Packers-Jets one-liners

Although the Packers’ offense couldn’t get into the end zone, the first turnover-free game of the season is a big part of the reason that Green Bay won 9-0

Said Packers CB Charles Woodson, “We ain’t no underdog. Don’t buy into that. We’re a good football team. We’ve had some injuries, and some close games haven’t gone our way. But underdogs, we are not.”

Packers P Tim Masthay landed five punts inside the 20-yard line, and coach Mike McCarthy praised him for making the difference in the field position battle: “He was huge for us today. Tim is inexperienced in this league, but you can see him getting better and better. I feel he has improved as the games have gone on. There is no lack of talent. He has very good leg strength and very good fundamentals.”

Packers WR James Jones had five passes thrown his way but didn’t catch any of them.

A young boy with cystic fibrosis got a great birthday present from Packers LB Clay Matthews.

Said Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson of the lousy offensive performance, “This is definitely embarrassing.”

Tomlinson became the seventh player in NFL history to have more than 13,000 career rushing yards.

Jets WR Jerricho Cotchery dropped two passes in the fourth quarter and said afterward, “I don’t ever want to play on Halloween again. It was a very frustrating day. I had some plays out there, but there were more plays out there that could have been made.”

The botched fake punt that set up the Packers’ first field goal was a decision that Jets P Steve Weatherford made on his own, and Weatherford acknowledged afterward that he didn’t even know how many yards he needed for a first down.

14 responses to “Packers-Jets one-liners

  1. Hell of a game. The announcers had it right with the “chess match” going on from both sidelines. Sometimes the best games aren’t 35-31.
    Jets will learn and be better because of this, as will Green Bay. One more week to get through for the Pack and they get 2 weeks to heal.
    Beat Dallas!

  2. Should’ve attempted to run the ball more Shotty. I really blame Shotty’s poor game planning on this one as well as Cotchery and Holme’s dropped passes. Mark made a few mistakes out there, but mostly he did all right. Not to take anything away from the Packers D, but the Jets O beat themselves. They couldn’t get sh!t done out there. Those 6 days off during the bye week are very questionable Rex. That’s on you.
    Still, it’s only our second loss. Learn from it and move on. Can’t dwell on the losses. And don’t look at the next three games as gimmies either.

  3. joetoronto says:
    November 1, 2010 7:51 AM
    Coming off a bye and shutout at home by the Packers???
    Have you changed your opinion on the Patriots yet??
    @Jet fans
    Guess who’s in first place…..

  4. Hey I thought Jets would roll over GB so did others. Clearly I underestimated GB and props out to them for winning the game handily.
    Jets bye week seems like a curse. They need to get to work fast this week and fix the blocking schemes on running attack AND show their WR’s what Stickum they need to use. @ Detroit is going to be a test I saw Jets favored already not buying into that…

  5. Whoever says this was a lousy game is not a football fan. This was one on the best denfensive performances by both teams. High scoring dosen’t neccessarily mean a good game.
    Props to the Jets denfense. They’re as good as advertised.
    Don’t know where that effort from the Packers D came from, but I hope it continues.

  6. LT’s embarrassed?!? Why would he be? This Jets band of braggadocios is clearly the best football team “he’s ever been a part of.” Douche.

  7. Indeed- some great defense was played in this game. Yes, the Jets WRs dropped some catchable balls, and Rodgers missed some open targets on the other side, but for the most part this was just two good defensive performances. Both teams were getting good pressure and the tackling was excellant from both teams.

  8. If assistant coaches could win Coach of the Year, then Dom Capers should be at the head of that list by a large margin. What he has been able to do with the rash of injuries on that side of the ball has been pretty amazing. By all rights that defense should be getting destroyed, but they are hanging tough in every game.

  9. Am I the only one that finds it rediculous to read that a punter decided on his own to run for it on 4th and 18 deep in his own end…? Rex needs to jump on that like it were a twinkie!

  10. I thought this game wouldn’t be worth watching– expected the Jets to run a clinic on the depleted Packers, and blowouts just aren’t much fun. But WOW, what a defensive duel… you don’t see many of those anymore.
    Packers should be proud of themselves for marching into the Meadowlands and shutting down the Jets. If the Jets are what they say they are, they need to use this as a springboard to ramp it up for the second half of the season.
    Sad thing is these kinds of game– despite being entirely undecided almost up to the two minute warning– won’t make “NFL Replay”.

  11. Grape_Ape:
    They keep deleting my comments for no reason at all.
    If by chance you see this, I said that the Pats are playing over their heads right now, due to very good coaching and that smoke and mirrors only works for so long though.
    For now, they’ve been finding ways to win.

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