Moss informed Vikings he wasn't flying back with team

As we continue to get over the shock of Minnesota’s dismissal of Randy Moss, it’s not surprising that stories are starting to come out painting Moss’ behavior as unacceptable.

First, there was Moss’ lack of cool in the lunch line.  (Who doesn’t like chicken and ribs?)

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune also reports that it was Moss that informed Vikings coach Brad Childress that he’d stay in New England for a few extra days.  (Childress previously said Moss had permission, but the coach apparently didn’t have a choice.)

Spending some extra time at your old home on a Monday or Tuesday, especially so close after a trade, is a fairly common practice in the NFL.  But it likely furthered Childress’ feeling that Moss was someone he could not control.

Of course, Childress should have known that before he gave up a third-round pick for him.  As Florio mentioned last night, Moss shouldn’t be the only one to lose his job after this mess.

24 responses to “Moss informed Vikings he wasn't flying back with team

  1. Childress needs to go. He is solely responsible for this debacle.
    This makes him appear more foolish than he already had. If he simply let Moss ride out the season, nobody is the wiser and the offense most certainly remains very productive.
    As a result, Minny loses a 3rd round pick for a few games’ worth of production. The worst part is all this could have been avoided if Childress would have used some discretion when vetting Moss. Questions like, “How is Moss going to react to my conservative play-calling nature?” Simple questions even common people would manage to ask themselves.

  2. “…reports that it was Moss that informed Vikings coach Brad Childress that he wouldn’t be would be staying in New England for a few extra days. (Childress said Moss had permission, but the coach apparently didn’t have a choice.)”
    Took me awhile to decipher that one…

  3. Moss is a DIVA. You guys think you can handle this as clown? He’s arrogant, quits on plays and has little or no respect for authority. And oh yeah, he’s a grown ass man. How can you direct this walking disaster?
    Go ahead on your team blogs, petition for him. He is up for grabs but don’t be surprised if he turns your teams down or loves you for only two weeks. The guy is a head case.

  4. “Of course, Childress should have known that before he gave up a third-round pick for him.”
    The only way he would know that before giving up the 3rd round pick is if he tampered with Moss, and you would be crucifying Childress for that instead

  5. Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has proven to be an unreliable source for anything except gossip. He even writes about NFL matters that don’t concern the Vikings. HE strikes me as someone trying desoerately to get a job with ESPN.

  6. to blame anyone but Moss for all of this is foolish. Chilly may be in over his head, but Randy Moss is about as destructive as they come……

  7. Really, it’s known fact now that Randy yelled at some caterers? I don’t believe that story, no matter how many times you publish it as though it was fact.

  8. Moss had permission to stay, in fact, Childress offered to pick him up at the airport upon his return.

  9. Fact: Moss made the Vikings offense better. I don’t have to look beyond that. Childress does not make the team better.

  10. I have met Randy Moss, and he’s not the jerk that the press makes him out to be. (At least, that’s what they’ve always done whenever he has been a Viking.) He’s a pretty cool guy, but a competator who doesn’t like losing games as a result of bad coaching/management. Taking a knee at the 50 with 30 seconds left in the half, against a division rival, with three timeouts, just a four point lead, immediately following an easy catch and throw that was nearly a TD and was incorrectly brought back on a bad call, is an almost inexcusible decision no matter how you play it.

  11. Did Moss make the Vikings better? If so, it didn’t seem to be reflected in the won/loss record………

  12. Why are people concerned with picking sides in this? Its Moss’ fault. Childress is an idiot.
    Why isn’t the answer they are both blow hards not worth near what each thinks of himself?
    Moss shouldn’t act like a jerkwad. Childress should know he acts like a jerkwad. You do not need to tamper to understand that.
    So cut Moss and fire Childress.
    The only question is the timing of the firing. Do you have someone who can help maximize the season to replace him? All those pointing to Frazier should realize there could be a reason why he’s only been a token Rooney Rule interview to this point.
    Do you have a season to maximize? Its possible to see some wins salvage the Vikings season. (Not likily) But that could be why to keep him around. Its not like Phillips in Dallas, who really has no point in sticking around. But also in a way no real reason to get rid of him. The Cowboys going to go anywhere with some guy with the interem label?

