Zygi Wilf "not happy" with the decision to cut Randy Moss

It’s getting even hotter for Chilly in Minnesota.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is “not happy” with the decision of coach Brad Childress to cut receiver Randy Moss. 

At a time when rumors already are swirling that Childress could be dumped for defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, the notion that the guy who signs the checks doesn’t like the decision of Childress to dump Moss doesn’t bode well for the fifth-year head coach.

Even if Childress has full authority over the 53-man roster, it’s not prudent to use that authority haphazardly.  Childress needs to know when it makes sense to give folks advance notice as to moves that will cause a ruckus.  The fact that he doesn’t understand this basic concept of organizational dynamics makes us wonder whether he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team.

His players could probably point to various other tangible examples to support that same point.

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  1. The real question remains: Will the Vikings change their name when they move to LA? Nothing particularly Norse-ish about the west coast.

  2. It’s about time Leslie gets a chance to coach a team to bad min just have chilly am extension last season.

  3. “The fact that he doesn’t understand this basic concept of organizational dynamics makes us wonder whether he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team.”
    Vikings fans everywhere have been screaming this ever since he was hired. Its painfully obvious he is not head coach material in the nfl.

  4. Is Wilf not the OWNER OF THE TEAM(or primary owner)?
    If he’s so unhappy about it, DO SOMETHING!
    He’s been hands-off til now, which I respect, but come on!
    Does near unanimity mean nothing? No one thinks Childress is doing the right thing here.
    Get your hands dirty, Mr. Wilf. Childress deserves it.

  5. Fragile ego and poor people skills. I have had a few bosses like that. They usually end up getting canned.

  6. It is so sad that Favre COMPLETELY destroyed his Green Bay legacy so he could complete his wet dream of teaming up with Moss. And it lasted 4 games. How do you think this will go over with the crippled one?
    The only sadder twist would be the Pack claiming Moss…..

  7. Regardless of whether Chilly has final authority over the roster or not, it’s disrespectful not to let Ziggy know what’s going on. The man is still his boss.
    Childress is a clueless egomaniac who has lost control of his team and his own impulses.
    Boy those A list coaches who sat out an extra year or two are licking their lips now. Another great job sure to be open at season’s end.

  8. What a disgrace this franchise has become, what a circus clown for a coach. If Zygi isn’t happy, then do the right thing and keep Moss and then fire your space cadet/sissy for a head coach…

  9. Very nice commentary, Mike. The last time I saw a coach make such questionable decisions Ditka was announcing that he’d trade all his draft picks for Ricky Williams. Although that was the single most idiotic decision in coaching history, Childress has made many smaller poor decisions that are adding up to an extended nightmare for the Vikes.
    Given the poor play this year of the defense, I don’t know that Leslie Frazier is the answer–but maybe just getting Childress’s erratic presence out of the locker room would be a step in the right direction.

  10. If there is any more Schadenfreude to be reaped from the Spermhead organization, spontaneous versions of “Springtime for Hitler” will break out in the streets.

  11. Ziggy,
    As a lifetime Vikings fan, season ticket holder and business person this move by your head coach is a stadium killer. I would make a concerted effort to insure the Minnesota Legislators all understand that as long as the Vikings employ Childress not one of them should waste a second of time talking with your organization about a new facility.
    I am done buying season tickets. I have waited for you to do the right thing and manage your organization, you’ve failed all Minnesota Vikings fans by allowing a coach to control everything. A coach that lacked an ounce of credibility from day one.
    Your employee has not and will never enjoy the support of Minnesota Viking fans. Your insistence of keeping Childress as coach has blown up in your face. Christ sake, man up, grow a pair and fire him, keep Moss, plug in Frazier and try to salvage this season and most important the support of the Viking fan base.
    If you fail to act, move the team aftet next years lock-out because Minnesotan’s will not tolerate an organization that lacks a leader that acts with conviction from his heart.

  12. Thanks for the 3rd round pick. It should be a nice one if Farve and Childress survive untill the end of the season.

  13. Ok so here is the scenario in a nutshell.
    The owner is mad at the coach because he cut the teams brand new star player without asking for permission first.
    That is seriously what just happened.
    I wonder if Chilly tried to sign Zygi Wilf’s name on the permisson slip.

  14. He’s not waived yet. Will he be? Or will Minnesota have a new head coach tomorrow morning instead? Chilly out, Moss in. We can only hope.

