Road about to get tougher for Sam Bradford

From 2007-2009, the Rams won two games out of 24 at home.  This year, they are 4-1. 

No matter what happens the rest of the way barring a serious Sam Bradford injury, this Rams season should be considered a success.  Steve Spagnuolo’s group has given up only 12.6 points per game at home, even if the schedule has been remarkably forgiving.

Bradford rebounded from perhaps his worst performance as a pro to complete 25-of-32 passes for 191 yards and two scores against a Panthers pass defense ranked among the league’s best. 

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called it a character win because of all the injuries on the team and the crushing loss the week before in Tampa.  The schedule gets tougher from here, though. 

After a bye this week, the Rams play four out of their next five games on the road.  The home game is against the Falcons. They will need to win at least two games in that stretch to stay around
.500 and keep hope for meaningful games as they approach Christmas.  The Rams are playing with house money, but also have a great opportunity. 

In the NFC West, we still think a 8-8 team may just get you a home playoff game.

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  1. A lot of Clausen’s apologizers point to his receivers but if you think that Bradford has been working with a bunch of All-Pros, you need to have your head examined. The biggest problem that I’ve seen so far is that they’re treating him like they did Aikman when he was a rookie and they’d go conservative in the second half and lose the game. All they had to do was get some points, ANY points and they would have won the game last week but they went into protect the lead mode and watched it melt away. That’s what eventually got Shula fired from the Cowboys and contributed to their 1-15 mark in 1989 as they had several wins slip out of their hands because of conservative play calling.
    Here’s a clue St. Louis: even if you had only won 1 game this season, it’s no worse than last year and ownership couldn’t have expected much more with a rookie QB at the helm. With 4, you can think playoffs but what’s better is to think about developing this team for the long term. Keep protecting Bradford and you’re just stunting his growth but if you let him do more, even with these receivers, it’ll mean more in the long term.

  2. I know offensive coordinator Pat Schurmur called a lot of short passes, but Bradford was on target all day.
    He made some crucial 3rd down completions that extended the drives eventually leading to scores.
    With all that being said we could of easily won vs Tampa and Oakland. Things can only get better, solidify the O-Line and get a play-maker at WR and the West will be ours for years to come.

  3. The 49ers are 2.5 games back heading into the bye, with 5 division games left and the toughest part of their schedule out of the way…….I’m not sayin…….I’m just sayin

  4. @Hap
    It’s even funnier when that BETTER Wild Card team gets knocked out of the playoffs by that 8-8 team. Cry, baby, cry.

  5. # epping16 says: November 1, 2010 5:32 PM
    The 49ers are 2.5 games back heading into the bye, with 5 division games left and the toughest part of their schedule out of the way…….I’m not sayin…….I’m just sayin
    The Niners are easily the most talented team in the division, but they look bad even when they win. Although Singletary comes across verbally as a disciplinarian, his team is undisciplined.
    With that last place schedule, the Rams have a great shot.

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