Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates on record setting pace

Following his fifth 300-yard game of the season, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said he wishes he was throwing for less.

“We’ve been behind in games,” Rivers said after Sunday’s game via Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune. “I certainly would trade it for a lot more wins.”

Rivers managed to win Sunday against the Titans 33-25, despite missing his top four receivers (Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd, Legedu Naanee, Buster Davis.)  Through eight games, Rivers has thrown for 2,649 yards.

That’s the most in NFL history through eight games and easily on pace to break the all-time single season yardage record for a season.  It’s a little early to start tracking stats like this, but Rivers is halfway home.

Rivers’ favorite target, Antonio Gates, has an even better chance to make some history. Despite a toe injury slowing him down, Gates caught five passes for 123 yards and a touchdown against the Titans.

Through eight games, he has 40 catches, 663 yards, and nine scores.  (That’s a Pro Bowl season if he stopped now.)  Gates is on pace to break the single season yardage record for a tight end (1,290 by Kellen Winslow Sr.). Gates also could obliterate the single season record for touchdowns at the position, which is 13.  Gates shares that mark with Dallas Clark and Vernon Davis.

With Jackson gone all season, Gates has faced defenses geared up to stop him.  He’s battled a nasty injury the last two weeks.  Yet he’s putting together his best season of what surely will be a Hall of Fame career.

20 responses to “Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates on record setting pace

  1. I don’t think Rivers is getting enough credit for being an elite QB. Brady and Manning get lots of praise for putting up good numbers with just a few known receivers. Yet Rivers, without his top FOUR starting receivers is leading the league. He had 3 undrafted practice squad players, 2 of them rookies, and a constantly double-teamed, half injured Tight End to throw to and he still posts up 100+ QB ratings.

  2. With all their WRs out, opposing teams were gonna focus on Gates. I’m convinced they faked his injury or exaggerated it. With supposedly him limping/out, they could then focus on the RBs.
    They were playing possum.

  3. GR, you’re stating the obvious about Phil and Gatesy. But no one else in sports media will bother with them so good job!
    If this were Cutler putting up these numbers under these circumstances, a lot more would have been made of it.
    Oh well, it is what it is.

  4. None of yesterday’s receivers were on the team last week and all but one came from the practice squad.
    It’s pretty phenomenal.
    Gates is an inspiration.

  5. Yeah as much as people hate Rivers, he is doing a great job with what he has available to him. I can only imagine how he will be down the stretch with healthy receivers

  6. Rivers is right there with Manning and Brady. Once he gets a few rings (not this year lol) that will be clear.
    Admit it… who thought Rivers would be better than Eli or Big Ben when drafted?

  7. Got to respect these guys, still producing at an elite level despite the lack of help around them.

  8. Yeah, the East Coast press doesn’t seem
    to have noticed it, but Rivers could seemingly
    grab three guys walking past the stadium
    and throw for over 300 yards to them.

  9. River is not even close to being an elite QB, elite QB’s win games. Anybody can post a ton of yardage.

  10. # chargerrich says: November 1, 2010 11:08 AM
    Rivers is right there with Manning and Brady. Once he gets a few rings (not this year lol) that will be clear.
    Admit it… who thought Rivers would be better than Eli or Big Ben when drafted?
    A lot of people. He dominated at NC State. He also acts like a complete douche to his teammates and opposing players…thats why no one pays attention to him or likes him.

  11. # lanjoith says: November 1, 2010 11:18 AM
    Both Hall of Fame players. What Rivers is doing is nothing short of amazing.
    Haha, Rivers is NOT a HOFer. He has some potential to be one, but not even close yet.

  12. they’re playing from behind all the time, of course he’s going to need to pass and defenses will be in deep coverage. Plus, yards don’t matter…only wins do

  13. River is not even close to being an elite QB, elite QB’s win games. Anybody can post a ton of yardage.
    Rivers has a terrible team around him. What he’s accomplishing this year is nothing short of amazing and, right now, he is the best quarterback in the NFL. He turns the ball over even less frequently than Brady and he throws the ball as well as Manning.
    His yards per attempt is off the charts and he’s doing it with unknown wideouts.
    There is no doubt in my mind right now that he’s the best in the league.
    And that’s coming from a Pats fan.

  14. Rivers is a very good QB, anyone who says otherwise is simply hating.
    Having said that, rushing yards are way more valuable than passing yards, that’s never changed.

  15. Rivers is playing out of his mind. With half the season elapsed, he’s well ahead of Marino’s record-setting 1984. (Marino had 2,390; Rivers has 2,649.)
    Even more impressive is who he’s throwing to. Namely, Antonio Gates and a collection of cast-offs, has-beens and never-wases.

  16. He’s on pace to throw 612 passes with 14 interceptions. Impressive? Of the 20 men in history to throw 600 or more, only Rich Gannon in 2002 threw fewer than 14 picks (10) – and he didn’t play in the type of risky downfield offense that Rivers does.

  17. Nice little bit of plagiarism there, boltschick. But it’s absolutely correct. I think we should start calling Rivers “the P.R. Machine.”
    Here’s a stat for the Rivers haters: He’s played 79 games and never thrown more than 2 picks in the same game. Oh, and he’s made the divisional round of the playoffs EVERY year of his starter career to date. How many QBs can say that?
    He’s not a HOF’er yet, as this is only his fifth season as a starter, but he’s definitely on track.

  18. Rivers is the man. Charger fans have known this for awhile, the rest of the nation is slowly but surely finding out as well.

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