Holmgren: "If I keep wearing a suit or not, we'll see"

When I wrote about my reasons for optimism in Cleveland last week, the first thing that came to mind was the effort the entire team plays with every week.

It’s not the most talented team in the world, but they have been a tough out and competed into the fourth quarter of every game on the way to a 2-5 record.  That reflects well on coach Eric Mangini, who Browns President Mike Holmgren said Tuesday is safe through the end of the season.

Holmgren said he will evaluate the coaching staff after the season, and his decision won’t just be based on wins and losses.  It may also be based on Holmgren’s anxiousness to get on the sideline.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Holmgren said more than once Tuesday he hasn’t ruled out a return to coaching.

He plans to fulfill his promise to owner Randy Lerner to turn this around in Cleveland.

If I keep wearing a suit or not, we’ll see,” Holmgren said.

Mangini may need to get his team to play even harder.

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  1. MH should coach the Browns in 2011.
    Mangini should go away.
    Daboll should go even further away.
    If Colt sits down after a good start to his football career, Mangini must be dumber than a box of hair. Colt is better than any other QB on the roster. Let him play. The big picture is bright, let the heads roll.

  2. Do us all a favour, Holmgren – coach AND wear a suit. You know, like they do in the NBA.
    Unless you’re running sprints on the field, there’s no reason to wear a track suit to work…

  3. The reason for the Browns players’ effort this year can be directly linked to Eric Mangini. The important thing is that THESE GUYS PLAY FOR HIM. They aren’t the most talented bunch, but I’ll bet this Browns team scares the begeezus out of anyone they face.
    I’m tired of the changes in leadership. There’s no guarantee that Holmgren, or anyone else, would do any better, anyway.
    And why would anyone believe ANYTHING that came out of MK Cabot’s or Tony Grossi’s brain?
    Leave Mangini alone.
    And stop reading the PD, Gregg. You’re IQ just dipped…

  4. Sweet merciful jesus. If you have any love in your heart left for a pathetic 49ers fan please please please give us Mike Holmgren for our next coach.

  5. Watching this Vikings fiasco, it reminded me just how far things have progressed for the Browns this year.
    I suspect its taken an awful lot of hard work to get things where they are at. Holmgren deserves credit. He is doing an excellent job.
    True, they don’t have much talent on the roster, and that is a big problem when you try to turn the next corner. But, they are solid, they’re tough, and there isn’t anything stupid coming out of the franchise these days.
    Man, I wish Holmgren would have pulled the trigger and got Bradford.

  6. Mary Cay Cabot and Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer have two goals in life, to create a QB controversy every year (and have accomplished that since 1999) and to talk about coaching changes. They have as much credibility as a couple of former lawyers who spread NFL gossip all day long on their website.

  7. can the end of the season come any quicker? we get our top 10 pick. get some weapons and Mike Holmgren will be our coach. yay 🙂

  8. AZBuckeyeBrown, I don’t think Mary Cay and Tony Grossi create the QB/Coaching talk. The coaches and the play of the QBs in the past have done that themselves. Just take a look at where DA and Quinn ended up this year. That was Holmgren making a decision based on performance without checking with Mary Cay or Tony.

  9. I’d bet the farm that Holmgren could not possibly get more out of this group than Mangini has. Now that Heckert is in charge of the roster and the team is playing whip-smart and incredibly hard each week, why on earth would anyone consider making a coaching change?
    Mangini is a gem. Look at the NO game. Only Belichick could have pulled that one off.
    If the Browns let Mangini go they would be rebooting the franchise at the exact moment when true progress is most evident.

  10. 4evrnyt says: November 2, 2010 5:05 PM
    Sweet merciful jesus. If you have any love in your heart left for a pathetic 49ers fan please please please give us Mike Holmgren for our next coach.
    Holmgren was 23-25 during his last three seasons in Seattle.
    If you are going to beg, beg for Cowher.

  11. Mangini has begun to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. No matter who coaches, it will be another 2-3 years before they have enough pieces in place to be a well balanced competitive team day in and day out, year in and year out. Give him the time he needs. Belichick spent how many years in Cleveland learning his craft before he had success somewhere else? Don’t repeat that mistake with Mangini.

  12. If Holmgren dumps Mangini it will be a mistake. This is coming from a Ravens fan, Mangini is a very under rated Head Coach and given more time would turn the Browns around similar to what he did with the Jets.
    Yes Jets fans, Rex Ryan didn’t put this “Super Bowl Team” together, for the most part Eric Mangini has had more to do with the Jets going all the way to the AFC Championship game than Rex. All Rex did was plug in players he was familiar with at certain positions, it wasn’t Rex who drafted Mangold, Revis, Harris and Ferguson, it was Mangini. Mangini took the fall because Favre fell apart, not because Mangini was a bad coach.

  13. The Vikings should let Holmgren take over. Man, Packers fans would really be pissed then! We steal their best player ever and then their best coach, LOL!!!

  14. Arctic Edge says:
    November 2, 2010 6:52 PM
    The Vikings should let Holmgren take over. Man, Packers fans would really be pissed then! We steal their best player ever and then their best coach, LOL!!!
    did you forget a man by the name Lombardi??