  15. If by the time I wake up in the morning I will know if Mr. Wilf has chosen to alienate his entire fanbase by putting Moss on waivers but more importantly NOT FIRING CHILDRESS.
    The list of reasons childress needs to go is never ending. Its embaressing and disrespectful to anyone who has invested any time or money being a fan of the vikings to have this guy destroying the vikings. MR. WILF do the RIGHT thing please!!!!

  16. I don’t think there’s any wonder about whether Childress is smart enough to coach in the NFL. Back to Pop Warner, Chilidog.

  17. Screw Wilf. So what if he writes the checks. He’s not the coach and should stay out of these decisions. No one can coach under committee.
    Acquiring a player is different since money is involved, but cutting one isn’t.
    Wilf has visions of a Moss Rice combo lighting it up but that ain’t happening now.
    If Wilf would block this somehow then Chilly has to resign.

  18. Moss elects not to talk to the media and he is fined by the NFL.
    Moss talks honestly to the media and he is waived.
    Moss clearly added value to the Vikings.
    The Patriots showed their respect for Moss by double covering him. The one time they dropped double coverage to blitz, Moss ran by single coverage, forcing pass interference to save the touchdown. Harvin beneffitted all night from the coverage on Moss.
    Moss was not waived based on what he did on the field. He was waived because he told the truth (as he sees it) and shamed the devil (his corporate master — management not ownership).

  19. Why are Vikings fans so horny to have Frazier as a HC? He’s been interviewed by several teams and no one has seen fit to hire him.
    His defense is awful. No sacks through 3 games, secondary is awful, and he puts way too much responsibility on his LB’s.
    Please, just explain how Frazier is an upgrade from Childress, and not simply being considered simply b/c he’s NOT Childress.

  20. I told my wife this makes perfect sense. Make someone else the scapegoat to save your own fanny.
    The Wilfs had there chance to can Chilly and passed. Now the vikes are looking at three possible wins in a row and will be back in it, everyone with all hold hands then and sing cumbaya. Thus, chilly gets the nod for now.

  21. nor are the rest of vikings fans get rid of chilly allready 2-5 with the talent we have he has lost the locker room and vikings fan and hopefully zygi

  22. What in God’s name is going on in Minneapolis?
    I’ve been a Vikings fan for 35 years and I’ve not seen any team in that time frame run so reckless, illogical, thoughtless, foolish and pathetic.
    What is it going to take to straighten that team out? I mean, seriously.
    Mr. Wilf… You are the only one that can do anything about this disaster.

  23. Mike, any Vikings fan could have told you Chilly is clearly not smart enough to run an NFL team. Chilly could not pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel.

  24. Does anyone else think this sounds a bit like the movie Major League? Completely screw up a franchise, so that it’s easy to move it to a different city.
    Gotta admit…this is almost as funny too.

  25. Maaaan…if the Vikes wind up losing to the Cards this week, it’s gonna be nonstop comedy gold in this town.

  26. Well, it appears to this PFT reader that Childress hitched his wagon to Brett Favre and Randy Moss.
    And, lo and behold, that train has derailed into a 2-5 disaster, tied with the LIONS…who actually have FAR more upside.
    Brad needs to pick up the white courtesy phone. Or just tender his resignation. Better to go out on his own terms then have his private parking spot taken and his office ransacked.
    And memo to Randy Moss. You’re not even one of the twenty best NFL receivers right now. It’s time to check yourself or STFU. Oh wait, you’d have to say something that would actually make sense first before I could say that. 🙂

  27. Ok, Wilf if true Your not happy with the decsion to cut Moss…………
    — two options come to mind
    1.) Let the fans and team know who is really in charge –Don’t let Moss go and Fire the coach, 90% of the Vikings fans would support that decision.
    3.) Let the fans and team know who is really in charge — Let Moss go and keep Childress despite the fact 90% of the fans will despise that decision.
    No hyperbole here–
    this isn’t a joke with those of us who have been loyal fans for decades…….. as a matter of fact I can’t recall another incident that is even half as bad as this one.

  28. When I wake up in the morning, you better have posted a story about Childress being fired Florio!

  29. What a great week for the NFL. Despicable Dallas totally quits in losing at home to one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Vikings, who have earned well deserved condemnation for catering shamelessly to the Attention Whore, seem intent on destroying themselves under the guidance of Dumb Brad.
    It’s all good.

  30. OK all Viking haters….pile on now. There really is no reason to like this team anymore. I guess the Viking ship can just go sink off the coast of L.A.

