Aaron Rodgers: Jets crowd surprisingly quiet

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers expected a hostile environment when they traveled to the drab, gray new monolith that is the New Meadowlands Stadium.

It wasn’t that wild to be honest with you,” Rodgers told Jay Glazer on FOXSports.com’s After Party show.

“Fans, a lot of them didn’t show up until the second quarter,” Rodgers said.  “And it wasn’t as loud as I expected.  All of us were very surprised, a 5-1 team, as well as they were playing, it wasn’t a louder stadium.” 

I was at the Jets-Vikings game, sitting in the crowd.  It was ear-splitting to start the game, but then was fairly subdued after that.  I gave the crowd a pass because we all got absolutely soaked by torrential downpours.

Jets fans will defend their performance against Green Bay by saying that it’s hard to cheer when the home team is getting
shutout, but perhaps Rex Ryan has already spoiled the home faithful.

Or maybe they were worried about their Halloween costumes.

“I saw some crazy guy dressed up in some Jets fireman outfit,” Rodgers joked.

48 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Jets crowd surprisingly quiet

  1. Aaron should just worry about his own team. I know injuries have taken their toll but Packers, like most NFC teams, don’t have much room to talk.

  2. Jay Glazer sure seems to be buddy-buddy with a lot of the Packers players & McCarthy.
    Chris Mortenson has a dog named Packer.
    Jets fans were quiet cause it was a shutout of the home team.

  3. 1. DP says: November 2, 2010 10:47 AM
    Aaron should just worry about his own team. I know injuries have taken their toll but Packers, like most NFC teams, don’t have much room to talk.
    So now he’s not allowed to share his observation when asked about it in an interview? Sounds like we have a bitter Jets fan to me.

  4. DP, he was asked by the reporter about the crowd. He just made a comment that was painfully true. The big bad Jets fans weren’t even there until the 2nd quarter and had nothing to say when their offense was flappin.

  5. Rodgers is right. I was at that game and the Jets fans and team should ashamed. At home and coming off a bye week and they don’t even show up? Championship teams win games off the bye, especially at home.

  6. Hey DP. He was most likely asked the question from glazer so was he suppose to just take the Randy moss route and not answer questions? Also when it comes to crowd noise and fans, Rodgers has a lot of room to talk since he has the best fans in football. Except maybe Pittsburgh

  7. I don’t think this is really Rodgers dissing the Jets or their fans, he seems to be making a simple observation.
    Anyone who watched this game on TV could hear that the crowd was not into it, I’m sure it was even more noticable from the sidelines.
    One way or the other, this isn’t much of a story.

  8. Aren’t the people buying Jets’ tickets basically corporate? You’ve got a bunch of stiffs cheering for your team. A majority of corporate probably aren’t even from New York and couldn’t give two shits less about a fledgling franchise.

  9. As a Packer fan, I hold nothing against Jets fans; that was some of the most painfully boring football I’ve ever watched.
    @DP – Very true, the O in particular.

  10. Is this surprising at all? The type of fan who makes a lot of noise can’t afford to buy tickets these days. And to make it worse, the fans who can afford the tickets and like to make noise are told to sit down and shut up so they don’t “ruin the experience” for other fans.

  11. DP says: Aaron should just worry about his own team. I know injuries have taken their toll but Packers, like most NFC teams, don’t have much room to talk.
    Packers are 5-3, tied for first in the NFC North, just shut out one of the best teams in the league, and are doing this without their RB, TE, TE2, T, DT, DT2, DT3, MLB, CB, S.
    I think they are doing just fine all things considered.

  12. Give him another couple of years in Green Bay and Rodgers will just another drama queen a-hole just like his predecessor.
    Being the King of Green Bay is like being the # 1 used car salesman in Spring City Utah.

  13. i sit up in the upper bowl, and the crowd just isn’t into it in my section. You should be standing up and making noise on 3rd downs, and people just don’t. I get yelled at for standing up.
    The crowd went bananas last year when Rex called the season ticket holders and told us to give the Patriots hell. The noise that day was amazing. Every play we made a ton of noise…but apparently people need a personal call from the head coach to get excited and make some noise.
    If you want to sit down and be quiet, stay home. You’re at the game to make a difference.
    I also agree with Rodgers that the stadium isn’t full until the 2nd quarter. The best part about the 2 rain delays was that the stadium was pretty full for the opening kickoff.

  14. Don’t Jets fans get on other teams about them not filling up their stadiums? Yeah….The Jets Fireman apparantly isn’t so loud when he’s team is getting handled….