  15. Artic Edge you typical Friggen classless Viking fan The only way your useless franchise can even sniff a lombardi trophy is to get cast off Packers that ain’t happening because they already are past their prime as players.
    As for Holmgren turn the Browns around and you should be in th HOF for miraculous franchise come backs

  16. I’d love to see Holmgren coach again. I’m not a fan of Mangini. The guy has made some real boneheaded calls on the field.

  17. Eric Mangini is doing a great job. The Browns are playing hard every week. It will pay off in the future. Give it time, don’t bring Holmgren down from the front office.
    Eric has the locker room and the players believe in him. The biggest mistake would be to let Eric go.

  18. Mangini needs to stay. At first (as a Browns fan) it was hard to see WTF he was doing, but now I see things that he harped on all last year coming together. Hiring Rob Ryan and Brian Cox were great moves to bring a much needed toughness to the defense. The Quinn for Hillis & draft picks was brilliant. As someone pointed out above he put the Jets team together and look at the talent/sucess they are having.
    The N.O. game was like a classic Belichick game, making something out of nothing and getting the win. I’m excited to watch the Browns every week because they have a chance and I pin alot of that on Mangini and how he has put this team together. Would love to see what the Holmgren/Heckett/Mangini team does after this year and I hope Mangini gets that chance.

  19. not sure i’m as high on mangini as some of you browns’ fans… but i guess give the guy a fair shake. the CLE team showing up this year has been nasty and physical. from what i’ve seen, if they could jettison daboll, that would be a start though. holmgren should stay in his suit.

  20. How about this scenario…
    Act 1: Childress gets canned because he supposedly ‘lost the locker room’ resulting in the team not playing up to its potential.
    Act 2: Holmgren jumps at the chance to be reunited with Favre (and Longwell). He and the Browns mutually end his contract.
    Act 3: The second coming of Holmgren rejuvenates the Vikes. They play like wildmen and go 11-5 (plus playoff wins) and get into the Superbowl.
    Act 4: They kick the snot out of whoever represents the AFC (preferably the Minutemen) and confetti rains down on Holmgren and Favre who are locked in a (manly) embrace.

  21. For the love of God… get off of Mangini’s @ss. The man is dealing with changing over a team that did not have much talent and is in process of creating a classic team environment that does not seem to exist in most cities anymore. He has brought discipline and direction to a team that needed it. Yes he was beyond extreme when he started, but he set an example and the team has responded. I wanted him gone as much as anyone as soon as he stepped foot in Cleveland… but it is working. As soon as Daboll is gone and we get someone who is competent we will not get shut down in the 2nd half. Ryan is awesome, nuff said. Holmgren should stay in the office and do the job he was hired for. He could not handle both jobs in Seattle and he won’t be able to do it here. Keep the formula with the exception of Daboll and we will win!

  22. Sorry, forgot the Epilogue:
    As the final minutes expire on Superbowl XLV, thousands of catatonic Packer fans gather in the shadows of Lambeau field at the intersection of Brett Favre Pass and Holmgren Way. Hundreds of grief counselors mingle with the crowd that has come to seek answers to a world gone insane. The street becomes littered with cheeseheads as hair-pulling reaches a fevered pitch.

  23. AZBuckeyeBrown says:
    November 2, 2010 5:15 PM
    Mary Cay Cabot and Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer have two goals in life, to create a QB controversy every year (and have accomplished that since 1999)
    Dumbest crap I’ve read in a long time.
    I guess if Cabot or Grossi weren’t around, Tim Couch would have been Joe Montana? Or Kelly Holcomb a Pro Bowl caliber QB? DA/BQ? Yeah, all that was manufactured by PD reporters.
    Seriously. Put down the crack pipe, bro.

  24. Mangini did inherit a mess from Crennel but, I believe the jury is still out on his “coaching” skills. He has motivated the players to play but, some of his moves and clock management still make me scratch my head. Daboll has a lonnnnnnng way to go, and Ryan just makes it happen!
    Lerner’s hiring of Holmgren and a professional management team turned the corner for the Browns. However, the Browns still have a long way to go. We desperately need some game breakers but I was glad that the Browns didn’t go for the quick fix by picking up Randy Moss.
    Holmgren & Co. are going to do this correctly and that will simply take some time. (2-3 more yrs.)

  25. I have never felt better about a 2-5 team than I do about these Cleveland Browns. Is it Holmgren? Mangini? McCoy? Dabol? Ryan? Hillis? Thomas? Mack? Cribbs? Dawson? At the moment, it is bigger than all of them. The team is a team. They play hard. They are in the game, every game. They are worth watching, following, and rooting for. And it has been a long time since I thought I could say that about this team. Bravo, Gentlemen. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. See you on Sunday.

  26. As a die hard Browns fan, and having seen my fair share of football soothsayers dump on one guy after another that lead the team, I am truly impressed by how hard the Browns are fighting this season. Yeah, the roster needs to be upgraded, and yeah, Mangini pulled the trigger on getting rid of some troublesome playmakers (KW2, Bricklon) but it wasn’t without reason. I am genuinely pumped every Sunday for the Browns to play and, with the exception of 2007, this is the first time I believe that they can win every single week.

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