Matt Jones is through with attempting comebacks

Following a drug-related suspension, Matt Jones spent the better part of the last 18 months trying to get in shape and get an NFL team to take a chance on him.

The Bengals signed him this offseason, but he didn’t make the team after a nondescript training camp that was highlighted by a few catches in the Hall of Fame Game.

The former first-round pick of the Jaguars has now decided to give up on his NFL dream.  Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports Jones was invited to join Washington’s motley crew of tryout players on Tuesday, but he said no thanks and informed the team he intends to retire.

If Jones doesn’t change his mind, this will end an odd and disappointing NFL career.

The former quarterback shot up draft boards as a NFL combine hero in 2005 because of his straight-line speed and size, but his conversion to wide receiver wasn’t smooth.

Still, he improved enough to be on a 1,000-yard pace in 2008 for 12 games before his suspension.  His best NFL season will turn out to be his last.

19 responses to “Matt Jones is through with attempting comebacks

  1. Why didnt he jus stayed at QB, got better at being a pro QB, and get drafted in the 6th/7th round or better yet be undrafted, now he has chip on shoulder, works hard and might become a great QB? Dumb Jaguars.

  2. With so many teams using the wildcat formation, I never quite understood why nobody took a chance on him and used him as a wildcat QB. If he actually loves the game, he could also give QB a shot in the CFL where some guys who don’t fit the NFL prototype can be quite successful, just ask Doug Flutie.

  3. He’s a dumb redneck druggie….had the world in his hands & threw it away, or should I say snorted it away….
    I had really high hopes for him & was hoping the Patriots would give him a look as a redzone threat & 4th reciever option…
    Yeah I was a little harsh on him above but it’s only cause I liked the kid…a sad career indeed…

  4. I MURDER HOES/187403 says:
    November 2, 2010 7:18 PM
    Why didnt he jus stayed at QB, got better at being a pro QB, and get drafted in the 6th/7th round or better yet be undrafted, now he has chip on shoulder, works hard and might become a great QB? Dumb Jaguars.
    Except for Shack Harris being dumb enough to draft him in the first round, what did the Jaguars have anything to do with Jones’ position change? He worked out at the combine at the receiver position, and didn’t work with the QBs. How does that make the Jags dumb?

  5. He doesn’t want to comeback : Translation, he cannot comeback because he is still on drugs.
    What a waste.
    He will be in jail in 2 years.

  6. Dumb Jaguars…
    u said it all. that is exactly why he did the positional change. he got a crap load of money…. these things never pan out well. Eric Crouch, Isiah Stanback, Brad Smith (although he has been able to get on the field), just to name a few that i am forgetting. although it can and has worked out well before… like julian edelman. its kinda tricky…..
    either way, he sucked and wasnt a draftable player

  7. digg2000: wow, I thought I was harsh up above…never wish that on anyone…guy was young, got tons of money & developed a drug problem….pretty farmiliar story…
    Hope he cleans himself up & lives a long productive life…sure sounds like a long shot though based on giving up on any oppertunity to play in the NFL….
    I’ll say aprayer for you Matt..hope it gets answered, but you’ll have to meet HIM half way!!!

  8. Ok, I want a full and public apology from Chris Mortensen, who verbally(and possibly literally) blew this guy leading up to and during the draft.

  9. His failures had nothing to do with football or athletics. HE was just not mentally equiped to deal with being a pro off the field.

  10. The NFL landscape is littered with corpses who are statistical marvels in the measurables — but don’t have the stones to cut the mustard.
    Speed freaks, popcorn muscle guys, Brock Lesnar types including Lesnar himself ……. few of them can play. Very few of them could play.
    For instance, it’s just so absurd to hear people confidently assert what a “beast” Shaq, Barkley or LeBron would be in the NFL. Shaq quit high school football because “those guys are out to hurt me.” Barkley wisely says he wants no part of the NFL.
    Yet people always assume these guys are NFL caliber due to physical measurables. They’re not …. and people who think so just on that basis are also not properly equipped to understand what it takes, let alone speak on the topic.

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