  13. If Moss is the culprit here like some of the TV pundits and clueless wonders on this board believe. Then explain why 100% of the Vikings and Patriots locker rooms (players) support his cause instead of the over his head coach! If anyone heard Ted Bruschi and Tom Brady yesterday, they would understand hard Moss worked when he was in Boston. Plain and simple, this is 100% on the egghead coach who lost control of his team in training camp with his preferential treatment for Hall of Famer Favre. He tried to pin all of his sick frustration with Favre on Hall of Famer Moss. Childress Sucks!
    Just imagine how all of the minnesota players felt listening to Chilly lie about Moss and characterize him as “not a good person or player”. While Taking it in the chops from Favre who allegedly hurled internet porn around cyberspace while betraying his wife with cancer! Are you kidding me! I bet those players said to themselves, that’s it with this follicle challenged clown! Moss has never been in jail for a crime like some players. Nor has he ever betrayed his entire team for the benefit of one player (like his coach). What most of you armchair Moss critics call his loafing on certain plays is often just him and his QB setting up a specific route 2-3 plays away! You critics know nothing about football. Randy Moss is still a WORLD CLASS SPRINTER! He runs the equivalent of 9.3 second 100 meter dash on those “Go Routes”. Let me see how many of you or any other player in the NFL or college, can run 100 meters in full out world class speed with only 30 seconds of rest between plays (like Moss does) without stopping to catch your breath on a few shorter routes not coming your way.
    Sprinters like Moss need rest between plays! But coaches need his presence and threat on the field all of the time! So he takes a few plays off. So what! Look at the ones he makes. There still isn’t anyone like him in the NFL even at age 33. Moss is a freak of nature as a wide out. His team mates love him. And Brad Childress is a cowardly idiot for casting his frustrations with Favre on Randy Moss! His team sees through it. And he has lost them over it.

  14. bloodhatchet-
    Nobody cares about your personal opinion of Randy Moss after exchanging hello’s at Walgreens or where ever you saw him.

  15. Bill Belliprick sent Moss there to get a 3rd, told him to be disruptive knowing he would get released and then would resign with The Cheats. Maybe he’s smarter than we think after all.

  16. …OK, so Chilly got mad because Moss wanted to stay in Boston for a few days… REALLY! So, petty… he took out on Moss what he couldn’t do to Brett.

  17. DaBeast says:
    November 2, 2010 2:19 PM
    You critics know nothing about football. Randy Moss is still a WORLD CLASS SPRINTER!
    LMAO!!! Then I guess Antonio Cromartie and Vontae Davis are world class backwards sprinters, ‘cuz that’s what they were doing when they shut him down with no help!
    You’re living in the past. Randy Moss hasn’t been the burner for a long time. Chris Johnson is just one guy faster than Moss. Green Bay has a third string cornerback, Sam Shields, that would smoke Moss.
    Beast, it’s’ 2010, not 2001.

  18. Moss is a PUNK, nothing more Pathetic then seeing these guys behind a card table in a Wall Mart trying to sell a pic for 5.00.
    And next time get your reporting right, I have read where the Vikings players were thrilled to see him go. That is much different then your report where the players were up in arms.
    Last the coach for the Vikings should be given a medal. To toss Moss out as garbage by cutting him and saying he holds 0 worth to this team was great, it would have been worth a second rounder to see that.

  19. Come on give Moss a break… he had the quote of the week if not year.
    “I’ll ask my own questions”.

  20. – The Love Boat scandal
    – Farve I (who was really running the team?)
    – The classless running up of the score in the ‘boys game
    – The NFC Championship Game disaster in the Louisiana Superdome (12 men in the huddle, the O-Line allowing their elderly QB to get murderized by the Saints sack machine, the 5 Turnovers including that beautiful last interception)
    – Farve II circus
    – The coach begging players to play
    – Jared Allen’s humiliating inability to “rope” any more sacks (where’s the swagger now, jackass?).
    – The loss of a 3rd rounder to get Moss on the team.
    – The Randy Moss bust.
    I just love to see those nasty, trash talking, paranoid, delusional, whining, scapegoating, arrogant, Vikings fans squim so much. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! They’re getting what they deserve.
    I’m an NFC south fan, but now I’m pulling for Greenbay, Chicago, and yes – Detroit. GO LIONS!!! Whip That Skoal Ass!!!

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