds an impromptu post-game press conference and throws Rex Ryan and the Jets “under the bus” while praising Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. The Jets then release Moss, who is then picked up by the Patriots, who go on to win Super Bowl XLV in Cowboys Stadium. Moss finds his lost ring from 2007.
    But seriously, given the history, I don’t see Moss’ return to New England as being even remotely possible—or desirable.

  39. He won’t get past the 2-5 Bungals.
    They can’t possibly pass up an opportunity to grab another aging diva wide receiver to that mess.

  40. I’ve got to say, though, that the perfect place for him to land is “Headcase Hollow”…Cincinnati. Can you imagine…Ochocinco, TO, AND Moss??? The Bengals would have to get to their away games using a circus train.

  41. can you imagine if he clears waivers and signs a 1 year deal with some team, AND is paid by the Vikings, AND the vikings gave up a 3rd round pick?
    THIS MAKES NO SENSE MR. WILF! the reason it is not official is because Ziggi didn’t want to trade Moss when he first arrived in Minny, and he certainly didn’t want to cut him now.
    I guarantee you Childress is fired by noon tomorrow.

  42. Why is always up to the white guy (Chad Pennington) to make sure Randy stays out of trouble? Sounds like what you’re suggesting to me.
    Randy is just fine, we’ll gladly take him back in Foxborough…There’s another white guy who plays quarterback that can keep him out of trouble.

  43. I can’t stand Moss for the mere fact that he’s Drama with a capital D-like Brett Favre, which is why I thought they were made for each other.
    I am a Jets fan, however. I’m not sure of Cotchery’s contract situation, but based on his play yesterday, I can see Woody going for it.
    Fine. Please just don’t sign him to any long-term contract if we even get him.
    And yes, Rex Ryan will put the Jets name in the hat for a chance to get his services.

  44. The Browns have no one- and I mean NO ONE- at WR. If there’s one position they have a desperate need for, it’s WR…. that said, it won’t happen- because the Browns brass just does not make good personnel decisions, ever. OK- maybe they’ve made one: Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn (I’m still LMFAO at Denver for that debacle)… but, uh, that’s it.
    Mangini and Co. will say that Moss isn’t a character guy and that’s why they won’t want him. Forget that the decades-long-suffering fans would just like to see the team upgrade at a few positions so they could win a friggin’ game or two. No… Mangini will be happy to watch the team lose for as long as he has a job- just so long as his squad is made up of boy scouts..

  45. how much does Moss really have left? The Patriots deemed him expendable a quarter of the way through another playoff
    -caliber season, and how often have they been wrong about a big decision like that? Moss then went to Minnesota and didn’t exactly set the world on fire (13 catches for 174 yards and two touchdowns). In fact, he didn’t even last a month. Oh, and he turns 34 a week after the next. Sanchez arm is very weak, Moss will kill sanchez!
    I was watching total access and Lombardi said his gut tells him Moss will go to Miami, he went on to say that Henne is a strong arm qb then mixing moss in with Marshall and Bess it could be dangerous or something to that extent, idk we will have to see how this plays out, there are still a lot of teams ahead of Miami that could grab him through the wire. Moss, please stay away from the Jets, we don’t need more big mouth in our team, we have rex ryan!!!

  46. You realize there are 32 teams and not just the 10 ESPN talks about, right?
    You really think he would make it through waivers to a 5-2 team? Did you think at all or just dream?

  47. My guess would be Miami picking him up if he even goes back to the AFC east. Their offense is desperate for tweaking. The problem is that if he does go there, he will continue to bitch and complain. The Jets would be a better fit for him, except for the receivers they already have are probably better than he is at this time. Moss has been nowhere near the caliber of player he once was.

  48. Motown!……Be great seeing him & Calvin Johnson on the same team… Get to play the Patriots(again) and the Vikings for some revenge and reunite with Scott Linehan & Nate Burleson…GoLions!…….Bet the Rams try for him also …

  49. Moss, Holmes & Edwards on the field would be crazy! No way an NFL team let the Jets take this guy. I think the Chargers, Seahawks, Dolphins & Chiefs all will take a waiver on him before it gets to the Jets.

  50. I disagree wholeheartedly. I’ll never pass up an opportunity to smash on the Jets, more specifically, their hilarious fan base BUT Rex and Co. have done a great job picking up guys with character flaws and making them buy in. Moss seems to have an issue putting in the effort necessary to help a team win a Championship, which the Jets are definitely in a great position to do. He’ll go to some inconsequential team and play well, but he won’t go to a winner. Maybe Miami or Seattle.

  51. Oh please. He’s NOT going to the Jets. The teams that actually make sense, would be the Titans and Eagles primarily.

  52. jets dont have a qb. he did so well against a depleted packers defense.
    it’s cincy. then they will have batman, robin and batgirl.

  53. I’m trying to figure out the criminals that play for the Ravens thing. I mean besides the usual “Watch out! Ray Lewis will stab you” crap that you see here. I mean that was like 10 or 11 years ago. Played out. Stallworth didn’t play for the team when he hit the guy down in Miami. Other than that who else is a so called criminal? Lame

  54. If he falls that far, which I doubt he will, no way the Jets let him go back to the Pats, they will take him whether he reports or not. Let him sit out, better than having to face him for a third time.

  55. @Billsbigbrain and the white guy nonsense.
    This is coming from a white guy….enough with the racial comparisons already grow up this is the United States get with it or quit it! ESPN is the one to blame for all this racial tension among sports. A few weeks ago they showed a White vs Black fan vote among Lebron James fans. Enough with the bull crap either you have your opinion based on the player as a player and their career, or tell it to the rest of your ignorant circle of intelligent friends. And on the record Florio still supports the JETS too much. Go BILLS! 0-7 make a claim for Moss and send him to the Pack of Cheese for A.j Hawk, the guy we shlda got in the Lynch trade.

  56. I’m speaking as a Browns fan – with so many holes at the WR spot – the minute he hit the waiver wire a play should be made for him.
    But, being a Browns fan – I know they are not big on big name free agents, no matter what they can do for your team.
    So we will stick to “our guys” and be left out of the hunt. Damn we can be so boring sometimes.
    But it would be nice to see them bring’em in at least for a conversation

  57. If moss ends up anywhere besides NE good luck getting him to show up for anything. I think if he doesnt get back to NE then he is basically worthless. If you watch him play since the trade he is giving up on plays early and running at half speed no matter what his age is or not. I dont see him being a benefit to the Jets myself. Sorry but with the players the jets got on offense now they should not be shut out.

  58. Very interesting about C. Pentington. I totally forgot he went to school with R. Moss. Come on down Randy!!

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