  31. He clearly doesn’t see the big picture from a PR standpoint. What I don’t understand is why Wilf didn’t fire Chilly on the spot for gross incompetence. He could have saved Moss and whatever fan support he has left by dumping Chilly. Now, he’ll wind up dumping him in a few games and he’s already lost Moss.
    Epic FAIL.

  32. Frazier as intrim not as the coach. He has interviewed for 7 other jobs and has not been hired. We need a big name! Dungy, Gruden, Cower, Billick.

  33. It couldn’t happen to a better franchise…..Terrible team, Terrible city, Terrible fans.

  34. Look on the bright side queen fans…. At least Chilly has the power to make roster decisions… not so in Dallas

  35. Fire worthless Chilly (should never have been hired in the first place)
    Bring back Daunte and Randy
    Cut washed up over-rated POS Favre
    and let the good times roll …

  36. This disaster of a coach took his team to the NFC championship game last season.
    He sure gets a lot of criticism for doing a pretty good job.
    Yes, this season is going poorly, but I’m having a hard time understanding the hostility towards the man.

  37. He just blew millions of Wilf’s dollars. Of course he’s not happy. Just like Bernard Berrian and Madieu Williams.
    Zygi Wilf, from every remaining Viking fan.. Please Fire Childress.

  38. Zygi should fire Chilly, hire Frazier, and resign Moss.
    Then he should tell Bevell and Favre “do what it takes to win”.
    Then we sit back and see the hype reach it’s potential. Minnesota’s biggest enemy has been Chilly.

  39. The Viking defense didn’t look that great in the 4th quarter. Let me guess, Childress fires Frazier, and in reality, saves his own cheeks at least until the end of the season.

  40. I can’t believe Dr. Florio’s Flying Rumor Machine hasn’t picked this one up yet, but I’ve heard from a credible source that Favre is seriously contemplating retiring tomorrow unless they bring Moss back and fire Childress.
    And why not?! He even admitted that while he was being carted off in the fetal position yesterday, he thought to himself “seriously, what am I doing?” and “I wouldn’t put it past me.”

  41. This train wreck is becoming more comical by the minute.
    Of course, one team or another has been there to stick a proverbial fork in the Vikings for every year of their miserable existence. As we all know, they’ve never won anything and probably never will.
    This, however, is the first year in 50 that they’ve straight taken the fork and stabbed themselves with it. Childress better be grateful he’s got a team with only a part-time, fairweather following. Pack fans have killed dogs for less than what he’s done..

  42. wow, since when does a coach have the authority to drop a player the franchise just paid a third round draft pick for? I thought the GM’s did stuff like that?

  43. Of course it was that bald idiot Childo who wanted Moss cut…It better cost him his job! The Wilf family have been great owners, who are more than willing to spend and do what it takes to try to get this team a superbowl, but there continues to be a major roadblock…CHILDO. Good coaches find ways to get their best players the ball end of story, so 3 targets and 1 completion on Sunday…well enough said. For all of you bandwagon “fans” who are threating to never watch another game, or cancel your ticket packages, you are not real fans so screw off! The real fans will be the ones at the next home game getting the chant of “FIRE CHILDO” started.

  44. “The fact that he doesn’t understand this basic concept of organizational dynamics makes us wonder whether he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team.
    His players could probably point to various other tangible examples to support that same point.”
    You wonder??? Maybe Roseau is cold in January too. Childress isn’t smart enough to coach a good middle school team. I think Randy tried to make this very point. It didn’t go over well.
    Bring back Bud Grant. But too many complaints and we’ll get Les Steckel just out of spite.

  45. The fact that he doesn’t understand this basic concept of organizational dynamics makes us wonder whether he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team.
    Oh geez, you wonder now? We’ve been watching 5 years of his nonsense. Leslie Fraiser should not be interm coach either. Why should he get it, he can’t even coach this slop show defence that can’t stop the run or the pass.

  46. It’s so bad in the Vikings locker room that the players are mocking Childress.
    But Wilf might want to think twice if he thinks hiring a guy named Leslie will put an end to that practice

  47. Best comment yet on the release of Randy Moss:
    “We spend way to much time talking about teams that are 2-5 and 1-6” -John Gruden

  48. Dear Zygi…
    We can’t thank you enough. When Chilli was interviewing for his job, you felt he was so valuable you kept him in town, preventing him from heading to his next stop–Green Bay. The state of Wisconsin and all Packer fans everywhere will be forever grateful.
    P.S. Thanks also to Ted Thompson for not picking up Moss 3 years ago because of pressure applied by Favre… we were wrong… you knew better (and Brett retired right after we missed out on that trade).