  15. I’m a season ticket holder and was there and for some reason they were exceptionally quiet this week. Some guy had the nerve to tell me to sit down when the jets were on defense it was pathetic.
    If you’re not going to make noise when the jets are on defense stay home . The normal season ticket holders had all sold thier seats for that game for some reason.
    Hey you can either stand up and make noise while were on defense or you can hear me sreaming and look over me.

  16. His observation is pretty accurate. It was quiet (for a football game) that day.
    I’d chalk it up to 3 reasons:
    1) No notable rivalry to speak of since they only play each other every 4 years, therefore, no real heckling, booing etc.
    2) An offensively non-existent game. So no major excitement for what most football fans expect to see.
    3) Jets were getting shut out. It’s hard to get hyped up when your home team is getting blanked.

  17. I thought it was quiet on TV too. Part of it was the game time. Fans are suddenly used to prime time games, not 1 pm starts. Also, it was just like they expected a romp and didn’t know how to act when a competent football team was outplaying the jets.

  18. Well I was at the Jets -Vikings also and got soaked but forgetting about that the real problem that will continue to surface and get worse and worse is the seats are so freaking expensive now (so many real fans can’t afford it) and all the luxury seats and couches and food-dinning areas for the lower sections especially that so Manny people there don’t really give a crap about the game. The guy I’ve been going to the Jets games with the last 30 years was at the Green Bay game and told me that half the people in the lower sections were just lounging around and talking and eating and drinking and not even paying attention to the game (even on the TV’s). So that’s how they built this stadium and that’s why so many fans are now priced out and that’s what there going to get a lot of and when it gets even colder it will be even worse. Hell even in the parking lot the wealthy are separated from the not wealthy enough but that’s the environment they want and that’s what there going to get. A bunch of people at the game who don’t give a crap about the game.

  19. I’m a Bucs fan, but seriously I love Aaron Rodgers. He is a clown in a good way. He is definitely good for the game.

  20. So should fireman ed be put on waivers? I mean hes not doing his job to get the crowd pumped up.

  21. Philtration says:
    November 2, 2010 11:23 AM
    Being the King of Green Bay is like being the # 1 used car salesman in Spring City Utah.
    People give Green Bay a lot of crap for being a small market team (with a huge fanbase) “because there’s nothing else to do there.” So what? Why is that a bad thing? Marketing 101 will teach you that a captive audience is the best audience. Where esle will you find a waiting list for 100 years and sell-outs too numerous to list? You make your snide comment as though you are a patron of the arts. Uh huh. I’ll bet you just love the opera, don’t you? You have as much in-common with the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts as my dog has with the Mensa Society. Get off your barstool once in awhile before making a comment like that. Douchebag. Oh yeah…I almost forgot…the too-small to be significant Packers beat the Eagles asses…at their place. STFU.

  22. favreslegacy says:
    J-E-T-S – Paper Champs, Paper Champs, Paper Champs!!
    Oh yeah, at 5 and 2….they sure do suck. Mhmm.
    You’re about 3 months behind in timely insults.

  23. I’m a huge Packer fan and thought that crowd was rather quiet, except for the Packer faithful there. I’m a Jets fan now (sorta) because Jim Leonard grew up a few miles from here. But heard he was never a Packer fan, even when he was a kid. That’s okay. If the Packers can’t get to the Super Bowl, we’ll be rooting for the Jets.

  24. By the way, Rodgers wasn’t trying to be mean with his comments. He’s a class act and wouldn’t do that. He was just making a casual comment so don’t take it to heart Jets fans.

  25. TLyons4…you are right on!
    For these new stadiums with PSL…the real fans are sitting at home. only to return when the game is actually worth the price of admission.

  26. Love the fireman quip. Priceless. I’ll have to pay attention a little more when Rodgers talks.

  27. Y are people rippin on rodgers? hes good and hes classy. unlike the whole jets team. but really? he answered a question. hes a good player so idk y some of u are saying he’ll be a drama queen and not that good.

  28. It must have been like playing at home when on offense. No wonder Rodgers and company were able to put up 3 field goals all day. Great job Aaron. Another preseason championship and loads of personal stats heading your way this season!!

  29. I grew up in the area…the problem is these losers are always ready to jump ship……you can’t make them happy……plus they’re drunk and busy yelling at any girl that stands up……”Show your tits!”……maybe they have paper-superbowl champs hangover!!!!

  30. fans telling other fans at a football game to sit down, and be quiet? it must have been the ‘hard knocks’ show that convinced the fans it’s fine theater, and not football any more.