  49. The fact that he doesn’t understand this basic concept of organizational dynamics makes us wonder whether he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team.
    You’re just NOW figuring that out? Sheesh… come on PFT, pull it together!

  50. If the owner didn’t want this change, I’d love to see the NFL let the Vikings rescind it and fire Childress.

  51. Just because your coach wasted a third round pick on an aging receiver with an attitude problem then dumped him getting nothing in return, got peanuts for Sage Rosenfelds, and alienated the team and it’s fans, I mean, whats to be upset about?

  52. That’s what you get when you hire a guy with ZERO head coaching experience. He then hires an O-Coordinator with ZERO coordinating experience.
    Chilly always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and I’ve defended him for the past 4+ years..no more. He HAS to get fired.
    I predict it will happen by week 14..they will promote D-Coordinator Leslie Frazier..though I personally ould like a head coach who’s vocal and respected.
    Gruden, Cowher come to mind..but I wish Dungy would come home to MN and save this team!

  53. We have become the Laughing stock of the NFL. This season couldn’t have gone any worse, and this just makes matters even worse.
    The offense was just starting to come around. AP was finally started to get some holes. The O-Line was beginning to create some pockets. Percy was exploding again.
    The defense cost us that game on Sunday, combine that with Farve’s freak interception that should have been a catch.
    Now teams are gonna go back to stacking 9-10 in the box. Percy is NOT as nearly effective as an outside WR, plus he’s hurt! Who knows if Sidney will even return to form this year? And by the time he comes back, we’ll prob have 7-8 losses.
    We can beat Arizona at home, but there is no way go to Chi-Town and beat the Bears. We havent won a road game in 9 trys!
    Chilly and Farve put us in this horrible situation, the bogus NFL refs haven’t helped. The only enjoyment i was gonna get out of this season was to watch #84 score some TD’s at the dome, and Chilly has ruined opportunity too.
    We need to promote Les Frazier to head coach, and find a CREATIVE offensive coordinator that can utilize the immense amount of playmakers that we have on this team. Why let Frazier go in the off season to become a head coach, when we all know that Chilly wont last another year anyways? Ziggy needs a stadium to make his investment worth his while, best option would be to Fire Childress and move on. Bevell can run the offense for the rest of the year, and lets see if Frazier can do a better job with the time management/challenging/media aspect of the game before we extend him in the off season. Seriously whats the risk? At least the players respect the guy!

  54. Good coordinator, horrible head coach. He needs to get back to his job on the Polar Express. Favre saved his career, and he’s not good enough of a coach/talent evaluator to be making these decisions. I know his feelings were hurt that Moss likes Bill Belichick better, but he’s gotta be a man and do what’s right for the team, not for his feelings. He probably just ran himself out of a head coaching job

  55. @Florio – or maybe Chilly is sick of the merry-go-round, and sees this as his ticket to get off.

  56. Schism?
    If the Moss “Schism” and “Cancer” claims the HC job of Childress, regardless of what happens with Moss and his salary, and the lost 3rd round draft pick… it will be money and draft picks well spent.

  57. If you’re going to moderate your blogs, you should really monitor them more often to let the comments through for discussion.

  58. Reasons to fire Chilly:
    1- Predictable play calling
    2- Lack of leadership during battle (see 2008 playoffs vs Eagles, Timeout decision post big 1st down 2009 vs. Saints and infamous 12-man huddle)
    3- Lack of organizational respect. 1st Farve, some minor issues with AD and recently coming unglued after Packer game and with Moss.
    Chilly is not a field general. He should be drawing up plays and sitting in the skybox, not on the sidelines.
    Cowher 2011!!!

  59. Lets hope Zygi does the same to Dumb-Ass(Chilly) that Chilly did to Moss….other than Les Steckel…The Vikes worst coach in their 50 years.

  60. So what the hell is Wilf waiting for??
    Fire the Moron or forever be known as the only person on earth that thought Chilldress was an NFL coach.
    WTF are you waiting for?

  61. Brad Childress sucks!!! I just can’t believe it took ppl that long to figure this out. Not to mention he looks like a 15 ton prick.