  31. As a Packer fan, I’m disappointed at:
    1) how many seats end up in the opposing team’s fans hands lately, and….
    2) how quiet the fans have become over the last 15 years.
    I think the Jets fans are accustomed to beating up the opponent, and were a tad bit shell-shocked by the result on Sunday. I was a bit shocked by the results…..almost as much as I am about people trying to punk on the Packers who are still winning with third stringers on the field.
    Good thing my favorite team’s GM is a flaming fairy that doesn’t know shit from Shine-ola. Most of you idiots wouldn’t know a good GM if he fell into your lap.

  32. Well, if your offense’s ass was getting kicked all over the field by the Packer defense, you’d be pretty quiet also.
    slegeir, He was stuffing it Ryans fat face.

  33. So in addition to arrogant players, according to Braylon Edwards, the Jets also have arrogant fans, who would have thunk it…? LMFAO. The fans didnt show up til the 2nd quarter because they think the Jets are the greatest team EVER assembled…the team certainly doesnt need the crowd behind them, I mean, they are the Jets, the rest of the league will just get into the fetal position and hope he beating isnt that bad….
    Get over yourselves Jets fans, you have a very good team to root for, so stop telling everyone how awesome they are, and go sit in the seats and actually cheer them on

  34. It’s the stadium, not the fans per se. The new place is designed first and foremost to expose fans to products and advertising. This is the wave of the future in NFL stadiums, unfortunately.
    This is hardly by accident. The sad truth is that every move you make at the new Meadowlands has been diagrammed and choreographed by the best team of commercial architects and marketing professionals money can buy. The more you’re into the game, the less likely you are to spend your money on the many food, drink and merchandising options that are the intended focal point of the fan interface.
    The fact that this place is more like a mall than a classic NFL stadium is not an unintended consequence, but the desired effect of the hyper-commercialism that takes the die-hard fan for granted in a quest for maximum profit.
    The old stadium was far from perfect, but based on two trips to the new place this fall, I can confidently state that there will never be any kind of home field advantage for the NY teams in this 21st century hell hole. I miss the old place dearly. Never thought I’d say that.

  35. Even Jets fans don’t buy into Rex’s hype like the media does. Mark Boller, I mean Sanchez is tuuurrrrble.

  36. Funny how fleeting the Jets as “invincible” becomes !!
    I guess one game.
    Meanwhile, the team with several starters out for the season with injury is 5-3 and after the Packers destroy the Cowboys on Sunday will be 6-3, with a bye week to heal up and have a great chance to make a serious run at this thing yet !

  37. I am honestly surprised no comment has been made on the fact that Packer fans were able to chant “Go Pack, Go” at the end of the game with such clarity.
    All of this after Rex ran his mouth saying he would advise Packer fans to seriously consider NOT showing up to such a “hostile environment” wearing green and gold.
    THAT is more of a story line than Rodgers answering an interview question honestly.

  38. Rogers is right. Jets fans are fair weather and aweful. Maybe fat Rexy needs to send another voicemail out to the season ticket holders reminding them to cheer loud before the game, like he did last year before the Pats game.
    Rex brought this on himself by continuously telling anybody that will listen to him, including Jets fans, how good they are, and how nobody can beat them, and there are SuperBowl bound……..naturally…..0nce they get down, never mind shut out…the crowd starts getting a little ancy.
    Jets are an over-rated mediocre team.

  39. In defense of the home crowd, it was a pretty boring game by conventional NFL standards. But there is something to be said for the home crowd not being passive observers in a football game since historically a good home crowd can actually have an effect on a football game. When the game is only separated by three points in the fourth quarter (even if those are the only three points scored in the game), it’s pretty bad if the home crowd can’t get into it.

  40. I am a Packer fan, but I have to say, Lambeau is having the same problem. Sure the seats are full at game time, but the gameday experience is getting less and less about the game and more about the scoreboard blaring away, it’s hard to get excited.
    With an aging season ticket holder group it just gets worse. We need to get back to how it was in the 80’s with a bunch of normal folks having a good time watching football. The only games that are exciting to be at anymore are the night-game, big rivalry types.

  41. Jets are 5-2, yes. But they have only beaten 2 good teams, Patriots (at home) and Miami. The Vikings, Bills, and Broncos are the other 3, unimpressive. The Jets will not be able to do much this season cuz Sanchez can’t put up points. 2 good defenses held them to 9 points (Baltimore) and 0 to Green Bay. They say defense win championships, but it also beats terrible offensive teams.
    The Jets are more talk than walk. They will fizzle out this season and miss the playoffs!
    Rex Ryan can lose 40 lbs for every game they win the rest of this year and he will still be 300+. What a Fat F@ck!

  42. same problem with Jerryworld. The real fans have been priced out of the picture. That’s why the Cowboys have no home field advantage anymore.

  43. I cherish the fact that NFC’s best teams beat the snot out of the AFC’s best teams last weekend. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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