  62. I want to know what Favre’s role in all of this is.
    I want to know what #4 thinks of the move, and what he’s said to his teammates about all this.
    I want to know if Brett will retire over this incident, or continue to pile up his consecutive starts since that’s the only thing left for him to play for.
    I want to know what words were exchanged between Brett and Randy behind the scenes after Randy’s lack of effort shined so glaringly in recent games.
    I want to know if Brett will finally really retire for good this time.
    And finally, I want to know if Childress will have the balls to sit Brett and end his streak. Why not? He just traded the greatest WR of the last 15 years.

  63. Then Zygi should fire Childress before the Wavier is offical! Cause it technically is not yet!!! I am so sick of Childress…. I think he wants to be fired so FIRE HIM!!!!!

  64. Wow, the Vikings keep spinning out of control.
    HA HA HA
    HA HA HA

  65. It was clear yesterday Childress wants to be fired He lost us our 3rd game not kicking a Field Goal Miami, Jets and Patriots then he wasted a Red Flag on a clear Reception to Remind us of how we lost to Green Bay when he failed to challenge the Non Touch Down He has lost us 4 games all by himself. Ive watched and played for 47 years. It is time to FIRE HIM!!!

  66. Come on Mike, he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew no one else would agree with him to cut Moss. So, he did it himself and poisoned Moss. So much so, that Moss wouldn’t come back anyways, even if everyone else in the franchise wanted him back.

  67. I am beginning to think that Childress knows he is on his way out and intentionally trying to ruin the franchise. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he traded Percy and AP for a couple second round picks and a backup QB. Nothing he might do would surprise me. I would think that since he is walking on eggshells he would go to his boss before blowing several millions of his dollars. Thats how it works in the real world. He is gone, he just doesn’t know yet which day he will be gone. Or he might be stupid enough to think that he is safe and in control.

  68. Haven’t said it for a couple years, but fire childress. Pay sixteen MIL for a qb who just can’t play and play him instead of the better option (thats right, I mean TARVARIS) and then dump your best wr and essentially give away a third round pick dropping someone who takes ALL the coverage away from Percy. Let’s be real: Rick spielman drafted Adrian and Percy – not childress. Keep moss. Drop brad. Put farve as coach

  69. please Zygi whatever you do do not fire Brad “the brain” Childress he is the greatst coach ever. Thanks fans of all other NFL teams

  70. Makes you wonder if he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team? Time to put down the purple colored glasses Florio, he has never shown the ability to coach. All Packer fans are glad he never left Minnesota to interview for the Packer job.

  71. If Wilf is “not happy” with this latest in dozens of blunders by the king of blunders, why in the hell has he not done the right thing and fire Childress??
    What am I missing here Mr. Wilf?
    Why should I keep thinking that the Vikings will ever be a competitive team when you insist on keeping a moron coaching the Vikings?

  72. This story has been posted for this long and no comments? Wow Florio…could it be that the Vikings are finally irrelevant? I pray it’s so…

  73. Ok Ziggy. Un-waive Randy. Waive good bye to Chilly. Fans win. Favre wins. Frasier wins. Your push for a new stadium gains more momentum. Your team will still not become .500 this year, but at least you will have done “something”. You still have time to reverse the curse of chilly dawg. Do it.

  74. Not a way to get a stadium. Chilly is the cancer not Moss. Fire him and lets start winning.

  75. He has lost the team and since the Vikings ar ea long-shot to get a wild-card now, the best thing is to let him go now, and see what you have in Frazier as a coach and Travaris as a young QB.

  76. The Wilf family has EARNED the right to be included in “Moss” type decisions regardless of Chilly’s contractual rights. Each and every real fan loves the Wilf family and their efforts to build our team. Chilly may or may not have the motors to be an NFL head coach, who knows. What we do know is that he can’t evaluate QB’s or manage a team on Game Day. Something must change – SOON!

  77. Leslie Frazier is considered a bright young head coach in waiting who was interviewed by several teams for their head coaching positions. As a Lions fan, I’d rather see the Vikings keep Childress, who has proven himself to be an idiot.

  78. Why would an owner be upset with a coach for trading a (looks to be a high) 3rd round pick for 13 catches and 2 TDs?

  79. Nothing that idiot has done in the last 18 months has made much sense at all. His team is the laughing stock of the NFL. To think a 41 year old over-the-hill egomaniac is going to take you to the promised land is absurd. He should be fired and the sooner the better.

  80. Childress is an absolute moron. I hope he never gets a job in the NFL, let alone professional or semi-professional sport ever again. Waste of oxygen.

  81. Chilly talks about doing things “his way”. What is that, exactly… Lying to everyone, not keeping your boss informed, holding grudges, and squelching any criticism? In case they have a remake of The Caine Mutiny, here’s your candidate for Captain Queeg.

  82. The paperwork reportedly wasn’t filed as of Monday night. Mike, why doesn’t Zygi just squelch the release Tuesday AM and then immediately sack Chilly and replace him with Frazier? Any chance of this?

  83. Maybe Childress has managed his money well, instead of blowing it like many players do, and he doesn’t care what happens. Maybe he has had enough of the Brett Farve/ Randy Moss ego stroking show.

  84. I call, bullsh** on Wilf. You are the OWNER. You don’t want Randy Moss cut? Then simply say “NO.”
    There is absolutely no discipline or chain of command in that franchise, from the QB to the Head Coach all the way up to the Owner.

  85. Ziggy should not be happy but his main problem is not Coach Childress, its bringing back the sex pervert and the extra $7 million he had to pay for that privilege.
    Childress suffers like most geniuses; he is misunderstood and not fully appreciated. His true potential can only be realized when he has a QB willing to play within his system, 53 players that worship at his directive, and a full stadium of adoring fans willing to buy tickets to witness his innovative play calling. Until all elements are in place, you cannot expect him to succeed so get on board Viking fans, Childress will do his part if you do yours.

  86. Childress has gone too far this time. It would have been better to dump Chidress and keep one of the best receivers in football history. Childress couldn’t coach his way out of paper bag if he had to! Why in the world would trade a 3rd round pick for somebody, only to release him 4 weeks later. It’s time to end Czar Childress before he trades away another star player just so he can feel empowered. Notice to Bad Childress: go back to being a mediocre Offensive Coordinator and leave Minnesota, we true Viking fans don’t want you here any longer. Go back to Philly! Hell, go anywhere but here. I have been a Viking’s fan for 42yrs, and it’s beginning to look like 1983 all over again. Last was a good one, not because of Bad Childress, but inspite of him. If not for Favre, Sidney Rice, Ap, etc last season would have been a disasster. Wake up and smell the coffee Zygi, it’s time for you to make a coaching change!

  87. “The fact that he doesn’t understand this basic concept of organizational dynamics makes us wonder whether he’s smart enough to coach an NFL team.”
    Florio, anyone who is a Vikings fan has known that Chili isn’t smart enough to coach an NFL team since the first season he was here. He’s got a bigger ego than Favre and Moss combined. Although it was never said publicly, the game at Soldier field (week 16) last year was a showcase of how Childress does things. The first half was run the way Chili runs the West Coast Offense, and the 2nd half was run the way someone who knows what the hell they are doing (Favre). The result? Zero points in the first half and 30 in the 2nd half, almost pulling out an overtime win.
    Childress is a first rate d-bag and needs to go NOW.

  88. Zygi, if you hope to retain any fan support, you better can Chilly’s clueless ass RIGHT NOW!

  89. Please Mr. Wilf, I beg you, fire Childress!!! Frazier will be a way better coach, everyone knows that. And bring back Moss – we need him if we really wanna go anywhere.

  90. dirty ernie says:
    November 1, 2010 10:45 PM
    Screw Wilf. So what if he writes the checks. He’s not the coach and should stay out of these decisions. No one can coach under committee.
    Acquiring a player is different since money is involved, but cutting one isn’t.
    Wilf has visions of a Moss Rice combo lighting it up but that ain’t happening now.
    If Wilf would block this somehow then Chilly has to resign.

    Uh, no, wrong. Unless another team claims Moss on waivers, the Vikings are on the hook for the remainder of his salary – even if he goes elsewhere. That is very much a money decision.
    I don’t hear many complaints from Bill Belichick. He has input into personnel decisions, but even as coach he certainly doesn’t have final say. Same with Andy Reid. Childress cut Moss purely because he came out and said what everyone knows; Chilly isn’t good enough to carry Belichick’s hoody.

  91. The Packers have great team chemistry this year. I don’t think they want to ruin it.
    I can see the Bears being interested though.
    My bets for where Randy winds up are either Chicago or Indianapolis.
    The Jets are another possibility.

  92. This is all the New Orleans Saints fault…boo hoo! If it weren’t for those mean old dirty hits on Favre and NFCCG refs, the viqueens would be undefeated right now…I’m loving this and just can’t get enough of it! Viqueens…what a pathetic disgrace!

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